Deschutes Adding 57,593 Sq. Ft. Of Warehouse Space

27 May 2015

From Deschutes:

Deschutes Brewery is breaking ground on 57,593 square feet of new warehouse space adjacent to its current warehouse at its production facility in Bend, Oregon. While the current warehouse has remained the same size since 2004, the brewery has greatly increased its production capacity with the recent addition of new fermentation vessels and a new bottling line. Simply stated: it was time!

The new building will include 5,000 square feet of additional cooler space for kegs and room to store most of the brewery's 3000 oak barrels used to age its reserve series beers, which, due to space limitations, have been housed off site.

Several advanced sustainability features have been designed into the building, including solar-readiness, high efficiency HVAC, insulation, lighting and more.

In terms of timing, the shell will be up by the end of the year, and the project will be complete by spring of 2016.


Anchor Brewing Boasts New Steam Packaging and Launches "Drink Steam"

From Anchor: From Anchor:

Anchor Brewing Celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the American Craft Beer Revolution by Launching “Drink Steam” Multi-platform initiative includes print, out-of-home and digital advertising, social media, events and a package evolution
San Francisco, CA (May 26, 2015) – Anchor Brewing Company announces its “Drink Steam” initiative, which introduces a package evolution and kicks off in San Francisco with events, print, digital and out-of-home showcasing curated photography and storytelling focused on craftsmanship and culture.  “Drink Steam” is an invitation to try America’s First Craft Beer. The campaign launches as the brewery and its fans celebrate the 50th anniversary of the American Craft Brewing Revolution, led by legendary owner Fritz Maytag who purchased Anchor Brewing Company on August 2, 1965 and changed the industry forever.

“50 years ago, Fritz changed an entire industry built on mass production by holding steadfast to traditional brewing techniques and a commitment to quality.  We wanted to celebrate the birth of the Craft Brewing Revolution, Fritz’ legacy, and introduce a whole new generation of beer lovers to Anchor Steam Beer,” said current Anchor Brewing CEO and President Keith Greggor. “You can drink an entire history of craft beer in our Taproom. Before the terms, ‘craft brewing’ and ‘micro-brewing’ had even been coined, Anchor had already brewed the first modern American Porter, IPA, Barleywine, and Wheat Beer.  It all started with Anchor Steam Beer though. The foundation of the brewery is built on Anchor Steam; it represents the past, present and future of craft beer.”

In 1965, during a meal at the Old Spaghetti Factory in San Francisco, a young Stanford graduate named Fritz Maytag, of the Maytag appliance family, learned that the makers of his favorite beer, Anchor Steam Beer, were soon to close their doors forever. On August 2, 1965, Maytag rushed to buy 51% of the struggling San Francisco craft brewery for just a few thousand dollars, rescuing Anchor from imminent bankruptcy. At only 27 years old, Maytag, alongside a team of dedicated brewers, revived Anchor Brewing by employing traditional brewing methods and enforcing strict sanitization methods, raising the quality of the beer.  The small, but powerful team perfected Anchor Steam and soon began bottling the flagship brew in 1971 before introducing other iconic Anchor beers like Anchor Porter®, Liberty Ale®, Old Foghorn® Barleywine Style Ale, and Christmas Ale.  Although the industry now known as craft beer had not yet formed, Anchor Brewing was creating quality, handcrafted beer in a time when mass-produced lagers saturated the marketplace. Fritz inspired other small-scale breweries to do the same, ultimately leading the way for the American Craft Brewing Revolution, which all began with a fateful purchase 50 years ago.

To celebrate this milestone, starting in May, Anchor Steam Beer will boast new packaging depicting a hand-illustrated label by long-time Anchor artist Jim Stitt.  Artist Bill Hyde first illustrated the original Anchor label in collaboration with Fritz Maytag.  From Anchor Porter to Christmas Ale over the past few decades to Anchor California Lager and Anchor IPA in more recent years, Stitt has created scores of now-iconic Anchor labels.  This year, Stitt was given the opportunity to refresh the Anchor Steam artwork by employing vibrant watercolors and detailed illustrations that honor and uphold the classic Anchor Steam label from 1971.  Along with the enhanced bottle and neck labels, Anchor Steam bottles will also include fun facts about Anchor’s rich history on the underside of each cap.

The new Anchor Steam packaging arrives on shelves in time for the launch of Drink Steam.”  Anchor will team up with several Bay Area partners, including SF Weekly and Urban Daddy, to launch their social, digital, print, and out-of-home initiatives.  “Drink Steam” will tell the story of Anchor’s evolution through curated photography that celebrates craftsmanship and culture culminating with an invitation to try America’s First Craft Beer.

Throughout 2015, Bay Area beer drinkers will be encouraged to “Raise Your Anchor” during Anchor Brewing’s “Drink Steam With –” event series; an intimate, one-night-only experience. “Drink Steam With –” will feature local makers, like Anchor, who use radically traditional techniques to craft photography, art, food, clothing and more!

Anchor Steam Beer is available nationwide, year-round in 6-packs, 12-packs and on draught at select bars and restaurants as well as at the Anchor Brewing Taproom in San Francisco. Find a brew near you using the Anchor Beer Finder.

Learn more about this historic brew by watching the Anchor Steam® Beer Video.


Odell Roots Release - Rawah Rye IPA Coming To Bottles

Here’s your very first look at a new beer coming from Odell.  This brew is part of their Roots Release series and it will named Rawah Rye IPA.  Named for the Rawah (“wild place”) wilderness of Colorado, this beer will be packaged in 12oz bottles.  Look for Rawah to hit 6.8%-AbV and stay tuned for release details.


Victory - V-Twelve (V-12) Returns for 2015

Today you get to see the new bottle packaging as Victory V-Twelve (V-12) returns for 2015.  This Belgian-style Quad will continue to use whole flower Styrian Goldings and German Tettnang hops and it will be packaged in 750ml bottles.  Look for V-Twelve to  come in at 12%-AbV and stay tuned for 2015 release details.


Green Flash Single Hop - Styrian Golding, Pacific Gem & Crosby Farms Crystal Bottles

I’m excite to be the first to show you  several new single hop beers coming for bottles from Green Flash.  These are the first of many to come and today we have Green Flash single hop Styrian Golding, Pacific Gem and Crosby Farms Crystal.  All three beers use 100% of the hop listed, they all are packaged in 12oz bottles and all of these beer will come in at 5.5%-AbV and 40 IBU.  Stay tuned for release details.


Victory Updates Festbier Packaging For 2015

This morning you get to see the 2015 packaging for Victory Brewing’s classic fall release, Festbier.  This Oktoberfest Amber Lager will remain at 5.6%-AbV and in 12oz bottles, but this is the new 2015 packaging.


Hoppin' Frog - Killa Vanilla Extraordinary IPA

Here’s a new brew coming from Hoppin’ Frog.  This is Killa Vanilla Extraordinary IPA and it is brewed with whole vanilla beans.  Look for this beer to be packaged in 22oz bottles and the beer will hit 7.5%-AbV and 55 IBU.  Stay tuned for release details.


Yuengling To Release NEW Hoppy Seasonal IPL

Here’s a peek at one of the picsYuengling has been teasing all week.  Stay tuned for the full details, but it looks like Yuengling will soon be releasing a new hoppy beer.  This beer will use Belma, Bravo, Cascade and Citra hops from Washington state and it will come in at 5%-AbV and 60 IBU.  Stay tuned for more info coming soon, but smart money is on a new seasonal IPL.
Here's a peek at one of the bottle pics being floated unofficially.


Long Island City Beer Project & Randolph Beer Releasing Ardent Cove & Silent Vixen 5/28

From Long Island City Beer Project & Randolph Beer:

Like food? Like beer? You are in luck! Randolph Beer, an American gastropub, is teaming up with Long Island City Beer Project, a brand new brewery opening this June, to launch their beer.  Join the dream teams this Thursday, May 28th at 7:00pm at Randolph Beer for the official launch! 
The chefs of Randolph Beer have been hard at work to create two special dishes for a beer pairing that is sure to knock your pants off. Start off with Mussels á la Biére that will pair perfectly with the Ardent Core, a Belgian Saison ale brewed with spices. Settle into the main event with Barley Crusted Pork Loin paired with the Silent Vixen, a French Country ale.   Soak in the laidback vibes in this authentic New York neighborhood destination while sippin’ on one…two… or eight cold ones. You gotta’ be a part of this legendary event when LIC Beer Project has it first pours outside Queens.


Red Hare / H&F Burger - National Common 16oz Cans

Here’s and exciting new can coming from Red Hare Brewing.  This is National Common and it is Red Hare’s take on the California Common style beer.  National Common is a co-brew with H&F Burger and it will be packaged in 16oz cans.  Stay tuned for AbV and release details.


Genesee Releases New Packaging Desings In a Big Way

We brought you a peek at this packaging already, but now the official details from Genesee:

Genesee Brewery recently revealed a new packaging design for its family of products. A return to the original name of Genesee Light, along with graphic changes onGenesee Beer, Genesee Cream Ale and Genesee Ice, take cues from Genesee’s heritage while connecting with today’s consumer. People can expect to see the new packaging on shelves this month in grocery, drug and convenience stores across the Northeast.

The new packaging includes a complete overhaul of Genny Light which will revert back to its original name ofGenesee Light that dates back to 1978. Other changes will roll out to Genesee Beer, Genesee Cream Ale and Genesee Ice packaging, including graphic updates, the addition of a wheat stalk, and the designation as New York state’s oldest brewery.

“The packaging has changed but the beer is the same great quality beer that generations of people have enjoyed,” said Mike Mueller, brewmaster at Genesee. “There is real love for the simplicity and values that Genesee stands for. People all over the Northeast come together over Genesee Beer and we love it.”

The 137-year-old Genesee Brewery revealed its new packaging with a dramatic unveiling of three-story-high “beer cans” outside of the brewery. The “cans” are actually beer storage tanks wrapped to mirror Genesee Light,Genesee Beer and Genesee Cream Ale cans.

About 7,425 square-feet of cloth was used to cover the cans which hold the equivalent of 35,862,784 ounces of beer. The cloth dropped in theatrical style in front of an enthusiastic audience. Passionate Genesee fan and well-known musician, Tommy Brunett surprised the crowd of employees and alumni watching with a live performance of “I Like Beer,” Genesee’s unofficial theme song, as the curtains came down.

The beer cans have become somewhat of a landmark in Rochester, NY since they were first wrapped in 2010. The cans have attracted tourists, local beer enthusiasts, marriage proposals and plenty of photographs.


Stevens Point Harvest Craft Creations - Blood Orange Amber

Here we have what appears to be the first release in a new series of beers coming from Steven’s Point.  This Limited Edition beer is part of the Harvest Craft Creations Series and it is called Blood Orange Amber.  Look for this beer to be packaged in 12oz bottles and stay tuned for release info.


Free Will / Hof Ten Dormall Philly Beer Week - Leuven On a Prayer Damaged

From our buddy Joe Sixpack:

It looks like Philly Beer Week’s annual Belgian collaboration is a bust. Word is that 99 percent of it was damaged during transit. A couple kegs survived, but it’s likely undrinkable.
But with no electrical power or roof, the fermentation vessels were exposed to the elements and the beer apparently turned bad. When the shipment arrived in New York, nearly all of the bottles had been destroyed.


Laughing Dog Pure Bred Citra & Rocketdog 12oz Cans

Today you get to see not one but two new cans coming from Laughing Dog Brewing Co in Ponderay, ID.  Up first we have the first release in the Pure Bred single hop series.  This American Pale Ale will use Citra hops and the beer will come in at 6.2%-AbV.  We also have Rocketdog Rye IPA and this IPA will come in at 6.9%-AbV.  These are both 12oz cans.


Night Shift - Pearl, Hogarth & Maracuya Coming This Week

From Night Shift:

We have a few awesome releases lined up as our event-packed ACBF weekend approaches, including a limited release gin-barrel-aged sour ale named Pearl, and our passionfruit ale, Maracuya. We're also opening the Taproom early (10am) this Saturday and Sunday, with a specialSunday brunch in the works!

Thursday: Pearl Release

Many moons ago, we got our hands on some Grand Ten gin barrels. We filled them with a selection of well-suited beers (including a certain oyster gose of ours) and let them age. This Thursday at noon, we debut Pearl, a sour ale blend that is at once herbal, briny, acidic and spicy, sipping with layered notes of ginger, juniper, and lemongrass. 500 bottles total, $20/bottle, no limit. 

Thursday: Barrel Society Release #2 - Hogarth
For 2015 Barrel Society members, we have a second barrel-aged beer release this Thursday - Hogarth, a strong ale aged in apple brandy and bourbon barrels. It pours burnt orange with a strong caramel backbone, a pleasant rye spice, and an intricate symphony of molasses, toffee, and dark fruit flavors. Hogarth bottles will be available by3pm on Thursday afternoon for members and trustees (will also be on the Barrel Society draft line).

Friday: Maracuya Release
A week later than planned, but it's finally ready! Our latest warm-weather seasonal, Maracuya is a bright, tart ale fermented with passionfruit! It smells like a rainforest, sips with tons of fruity, citrus flavors, and has a pleasant, wheaty finish. We'll have bottles, drafts, and growlers ready this Friday!


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