Terrapin Tangerine Dreamsicle Collab with Green Flash Brewing Company (Video)

22 April 2014

From Terrapin & Green Flash:

A behind-the-scenes look at yet another Terrapin Collaboration, this time with Green Flash Brewing Company. The beer is called Tangerine Dreamsicle and it will be available starting this summer. Keep up with our Facebook page and Instagram for more updates and collaborations!


3 Floyds Tweaks Dark Lord Recipe With Unicorn Blood

From DNAInfo & 3 Floyds:

This year, Three Floyds' Dark Lord — a Russian imperial stout touted as the "most wanted beer in the world" — was brewed with Unicorn Blood.

  That special new ingredient — a bold, mildly acidic espresso blend with hints of walnut, peanut butter and milk chocolate — is the handiwork of Dark Matter Coffee owner Jesse Diaz, who roasted it in Ukrainian Village specifically with Three Floyds' beer on his mind.


New Belgium Brewing Honored as “Best for the Environment” for Sustainable Initiatives

imageFrom New Belgium:

Ft. Collins, Colo., April 22, 2014 –B Lab has named New Belgium Brewing to its third annual ‘B Corp Best for the Environment’ list for creating a positive environmental impact. The ‘B Corp Best for the Environment’ list honors 84 businesses that earned an environmental impact score in the top 10 percent of all Certified B Corporations on the B Impact Assessment, a rigorous and comprehensive assessment of a company's impact on its workers, community, and the environment. The list honors micro, small, and mid-sized businesses.

New Belgium became a Certified B Corporation in 2013 and just six months ago B Lab also awarded the brewery with the “B Corp Best for the Workers” award, a distinction that honors companies that create the most positive environment for their employees.

“Environmental responsibility has been a core value and belief at New Belgium from day one, and receiving recognition for the work we’ve done in this area is a great honor,” said Bryan Simpson, PR Director for New Belgium Brewing. “Being a Certified B Corporation puts us in tremendous company with others businesses doing extraordinary things. In that sense, we all get to learn from one another.”

The ‘Best for the Environment’ companies come from over 30 different industries such as financial services, consulting, apparel and personal care. Thirty-six percent operate in the service sector, 33 percent in wholesale/retail and 25 percent in manufacturing. A quarter of honorees are based outside the US, with 13 percent of companies operating in emerging markets including Brazil, Colombia and Chile. A full list of honorees can be found at

“It’s great to see so many diverse companies on this year’s ‘Best for the Environment’ list,” says B Lab co founder, Jay Coen Gilbert. “With representatives from 30 different industries, it once again shows that all companies can compete to be the best of the best at creating a positive impact.”

Each honored company is a Certified B Corporation. They use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems and have met rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. Today there are over 990 certified B Corporations, across 60 industries and 32 countries, unified by one common goal: to redefine success in business.

B Lab released the “Best for the World” list (overall impact) in March and will release separate lists recognizing the companies ‘Best for the Community’ (community impact), and ‘Best for Workers’ (employee impact) throughout 2014.


3 Floyds - Blot Out The Sun Imperial Stout

Today we get to see the bottle packaging for 3 Floyds Blot Out The Sun.  This Imperial Stout will be packaged in 22oz bottles…stay tuned for release details.


New Holland - Michigan Awesome Hatter IPA

I’m excited to give you your first peek at the packaging for New Holland Michigan Awesome Hatter IPA.  This all Michigan-Grown IPA uses Centennial hops from the Leelanau Peninsula and Michigan-grown 2-row barley and it will be packaged in 22oz bottles.


Upland Brewing Sour Lottery Begins 4/29

From Upland Brewing:

April 22, 2014- Next week Upland Brewing Company will open an online lottery for the release of three of its sour ales: Persimmon and Peach fruited Lambic-style ales, and Darksynth, an Upland and New Belgium collaboration sour. Bottles will be limited to one bottle per style per winner.

The lottery, at
www.uplandsours.eventbrite.com, will open at noon EDT on Tuesday April 29th and close at noon May 7th. Either the Brew Pub in Bloomington or the Indianapolis Tasting Room in Broad Ripple must be specified as the preferred pick-up location at the time of entry, and pickup locations cannot be changed after a reservation request has been made.

Lottery winners will be randomly drawn and notified via email on May 9th, and can purchase the sour ale(s) they selected at their preferred pickup location from May 14th through May 28th. People who wish to attend Sour Fest May 17th and pick up their bottle(s) in one trip should choose Indianapolis as their pickup location and plan to pick up at the Indianapolis Tasting Room. People who wish to take a sour brewery tour, offered May 24th at 3 and 4pm, and May 25th at 3, 4, 5, and6pm, should choose Bloomington as their pickup location. Reservations will be required for tours and can be made by emailing
Bottles may be picked up at the Bloomington Brew Pub 11am-midnight Monday through Thursday,11am-1am Friday and Saturday, and noon to midnight Sunday, or at the Indianapolis Tasting Room4pm-10pm Monday through Thursday and noon to midnight Friday and Saturday. Please note the Indianapolis Tasting Room cannot sell carryout on Sunday, in accordance with Indiana state law. Each bottle will cost $25 plus applicable sales tax.


New Belgium / Upland Brewing Lightsynth and Darksynth Coming 4/25

imageWe brought you news of Lightsynth and Darksynth and now the official release details from New Belgium & Upland Brewing:

April 21, 2014- Today Upland Brewing Company and New Belgium Brewing Company announced their two collaboration sour ales, Lightsynth and Darksynth, will be released in May. These beers are the first in a brand new sour collaboration series from Upland Brewing Company and will be commemorated with a full month of festivities! Lightsynth bottle purchases will be reserved for Secret Barrel Society Members, however samples will be served at several release events.

On April 25th Upland & New Belgium will team up at The Heorot in Muncie to feature several beers from each brewery, along with samples of Darksynth and Lightsynth. The first customers to arrive will have an opportunity to purchase a bottle of Darksynth before the limited amount is sold.

May 1st, the Listing Loon Craft Beer & Wine Shop in Cincinnati will have both of these beers to sample and a very limited amount of Darksynth for sale via raffle. Attendees can also enjoy several Upland and New Belgium beers on draft, and proceeds from the raffle and beer sales will benefit the Dragonfly Foundation, an organization that provides care to children and young adults enduring cancer and bone marrow transplants.

Upland will be back in Muncie May 2nd with friends at The Fickle Peach for a tap takeover and Lightsynth and Darksynth tasting. Upland will be bringing plenty of beer, including a freshly hopped pin and some beers from the brewers' choice Side Trail Series.
The Party Source in Bellevue, Kentucky will be serving samples of both Lightsynth and Darksynth on May 10th. People who show up early will have a chance to buy one of the very few bottles of Darksynth that will be for sale, and Upland beer will be available on draft all night.

Chicago residents will have two opportunities to sample Darksynth and Lightsynth. On May 1st, the brew crew will be at Whole Foods in Lincoln Park conducting a tap takeover and beer pairing dinner with samples of both beers. To celebrate Chicago Craft Beer Week, stop by the Beer Bistro on Madison on May 16th to sample these beers and get pints of Upland Berliner Weiss and the latest from New Belgium's Lips of Faith series.

Samples of both beers will be available in Indianapolis at Tomlinson Taproom on May 15th and at Mass Ave. Pub on May 16th, leading up to the third annual Sour + Wild + Funk Fest presented by Upland Brewing Company on May 17th. This festival at the Indianapolis City Market celebrates the sour ale category of beers and will feature Lambic, Flanders, Farmhouse, and Saison style ales from over 25 breweries. Tickets for the festival can be purchased at

Darksynth won a bronze medal in the Wild Ale category at the Festival of Barrel Aged Beer in Chicago last November and will be an option in the next public sour lottery, open from noon April 29th to noon May 7th, at


Worthy Brewing - The Contender Triple IPA

From Worthy Brewing:

In this corner…
Every craft worth it’s salt has it’s heavyweight.  You know, a Big Sledge Hammer of a beer. A beer as thick, heavy and god awful powerful as Mike Tyson. A beer you don’t mess with. One you respect. Maybe even fear. A burly brew you certainly don’t poke in the eye.

Weighing in at over 100 IBU, packing a 10.1 ABV wallop, with Plato numbers off the charts…

Let’s face it: sometimes balance is not the thing. Sometimes you want extreme imbalance. You want to get punched in the face, wobbled a tad, just to know you can take it.  Look, you beard a lion you know you’re gonna get scratched, maybe even eviscerated, but you gotta try, just to know you’re alive. And maybe a bit mad. 
…Packed with so much malt the mash tun runneth over.  Dry hopped 3 times, squeezing the juice out of 8 firebrand hops, including Amarillo, Citra, Chinook, Cascade, CTZ, Simcoe, Cascade, Centennial and Nugget…

Big may not be better but sometimes you want it loud, like “We Don't Get Fooled Again” at full throttle. Or absurdly heavy, like a 2 door, 1971 Cadillac Eldorado.  Or wickedly powerful, like 190 proof Everclear on an empty stomach. Or just gluttonously huge, like that 72 oz Big Tex Steak down there in Lubbock.

….Tipping the scales at about 5 pounds of hops per barrel,…
Lets face it. Hop Bombs may not be the rage in the Pacific Northwest like they are down in San Diego, but  we Oregonians don’t back down simply because it may blow up.  We understand the rite of passage, the therapy of pushing the envelope, of flirting with foolishness. Go ahead, we say, hit me with your best shot.

Cooked up by Chad Kennedy, the Bard of Balance, normally a stick and move middleweight, fleet of foot, a lean and mean endurance guy who prefers to go the distance… The Bard trained hard for this, on red meat, potatoes and rotgut. Punched the sand-filled heavy bag off its supports.  Decapitated a small army of sparring partners.  Studied loops of Raging Bull, Rocky, Cinderella Man, and Along the Waterfront.  Repeats up the brewhouse stairs hoisting 200 lb sacks of malt. Tossed around 50 L kegs like popcorn.  Fired the medicine ball from a cannon into his belly without wincing. Stuck his arm in a jar of black widow spiders and rattlesnakes to vaccinate against the pain…

Can Worthy compete with The Heavyweights? Worthy likes to take balance to the extreme. Can we follow Blake’s infamous “road of excess to the place of wisdom?” We know what’s enough, yes yes. Can we toy with more than enough? Trespass into the danger zone? And yet: for all that brute bigness, the question taunts us: is it conceivable that even for a Big Muthuh of a Knockout Triple IPA, can Worthy deliver a knockout punch with a sliver of poise, panache and, wait for it… balance?

Ladies and Gentlemen, we introduce the challenger: The Condender!  Wait… What’s he doing? He’s fiddling with those big pillowy gloves. Is he? He looks like he’s… yes.. he’s .. taking them off! The Contender is removing his gloves. He’s showing his knuckles, taunting the Heavyweight Champion.  Folks, looks like we’ve got an old fashioned cage match…

Who will win? You decide. We’ve got a scant but dense six barrels. Prepared to be floored with over the top, freshly plucked, apricot fruit flavor. On tap Thursday. Step in the ring with … The Contender … if you dare.


Dogfish Head - Beer & Benevolence: Protecting Our Most Precious Ingredient

imageFrom Dogfish Head:

Here at Dogfish head, we’re known for brewing with nontraditional ingredients like figs, pears, brown sugar and grapes. Since we opened in 1995, we’ve mined the entire culinary landscape to come up with our off-centered ales, but there’s one ingredient that anchors everything we do: water.

As much as brewers obsess about their hops, grains and yeast, we use more water than all three of those combined. For every barrel of beer we brew, we have to pull 4.5 barrels out of our well. The math is easy: no water = no beer. That’s why we try to do everything we can to protect this precious resource.

“Like a lot of other small, independent businesses, craft brewers take stewardship and sustainability very seriously,” says Mark Carter, Dogfish Head’s Beer & Benevolence guru. “Brewing is so water-intensive that it makes sense for us to focus a lot of our effort on water.”

Here are a few ways we make the most of our most precious resource:

  • IRRIGATION: For starters, we don’t just let our wastewater go down the drain. It’s all recaptured and sent to local farms. At the farms, the water is used in spray irrigation, where it soaks into the soil and recharges groundwater.
  • RAIN BARRELS: Instead of trashing the dozens and dozens of giant plastic ingredient barrels we go through, we donate them to organizations like the Center for the Inland Bays and the Delaware Department of Natural Resources to make rain barrels. A house that sees an inch of rain in 24 hours can produce more than 700 gallons of runoff, and rain barrels help collect and store that water. It can be used to water lawns, wash cars and clean gardening tools. Meanwhile, water bills are lowered and streams and rivers are protected from litter, fertilizer, pet waste and motor oil. 
  • NATIVE PLANTS: On April 12, about two dozen Dogfish co-workers and their friends partnered with the Delaware chapter of The Nature Conservancy to plant 500 shortleaf pine trees at the nearby Ponders Tract. The Ponders tract was once used by a lumber company for loblolly pine timber production. Now, The Nature Conservancy is transforming the loblolly plantation into a native coastal forest of oak, hickory, tulip poplar, sassafras, red maple and other hardwoods. The native trees dramatically cut stormwater runoff, prevent evaporation, encourage soil stabilization and help clean water before it makes it to local streams and rivers.

Yup, these efforts make us feel good inside, but in a not-so-roundabout way, they should make you feel good inside, too. Remember: no water = no beer.

"Beer is 90 percent water, and we can't avoid a certain amount of waste," says Carter. "But instead of looking away and plowing forward, we're thoughtful about how we handle it and strive to become a ripple in the pond of re-use and education."

So, let's raise a glass to Earth Day, and keep the spirit alive year-round!

barrelsThese drums, which originally held ingredients for our off-centered ales, will soon be used to capture rainwater.

- See more at: http://www.dogfish.com/community/blogfish/members/justin-williams/beer-benevolence-protecting-our-most-precious-ingredient.htm#sthash.A7Phck8Z.dpuf


Shipyard Brewing Releases New IPA Variety 12-Pack

From Shipyard Brewing:

PORTLAND, ME – (April 22, 2014)Shipyard Brewing Company has released a collection of its award-winning India Pale Ales. This year-round twelve pack features four distinct IPAs: Fuggles IPA, Monkey Fist IPA, Black IPA and XXXX IPA.

“The Shipyard Variety IPA 12-pack is the most diverse variety pack of IPA in the market today,” said VP of sales and Marketing, Bruce Forsley.

Learn more about Shipyard’s Variety IPA 12-pack at this link:  http://ow.ly/w05xb

More about the beers:

Shipyard Fuggles IPA is a single-hopped ale that satisfies the most discriminating India Pale Ale enthusiast. Wonderfully balanced and deceptively smooth, its complex aromas predominate in a dry, crisp ale. 5.8% ABV

Awards: Los Angeles County Fair: Gold (2007, 2006), Bronze (2004)

Shipyard Monkey Fist IPA is edgy, aggressive and unique in style. This beer is brilliant copper in color and exploding with Warrior, Glacier, and Cascade Hop character but able to maintain a beautiful balance. 6.9% ABV

Awards: Atlantic City Beer and Music Festival: 3rd Place (2014)

Shipyard Black IPA is a dark black beer that combines a rich malty character with the crisp flavor and aroma of American Northwest hops. 6.2% ABV

Shipyard XXXX IPA is a non-traditional American IPA with a brilliant copper color and the classic citrus nose of Cascade Hops. This beer demonstrates a unique balance of malt-inspired, delicate red grapefruit sweetness and lingering hop dryness. 9.25% ABV

Awards: West Coast Brewers Festival: 1st Place (2011) | Australian International Beer Awards: Silver (2012), Bronze (2010) | Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival: Silver (2009)

The suggested retail price is $16.99.


Sea Dog Sunfish Available Now In Bottles

From Sea Dog:

PORTLAND, ME – (April 22, 2014) – Sea Dog Brewing Company’s customer favorite, Sea Dog Sunfish, is now available nationwide in bottles and on draft. Until now, this refreshing session beer has only been available at Sea Dog and Shipyard Brewing Company brew pubs in Maine and Florida.

First developed by head brewer Mike Haley at Federal Jack’s in Kennebunk, Maine, this customer favorite has joined the year-round wheat beer lineup of Sea Dog’s popular raspberry, apricot, and blueberry beers.

Sea Dog Sunfish is a delicate wheat beer with hints of peach and grapefruit.

“At 4.6% alcohol, this is a refreshing session beer that can be enjoyed all year long,” said Sea Dog’s VP of Sales and Marketing, Bruce Forsley. “The name Sunfish represents refreshment, outdoor enjoyment, activity, and fun.”

Learn more about Sea Dog Sunfish at this link:  http://ow.ly/vZZ2a

More about Sea Dog Sunfish:

Malt: 2-Row British Pale Ale, Light Munich, Malted Wheat

Hops: Hallertau, Willamette

Yeast:  Top-Fermenting English

Color:  Dark Straw

OG:  1.048

ABV:  4.6%

IBUs:  10

Availability:  Year Round

Available: 12oz Bottles, 22oz Bottles, Kegs

The suggested retail price is $8.99 for 6-packs and $16.99 for 12-packs.



Sockeye Brewing and SWIMBA, Celebrating the “TRAIL DIGGER”

imageFrom Sockeye Brewing:

Boise, ID-April 22, 2014. In Idaho, there are thousands of miles of trails to ride and hike, both in metropolitan areas like Boise and Coeur d’Alene as well as the millions of acres of public lands that offer recreation at every level. Many residents of the state have chosen to live here because of this atmosphere and the opportunities and enrichment that come along with a mountain west lifestyle. Nestled between the Rocky Mountains, the Pacific Northwest and the Snake River Plains, Idaho has much to offer the outdoor enthusiast. Among the activities many Idahoans enjoy, biking is one of the region’s favorite pastimes. But unless you plan to ride the mountain byways like Boise’s Kristin Armstrong, or travel to the steeper slopes of the groomed Nordic and downhill runs around Sun Valley, Brundage Mountain or Bogus Basin Recreation Area, there is a labyrinth of mountain bike trails in the free and peaceful open spaces, all within a minute’s reach of the city and suburbs. The access is effortless and the ride arguably among the best of workouts for a health-minded community, but the trails must be maintained and managed to keep landowners and riders amicable. Luckily for mountain bikers, there are a sturdy few volunteers who do.

In Boise, one volunteer-based group has quite literally blazed the trails for enjoying the view, a healthy living, and a more educated biking population. Southwest Idaho Mountain Biking Association, or SWIMBA, has been at it for twenty-two years in Boise and its outlying areas. This group gets together and maintains the numerous trails surrounding the city slickers of the area who find balance in working hard, and making time to breathe in the fresh surroundings. Over the years, they have grown from a small group of like-minded trail riders, to a full force in the mountain biking community, educating the public on how to care for and maintain their cycles, the trails they ride on, and the open spaces that hook them all in to the beauty of the area. And although many of the group’s volunteers have been riding the trails themselves for much longer than SWIMBA has been around, they are all in it for the love of cycling. They hold workshops and clinics for people of all ages, educating them on riding responsibly. They are long-time believers that cutting a trail through the land unwittingly doesn’t create the relationship that fosters a solid future of riding the wind for anyone. In fact, they work to create the opposite effect, having proven that trails we build together through sharing common goals, autonomy, and responsibility empower the trust between land owners and riders alike. The sense of ownership and accomplishment SWIMBA volunteers and riders feel when they cut a trail for everyone to enjoy is immeasurable. Building together has advanced the progress for the betterment of the community as a whole and allowed everyone access to the beauty of healthy living and a physical connection to the Boise Foothills and Owyhee mountain range that are the backdrop for the area. Through their Trail Stewardship program, SWIMBA connects private land owners and land managers to dedicated volunteers who are creating a trail destiny and are motivating the people around them in the process.

This spring and summer, SWIMBA has effortlessly motivated Sockeye Brewing once again to create another run of its special “Trail Digger” Session Pale Ale to help raise funding for their many programs. Last summer, the two merged into a partnership with the goal of funding their Dig Deep Capital Campaign Fund to aid in the purchase of the Single Track 240, a specific trail building machine. With the help of $1 pint donations from Sockeye Brewing, contributions from other local craft beer retail supporters and sources like New Belgium Brewing and Boise’s Tour de Fat, the campaign was a big success. The session style pale ale was a refreshing hit for fans, and it helped SWIMBA reach their goal of purchasing the machine. SWIMBA members voted to name the beer “Trail Digger” in simultaneous honor of the hard-working volunteers and the machine they bought for use by the dedicated group. Now SWIMBA can continue its mission of creating even more miles of recreational riding experiences for generations to enjoy, and in a city that’s seen immense growth with no sign of slowing. That’s responsible leadership everyone admires. This year during Boise Bike Week (which coincides with American Craft Beer Week), Sockeye Brewing will release a new batch of “Trail Digger” with SWIMBA at Sockeye Grill and Brewery, 3019 Cole Road in Boise at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday May 15th. There will be an official ribbon cutting ceremony in front of the pub with their ST-240 at 7 p.m., and if you want to visit with the group before then, SWIMBA will be out cutting new tracks for Avimor on McCleod Way, Sunday April 27th at 10:00 a.m. Representatives from SWIMBA are also offering kegs of brew to local craft beer accounts, many who have also set special tapping event dates for the “Trail Digger” throughout the summer season in support of the partnership.


Uinta Brewing Crooked Line - Cahoots Returns

imageThis morning we get a look at the 2014 packaging for Unita Crooked Line Series Cahoots.  This Saison is brewed with grapefruit peel, orange peel, coriander and seeds of paradise, and it will remain at 6% ABV and in 750ml bottles.  This beer is co-brewed with home brewer Tom Shivers.


Samuel Adams - Summer Ale 2014

Today we get to see the 2014 packaging for Samuel Adams Summer Ale.  This Wheat Ale brewed with lemon peel and grains of paradise will remain at 5.3% ABV and this is the 12oz bottle packaging.


Craft Brew Alliances Releases 2013 Sustainability Highlights & Celebrates Earth Day With Water Restoration Pledge

imageFrom Craft Brew Alliance:

Portland, Ore. (April 22, 2014)Craft Brew Alliance (CBA) (NASDAQ: BREW), an independent craft brewing company, today announced the release of its 2013 Sustainability Report. Sustainability in its brewing practices and operations has been a priority for the company from the beginning; however, this is the first year it released an annual summary report of its core objectives and achievements. CBA’s 2013 Sustainability Report provides an update on the company’s sustainability priorities, programs and community and national partnerships, and includes an infographic showcasing some of the biggest accomplishments achieved across the company’s breweries nationwide.

“Being in the brewing industry, where water is one of the key ingredients in the beers we brew, we have a direct line of sight to the impact we can make – on our local community and environment — through our sustainability efforts,” said Scott Mennen, Vice President of Brewery Operations for CBA. “Brewing great-tasting, high-quality beers is our primary objective, and one of the things we are most proud of is brewing those beers in a way that is sustainable and makes a positive impact on our communities and the environment; this is our responsibility. This report reflects our commitment to continually finding ways to improve our environmental stewardship while creating world-class craft beers for consumers.”

2013 CBA Sustainability Report Highlights

  • All CBA breweries are committed to recycling and waste diversion programs; in 2013 our Portland brewery, which is our largest, achieved a significant 99.4% landfill diversion rate, primarily as a result of the more than 30 tons of brewers’ spent grain delivered to local dairy farms.
  • Across CBA, we rigorously track several Key Performance Indicators around reducing our carbon footprint. In 2013, we reduced the amount of natural gas therms used to produce a barrel of beer by 6.3%, putting our overall therms per barrel at an industry-leading 1.67.
  • Our Portsmouth brewery implemented an innovative water reclamation system that allows us to get more mileage out of the water used for rinsing and equipment cooling.
  • Our brewery in Kona, Hawaii offsets 50% of its electricity needs through a rooftop photovoltaic solar panel system.
  • Through its partnership with Washington’s Department of Ecology TREEs (Technical Resources in Energy Efficiency), our Woodinville brewery identified and repaired more than 30 compressed air leaks, for $20,000 in electricity savings.
  • Our water usage per gallon of beer is now 4.73 gallons, with our Portland brewery using only 4.07 gallons per gallon of beer brewed.
  • All five of CBA’s pubs are certified by the Green Restaurant Association.

To read the full 2013 Sustainability Report, please click here.

2014 CBA Earth Day Initiative

As part of its Earth Day 2014 efforts, CBA is participating in a company-wide water conservation pledge with its partner Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF), a non-profit organization that supports environmentally preferred energy and watershed projects. For every CBA employee pledge, BEF will restore 1,000 gallons of water to depleted rivers. Since 2009, CBA has supported 9 million gallons of water restoration credits with BEF.


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