WILK Friday Beerbuzz – 4 June 2010 (Yards Philadelphia Pale Ale)

04 June 2010

WILKFridayBerbuzz7 Memorial Day always marks the beginning of summer in NEPA, and with so many summer days to enjoy a beer ahead of us, I decided we should start sampling some summer beers.  Now mind you the term “summer beers” can mean a lot of things, but if you simply define it as a beer to enjoy on the deck or by the pool on a hot summer day, it’s easy to see what makes a good summer beer.

As I demonstrated last week with my choice of a big beer like Three Philosophers, you’ll find summer beers aren’t just about session beers….however…today’s beer IS a session beer and a great one at that.

My choice for our beer of the week comes to us from Silly-Philly in the form of Yards Philadelphia Pale Ale.  This beer has been rated by the NY Times (and by me) as one of the best Pale Ales in the country.  If you like a solid pale ale with a wonderful citrus-y flavor and superb drinkability, be sure to sample this beer.  The ABV for this beer is 4.6% which makes it a classic session beer, and what I suspect is a massive dose of Simcoe and/or Amarillo hops makes it an easy drinker.


I love the fact that this beer comes to us from a local brewery, but I really like the fact that Tom Kehoe & Steve Mashington of Yards went out of their way to design a brewery that is environmentally responsible as well.  Yards is the first 100% wind-powered brewery in PA, they use all recycled glass & cardboard, they donate spent grains to feed farm animals and they even used environmentally responsible materials in the new brewery….AND did I mention they brew a great beer? 
Yards Philadelphia Pale Ale is a beer you’ll want to taste, so be sure to check it out. 

So what beer should we taste next Friday?  You beer-input is always appreciated so please comment or e-Mail us.  Thanks to John, Nancy, Joe & Bosco for yet another fun Friday. 

The Friday Beerbuzz…bringing good beers and good people together
As always you can check out the video on-line at the WILK Friday Beerbuzz page by clicking HERE.

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John 04 June, 2010 09:32  

Another great beer and a session one to boot! Love the hop presence in Philadelphia Pale Ale, and the citrus hint makes it perfect for a hot, sunny, "I think I'll have another" kind of day. Excellent show and beer to match today Bil, thanks!

mybeerbuzz 04 June, 2010 09:40  

Thanks John....Yards Philly Pale is a regular guest in the mybeerbuzz 'fridge and I think when people give it a try, they might find it in their 'fridge as well. Fun show again today and Welcome to Beer Solutions now sponsoring the Friday Beerbuzz on WILK!

Anonymous,  04 June, 2010 09:42  

I needed a beer aftar all that prostrate talk. Seriously a fun show and even though I thought I knew beer, I'm finding new beers and learning good beer info on almost every show. And thanks for letting us know where we can find these beers. This is yet another one I plan to try out.


mybeerbuzz 04 June, 2010 10:33  

I have the inside info....Yards Philly Pale uses all Simcoe hops so I was close with my Simcoe Amarillo guess.

Anonymous,  04 June, 2010 10:35  

Just checked out the video. You guys are getting better and better every week. God job to whoever does the video and Yards Pale is a beer I already like but I'm glad to see now other people can try it.


Anonymous,  04 June, 2010 10:56  

Keep up the good beers! I like this beer and so does my husband. Do you know where we can get it now?


Anonymous,  04 June, 2010 11:01  

Still waiting for the dark beers and do you really plan to buy Josh a beer just because he guessed the right beer?

Jessup, PA

mybeerbuzz 04 June, 2010 11:04  

Yes...you can get Yards and most of our local craft beer distributors & bottle shows. Today's beer came From Plaza Beverage in Pittston.

Yes I plan to feature darker beers in the future, and yes I will buy Josh a beer for guessing our beer of the week.

Anonymous,  04 June, 2010 11:05  

My name is Dan and I like the fact that you, Nancy and Webster all seem to actually respond to our questions. Some people just push out advertising on FaceBook but you all actually seem to talk and respond. I like the show and now I'm tuning in before and after (Hi Sue Henry).

mybeerbuzz 04 June, 2010 11:10  

Thansk Dan. I'm a good listener ;) But yes all kidding aside I agree. If you're going to post you should always reply regardless of whether it's FaceBook or anywhere else on-line.

Anonymous,  04 June, 2010 11:21  

I'm not sure I like the lighter beers you're doing but with three phils last week I'll cut you guys a break. I've tried everything you've sampled so far so obviously I want more rare and unusual beers. Still fun to listen but line up some rare stuff.

mybeerbuzz 04 June, 2010 13:25  

Thanks anon ;) I promise to sample some beers in the future that are extremely rare thet even you've never had.

Anonymous,  04 June, 2010 13:32  

Just watched the video from WILK. You guys have my favorite beer program and I really like the beer map on here. I personally hope to see more Lagers and belgian triples but I like it so far.


Anonymous,  04 June, 2010 13:33  

One of my beer club members turned me on to the WILK show. Once the beer shows stopped on rock 107 I though there were no beer shows left. I'm really glad to see the show and I'm going back to check out the previos videos.

Bob TT

Anonymous,  04 June, 2010 13:37  

Yards makes some great beers and as much as I like their Pale, I think the Brawler is my favorite. I'm a fan of the show and I'd love to see it last a little longer, but hell I guess I'll take what I can get. Dr. K

Anonymous,  04 June, 2010 13:41  

Who does the intro song?? I loved Webster on 107 and now this beer show is even better with the beer info. So how did you guys build this show? More Stouts please!


Anonymous,  04 June, 2010 13:44  

Funny show and no home brews aren't poisonous. I'll say hi at the NEPA fair.

mybeerbuzz 04 June, 2010 13:46  

The intro song is Jimmy Witherspoon and yes I'll be at the Northeast Fair on 6/19 for the homebrew competition...see you there.

Anonymous,  04 June, 2010 13:51  

Much like beer I want more show. I'm not a big Yards fan but they're ok.

Anonymous,  04 June, 2010 13:53  

Congratulations on landing Beer Solutions as a sponsor. My beer friends all love the show so we'll be sure to pass it on.

Ryan W

mybeerbuzz 04 June, 2010 13:54  

I agree Ryan...we're excited to have Beer Solutions on board and be sure to tell your friends to stop down to Beer Solutions and let them know where you heard about them....on the Friday Beerbuzz of course ;)

Anonymous,  04 June, 2010 14:37  

You mentioned guests today. I think that would be good for the show. I also think you should consider taking calls during the show. I will send in a beer question when I have one too. Love the beers so far.

Anonymous,  04 June, 2010 15:24  

I've been listening for a few weeks and it's a good show. I'm a wine lover only, but you're making me curious enough to try a beer, especially the Three Philosophers. I just found your website and I'm enjoying it. I'll keep listening and maybe try out some of these beers. Any plans for a wine show?

Mark K

Anonymous,  04 June, 2010 15:30  

great show great map. I listen on-line (I'm from Lancaster) but now when I visit I'll have a map to follow. Who knew the beer culture in NEPA was so alive.


Anonymous,  05 June, 2010 15:00  

I think three philosophers may be your best show yet but this was a close second. By the way I went and tried 3 philosophers and it's amazing.

Anonymous,  05 June, 2010 15:00  

So what has been Nancy & Johns favorite beers so far? How about Joe?

Anonymous,  05 June, 2010 15:19  

So who do I contact to get tickets to the show? It would be a lot of fun to watch in person and maybe taste the beers with you.


mybeerbuzz 05 June, 2010 16:06  

I'll let John & Nancy answer for themselves and I'm afraid we don't have tickets or any way to have an audience ;)

Joe T. 05 June, 2010 17:18  

My favorite beer so far has been the Steg Summer Pils and it's the only one that I haven't bought on my own yet. My wife and I enjoyed a bottle of 3 Philosophers out on the deck last weekend and she loved it too.

mybeerbuzz 05 June, 2010 19:51  

Isn't that a great beer Joe (3 Phil), it's my understanding the Summer Stock Pils JUST hit the distributors late this week so it's available now. I know Plaza beverage in Pittston had cases on Thu.

Anonymous,  05 June, 2010 22:00  

How did you learn so much about beer bill and when can we all taste some beers together???

Matin J

mybeerbuzz 05 June, 2010 22:24  

It's hard work ANon...but practice practice practice and you too can be a beer pioneer. We'll have to plan a beer get together sometime soon. It would be fun to taste with some of our listeners and readers.

Nancy Kman,  06 June, 2010 14:18  

So far, it's the 3 Philosophers for me!

mybeerbuzz 06 June, 2010 14:47  

Thanks Nancy. 3P has always been one of our favorites so I'm glad to see you liked it. We'll have more exciting beers coming up soon so you never know....but 3P makes for a good soulmate-beer.

John 07 June, 2010 10:36  

Liked the Three Philosophers a lot!

And as pale ales go, the Yards Philadelphia Pale Ale, well, I bought some on the way home last Friday so...

I am, however, a bit of a "hop head", and enjoyed the Bell's Two-Hearted Ale AND the Troeg's Hopback Amber Ale a lot!

Of course the Stegmaier Summer Stock Pilsener was also good, Lion makes consistently good beers.

So...I hope that answers the question of which one has been my favorite so far. lol

As always, looking forward to Friday!

mybeerbuzz 07 June, 2010 10:44  

Thanks John...I also hear Joe Thomas' favorite was the Stegmaier Summer Stock and as far as my favorite...well I like them all. If I were stuck on a deserted island with only one choice from our first 5 beers I'd be thinking either Two Hearted Ale or Three Philosophers....now mind you I have a lot of beers coming up that may change everything. I'm a hop lover and so far I'm trying to resist my urges to parade in one hop-bomb after another but there WILL BE HOPPY BEERS! I'm also a big-beer lover, and while Three Philosophers is a great one....there will be other great ones coming up. I'm also keenly aware that much of our audience like an easy drinking session beer so I plan to feature some session beers too. Needless to say each week will be a beer I consider to be first class so stay tuned.

Anonymous,  07 June, 2010 10:46  

I really like that you and John and Nancy answer our questions and I'm already anxious to see what you sample this week. Thanks for replying to your audience.


Anonymous,  07 June, 2010 10:52  

I'm not a big Troegs fan so the Hopback show was dissapointing for me and most of the other beers have just been sort of OK beers. I will commend you on choosing 3-Philosophers. Very risky move for a summer beer, but I think the reaction was good. You seem to know your beers so I'm hoping you pick some better stuff.

mybeerbuzz 07 June, 2010 10:53  

Stay tuned Anon....

Just curious what sort of beer you do like or what you'd like to see us sample on the show.

We're always open to suggestions.

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