Mybeerbuzz .com Highlights Boost Oxygen, GoFiltr & Quanta Hangover Cures (Review)

Mybeerbuzz .com Highlights Boost Oxygen, Quanta & GoFiltr Hangover CuresHAVE YOU EVER HAD A HANGOVER?  Oops…sorry…I mean have you ever had a hangover?  As I get older, I do my best to avoid setting myself up for a hangover; but I’ll admit that every so often, having just ONE more beer sounds good.
Over the years I’ve tried quite a few hangover cures and I’ve really had mixed results with anything beyond drinking water and going back to bed.  Of course you can try the hair-of-the-dog approach and start drinking again, but in my experience, that only delays the hangover and makes it even worse.
With that in mind, I thought I’d take a run at showing off some of the new hangover-cure products out there and see how they all do.
Testing hangover cures isn’t always easy, especially when you’re mapping out the time necessary to create a hangover and then trying to cure it, but in the name of science, I’ll give it a run.Mybeerbuzz .com Highlights Boost Oxygen, Quanta & GoFiltr Hangover Cures
Up first I decided to try out Boost Oxygen.  If you’re not familiar (and I wasn’t aware of Boost), it is 95% pure aviators breathing oxygen in a portable canister.  The canister is pressurized and they do not require a prescription because they are non-medical.  This product originated on Shark Tank and it is available in different sized canisters (large, medium and pocket-size) without aroma OR with aromatherapy added (peppermint, menthol-eucalyptus, pink grapefruit and organic rosemary).  Boost is geared toward altitude sickness relief, athletic performance, wellness, recovery and even memory/focus.  Boost also makes oxygen research available as well as their recent media.
So how does Boost do with a hangover?  I was actually surprised at how good Boost made me feel.  The quick injection of near-pure oxygen really made a difference.  Apparently oxygen has a reputation (with police, fire and medics) as a hangover cure, but it isn’t easily available to most people until now.  This fact isn’t lost on the new Las Vegas oxygen bars and I was actually shocked at how much better I felt after Boost and how much sharper and more awake it made me feel.  I also tried the Boost Oxygen Menthol-Eucalyptus pocket-sized canister as well as the medium-sized Think Tank Nootropic Brain Booster with Organic Rosemary.  The flavors add a new layer to the mix and I can tell you it definitely changed the experience in a positive way, although it was hard to tell what could be attributed to the flavors and what was just the oxygen.
Overall this may be the first hangover cure I’ve tried that really worked well and worked quickly.
Mybeerbuzz .com Highlights Boost Oxygen, Quanta & GoFiltr Hangover Cures
Next up we tested Quanta Muscle Rub.  This 100% natural rub contains CBD (not THC) in a patented polarized CBD process that allows it to be more easily absorbed by the body.  Quanta also contains twelve other natural ingredients including ginger, turmeric, peppermint, beeswax, sunflower oil, arnica, clove, vitamin E and lavender oil.  If you’d like more info, Quanta has a whole page with details on why they chose the ingredients they chose.  Quanta can be used for muscle and joint pain and for arthritis, so how does it perform for hangovers?Mybeerbuzz .com Highlights Boost Oxygen, Quanta & GoFiltr Hangover Cures
First up when we’re talking hangovers, we’re talking headaches.  For me that’s the most prominent symptom and the thing that annoys me the most.   I tried Quata’s CBD Rub on my forehead and the back o my neck and I was surprised that I actually felt a difference pretty quickly.  The balm has a pleasant warming sensation and feels really good.  The warmth and aromatics of Quanta combined with what I perceived to be the CBD definitely relaxed my neck muscles and forehead and within a few minutes, they actually started to minimize my headache.  I’m anxious to try Quanta out for a full-on headache, but I can tell you it definitely made a positive difference for a hangover headache.  Overall Quanta is a really good way to reduce your hangover headache and stay tuned as I try it out for muscle pain later.
Finally I’ll be trying out GoFIltr.  The GoFiltr system turns regular drinking water into ionized antioxidant alkaline and electrolyte water within minutes.  The system works by adding an infuser to your water bottle and there are infusers for Alkaline, Alkaline Vitamin C, Alkaline Magnesium and Electrolyte infuser.  You can also use the GoFiltr App to track usage and order refills.  The infusers work for about 3-months or 750 refills and each infuser imparts the beneficial alkaline or electrolytes into your own bottled water.  For more details, click here.  I use electrolyte infusion for hiking, so I’m curious to see how GoFiltr does with a hangover.  I’ve always believed that hydration helps cure a hangover, but GoFiltr takes that one step further with electrolytes on board.  This combination of hydration and replenishing electrolytes really helped create a long-term hangover fix, and while the effect wasn’t instantaneous, it did last for the rest of the day.  Mybeerbuzz .com Highlights Boost Oxygen, GoFiltr & Quanta Hangover Cures
I also tried out the Alkaline and Alkaline Mg infusers and again while the effect was not immediate, the overall benefit did last much longer and I was actually surprised that I felt the changes as soon as I did.
I’ll be adding this to my hiking hydration system, but I’m happy to see how well it worked for a hangover.  Overall I think GoFiltr is on to something here and I know I’ll be trying out more applications like working out and hiking in the future…as well as testing GoFiltr as a pre-hangover cure.
As an update, I did add the GoFiltr Electrolyte to my hiking water system and I’m really very happy with it.  We’re doing mostly cold weather hikes right now but the GoFiltr boost to my hydration routine really did make a difference and I can’t wait to try it in hot weather.
In the end I think the best absolute cure for a hangover is to avoid getting one in the first place.  With that said, I was pleasantly surprised to see how well everything we tested worked to minimize the negative effects of a hangover.  Between Boost Oxygen, GoFiltr and Quanta CBD Rub I’ve found some new tools to really help get rid of a hangover and get rid of it fast.  Be sure to try these cures out for yourself, and when you do, be sure to let us know what YOU think.

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