Bud Light Lime - Straw-Ber-Rita Margarita 8oz Cans - 149/199 Calories Coming 25 Mar 2013

14 November 2012

We brought you news of the very popular Anheuser-Busch Bud Light Lime-A-Rita (here too), so I’m excited to be the first to bring you Bud Light Lime Straw-Ber-Rita margarita with a twist.  This new malt beverage (with natural flavors, artificial sweetener & artificial colors added) will be packaged in 8oz cans, it will come in at 8%ABV (and a 6% ABV version below).  For an 8oz serving of the 8% ABV version it will have 199 calories, 23.6g carbs…for the 6% ABV version it will have 149 calories and 18g carbs.  These Margarita beverages have become very popular so stay tuned for release details.
Update---This beverage will arrive 25 Mar 2013

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mybeerbuzz 22 February, 2013 06:39  

If you mean release date, they haven't announced it yet. We typically have new labels weeks or months in advance so stay tuned.

Anonymous,  01 March, 2013 22:20  

They are already out! Just had one yesterday and it was pretty good.

Anonymous,  02 March, 2013 16:18  

Where'd you get it from??

Anonymous,  04 March, 2013 20:57  

They are already at some gas stations here in BIRMINGHAM , ALABAMA.

Anonymous,  07 March, 2013 13:57  

Which one I wanna come get some today..

Anonymous,  08 March, 2013 09:55  

When will they be released in atlanta,ga?

Anonymous,  08 March, 2013 13:33  

Is it released in jacksonvile fl

marvin,  10 March, 2013 09:20  

i am in ohio do anyone have any idea when its coming north

Anonymous,  12 March, 2013 15:53  

When will they be released in south carolina & where at in south carolina

Anonymous,  13 March, 2013 15:20  

When are they coming to los angeles

Anonymous,  13 March, 2013 20:12  

Where can I find them in ATL.

Anonymous,  15 March, 2013 09:57  

Are they in northcarolina yet?

Anonymous,  15 March, 2013 12:20  

They are delicious!!! Had one at the Houston Rodeo in Reliant Stadium yesterday!!! Can't wait til they are in the stores on 3/25/13.

Anonymous,  16 March, 2013 01:55  

Saw a 12 pack at a store in Colorado Springs. Was tempted to try it, but opted for wine instead. Damn. Lol!

Anonymous,  19 March, 2013 12:17  

They had them at the Houston Rodeo last week. I didn't get one, not for $12 for a 24oz can, but I am READY to try them when they hit the stores here in TX on March 25th!! :)

Anonymous,  19 March, 2013 21:13  

Awesome. Out in Mary Esther, fl.

Anonymous,  20 March, 2013 16:15  

Anyone know anything about TN??

Anonymous,  20 March, 2013 20:49  

Out already in MO

Anonymous,  22 March, 2013 11:54  

Where at in MO?

Anonymous,  22 March, 2013 12:01  


Anonymous,  22 March, 2013 23:50  

When will they be n augusta ga?

Anonymous,  23 March, 2013 16:21  

Too bad we can't get them in Oklahoma! Have to drive to Texas!

Anonymous,  23 March, 2013 19:19  

Anyone if they hit the DMV yet (DC, MD, VA)?

Anonymous,  25 March, 2013 09:32  

are they getting released today sc

Anonymous,  25 March, 2013 14:11  

Are They Getting Released Today Tx

Anonymous,  25 March, 2013 15:25  

Im in Houston tx and i want to know where can i go to get a strawberry lime a rita

Anonymous,  25 March, 2013 21:15  

Krogers in Houston has them 10 for 10

Anonymous,  26 March, 2013 16:06  

What about virginia ?? Im in norfolk are there any here ?
If so what store. Pls and thanks

Anonymous,  28 March, 2013 19:39  

Yes DMV has them now

Anonymous,  29 March, 2013 21:33  

Drinking one now and it's delish!!

Anonymous,  30 March, 2013 20:19  

Atlanta has them now! They are even better with silver tequila in it! :-)

Anonymous,  01 April, 2013 12:59  

Haha Oklahoma The Only Place That Aint Got None.. But I Go To Texas Fa Mine

Anonymous,  17 April, 2013 16:26  


Anonymous,  23 April, 2013 18:44  

just had one. Pretty good and this is coming from a non beer drinker. Got a single can at WalMart for a buck

Anonymous,  23 April, 2013 21:23  

U know Louisiana would have them before most

Anonymous,  27 April, 2013 16:35  

Available at CVS pharmacy in SAN DIEGO, CA. but they have been out for a while. They are pretty decent. But it is from Bud Light so don't expect too much. I paid $12.99 for 12 8oz cans. Not bad for switching it up from beer.

Anonymous,  30 April, 2013 19:25  

Dang that's good! I found it at Walmart here in Arizona for $11/8 12 oz.. Not bad for someone like me who generally doesn't like beer and it has just a nice amount of kick.

Anonymous,  01 May, 2013 21:55  

I love these, doesn't take much to get a good buzz. Not much of a beer drinker because they bloat so I don't drink enough to get a buzz. Love the taste, great over ice! Definitely my new drink of choice! Btw they r on sale at albertson for $10 something I believe here in so cal.

Anonymous,  09 May, 2013 17:16  

Lol we have it here in Grand Rapids, Michigan drinking one right now :) they are expensive though it was $8 for 3 of the 24oz cans

Anonymous,  17 May, 2013 13:51  

Drinking one now in PA ,was $2.00.lol.pretty good:)

Anonymous,  28 May, 2013 12:11  

Delicious!!! $11 for 12 8oz cans here in Indiana.

Anonymous,  26 June, 2013 17:37  

we're already enjoying them! and for the price, not too bad!
200 cals per can, tho...a bit hefty....but nice for a lite day!

michelle c 30 June, 2013 14:38  

Are they carbonated?

Anonymous,  17 July, 2013 22:08  

I shared one with my aunt and it was surprisingly very good. I will now go in search of them in MD.

Anonymous,  01 August, 2013 09:48  

Hi! I'm wondering were you got the nutrition information from. Thanks!

mybeerbuzz 01 August, 2013 10:11  

The Nutritional Info came form the labels themselves

Anonymous,  05 May, 2014 22:34  

has it been released in ok

Susan,  25 June, 2014 13:24  

I can't get any info on the ingredients. . What is the artificial sweetener? No one lists it..why is it a secret?

Anonymous,  31 August, 2014 14:15  

Too sweet. Like liquid candy.

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