Anheuser-Busch - Rascal’s Wild Red Raspberry Lager

11 January 2012

Following not-so-closely on the heels of their Wild Blue, Anheuser Busch will release Rascal’s Wild Red Premium Raspberry Lager.  This “Premium lager brewed with spices & with natural flavors & color from juice added.” will be packaged in 12oz bottles & kegs and closely follow it’s Wild Blue cousin with a BIG 8% ABV.  Look for this to be brewed in the AB / Blue Dawg brewing facility in Baldwinsville, NY.

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Anonymous,  13 June, 2012 18:48  

Wild Blue, Wild Red and Wild Black, Couldn't get any better then this!

Anonymous,  21 June, 2012 10:53  

Wow - can this being ripping off of Flying Dog's packaging much more?

mybeerbuzz 21 June, 2012 10:55  

It definitely has similarities to Steadman's artworks.

Anonymous,  11 July, 2012 21:14  

Drinking some now, fantastic (if you like sweet beers, which I do!). I look forward to trying the blueberry stuff.

Anonymous,  16 July, 2012 13:03  

red,black,blue awesome in western N.C but cant keep them on self.all my friends have sampled and love. please send more.i am a continous fan of WILD.

Anonymous,  28 July, 2012 17:29  

i love this lager

Anonymous,  08 September, 2012 09:42  

I really love this lager! Fruit,tang, not heavy...will try the blue and black although raspberry is my favorite.

Anonymous,  16 September, 2012 22:34  

My brother got me hooked on Wild Blue. Love its smooth fruity flavor and one bottle lowers your blood pressure. Since I like Muscadine wines which are sweeter, this was a natural beer for me. Keep supplying us. Send Wild Red to the Charlotte area. I haven't been able to find it yet.

Anonymous,  25 August, 2013 19:47  

I went to get a six pack of my favorite Beer... Wild RED. Only to see it had been removed from the shelf. I soon learned from the cashier that Wild Red and Wild Black was being discontinued because it did not sell well. This I find extremely disappointing. Most did not know it existed. I blame this on poor advertising. People were just learning of the beer including myself that discovered it 8 months ago. Since, it is the only beer I drink/drank. If I could locate any of this beer. I would buy it up! So disappointed.

Anonymous,  25 August, 2013 19:54  

I haven't heard that news so I'll have to see if it is actually being discontinued. Sorry...

Anonymous,  17 February, 2014 02:47  

I hope that Anheuser Busch Co will start selling Wild Red beer again because I really miss that beer. I hope Anheuser Busch Company will see this ad.

Anonymous,  23 October, 2014 14:06  

Would love to buy in Indiana for home use...

Anonymous,  23 October, 2014 14:08  

Love the red and blue. Had it once and am spoiled. Can't find it to buy in Indiana though. Sad.

Rodney Isom 04 February, 2016 18:39  

Wild Black was my personal favorite. I wish they would have kept it as the sole survivor. I wonder if they'll ever bring it back as a seasonal beer.

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