First Peek - New Beer Names (and Stuff) Coming Soon…

First Peek - New Beer Names (and Stuff) Coming Soon…[Original publish date 1 Nov 2017]:  We’re always scouring the web for new beer heading your way.  Sometimes these names pan out…sometimes they don’t.  Some of these may exist already….and of course we have very little beyond that name for now…but we still wanted to share a few:

Be sure to check back for updates to this post….  

3 Floyds Space Station Middle Finger, Argues For Sport, 25 Million Dollar Man, Alpha Queen  
5 Rabbit Xicago
10 Barrel Brewing Power To The People, Barreled, Smack The Lip, Profuse Juice 
21st Amendment Soma Beer Co, A Terrible Idea, Focal Point Brewing, Side Draft Brewing, Cobalt Brewing 
Abita Subtletea, Cirrusly, Stratosbeer, Hop 99 
August Schell Alpha State, Binary Storm, Black Prism, Basin Of Attraction, Solar Evolution
Allagash Florette, Two Lights, Truepenny, Haunted House, From Maine With Love, Sun Drift, Darling Ruby, Windfall, Moselle, Lion's Garden, Saison Violette, Brightline, Nowaday, I Believe In Love 
Anheuser-Busch Bloodwiser, Beer Country, Budweiser Beer Country, Ritas Mosè, Mosè, I Like Beer, Party With Ritas, Bud Light Blends, Bud Knight, Have-A-Rita, Pine-Apple-Rita, Designated Rider, Be A Designated Rider, Berry-A-Rita, Be A King, Lucky Streak, Budweiser Reserve Copper Lager, Coco-Nut-Rita, Grape-Fruit-Rita, Passion-Fruit-Rita, Cherry-Lime, Budweiser Copper Lager, Rita, Mangolandia, Naturdays, Cherry-Limeade-Rita, La Super Pachanga, Where You Brew!, Open Up Your Next Adventure, The Golden Beer From Up Here, Flavors Of The Tropics, Wandering Whistler, B, Beer In It's Organic Form, Find Pure Gold, Experience Pure Gold, Rep, Flavor That Refreshes, Sabor Que Refresca, A Lot Goes Into Our Beer A Lot Doesn't, America’s Biggest Art Gallery, The World’s Biggest Art Gallery, There’s Enough Artificial In The World, It’s Only Worth It If You Can Enjoy It, This Bud’s For A Better Tomorrow, Return To Nature, Soft Brew, It’s The Can Can, Va Con Nuestro Ritmo, Brewed For Weekdays, A World Worth Running, Brewed For The Night, United By Legacy Driven By Purpose, Brew Something Greater, Purpose Beyond Brewing, Move Sweat Beer, Harvest Reserve, Beer Meets Exotic Fruit, Busch Latte, Summer Like You're On Vacation, Brewed For The Outdoors, Do It For The Cheers, The Official Beer Of Esports, The Official Beer Of Gaming, The Official Beer Of Gamers 
Appalachian Mountain Brewery Not An IPA
Forbidden Root Shandyland
Avery Beer First, Out Of Mind, Sweater Party, Pacer IPA, Stampede 
Bale Breaker Hop Country, Golden Grit, Desert Bite, Imagination STation
Baxter Brewing Hop Tryst, Ryepen
Bayou Teche Big Fatty, Cinco De Bayou
Beachwood Hayabusa, Canabic 
Bear Republic Thru The Haze, Drift Racer, Brut Squad, Tiki Totem IPA, Sonoma Tart, Challenge Series 
Bell’s Brewery Official, Bright White, Light Hearted 
Block 15 Gloria!
Billy Beer Billy’s WIld Weekend 
Blue Point Tax Day IPA, Coconator, Macho Muchacho, Mad Sea’d , Hop In The Shower, Slow Gear 
Boston Beer Craftfused, Love Conquers Ale, All Beer Is Good Some Beer Is Better, Crushable Sam, “You can take the beer our of New England but you can’t take New England out of the beer”
Boulder Beer Perilous, Sam Glass, Sam Pint
BrewDog 30-Day IPA, Faux Fox, Clockwork Tangerine 
Brooklyn Brewery The Ultimate Canpilation, Contents Under Pressure, Sourcloud, Party Trick, Sourcloud, Special Effects, Corduroy 
Triptych Brewing Meme Beer, Party Tartly, Brooklyn Halfling, Brooklyn Party Trick 
The Bruery Wit The Funk, Retreat (This Is A Double Hazy IPA), 10 Lords-A-Leaping, Relax (It's Just A Hazy IPA), Lagerville, Ruekeller, Goses Are Red, Bakery 
Burial Beer Ambientterrain
CANArchy Clear Coast, Elevated State  
Cape May Snag & Drop, Bounding Main, Captain May IPA 
Catawba Valley Brewing Get’n Yellowstoned, Evening Joe, Cruchin’ It
Carton Brewing The Wit Whale, Swishr, This Town, Brewers Board
Cascade Noyaux
Catawba Clear Ridge
Cisco Brewers Kind Brew
Coronado Weekend Vibes, Never Better, Berried At Sea, Tube City Peach Cruiser, Island Vibes
Council Brewing Hazeas Corpus, Brewing Questionable Advice
Craft Brew Alliance El Sonido, The PH Experiment, Juicy Sunrise, Crantucket 
Creature Comforts Crescendo, Creature, Duende, Subtle Alchemy, Good Cold Beer, King Peach  
Deep Ellum Brewing Freak Flag
Deschutes Fresh Picked, Planete Rouge, Lil’ Squeezy, Da Shootz!, Handup, Slightly Exaggerated, It Comes With The Territory, The Beer You Were Promised, Please Recreate Responsibly 
DESTIHL Synchopathic, Metallurgy, Moonjumper, Cranberry Criek, Privyet, Touch of Haze, Haze Of The Dead, Funkengruven, Extended Jam, Deadmobile, Spacedancer, Tourbus
Dogfish Head Supereight, Slightly Mighty, Suddenly Comfy, All Things Yet, Opening Serum Honey, Sun-Day-Feels  
Drekker Broken Rudder, Ectogasm
DuClaw Haze Of Glory, Regular Beer 
Elysian Salute The Sun, Glitter Is Pride, Oddland, Said In Zest, Raspy Whisper
Epic Brewing Spiral Jetty
Flying Dog Bleacher Beer, Good Beer No Shit, Night School, Sunday Best, Under Dog, Salty Bitch 
Flying Fish Onshore Lager, Outside IPA
Fonta FLora NEBO 
Forbidden Root Hay Fever, Snoochie Boochies
Four Peaks   Hoop Driver, Cooper Dance 
Fullsteam Brewery Coffee Is For Closers, 9-Volt
Fulton Street Think Big About Beer
Funky Buddha Huki Idol, Vibin’, Vibe’n, Shant, Cosmic Journey, Cosmic Zen, Devil’s Haircut, Juicy Smalls, I Want It Now, Save Some Room For Later, Gloves Off, S'more To Love
Great Lakes Midnight Moses, Buckin’ Mule
Hardywood Speculoos, Hopkeeper, Baltic Sunrise, Christmas Pancakes, Richmond Crafted 
Heineken Desperados Beer, The Official Beer Of Soccer
Highland Starchaser, Midnight Summit
Hill Farmstead Question. Act. Evolve.
Hopworks Totally Chill 
Indeed Brewing Flock Together, Flavorwave IPA
Ironfire Brewing 51/50 IPA
Iron Hill Clock Out, Hopicana
Ithaca Pulp Addiction, Brew York, Lakeside Lager, Cortaca 
Jack’s Abby Ein Dussel, Poive Raz, Really Though, So Anyway, Where Am I?, You Had To Be There, Ghost Species, Yawp!,  Melange de Mures, Shipping Out Of Boston, Modern Hell, Red Tape, Citrus Got Real, Not Stirred, Citra Brau, Lavenade, Front Porch Philosopher, Heavy Trommel, The Brewture Is Female, Amadan, Art Dekkera, See You In The Pit, Kriek Mythology, Eis Maker, Pear Reviewed, Shrub Life, In Herb We Trust, Luna Lupulus, Supporter Scarf, Secret Shields   
Jester King Doom Metal Goat Yoga, Doom Forge 
Karbach Daymaker, Tasty Waves, Crawford Bock, Hella Chela
Knee Deep Slooow Mo, Tahoe Deep, Oopsie Dhazy!, Citra Lights, Hola Senor
Kona Brewing Embrace Your Aloha, Gold Cliff IPA, Mai Time 
La Cumbre Altimeter IPA, Ryeot IPA, Acclimated, Zuzax  
Lagunitas Mozango, Cherry Jane, Night Pils, Sour Pineapple, Super Cluster, Passion Grass, Tart Swan, Lagunitas Hop, Lagunitas Pils, Synthehol, Hazy Memory, Secrey Agenda, Don’t Sip, Lagunitas Cookies, Diamonds & Sauce, Phase Change, Fluxed In Paradise, Lagunitas Psyfihops 
Lakefront Riverwest, East Side, Organika
Lawsons Finest The Space In Between, Sugarhouse IPA, Super Session, Cream City
Lazy Magnolia Starkvegas  
Levante Cryopils
Long Trail Hazy Lightning, Cloud Forest, Welcome To Vermont DIPA, Medicator, Base Layer, Hit The Trail
Mad River Brewing Slammin’ Salmon
Maine Beer Afternoon Recess, Wolfe’s Neck 
Martin House The Salty Lady 
Melvin Don’t Hate Party, Cloudy 5000 
MillerCoors What’s In My, What's In My Beer.Info, Bella Amari, Off The Record, Copper Whistle, Crazy 8S, Batch 19, Trail Pack, Local Sesh, Brewed With Only Colorado In Mind, Canoe Paddle, Summer Shandy, Chill 
MolsonCoors Draftfox
Mother Earth Brewing Long Weekend
Mother’s Brewing Trop To, Carpe Cervisiam, Nudie Suit, Hands Down , Infernal Machinations, Brewing Pencil Thin Moustache, Native Oak , Nudie Suit, Hands Down, Materfamilias, Nucleation, Step Dude, Mean Mister Custard 
Mother Road Limited Visibility, Sunday Drive, No Vacancy
New Belgium L’Amour En Cage (Love In Cage)
Eddyline Brewing Summer In The Citra, Crankyanker, Liquid Paradise, Mountain Time, Stage Rock, Angel's Garden, Here's To Better, Fall Behind, Oakspire, Eighteen Proof, Behold The Dankness, Dank AF, Muralita, Human Powered, Beer That Is Not Made Up, Actually Crafted, Up Next Series, Wheelie Golden Ale, Blender Project, Tap In Golden Ale, Hop Avenger, Outdoors Are Calling, Kick, A Taste Of Mexico City, Colorway, The Cleanest Beer On Earth, Beer That's Uncivilized, Higher Plane 
New Glarus Norski Beer, Hop Hearty Ale, Tail Wagger Beer,  Only In Wisconsin, Copper Kettle Weiss, Two Women, Hop Hearty Ale, Edel-Pils, Hop Hearty Ale, Drink Indigenous,Break O’ Day IPA, Copper Kettle Weiss, Organic Revolution, Kühler, Hop Hearty Ale, Kid Kolsch   
New Holland Lake Life, Seriel Brew, Clockwork, Dragon’s Milk White, Solera, Dragon’s Milk Solera, Afterglow 
Night Shift Brewing Day Shift, All The Peels 
Ninkasi Whiteaker Series, Heart And Science, Hazy Domination, Brightberry, Pacific Sparkle, Pacific Sparkling, “Made Hard, Drink Easy”, “Brewed, Not Assembled” , Cryo-Juice, Dry Skies
No-Li Brewhouse Corner Coast, Jet Juiced 
NoDa Brizo
North Coast L’Abbaye Du Nord
Odell Sippin’ Pretty, Bull Proof, Cloud Catcher, Tableside, Limerence, Onolicious, Hammer Chain, Mountain Standard, Barreled Treasure, Good Behavior 
Ommegang Fruittanomyces , Faith & Fortitude, Zen & Zymurgy, Saisonztraminer  image
Oskar Blues Queen Of Beers, Wild Basin, Hop Pink, Guns N Rose, Soops Joos, Little Green Room   
Other Half logo, Broccoli, Cabbage, Cheddar, Cheddar Broccoli, Citra Daydream, Cream Get The Honey, Always & Forever, Baby Diamonds, Green City, Ain’t Nothing Nice, All Citra Everything, All Green Everything, Cream Of Broccoli, Daydream In Green, Double Mosaic Dream, Florida Plates, Forever Ever, Forever Simcoe, Go With The Flow, Green Diamonds, Green Down To The Socks, Green Power, Hop Showers, Mylar Bags, Mylar Daydream, Oh…, Short Dark & Breakfast, Short Dark & Handsome, Short, Dark & Wired, Smokescreens & Oilslicks, Sothernhopalistic, Space Daydream, Small Green Everything, Space Diamonds, Double Mosaic Daydream, Space Dream, Stacks On Stacks, Street Green, Suparillo, Throw Some Mo, The Other Day, We’ve Been Out There In Orbit, Oh…Dream, Oh…Forever, The Green In Your Area, Dream Power, Green City, Oat Cream 
Otter Creek Full Cord, All Souls
Pabst Pabst Andeker, Heidelberg, Live Pleasantly, Zobelein’s Eastside   
Peak Organic Punch
Pelican Hazy Rock, India Pelican, 3 Capes
Rahr & Sons BILF, Rahr’s Original, Hazy Hefe   
Red Hare SPF 50/50
Reuben’s Brews Ballambic, Gamma Haze, Moreish, Auspicious Sons, Extant, This Charming Can, Starkers, Beer Unbound, Beer Unbound
Revision Brewing Battle Of The Lords, Citra City, Collective Gravity, Contact Burn, Elevation Calculation, Gimme Da Loot, Glitter Moon, Mindful Fermentation, Mystic Topaz, Owyhee, Pete’s Secret Stache, Playafication, Reno As Fuck, Simcoe Revenge, Sparkle Muffin, State Of Haze, Truing To Get My Aroma Bro, Whole Lotta Ruckus, Smoke & Mirrors, Scrog Grog, Drenched In Desire, Island Waves, Hazy Life, Spiritual Gangster 
Revolver Brewing Full-Tang, Long Range, Fridge Magnet IPA, Mi Cheve   
Rhinegeist Fluffberry, Being, Shuffle, Ruth, Rough Ridge, Lynx, Experimental J-Hole, Feeling Bright, Brussels Griffon, OddJob, Metaphysical Mango, Tuxedo Panther, Amy, Amy Merrell, Science Fiction, Infinite Dawn, Brittlebrain, Alpha Squid, Little Bubs, Van Hunks, Calfe 
River Rat Moncks Corner Abbey Ale, Metal Man Pale Ale, Bubbles, Cobbstopper, Perceptual Passion, Inclinator, Ruby Paradox, Omega Sand Tiger, Kettu, Jeeves, String Theory, Skeleton Brut, Postmodern Passion, Theta Fangtooth, Rooiby Doo, Hazy Hut, Gobi, Throwing Bases, Numenor. Rooiby Doo, Gecko Juice
River North Crushed By Giants   
Samuel Adams Love Conquers Ale, All Beer Is Good Some Beer Is Better (Boston Beer) Sam Glass, Sam Pint   
Gigantic Brewing Pipewrench, Most Premium, Massive!, Kolschtastic
Santa Fe 7K IPA, Happy Camper IPA
Scofflaw Dirty Beaches 
Shiner Shiner Weisse House
Shipyard Teabrew, “Real tea real beer real flavor”, Maui Mango, Teabrew infusions, Hoppy Pride
Sierra Nevada Hop & Sour, On The Clock IPA, Up Stout Kriek, Up On Tripel Kriek, Sierra Sunshine, Refresh Your Spirit, Beer Fundamentals, Recreational Session, Enjoy Outdoors, Family Owned, Operated & Argued Over, Glutenus Minimus, California Casual, Skiesta, Tasty As Helles, Lunch Pale, Crafted For The Beach, Smooth As Helles, Easy Lil’ Thing, Trailgating, Mountain Magic, Easy Little Thing, Resilient Red, Apple & Vine, Craft Without Compromise, Brut Strength, Rest Day, Head Start, Fantastic Haze, Double Bounce, Juicy Time, Juicy The Fantastic, Centripital Cherries, Guava Tangent, Ume, Morelos, Hang Six, Wake And Quake, Visions Of Sugar Plums, Live-Ade 
SKA Brewing Rue B. Soho, Moral Panic, Big Chico Kriek  
Sole Artisanal Separatist Beer Project (new name) 
Southern Tier Pack O Pales, Super Pack, Why The Hell Not?, Long Live The ‘King, 2XPACK, Swipe Light, Live Session, SOTI  
Spoetzl Brewery Light Done Right
Sprecher Freezer Brew, Freezer Beer, Frozen Brew 
Stone Brewing True Craft Beer, Hop Worship, Black Metallic, Supremium 
Summit Brewing Banjaxed Ale
Sun King Pachanga, Freedom Rock
Surly Axe Man 
SweetWater “Dank”, Strain
Teton Brewing Stillwest Brewery And Grill
Revision Brewing Distance Haze, Jewel Box, Lord Lupulin, Planet Lovetron, Planetary Fog, Sucka Fish, The Bruff, 710, 420 Vice, G13, 420 Strain, Mango Kush  
Terrapin 706, Jazz Cabbage, Beyond The Galaxy, On Deck IPA, Gummy Bear, Magic Brownie, Dancing Gummy Bear, Hempsecutioner, Rise & Conquer, Hoppin’ Bubbly
Tired Hands Drink Comfortably 
The Veil Recycle or Die, We Ded Mon
Toppling Goliath Dragon Fandango, Supa’ Sumo, “Fire Skulls & Money”, Mozee
Constellation Brands “Discover The Craft”, Term Oil, Mornin’ Latte, Naughty Temple, Scorpius Morchella, Suemosa, Twisted Galaxy, Camp Shandyshore 
Trinity Brewing Evoke Fermentations, The Bunbun, Certifiably Malchus, Velvet Ear, Stay Here, Table B(ear)
Troegs RBG, Golden Thing, Field of Green, Orangerine, Sometimes Always, Field Study IPA, Lollihop, Trail Day
Two Brothers Nimbus 
Two Roads Biere De CT, Two Juicy, Factory Fresh, Table Terroir, Stratcity, Cruise Control, Dry & Mighty, Synopsis  
Uinta Clear Daze IPA, King’s Peak 
Upland Brewing Bockchain, Blockchain, Sour Reserve, Juiced In Time
Victory Home Grown, Cloud Walker, Juice Boost, Spunky Monkey, No Brainer, Twisted Monkey, Mystical Monkey, Revel In The Taste Of Victory, Fizzy Bizness, Light Club   
Wicked Weed Astronomical IPA, Appalachia Session IPA, Passionfruit Lychee Burst 
Worthy Hopzen, Hopcentricity
Yazoo BNA
Yuengling Philly Special, James River Steam brewery , Spread Your Wings, Yuengs & Wings, Make Your Day Golden 

Images  :  
Against The Grain image
Lakefront IPA (Eye-PA)  
Other Half image
New Glarus


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