Lagunitas Announces New Partnerships, Taprooms & Community Rooms

29 June 2016

imageFrom Lagunitas:

The Lagunitas Brewing Company of Petaluma CA is excited to announce that we are expanding the way we participate in some of the great communities that have helped us learn and grow as brewers. We believe that beer is the original social media and we know that the best way to connect with beer lovers is face to face, over a beer.

Today we are announcing a set of intense local alliances with very special local brewers whose work we admire and are proud to partner with. They are four completely different partnering situations and in concert we will learn from one another and help build our breweries together culturally and geographically.

We don’t live in a world of either/or, our world is both/and. Drawing from the best of the best to find new possibilities is the most thrilling way forward.

The why and how differs from one cultural region to another but the intention remains the same: Connect with, learn from and support our communities. “We expect to be surprised by the things that we encounter as we grow these relationships. This will be a big learning experience for us” says Tony Magee; Founder of Lagunitas.

Here are the four distinct initiatives that we’re proud to be fostering:

A Non-Profit Fund Raising Community Room #1 (NE Portland, OR)
On August 1st, Lagunitas will open the doors to our first Community Room, dedicated 100% to supporting non-profits with their fundraising efforts. The beer and the space will be completely donated to any bona fide Non-Profit organization so that they can focus on raising the funds they need to carry out their respective missions. A Lagunitas team and live music will be on-hand to ensure turnkey execution of the event and most importantly that all of their guests have a great time!

A 2nd Non-Profit Fund Raising Community Room (San Diego, CA)
Our 2nd Community Room will open January 2017. This space will also be made available exclusively to Non-Profit groups for fund raising.

A Lagunitas Taproom & Beer Sanctuary (Historic District Charleston, SC)Lagunitas is under contract with the beautiful Southend Brewery and Smokehouse of Charleston, SC to convert the long time brewpub to a new Lagunitas Taproom and Beer Sanctuary in the heart of Old Charleston on famous East Bay Street. This turn-of-the-century landmark will be a cornerstone location for Lagunitas in the Southeast, offering small batch beers that are exclusive to the Charleston Taproom and brewed in the existing 10-barrel brewhouse. The Taproom also offers two different floors of event space which we will make available to local non-profits for their fundraising efforts.  A Grand Opening party and more information to come in the near future.

Moonlight Brewing Company (Santa Rosa, CA)
We’re thrilled to be entering into a joint venture with Moonlight Brewing Company. We will work alongside Brian and his people to expand the reach of a genuine national treasure. Moonlight opened in 1992, (the year before Lagunitas) at a time when the term “craft” didn’t even exist. Over the years, we’ve long enjoyed a great friendship with brewer/owner Brian Hunt and have huge respect for is people, the beers he brews and the reputation he has created. We’re looking forward to learning together and having a blast doing it.

Independence Brewing Company (Austin, TX)
Lagunitas will combine resources with the great Independence Brewing of Austin TX to help them grow their brewing capacity and do more of what it is that they already do so well. Independence Brewing founders Amy and Rob Cartwright, along with their great people, will continue to lead their company and will help us deepen our own connection to Austin and the Lone Star State. We’re looking forward to learning from each other and sharing our local connections.

This new thing for us represents our way forward into the brave new world of the brave new world of beer’s brave new world. I say brave thrice because it is exactly that; We don’t know exactly how this will unfold over time or what unforeseen paths forward it will reveal.

These new relationships will be learning experiences for all four of us. We all know that we love beer, we all know that we love brewing and the community that gathers around its fire. We all know that we all want to grow and make new connections. We know we all want to be productive and learn. We know we all want to earn a living and make a home for our employees who’ve put their chips down on the table alongside our own.

As we all learn and begin to grow together in this new paradigm I believe that we will find more partners in other parts of the country that we can also share with and cultivate regional relationships through. If we can get this first step right then it is just the beginning for all of us.

Lagunitas is the lead in the relationship because we gained adequate scale to be able to borrow the money it will take to be the lead and to help, but scale is not insight and money is not creativity. Insight and creativity are everything. They are the cornerstones of small brewing. That is the space where our four teams of brewers and marketers and managers are all standing eye to eye, playing together to try to make magic happen, and I for one am very sure it will. What form it will take will be ours to find out.

One thing is for certain, the future will not be like the past!  Furthur….

Cheers all….!!


Over the last 23 years of running-off the mash and filling the kettle we have come to understand that the new world of small brewing is less a ‘thing’ than it is a ‘journey’. A point on a curve. Jack Joyce, founder of Rogue Brewing in Newport, once said that we’re not in the beer business, we are in the ‘change business’. Ask any brewer older than 5 years and they will tell you that in 2010 small brewing was a whole other place. Ask one older than that and they will tell you the same about 2005, and 2000, and especially 1995. And so it is that 2020 will be unrecognizable to the brewers of 2016.

One thing that hasn’t changed though is the personal connection that beer lovers want with the people that make the beer they take into their bodies in the hope it will thrill their tastebuds as it enters their blood enroute to their brains to make it do tricks. This is pretty personal stuff and as brewers our job is to make that connection.

Last September we announced our own way of relating to the world outside of the United States through a joint venture with the last of the largest family-controlled (meet Charlene De Carvalho-Heineken..!) brewer in the world. Most U.S. beer lovers don’t know too much about the family and I really didn’t either until I began to meet them and understand them and their company and grew to love them as people and a company.

There is an old expression friends sometimes use when the go to lunch, ‘Let’s go Dutch’, meaning let’s split the bill. That expression, I’ve learned, comes from a place and a people. You haft’a wonder how it is that a small, mostly flooded, lowland country ever became a global colonial superpower? Most know that New York was once called New Amsterdam but most also don’t know that Brooklyn and Bronx and other local names are actually Dutch names too. The answer to the question is pretty straightforward: The went Dutch. The cooperated, collaborated, shared risk, partnered, co-invested and joint ventured. This is what we built with Heineken, we are pulling on the rope together.

I have seen that one way they achieved their own goals of growing Heineken was and is now to co-invest in local brewers around the globe, not to ‘consolidate’ or dominate or reduce competition, but to expand and nurture the opportunities to the benefit of themselves AND their partners. They do this with big brewers and with brewers far smaller than ourselves in all 24 time zones.

If one were to take a line drawing of a map of the borders of the 50 United States and lay that line drawing over the continent of, say, Europe, it would look a lot like, well, Europe. There’d be spaces the size of France and the UK inside of Nevada and Illinois and there’d be a Rhode Island like there is a Monaco and so on. In Europe nationalism matters and each country has historically meaningful brewers that are important to those individual countries. All over the world, beer is local. It’s gradually becoming more so here too. But Americans still like to think of us all as Americans and we have liked having 50-state nationally distributed brewers.

In the past, before and just after prohibition this wasn’t really so, but it became that way over time. Now it is going back the other way. Small brewing has played a role in re-igniting regional pride the way music and locally-sourced food is doing the same.

Having said all that, it’s no secret that the U.S. is a whole lot of places stitched together by a constitution, right? I mean, good people from Florida are very different from good people from South Dakota and Oregonians would never mistake themselves for Texans. Even Wisconsinites sometimes call Illinoisans ‘Flatlanders’ while some Minnesotans still think that grave-robbing is called date-night in North Dakota (it’s an old Johnny Carson joke….all apologies to North Dakota). There will always be nationally distributed brands and I sincerely hope that Lagunitas can continue to find a place in peoples hearts irrespective of geography by working to be something close to the bone, rooted to a fundamental human experience that actually does cross borders fluidly. But local matters, and will matter even more in the future.

This is very cool actually, because it means that if we can be genuinely local we can be part of the future. When we became genuinely local in Chicago we found lots and lots of new friends that we might not have by just shipping it in from the Left Coast. We’re already feeling the same vibe in Southern California even as we construct our new brewery there. It’s a great thing to be able to do. However we can’t do that everywhere. But….we can go Dutch everywhere, and that’s exactly what we are doing right here right now.

Above is the text of a press release we sent out today announcing something that we and our new partners are all very proud to be building together… please, dear reader, read on…


Foothills Dead and Berried Bourbon Barrel-Aged Blackberry Imperial Stout Coming Late Summer

imageFrom Foothills:

OK, so here we are, summer’s just under way, and we’ve already had our Barrel Aged Sexual Chocolate release for the year. Which means, for the uninitiated, there’s a gaping hole in our beer drinking schedule where Chocolate release traditionally lives (end of August/start of September).

Fear not my thirsty friends – there is another barrel-aged wonder in your future for that time slot.

Frequent readers of this blog (thank you btw) are familiar withwhy we moved Barrel Aged Sexual Chocolate’s release up this year – it’s all about the barrels.

At the end of last summer, we had the very good fortune to purchase almost 300 bourbon barrels from Buffalo Trace, the world’s most award-winning distillery and makers of some of the finest bourbons in the world.

After that special batch of Chocolate went into the barrels, along with a batch of our Barrel Aged Porter, we still had a bunch left over. Since bourbon barrels are best when used fresh out of the distillery, our Brewmaster went into full-bore evil scientist mode, creating a brand new beer to occupy those barrels.

The result? Dead and Berried – a bourbon barrel aged blackberry Imperial Stout, to be released sometime between mid-August and mid-September.

“I’ve always been a fan of fruit in darker beers,” says TL, our aforementioned Brewmaster. “The tartness of blackberries, mixed w/bourbon & wood, the deep rich coffee notes of an imperial stout . . . it just seemed like good flavor combination.”

Um, yeah.

As for the name? Well, TL has been to over two dozen Grateful Dead shows. Draw your own conclusions.

barrelageDead and Berried (American Imperial Stout) is a completely different recipe from Sexual Chocolate (Russian Imperial Stout). It was brewed last fall, then spent a couple of weeks with 420 pounds of blackberry puree from Oregon swimming around in it. After that it went into our bourbony boozy barrels, where it’s been quietly getting delicious for five months now.

As with all rare beers, this one comes with some caveats. We won’t be bottling it, and unless you plan on attending the Denver Rare Beer Festival in October, it will only be available to you in our pub and tasting room.

Hey look on the bright side – it’s just one more reason to come visit us. And we love it when you come visit us. 

In fact we can barrel-y wait.


Coronado Brewing Company Says Cheers to 20-Years

imageFrom Coronado:

San Diego, CA - June 29, 2016 - Coronado Brewing Company is celebrating 20 years of defining the West Coast craft beer movement. What began as a dream to open a brewpub on the idyllic island of Coronado, grew into something so much bigger than either of the Chapman brothers ever could have dreamed. "When we opened our doors in 1996, San Diego wasn't yet known for craft beer: We wanted to create a family business where friends could enjoy quality beer & food in a laid back, beachy atmosphere," said Rick Chapman, President and Cofounder of Coronado Brewing Co. "The company's growth has far exceeded our expectations, and 20-years in, we're just getting started."

To celebrate the milestone occasion, Coronado Brewing Co. is releasing a limited-edition 20th Anniversary Imperial IPA. "Each year we brew a huge, hopped-up Imperial IPA for our Anniversary," said Ryan Brooks, Brewmaster. "This year's version is bursting with tropical notes from a blend of Citra, Mosaic and Hallertau Blanc hops." The beer will be available beginning July 1 in 18 states including Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, North Carolina, New Jersey, Nevada, Ohio, Oregon, PA, Virginia, Wisconsin, Rhode Island, and Florida.

In addition to the commemorative beer, Coronado Brewing Co. is hosting an Anniversary bash at the main

brewery and tasting room in San Diego. The party takes place on Saturday, July 30th from 4pm-9pm. $15 tickets include admission into the event, a keepsake glass, beer ticket, and entry into the raffle for Coronado gear. The event will feature 20 beers for 20 years, local music by CHUGBOAT, and several gourmet food trucks, including Seoul Man and BFD Sandwiches. Tickets and more information available
here. Stay Coastal. Cheers. 

20th Anniversary Imperial IPA specs:

Style:              Imperial IPA

ABV:               10.0%

Bitterness:      TBD IBU

Package:        12-ounce bottle in 4-packs, 22-ounce bottle, and draft

Release:         July, while supplies last

Availability:     Beer Finder

20th Anniversary Celebration details:

Date:               Saturday, July 30, 2016

Time:               4-pm

Location:         Coronado Brewing Co., Tasting Room, 1205 Knoxville Street, San Diego, 92110

Tickets:            $15 includes admission, first beer, commemorative glassware



Prairie Artisan - 4th Anniversary, #rocktheBOK & Prairie Weiss

imageToday you get your first look at some new bottles and a packaging update from Prairie Artisan Ales.  4th Anniversary will be brewed to celebrate 4 years and it is an ale fermented with wild yeast and blueberries.  This beer hits 7.5%-AbV and it will carry a label completely different most other Prairie Artisan packaging.  #rocktheBOK appears to be named for the BOK Center (Bank of Oklahoma) in Tulsa, OK.  This beer is a farmhouse ale that hits 4%-AbV.  We also have the latest packaging for Prairie Weiss sour wheat ale (4.2%-AbV).  This beer seems to be a slightly lower AbV (down from 4.5%) and the packaging is now a 12oz bottle.  The other beers above are 16.9oz bottles and stay tuned for release details.


Ninkasi Brewing Company and C.R. Goodman Launch "Funds for Firefighters"

From Ninkasi:

During the Month of July, $5.00 of Every Ninkasi Keg Sold in Fort Collins and Surrounding Areas will be Donated to Poudre Fire Authority

EUGENE, OR.—June 28, 2016—Ninkasi Brewing Company has teamed up with Colorado wholesale partner, C.R. Goodman to offer a month-long give-back program in support of Poudre Fire Authority, called “Funds for Firefighters.” For every Ninkasi keg sold in Fort Collins and surrounding areas during the month of July, five dollars will be donated to support the Poudre Fire Authority and Life Safety Education Fund—a component of the Community Foundation of Northern Colorado, a 501(c)3 charitable organization.  

“We have many great bars & restaurants on board for the inaugural kickoff of this program and we hope to grow Funds for Firefighters every year,” explains Matt Drengwitz Ninkasi Colorado market manager. “

“The men and women of Poudre Fire Authority are truly thankful to Ninkasi Brewing & C.R. Goodman for their generous support of the fire service and the people we serve,” says Madeline Noblette, Poudre Fire Authority spokeswoman. “Proceeds from beer sales will go to PFA’s Life Safety Education Fund, which supports purchases of smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, along with other fire and life safety education materials.”

“Anytime we are able to support a great cause by embracing & sharing our love of quality craft beer and our community, it’s a no-brainer,” explains Todd Luther, Colorado sales manager for C.R. Goodman. “To be able to give back to the Poudre Fire Authority in such a phenomenal craft market like Fort Collins is a tremendous opportunity that we jumped at the chance to participate.”

To take part in the program, beer drinkers are encouraged to order Ninkasi on-tap during the month of July throughout the Fort Collins area. Locations that serve Ninkasi can be found by visiting:


Against The Grain - Pile Face American IPA 16oz Cans

Here’s the latest packaging form for Pile Face from Against The Grain in Louisville, KY.  This American IPA is packaged in a 16oz can with artwork by Robby Davis, and the beer will pile in at 6.5%-AbV.


Elevation Beer Freestyle Series - Apis IV Quadrupel

Today we get to see Apis IV from Elevation Beer in Poncha Springs, CO.  This QUadrupel Honey Ale is aged in Cabernet Sauvignon red wine barrels and it will use Northern Brewer and Saaz hops.  This beer is part of the Freestye Series and look for this limited release beer to be packaged in 750ml bottles.  Apis IV will hit 10.9%-AbV and 41 IBU.


Forbidden Root - WPA, Sublime Ginger & Money On My Rind

Today we get to see three exciting new brews heading to bottles from Forbidden Root Brewing.  WPA is a wildflower pale ale brewed with marigold, elder and sweet osmanthus flowers (5.5%-AbV, 55 IBU), Sublime Ginger is a wheat ale brewed with ginger, lemon myrtle, honeybush & key lime juice (3.8%-AbV) and Money On My RInd is a wheat ale brewed with juniper berries, spice and grapefruit (5.6%-AbV).  These are all package din 12oz bottles at 5 Rabbit


Coming Soon From Boulevard (Video)


Breakside 3rd Annual Summer Luau Coming 7/23

imageFrom Breakside:

Breakside Brewery celebrates the sun, refreshingly crisp, hoppy and tart beers, Hawaiian-style BBQ and family friendly games and entertainment at the 3rd annual Summer Luau at our Milwaukie, Oregon Tasting Room & Brewery. As one of the only times of the year that the Tasting Room is kid friendly, the brewery features the release of it's most popular seasonal, Passionfruit Sour Ale and it's Hawaiian influence with music, games and great beers on Saturday, July 23rd from Noon to 8pm.

  • Breakside's Chef Mike Delaney will be cooking up a Hawaiian-themed menu with meat and veggies and specials like his famous Kahlua Pork.
  • The tasting room will be Randall infusing a keg of Wanderlust IPA with fresh cut Mango's and that's in addition to a new batch of the beloved Passionfruit Sour Ale on tap.
  • There will be a kids corner & activity packs for the little rugrats.
  • Passionfruit Sour Ale release.
  • Outdoor misters.
  • Kiddie soaking pool.

Breakside Milwaukie Summer Luau

Saturday, July 23rd Noon - 8pm

$15 for a glass plus 4 tickets for tasters.

Breakside Brewery Milwaukie Tasting Room & Brewery

5821 SE International Way

Milwaukie, OR  97222


Twisted Pine Brewing Gears Up For 21st Anniversary Extravaganza

imageFrom Twisted Pine:

(Boulder, CO) – Twisted Pine Brewing Company in Boulder, Colorado, will celebrate its 21st anniversary from Thursday, July 21st , to Sunday, July 24th , with a variety of live music, nonprofit events, food specials, and, of course, beer.

Festivities will kick-off Thursday afternoon with the tapping of two lagers: Hausparty, a classic North German-style pilsner, and Blockparty, a North German-style pilsner heavily dry-hopped with American hop varieties. Both will also be available for purchase in 22-ounce bottles in the Twisted Pine taproom. Furthermore, Haystack Mountain of Longmont, Colorado, will offer various cheeses paired with Twisted Pine beers from 4 – 8 pm.

As a community-focused company, Twisted Pine Brewing Company will donate $1 from every beer sold Thursday through Sunday to a different, local, nonprofit organization as part of its
Pints for a Purpose program. Thursday will feature Out Boulder, the community’s leading LGBTQ outreach organization, followed by MESA on Friday, which provides sexual assault client services and prevention to surrounding Colorado counties. Green Grants, focusing on environmental sustainability, will be highlighted on Saturday, while the Boulder Humane Society, dedicated to promoting and enhancing the lives of pets and people, will be featured on Sunday.

Each day of the anniversary celebration will also include daily food specials, live music, and more special beer tappings. On Friday, Twisted Pine Brewing Company will tap Vinaka, an imperial saison with tropical hop accents, a free ice cream sampling by Brew Moo’d—which incorporates a variety of Twisted Pine beers in their creations—will start on Saturday at noon, and a community Bluegrass pick is scheduled for Sunday. Further details on beer, food, and music can be found on Twisted Pine Brewing Company’s website as the event approaches.


Another Good Year in Oregon Beer: Oregon Craft Beer by the Numbers

imageFrom the Oregon Brewers Guild:

PORTLAND, OR (June 29, 2016) — The Oregon Brewers Guild announced today that employment, sales, and production numbers all increased in 2015. Oregonians consumed 650,500 barrels of beer produced in Oregon in 2015, an 11.2 percent increase from 2014, which is more than 22.1 percent of all beer consumed in the state.

Oregon’s breweries crafted 1,700,000 barrels of beer in 2015, a 3.5 percent increase from the previous year. Oregon employment figures continue to grow, with the state’s brewing companies adding 1,100 new jobs in 2015 and directlyemploying 8,500 full and part-time employees, according to the Oregon Brewers Guild. Approximately 230,000 people visited an Oregon brewery, pub, or tasting room on a weekly basis, or approximately 12,000,000 vists in 2015.

“Oregon is a consistent leader in the US for craft beer whether it’s the number of breweries, the percentage of dollars spent on craft beer, or the economic impact per capita by OR’s breweries,” says Brian Butenschoen, executive director of the Oregon Brewers Guild. “We continue to see an increase in the amount of manufacturing & service jobs added in Oregon —1,100 last year— and we saw a 66 percent increase in the amount of beer exported where Oregon’s breweries sold over 500,000 case equivalents outside the U.S. for the first time in 2015.”

Oregon is the second largest hop growing state in the country, with a 2014 crop value of $35,679,000. In addition to supplying a vast majority of hops and strengthening the local economy, Oregon’s 206 brewing companies donated an estimated $3,200,000 to non-profits in their communities in 2015. In total, the Oregon brewing industry contributes $4.49 billion to the state’s economy and employs roughly 31,000 Oregonians directly and indirectly.

In 2015, 22.1 percent of the 2.9 million barrels of all beer — both bottled and draft — consumed in the state were made in Oregon. For draft beer that percentage is even higher, with Oregon breweries producing an estimated 63 percent of all draft beer consumed in Oregon.

In 2015, Oregon’s craft brewers sold 1.048 million barrels in the U.S. and around the world. Of these barrels, 37,500 (equivalent to over 510,000 cases) were exported abroad—a 66 percent increase over 2014, including barrels shipped to seven Canadian provinces and 35 different countries.

Oregon had 206 brewing companies operating 246 brewing facilities in 72 cities across Oregon as of December 31, 2015.

Brewery count by city and region:

65 in Portland — 96 in the Portland Metro Area

14 in Eugene — 46 in the Willamette Valley

24 in Bend — 32 in Central Oregon

6 in Medford & Grants Pass — 25 in Southern Oregon

5 in Astoria — 25 on The Coast

2 in Baker City & Ontario — 11 in Eastern Oregon

5 in Hood River — 11 in Mt. Hood/The Gorge


5 Rabbit - Paletas Prickly Pear Wheat Beer

Coming to us from 5 Rabbit Cerveceria in Bedfor Park, IL, today we have Paletas.  Named for the Spanish word for “popsicle",” Paletas is a wheat ale brewed with prickly pear fruit.  You’re looking at the 12oz bottle, and Paletas will hop in at 3.5%-AbV.


Tallgrass Brewing Company: World Class Beers of the Great Midwest (Video)

From Tallgrass:

Founded in 2007, Tallgrass Brewing Company is a regional craft brewery based in Manhattan, Kansas, with distribution in 16 states. Tallgrass has grown into the largest brewery in the state of Kansas and a major regional brewery with a full line of award-winning craft beers produced in a 60,000-square-foot facility. We are passionate about exploring new flavors and ideas, and turning them into "World Class Beers of the Great Midwest."


Founders - Boubon Barrel ReDANKulous IPA

It’s only a keg label, but I thought you’ want to see what Founders is working on.  This is Boubon Barrel Aged ReDANKulous IPA and I’m excited to see this imperial red IPA being aged in Bourbon barrels.  Stay tuned for more details.


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