Anheuser-Busch Bud Light Lime-A-Rita 8oz Can (247 calories per 12oz)

14 January 2012

Yep…Try It Over Ice!  Here’s a new Bud Light can coming from Anheuser-Busch…it’s 8oz and it’s 6% ABV.  It’s also 247 calories per 12oz…less in this 8oz can.

Have You Seen the NEW Bud Light Lime Straw-Ber-Rita !!??

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Anonymous,  22 February, 2012 03:06  

Ive tried the lime -a- rita as a test beer and I loved it!

Anonymous,  03 March, 2012 14:18  

I don't like beer, but I liked this

Anonymous,  06 March, 2012 19:49  

What City?

Anonymous,  07 March, 2012 00:46  

I tried it tonight and AB is going move the needle big time with this awesome beverage.

mybeerbuzz 07 March, 2012 07:16  

I'll admit now I'm even curious.

Anonymous,  08 March, 2012 16:55  

Not sure what a beer company knows about making cocktails?

mybeerbuzz 08 March, 2012 18:11  

Yea true...but they do know how to make $$

Anonymous,  07 April, 2012 19:34  

Got some today- awesome! Way better than bud light lime...

Anonymous,  10 April, 2012 13:44  

great stuff - my new favorite margarita!

Anonymous,  13 April, 2012 15:39  

I am not a beer drinker-This does not taste like BL Lime--It's more like a margarita with a twist.. It's light and refreshing-- not too sweet!! It will definitely be my new summer drink!! Can't wait until they put it on the market

Anonymous,  13 April, 2012 17:27  

These are really good! I am not a beer drinker and love it. My husband is a beer guy and liked them also. They are just hard to find right now...

Anonymous,  13 April, 2012 19:08  

Enjoying one as I post. This stuff is incredible, a real winner! Will hit shelves April 23rd!

griffin 15 April, 2012 20:59  

They taste pretty close to an actual margarita. They also come with the hefty calories of an actual margarita at 330 calories per 12oz. oh and despite what that label says they released them with 8% abv not 6%. but all and all its not too bad.

RichieRich804 19 April, 2012 13:15  

I saw these at the store last night, had to try it. Didn't know anything about it (never heard of or seen it) but I must say, it's pretty darn tasty over crushed ice.

The 12 pack I purchased contained 8 oz. cans, though when combined with crushed ice, will fill an entire 12 oz glass nicely.

It has a smooth margarita flavor with a slight malt beverage finish on the back end, but only with the first few initial sips. It won't replace a true quality margarita. However if one is looking for a quick "margarita" fix or if mixing one is not possible, this should hit the spot. Also at 8% alc/vol, the "force" is strong with this one.

For reference, my "beer" palate ranges from big name Lagers and Pilsners, to Hefeweizen's, wheat beers, and occasional cider beers.

Anonymous,  20 April, 2012 12:26  

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Best idea ever! I love Bud Light Limes and this just took it to a whole new level! Can't get enough!

Anonymous,  20 April, 2012 21:46  

I had this in a bar in Madison Wi...but I live in Tucson Az...does anyone know where I can find it? I love it!

Unknown 22 April, 2012 17:00  

Had this yesterday and it tastes really good, it's now my favorite margarita. I like the bud light lime, and i was really thinking this was going to be just a novelty, but it's very good.

Anonymous,  25 April, 2012 22:19  

The product tastes good initially, but just wait a few minutes and a strong chemical/synthetic after taste will emerge that is quite unpleasant to say the least. One has to wonder what kind of crap these companies are feeding us! I mean, where is the FDA on this one, or anything else these days? Wake up, people,they don't care about us, all they care about is our money and they'll do anything to get it at all costs, your health included!!!!!!!!!!

mybeerbuzz 26 April, 2012 07:47  

Do you really want the FDA involved with Beer & malted beverages?

Anonymous,  03 May, 2012 19:05  

I looked on the can and cannot find where it tells you how many calories are in a can. I loved it-but want to know calorie count!!!

mybeerbuzz 03 May, 2012 20:34  

It lists 247 calories per 12oz

Anonymous,  04 May, 2012 21:23  

Love it!!!!!!!:)

Anonymous,  07 May, 2012 17:33  

tastes like the margarita i had at chilis, but cheaper

Anonymous,  10 May, 2012 23:28  

GREAT! I'm not a beer drinker ..... but I guess this will qualify me as one! I'm hooked!

Anonymous,  10 May, 2012 23:31  

the calories in an 8 oz can would be...about 165 calories - not too light but the taste is ohhh so good!!

Anonymous,  11 May, 2012 09:54  

Had one for the first time last night. All they have around here is the 24 oz. can. Holy Calories, but still loved it. Think we are still a test market here since that's all the had. Just the single LARGE cans. My new once and a while summer drink!!

Anonymous,  15 May, 2012 15:18  

If anyone has made the Pampered Chef Margaritas with beer it them they will love this... Same bubble but not as sweet! Awesome drink!

Anonymous,  17 May, 2012 19:22  

I tried one today, it does taste similar to the real thing. But my question is how do they get away using the Bud "light" name when it really isn't a light drink. I've seen different numbers from 247 to 330 for the 12 oz. I guess maybe the difference is the alcohol content. I live in VA and what I bought has 8%. From what I understand depending on where you live, some areas have 6% and some have 8%. Also, it's technically not beer, it's malt liquor.

Anonymous,  21 May, 2012 20:24  

Mu husband brought some home today and I can say I love it!!! It seems a little heaver than anctual margarita but it is soooooo nice! OUR NEW drink when can't get an actual margarita. Dont care about calories thats what the gym is for :-)

Aletha Snowberger 27 May, 2012 19:03  

These are my new beach drink. Little "cans of happiness" as they have been named in my house

Anonymous,  01 June, 2012 03:25  

Have to say incredible taste not beer like though more of a margarita taste that I'n my mind set, being a dedicated bud lime drinker: def a nice change and it's stronger as I'n alcohol content which relaxes the heck out of me on one instead of two beers...

Anonymous,  01 June, 2012 13:15  

My new drink for our Marina!! YUMMY

Anonymous,  04 June, 2012 13:57  

absolutely devine on a hot summer day! just had my first few down in myrtle beach, SC this past week! had to pick up a case to bring home. hope they start selling it here in CT soon!!!

Anonymous,  09 June, 2012 23:49  

Has anyone else swelled up like crazy the day after drinking these?

Anonymous,  10 June, 2012 21:54  

Love it! I dont like beer but these are great:)

Anonymous,  14 June, 2012 23:21  

Never heard of it until yesterday. Sales person said thay can't keep up with the request. Have to say "I love my beer" But I really loved this Lima Rita. I don't care for the calories count. If the calories were less it would be my drink from now on. I have to say that I had two 8oz cans about an hour ago and my feet are swollen already. Don't like the side effect. I love it but I don't like it.

Anonymous,  18 June, 2012 23:20  

Awesome!! And I don't like beer at all!

Anonymous,  26 June, 2012 10:52  

Not a beer drinker --- but DEFINITELY will be a making a few trips to the store to replenish my stock of Lime-a-rita's. Absolutely the best after a long day of cycling, over crushed ice. SO REFRESHING!

Anonymous,  01 July, 2012 14:31  

Please dont stop making this stuff its great

Anonymous,  05 July, 2012 10:59  

Had some this Fourth of July holiday and I will purchase again! Not a beer drinker but this may start the habit.

Anonymous,  09 July, 2012 08:33  

I'm a real snob about my margaritas--and I LOVE these! But yes, I felt bloated after drinking a couple. I'm definitely a fan, though. This is my drink of choice now. Makes my husband happy because it has more of a beer price in the bars (around $2.50)instead of a $10 cocktail. Love, love, love Lime-A-Ritas!

Anonymous,  10 July, 2012 15:36  

Try it with half a can, about 4 oz. of Fresca and a splash of O.J. Just like a fab top shelf margarita, especially with a salt rim. :) Love it.

Anonymous,  30 July, 2012 06:25  

If there was a side of salt!!!! ITS NICE!!

Anonymous,  16 August, 2012 15:10  


Anonymous,  21 August, 2012 03:44  

Love them. Has a lot of calories. bummer

Anonymous,  22 August, 2012 20:21  

Heard last night, That the Lime A Rita is going to be seasonal. So me and hubby just bought 8 cases of them. And as soon as we see them we are buying them up to keep a supply.
Rose from Riverside Calif

Anonymous,  22 August, 2012 20:34  

There sooo good! I add extra lime juice and its soo tasty! I really hope thats not true them being seasonal.. im going to buy a bunch them now!

Anonymous,  23 August, 2012 13:16  

anybody having problems with the codes on the bud light ffl promo...i enter the codes exactly how they appear and i get rejected...anybody???

Anonymous,  29 August, 2012 14:18  

Where can I buy Lime-a-Ritas?

I live in Benicia, CA.
Thank you,

mybeerbuzz 29 August, 2012 14:40  

Check your local Budweiser distributor Stephanie

Anonymous,  07 September, 2012 22:19  

This is the bomb!!!! I love it but the calorie count, OMG. I like it so much I will continue to drink it and join a gym.

Anonymous,  22 September, 2012 18:30  

I DO NOT like beer at all, but the Bud Light Lime-a-rita is great!!! I love it!

Anonymous,  03 October, 2012 16:44  

ok i am loving this but it has just diappeared here in so cal los angeles area south bay i cannot find it so refreshing

claycar 12 October, 2012 23:01  

Love it. NOT A BEER DRINKER. This is worth your time to try. Will be looking for it on the shelf

claycar 12 October, 2012 23:03  

Love it. NOT A BEER DRINKER. Will be looking for this on the shelf.

Anonymous,  16 December, 2012 02:20  

Budlight lime and BudLight Lime-a-rita are both AWESOME. Both taste VERY different.

I would suggest not popping in a budlight lime after drinking the margarita one. The maragarita one is so sweet that if you take a regular BLL will taste like water in comparison.

Drink both these beauties seperate!

Anonymous,  30 March, 2013 20:41  

i tried the strawberrita and it tasted like crap! was comparable to strawberry koolade that had gone very bad. I do not recommend this product to anyone...

Anonymous,  03 May, 2014 04:02  

Raz-Ber-Rita by far the best one out. I liked Cran-Ber-Rita also but it was seasonal.

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