Mybeerbuzz .com Highlights Collins Spicy Bloody Mary Mix & The Cocktail Box (Review)

If you’ve been following along with, you’ll know that I don’t just “do” beer.  I regularly feature all sorts of items outside the beer lane, but still inside my circle of influence.  Today we have some really interesting new entries in the cocktail  category that I can’t wait to try…so off we go.
Mybeerbuzz .com Highlights Collins Spicy Bloody Mary Mix, The Cocktail Box & Cleveland KrautUp first we’ll be featuring and drinking one of my favorite cocktails, a Blood Mary and we’ll be sampling the True Brands Spicy Bloody Mary Cocktail Mix by Collins.  I’m a lover of a good Bloody Mary and as much as I enjoy making my own, I also miss out on enjoying one because it takes too much work to make one (or to make 2).  With this in mind, I’m always searching for a good Bloody Mary mix, and I think I found one.  The Collins Bloody Mary Mix is made with natural ingredients including real sugar and juices and it contains NO high fructose corn syrup.  What I like best about this mix is that you can simply add Vodka, and you’re in business.
I followed the directions and built my first Bloody Mary and I can say it was really easy to make.  I also decided to taste this drink straight up using Grey Goose Vodka from the freezer.  The Collins Bloody Mary Mix makes for a slightly spicy Bloody Mary with a really nice mix of of flavors.  This isn’t a mouth-burning spicy but you can definitely taste the spice (in a good way).  The flavors taste fresh and the balance of flavors was really drinkable.  I also decided to follow up and make a second Bloody, (purely in the name of science) using ice cubes, celery and some green olives.  I liked this version even better with the ice keeping it cooler and the additional flavors adding to the mix.  This was my favorite way to enjoy the mix and it was really fun experimenting with additional toppings and flavors.  Overall I really like the Collins Bloody Mary Mix and I think it makes for a great way to easily create a really good Bloody Mary with or without your own topping.Mybeerbuzz .com Highlights Collins Spicy Bloody Mary Mix, The Cocktail Box & Cleveland Kraut
Up next we decided to stay in the same lane and try out The Cocktail Box.  If you’re not familiar, The Cocktail Box offers a line of cocktail mixing kits that include almost everything you need to create an Old Fashioned, a Champagne cocktail, a Moscow Mule and a Gin & Tonic cocktail.  Each kit makes about 3-6 cocktails and each kit includes high-quality organic ingredients as well as the “fancy pants bartenders spoon and muddler” and even cocktail picks.
I’ll admit that I enjoy a good cocktail, but I’m always hesitant to drink a stronger drink away from home, and I usually don’t have the ingredients to make a very good cocktail at home.  With that in mind, The Cocktail Box seems right up my alley.
I’ll be test-driving the Old Fashioned cocktail box and this kit will create six Old Fashioned cocktails.  The silver tin box includes orange, grapefruit and aromatic bitters (from Scrappy’s Famous Bitters) as well as six raw cane sugar cubes.  The spoon and muddler, 3 cocktail picks and a hand-knit rustic linen cocktail napkin are all included. 
Before I make a drink, I should point out that these kits would make for a really great gift.  The packaging is beautiful and professional and the ingredients look and taste great.  I should also point out that if you buy your own sugar cubes later, this kit can make up to 25 Old Fashioned drinks and this kit is also airplane-friendly (other than maybe the picks) and hotel-room-friendly.
I followed the easy recipe card and added my own Bourbon to create my first Old Fashioned and it was really good.  The mix of flavors and bitters really made for a drinkable and professional-quality Old Fashioned.  To further the test, I made a drink for a family member that regularly drinks Old Fashioned cocktails professionally made; and she couldn’t taste any difference.  Overall I really enjoyed not only drinking the Old Fashioned, but also making the cocktail using the fun tools and ingredients included in The Cocktail Box.  The box, tools and ingredients look very professional and I can’t wait to try the other kits.
Be sure to try Collins Spicy Bloody Mary Mix and The Cocktail Box and for yourself.  And when you do try them, be sure to let us know what YOU think.

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