Highlights Coronado Guava Islander

25 October 2016

imageWith snow in the air, and night-time temperatures dropping below freezing, I think everyone in the Northeast is dreaming about the islands…so I was excited to get back to mybeerbuzz headquarters tonight and find that the islands have come to me.

More specifically…Coronado Brewing Guava Islander came my way, so naturally we had to try some.  We brought you a peek at the bottles back in July, and the cans in Sept; and if you are unfamiliar, Guava Islander is a “tropical IPA.”  The beer is brewed with Centennial, Chinook and Columbus hops as well as guava puree and it will now become part of Coronado’s core lineup of beers.
Based on some of their earlier fruited beers, Coronado locked in on Guava as the perfect fruit to highlight their selected hops.  This beer is based on their 2014 World Beer Cup gold-medal winning Islander IPA and it uses over 8-pounds of Guava puree per barrel.

imageSo how is it?  It’s actually a really nice beer.  The beer pours with some really impressive and pleasant fruit aromas that scream “guava, guava, guava!” (and maybe a little strawberry).  This has to be one of the more fruit-forward aromas I’ve encountered in an IPA.  The flavor follows up with more guava, but it’s balanced well by the citrusy hops.  Think west-coast classic IPA meets tropical juice drink, and you’ll get the idea.  The juice-to-hop balance is nice and the beer is really drinkable…and yes it does absolutely remind me of sitting on the beach in the islands.
Guava Islander is available now in 22oz bottles with six-packs of cans to follow in March 2017 across all 19-states that Coronado distributes to.  The beer hits 7%-AbV and a nice hoppy 65 IBU so

get out there and it for yourself…

and when you do, be sure to let us know what YOU think.


Dogfish Head Updates Palo Santo Marron

Today we get to see the updated packaging for Dogfish Head Palo Santo Marron.  This wood-aged brown ale is aged in hand-made Palo Santo tanks and the beer remains at 12%-AbV.  This is the new 12oz embossed bottle packaging.


Oskar Blues - Rum Barrel-Aged Ten Fidy Imperial Stout 19.2oz Cans

Oskar Blues gave us some details already, but today we get a peek at the big-can packaging for Oskar Blues Rum Barrel-Aged Ten Fidy.  This version of their classic imperial stout is aged in Rum barrels and packaged in 19.2oz cans.  So far this appears to be a limited release taproom-only beer but stay tuned for more info.


Pennsylvania Set To Allow 6-Packs At Distributors

imageLooks like the new PA alcohol bill proposed in response to Act 39 is likely to pass.  If it does pass (the PA Senate unanimously approved the bill 10/24), the beer-world will see the following changes:

  • Distributors will be able to sell 6-packs, growlers
  • Brewers will be allowed to ship within PA up to 192oz each month directly to a customer's home.
  • Brewers will be able pour drafts from other breweries as long the other breweries are less less than half  of their annual sales.

The PA House has until Wed to adopt or let the bill die.


Devils Backbone Brewing Company Releases Ginger Brau

imageFrom Devils Backbone:

LEXINGTON, VADevils Backbone Brewing Company introduces Ginger Brau,

a honey-hued lager infused with three types of ginger during the brewing process. Ginger Brau (4.8% ABV, 16 IBU) is light to medium on body with a snappy, lively ginger finish.

“What I love about Ginger Brau is the refreshing crisp body with the subtle ginger zing in the finish.  It is so crushable,” said Brewmaster Jason Oliver. “The flavors in Ginger Brau will spice up any holiday meal, but the beer pairs exceedingly well with pumpkin or apple-pie.”

Ginger Brau is the final release in the 2016 Daypack Series and it’s the first time the beer has been available in package. The quick, easy, and mobile beers of the Daypack Series are made to complement your passion, wherever it may take you.  Daypack beers are all sessionable, under 5% ABV. The approachable styles are canned for maximum mobility to throw into your daypack any time of year and head out to craft an adventure.

Ginger Brau is available now through January in cans and on draft throughout the Devils Backbone distribution footprint in Virginia, District of Columbia, Maryland, North Carolina, Tennessee, and West Virginia.

Devils Backbone beers are inspired by the great brewing traditions of Europe and the ingenuity of modern craft brewing.  Devils Backbone has earned numerous accolades for its beers, exceling in the art of lager brewing in an ale dominated industry.  The brewing team has received medals from the World Beer Cup, Australian International Beer Awards, Virginia Craft Brewers Fest and the Great American Beer Festival® including national titles for GABF 2014 Mid-Sized Brewing Company and Brew Team of the Year, 2013 Small Brewing Company and Small Brewing Company Brewer of the Year and 2012 Small Brewpub and Small Brewpub Brewer of the Year.

Devils Backbone operates two breweries in central Virginia:  Basecamp Brewpub & Meadows (200 Mosbys Run, Roseland, VA) the original brewery, restaurant and outdoor beer and dining area, located at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains in scenic Nelson County; and the Outpost Brewery & Tap Room, a state-of-the-art production brewery and tap room (50 North Wind Lane, Lexington, VA).

In 2008, founders Steve Crandall and his wife Heidi, inspired by a skiing trip where they had their first taste of German beer, opened the doors to Devils Backbone Brewing Company in the heartland of Virginia.  Basecamp Brewpub was an instant regional success and with so many beer lovers asking where they could purchase the brews, they broke ground on the Outpost in 2011.  Anticipated to produce 10,000 barrels of beer in the first ten years of operation, the Outpost reached 45,000 barrels in the first three years and recently completed an additional expansion to reach 250,000 barrels.


Summit Brewing - India-Style Black Ale 12oz Bottles

Today we get our first look at a new bottle coming from Summit Brewing in St. Paul, MN.  This is India-Style Black Ale and this black IPA will hit 6.8%-AbV.  This is the 12oz bottle and stay tuned for release info.


Hoppin’ Frog - Gavel Slammer Dark Ale

Here’s a new bottle coming from Hoppin’ Frog in Akron, OH.  This is Gavel Slammer and it is a dark ale that goes “light years over the top of Ohio’s old beer/alcohol limit.”  This celebrates Hoppin’ Frog’s efforts in that battle and the fact that they were presented with the Judge’s actual gavel form the final court proceeding to remove the alcohol limit.  This beer looks to hit a little over 14%-AbV (my calculation ont theirs) and 65 IBU and you’re looking at the 22oz bottle.


Southern Tier - Imperial Ginger Beer, Raspberry White & 2XSMASH DIPA

Today we get to see a new bottle and an updated can coming from Southern Tier.  Up first is the new Limited Release Imperial Ginger Beer.  This beer is brewed with lime, ginger and agave and it will hit 8.6%-AbV.  This is the 22oz bottle (12oz bottle below) and stay tuned for more info.  We also have the new Raspberry White wheat beer brewed with raspberries (4.8%-AbV, 12oz bottles) and the new 12oz can package for Southern Tier 2XSMASH Double IPA.  This beer is brewed with only Mosaic hops and it will remain at 6%-AbV.  Below is the new 12oz can and 12oz bottle.


Lagunitas - Sirius High-Gravity Cream Ale

Coming to us from Lagunitas, today we have the latest packaging for Sirius.  This high-gravity cream ale hits 7%-AbV and 40.63 IBU and this is the 12oz bottle.


Dos Equis Reveals First Commercial of The New Most Interesting Man in the World

imageFrom Dos Equis & Heineken:

WHITE PLAINS, NY  Oct. 25, 2016  After premiering a trailer of The Most Interesting Man in the World last month, Dos Equis released a full-length commercial today, "Airboat", revealing more of the character's mystique and depth. In this latest installment, viewers ride full throttle alongside The Most Interesting Man and discover more about his legend, as he races airboats down sand dunes and spars in Samurai armor. The modernized campaign features a more interactive character whose adventures show why he's different and how he's gained his legendary status. The commercial also portrays how the creative and character have evolved over the past decade, reflecting the differences of what it means to be interesting to today's millennial beer drinkers 21 and older.

"While 'Legend Lines' continue to be the backbone of our campaign, a lot has changed with the rollout of the evolved character," saidAndrew Katz, VP of Marketing for Dos Equis. "The Most Interesting Man is edgier and we've also modified the 'Stay Thirsty, My Friends'tagline at the end of each commercial. Staying true to the innate brand DNA, The Most Interesting Man can be seen celebrating interesting experiences with his amigos, while enjoying our new Dos Equis cans in high-energy settings.D

os Equis Reveals More Legendary Adventures in First Commercial of The New Most Interesting Man in the World

The creative evolution of the campaign, created by Havas Worldwide, is deeply rooted in research that the meaning of interesting has changed over the past decade: 84% of men think that what is interesting today is different from what was interesting a decade ago.1

"The new Most Interesting Man is a man of action. He's never one to reminisce on times past, which stylistically changes everything. With a faster pace and more energy, we're reinvigorating and modernizing one of the greatest campaigns," said Toygar Bazarkaya, Chief Creative Officer of the Americas at Havas. "In the first full commercial, viewers will also see the Most Interesting Man being joined by an adventurous female travel companion who goes head-to-head with him."

Synced with Dos Equis' College Football Playoff sponsorship, The Most Interesting Man can also be seen giving a nod to the sport, and will be featured in two additional football-themed commercials running from the Playoff through the College Football Playoff National Championship on January 9, 2017. The 15-second spots, launching November 14, feature the icon at his helicopter RV tailgate in the Serengeti, kicking a field goal with a coconut through "the uprights" of two giraffes: "He has home field advantage, even when he's away."

The introduction of the evolved Most Interesting Man, the sponsorship of the College Football Playoff, and the rollout of the new logo, cans and packaging that hit shelves in the summer, are all efforts from Dos Equis to give fans the opportunity to embrace the Stay Thirsty mindset and elevate their drinking experience with the refreshing cerveza. For more information on the new Most Interesting Man, visit, or visit and for more information on the brand.


Bear Republic & Cambrian Innovation Announce Successful Operation of EcoVolt® Solution

imageFrom Bear Republic:

Bear Republic Brewing Company
, a family-owned brewery known for their high-revving IPAs and environmental stewardship, and Cambrian Innovation, a biotechnology company solving critical resource challenges for industry, today announced the successful, long-term operation of the world’s first industrial-scale, bioelectrically-enhanced wastewater treatment solution.

Bear Republic’s EcoVolt solution, comprised of one headworks unit controlling two anaerobic EcoVolt Reactors, leverages a process called “electromethanogensis.” In this process, electrically-active microbes efficiently treat high-strength wastewater, allowing for discharge to the city in compliance with local standards, and generate a high-quality, renewable biogas. A combined heat and power turbine (CHP) converts the methane into electricity and heat for onsite use, significantly reducing Bear Republic’s reliance on natural gas.

After only four months of operation, the EcoVolt solution is exceeding performance expectations across all design parameters, including treatment rate, contaminant removal, biogas generation, and methane fraction. It currently supports Bear Republic’s annual production of 82,000 barrels per year, treating 100 percent of their wastewater onsite. The solution has continuously demonstrated robust operations in the presence of traditionally difficult-to-treat craft brewery wastewater, and can easily expand to support the brewery’s planned expansion to an annual production of 150,000 barrels per year.

"It has been very exciting to see this system come online,” said Casey Chartier, Sustainability and By-products Coordinator. “Since its installation, it has exceeded our expectations. Thanks to our EcoVolt solution, we are able to treat all of our wastewater onsite. This eliminates the need for trucking and allows us to further invest in the brewery.”

“We are excited about this technology,” added Richard Norgrove Jr., Brewmaster/COO and creator of Bear Republic’s flagship Racer 5 IPA, “and we look forward to seeing it take off in the craft brewing industry.”

Faced with both water supply and wastewater discharge limits, Bear Republic began to explore onsite wastewater treatment solutions to both support their expansion plan and reduce the load on the City of Cloverdale’s overworked treatment infrastructure. The brewery’s desire to maximize sustainability led them to Cambrian Innovation, and they were the first to purchase the EcoVolt Reactor in 2014. Over the next two years, Bear Republic worked in close concert with the City through a comprehensive permitting and evaluation process. The EcoVolt solution was then fully commissioned and immediately ramped-up in early 2016.

“The City of Cloverdale is proud that Bear Republic Brewing Company is an excellent corporate citizen in the community. In implementing the EcoVolt solution from Cambrian Innovation, Bear Republic exhibited their leadership, both in terms of craft brewing practices and, more generally, sustainable business practices,” said Paul Cayler, City Manager.

“It has been an honor to work with the team at Bear Republic,” said Matthew Silver, Founder and CEO of Cambrian Innovation. “We worked hard to get their EcoVolt solution approved and operational, and we are excited for what the solution’s performance results mean for the future of distributed wastewater treatment.”


Karl Strauss - Peanut Butter Cup Porter Returns

From Karl Strauss:

Rejoice, and be glad! Your favorite chocolatey, peanut buttery, seasonal beer release has made its triumphant return.Peanut Butter Cup Porter is back!!

Karl Strauss and San Diego go together like peanut butter and chocolate. That’s why we chose San Diego Beer Week back in 2012 as the perfect place to debut our Peanut Butter Cup Porter. This decadent twist on a robust porter packs rich layers of smooth peanut butter and dark chocolate flavors. Now back by popular demand, San Diego’s original peanut butter beer makes a special appearance every fall. It turns out you really can have your dessert… and drink it too. 

Head down to Karl Strauss and enjoy Peanut Butter Cup Porter while it lasts!


Toccalmatto & Hair Of The Dog Matt 2 Dark Ale

This is Matt2 Dark Ale from Toccalmatto and Hair Of The Dog.  This beer hits 12%-AbV and it will be packaged in Italy in 11.2oz bottles for U.S. import (Shelton Brothers).


The Bruery Black Tuesday Now Available on

imageFrom The Bruery:

The economy fluctuates. The latest fads inevitably decline. Black Tuesday stands the test of time. Our bourbon barrel-aged imperial stout brings a seemingly roaring combination of flavors - vanilla, caramel, dark chocolate and singed oak, to name a few - into a decadent, sophisticated fusion that’s fit to claim its own day of the week. And it only comes around once a year.

First-come, first-served, while supplies last.

20.3% ABV

Limit 3

$29.99 retail value

Purchase Bottles

A note on the online sale.

We will be monitoring the Black Tuesday Public Sale closely. Black Tuesday will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis. Simply adding beer to your cart does not guarantee availability - you must fully check out with a credit card to ensure your order is placed. If the product appears temporarily unavailable, keep checking. Please monitor The Bruery Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts for notices, especially for notification when we are officially soldout.



Otto & Anheuser-Busch Partner to Complete World’s First Commercial Shipment by Self-Driving Truck

imageFrom Anheuser-Busch:

Flagship pilot sees self-driving truck haul fully loaded trailer more than 100 miles on Interstate 25 with support of the state of Colorado

DENVER, CO – (October 25, 2016) – Otto and Anheuser-Busch announced today that the two companies have completed the world’s first commercial shipment by self-driving truck.

With support from the state of Colorado, Otto’s self-driving truck hauled a fully loaded trailer of Budweiser beer more than 120 miles on I-25 from Fort Collins, Colorado through Denver, to Colorado Springs. A professional truck driver was in the vehicle for the entire route, monitoring the delivery from the sleeper berth as the truck completed the route – exit-to-exit – entirely on its own without any driver intervention. The load originated at Anheuser-Busch’s facility in Loveland, Colorado and departed for its journey from the Fort Collins, Colorado weigh station. This milestone marks the first time in history that a self-driving vehicle has shipped commercial cargo, making it a landmark achievement for self-driving technology, the state of Colorado, and the transportation industry.


“The incredible success of this pilot shipment is an example of what is possible when you deploy self-driving technology. It also showcases the importance of collaboration with forward-looking states like Colorado and innovative companies like Anheuser-Busch,” said Otto Co-Founder Lior Ron. “By embracing this technology, both organizations are actively contributing to the creation of a safer and more efficient transportation network. We are excited to have reached this milestone together, and look forward to further rolling out our technology on the nation’s highways.”

Otto and Anheuser-Busch share a vision of enhancing the safety and efficiency of America’s highways. The partners embarked on this effort in response to the significant challenges facing the trucking industry. The shared vision for the self-driving technology is to transform this industry by:

  • Reducing the number of fatalities on our roads. Nearly half of fatalities happen on highways, and 94% of accidents are caused by human error.
  • Enabling fuel-efficient driving and therefore reducing emissions from freight trucks, which are currently responsible for 28% of all road vehicle CO2 emissions.
  • Enhancing truck utilization and providing a sustainable solution for thedriver shortage that continues to put pressure on drivers to work long hours at the risk of safe driving.

“Anheuser-Busch is passionate about innovation and exploring ways to improve the safety, sustainability, and efficiency of the industries our business touches,” said James Sembrot, Sr. Director, Logistics Strategy at Anheuser-Busch. “We admire Otto’s vision that will shape the future of self-driving transportation. As we continue to partner with long-haul carriers to ship our beers, we hope to see this technology widely deployed across our highways to improve safety for all road users and work towards a low-emissions future.”

With this over 120-mile self-driving achievement, Otto, A-B and the State of Colorado are proving that the days of self-driving long-haul trucks are no longer a matter of imagination – they are here now, presenting viable, real-world opportunities that can be fully unlocked in the next few years.

One major opportunity for Otto’s technology is that drivers will be able to rest during long stretches of highway, and perhaps even catch up on sleep. That begs the question of whether the driver is “on-duty” with respect to hours of service laws while they are resting. To ensure the safety of all road users, these laws limit the number of hours truck drivers can work each day. Naturally, this also limits how much money drivers can make. Otto’s self-driving technology has the potential to extend productive hours without forcing drivers to choose between safety and earnings.

“Teaming with Otto to deploy self-driving technology on the roads of Colorado is a monumental step forward in advancing safety solutions that will help Colorado move towards zero deaths on our roads,” said Colorado Department of Transportation Executive Director Shailen Bhatt. “Colorado will continue to focus on working with Otto and others on how to safely deploy this technology on our roads.”


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