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24 July 2014



Weyerbacher Imperial Pumpkin PSA (Video)

Here’s our pal Chris Wilson from Weyerbacher:

A little informational video to let you know why we release our Imperial Pumpkin Ale when we do. Grab some now, or wait until you're ready for it!


Avery Brewing Co. to release 5 Monks Bourbon Barrel-Aged Beer 7/27

imageWe brought you a peek at this beer, and now the release details from Avery:

Boulder, CO –This Sunday Avery Brewing Company will release No. 22 in it’s Barrel-Aged Series, 5 Monks, a 19.4% ABV Bourbon barrel-aged Belgian-style quintupel ale.

Although Avery’s brewers didn’t go into this project trying to make the highest gravity beer in Avery history, that’s what they did. But Avery’s Chief Barrel Herder Andy Parker explains they were more interested in exploring ethanol as a flavor component. “As a brewer, the main reason to make these high alcohol beers is that there’s a whole range of flavors out there that’s virtually unexplored.”

“In the spirit of quadrupels, we made the recipe to have lots of dark fruit and raisin flavors. Those match well with the vanillin compounds from the fresh Bourbon barrels and the charred oak,” said Parker.

Adam Avery, the brewery’s founder, says the entire Barrel-Aged Series has been fun for the brewers to dream up, and naming 5 Monks a “quintupel” was done in jest. “Belgian beers have a long history of singles and doubles and triples and the occasional quadrupel, so we’re calling it a quintupel because ‘sextuple’ just didn’t seem right with monks on the label.”

“What do you call a 19.4% Belgian Bourbon beer?” Avery jokingly asks. “You tell me!”

Parker anticipates there will be some sticklers who maintain that quintuples don’t exist. “You’re right, they didn’t exist. But they do now. We’re creating our own destiny here.”

Parker explains why he loved making this beer. “Avery Brewing has been on the ragged edge of experimentation for years. Everyone who works at Avery is a beer geek, and if we’re not creating new styles that no one has ever made before, then what’s the point?”

5 Monks is one of six beers over 15% ALC/VOL that Avery will release in the next several months: Rumpkin rum barrel-aged Imperial Pumpkin Ale, The Beast Grand Cru, and Mephistopheles’ Stout, plus two beers that will be packaged and released for the first time ever: Pump[KY]n Bourbon barrel-aged Imperial Porter and Tweak Bourbon barrel-aged Espresso Stout.

“Building our new brewery has opened up lots of exciting opportunities for us, including expanding our barrel-aging program and having more freedom to explore. It’s gonna be an exciting fall for us,” said Avery.

5 Monks will debut on Sunday, July 27th at the Avery Tap Room in Boulder. The line party starts at 11am and will feature rare and exclusive beers. Bottle sales will begin at 1pm and will be sold for $12 each. Fans will be able to buy up to 12 bottles, and availability can only be guaranteed at the Avery Tap Room until the beer runs out.


Goose Island/Sharon Van Etten Collab - SVE Kölsch (Video)

From Goose Island:

For the 2014 Pitchfork Music Festival, our beer collaboration artist was Sharon Van Etten. Sharon knew what she wanted right off the bat, and that was to make a really drinkable and tasty Kölsch.


Saint Arnold Bishop's Barrel No. 7 Coming Coming 7/28

imageFrom Saint Arnold:

The seventh release in our Bishop's Barrel series will be available beginning Monday, July 28. BB7 is a Russian Imperial Stout aged in Woodford Reserve bourbon barrels for over 11 months.

The result is a beer tasting of a mix of spice, along with bourbon and chocolate emerging and lingering throughout. Our house yeast adds a slight creaminess, and a different roasted malt give this imperial stout a slightly sweeter, rounder character than BB1 and BB3. It is a pleasant sipping beer with the bourbon both present but not overpowering, and it is oddly easy to drink for a beer coming in at 11.3% ABV.

As with previous Bishop's Barrel releases, bottles are available only at bars and restaurants. Check out the Other Fun Stuff section below for a few BB7 release events, and keep up with the hashtag #BB7 on Twitter for more places to find it.
Get more information on BB7.


3 Floyds - Fantasmo Mexican Style Lager Bottles

Here’s your very first peek at the packaging for 3 Floyds Fantasmo bottles.  This Mexican-Style Lager will be packaged in 22oz bottles and no word on ABV r bottle release date so stay tuned.


Dogfish Head - American Beauty Returns

Here’s a peek at the packaging just approved today as Dogfish head American beauty returns for 2014.  This beer remains in 750ml bottles and 9% ABV.  For 2014 the beer will use almond honey granola (instead of just “granola”).  Stay tuned for release details.


No-Li Brewhouse - Rise & Grind Bottles

Here’s your first look at the packaging for No-Li Brewhouse Rise & Grind as it heads to bottles.  This ale brewed with Gemelli  will be packaged in 12oz bottles and come in at 6.1% ABV and 22 IBU.


Brooklyn - Greenmarket Wheat

Here we have Brooklyn brewery Greenmarket Wheat.  Brooklyn works with GrowNYC’s Greenmarket to source grain and hops from New York.  This beer uses Bavarian yeast and proceeds from the sale help revive NY’s grain industry and GrowNYC’s mission.  Greenmarket Wheat will be packaged in 12oz bottles and come in at 5.2% ABV.


Allagash Releases Fluxus 2014

We brought you a peek at this new packaging, and now the official details from Allagash Brewing:

An accountant and a scientist walk into a bar…and helped brew the 2014 Fluxus from Allagash Brewing Company.

Two Allagash employees (and part-time farmers on the side) – Financial controller and Master Beekeeper Erin Forbes and lab and sensory scientist Karl Arnberg – collaborated to develop this year’s recipe.  Beginning in 2007, Allagash has been brewing a unique beer each year to commemorate the anniversary of their first beer sold in July 1995.

“‘Fluxus’ is Latin for continuous change, and each year Fluxus is brewed with a different recipe,” said Jason Perkins, brewmaster. “This gives our brewers the chance to push the limits of beer.”

This year’s Fluxus is a strong amber ale brewed with honey and spruce tips. Aromas of candied grape, honey and tropical fruit and flavors of toasted malt, honey and spice make this beer a perfect complement for a summer afternoon in New England

“We were inspired to brew this beer because both honey and spruce tips are ingredients that could have been easily sourced by people in New England going back hundreds of years,” said Forbes. “It took approximately 1.7 million bees to produce the more than 2800 pounds of honey used in the production of this year’s batch.”

“I enjoy how the honey sweetness is balanced by the resinous flavor of the spruce tips,” said Arnberg.  “Spruce tips are traditional ingredients and were used for bittering in New England tradition for centuries, especially when hops weren’t available.”

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of every bottle ($1) and a pint ($0.25) of Fluxus is donated to the Allagash Pediatric Nurses Scholarship in the Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital at Maine Medical Center.

In the 7 years since first releasing Fluxus, Allagash has donated over $98,000 to the scholarship, helping 58 different nurses.  At an event on August 23, Allagash will announce their 2014 donation amount.

“The funds were incredibly useful in terms of helping me to afford to take additional nurse training,” said scholarship recipient Linda Brady III RNC BSN.  “I know these scholarships have helped me become a better nurse for the patients to whom I provide care.”

“This beer embodies so much of what we’re about,” said founder and brewer Rob Tod.  “Our passion for sustainability, for innovation, for family, and community are captured in this one bottle.”

In 2013 alone, Allagash donated more than $180,000 to local organizations, including $45,000 from the proceeds of Tribute beers specifically brewed to benefit local organizations.

Fluxus is one of the beers in the Allagash Tribute Series.  The other beers include:

  • Victoria Ale – supports preservation of Victoria Mansion in Portland, Maine
  • Victor Ale – supports St. Lawrence Arts in Portland, Maine
  • Hugh Malone Ale – supports both Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association and other local community garden projects throughout Maine.

“We’re proud to be able to support pediatric nurses at the Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital” said Tod.  “While we are a brewery with national reach, we focus our philanthropy locally to help enrich our community.”

Like many Allagash releases, Allagash 2014 Fluxus started as part of the employee Pilot Beer Program. The Pilot Beer Program is where every Allagash employee can develop and brew a beer of their choice. Many of these beers go on to be brewed on the full-sized brewhouse for national release.

Tasting Notes & Facts

This year’s Fluxus is a bier de miel brewed with a blend of 2-row and vienna malts, spruce tips and honey. It was hopped with Hallertau and was fermented with the Allagash house yeast. The resulting beer is pale yellow in color with honey and spruce notes throughout the flavor and aroma. The honey and spruce strike a balance that allow both to express themselves, while a pleasant malt character keeps either from taking over. The finish of this medium bodied ale is long and warming.

Availability: July & August, in 750ml bottles and 5.17 gal kegs

Sold in: California, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maine, Maryland, North Carolina, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Virginia, Vermont, Washington D.C.

ABV: 8.8%

Grains: 2 row, Vienna, Oats

Hops: Hallertau

Original Gravity: 1.070

Serving Temperature: 45 °F to 50 °F

Suggested food pairings include goat cheese, smoked fish and rosemary crusted lamb.


Samuel Adams Releases “Oats McGoats” Co-Brew with Brewery Rickoli as Part of Brewing the American Dream Program

imageFrom Samuel Adams:

BOSTON, July 24, 2014  Samuel Adams today released Oats McGoats, a limited-edition American stout brewed with Wheat Ridge, Colo.'s Brewery Rickoli ( The collaboration is part of the Samuel Adams Brewing the American Dream Brewing and Business Experienceship, which provides one craft brewer annually with hands-on brewing and business coaching.

As part of the 2014 Experienceship, Samuel Adams brewers and Rick Abitbol, founder and brewer of Brewery Rickoli, collaborated on a unique brew inspired by Rick's commitment to brewing full-flavored, gluten-reduced beers.  What resulted is Oats McGoats, a gluten-reduced American stout brewed with flaked rye, oat malt and golden naked oats.  At 6.5% ABV, the full-bodied, moderately-carbonated beer is accented by earthy, spicy flavors and a hint of roasted coffee notes. Starting the week of July 27th, Oats McGoats will be available on draft in a limited number of bars and restaurants in and around Denver, and will also be served at the Samuel Adams Boston Brewery and in Brewery Rickoli's tasting room. A list of establishments with Oats McGoats on tap will be available at

"Brewing this collaboration beer with Brewery Rickoli was a rewarding experience and great reminder that the craft brewing industry is like no other," said Samuel Adams founder and brewer Jim Koch. "We support one another and celebrate our shared passion – making quality, full-flavored craft beer.  It's that small brewer spirit that will continue to help strengthen and grow our industry."

"Brewing with the Samuel Adams brewers was a great experience, and one that I will certainly never forget," said Rick Abitbol, brewer and founder of Brewery Rickoli.  "The support I have received through the Samuel Adams Brewing the American Dream program has been invaluable, and this collaboration beer is definitely one of the highlights."

Brewing and Business Experienceship
The Brewing and Business Experienceship is similar to an extended internship that is tailored to the selected brewery's business needs. In addition to the collaboration beer project, the Experienceship includes a trip to the Samuel Adams Boston Brewery to receive coaching by Samuel Adams experts in a variety of areas such as ingredients procurement, labeling and compliance, and sales and distribution. The program also provides access to and funding for industry events of the brewer's choice.

The Experienceship is part of Samuel Adams Brewing the American Dream, a micro-lending and coaching program for small businesses in food, beverage, craft brewing and hospitality. The Experienceship was created specifically for craft brewers who have received microloans through the program. In addition to Brewery Rickoli, MateVeza in San Francisco, Calif. and Roc Brewing Co. inRochester, N.Y. have participated in the Brewing and Business Experienceship. The application process for the 2015 Experienceship brewer is currently open, and the winner will be announced at the Great American Beer Festival in Denver this October.


Crazy Mountain Brewing Company Releases a 10% ABV Barleywine in Cans

imageWe brought you a peek back in Sept, and now this from Crazy Mountain:

Edwards, Colo. – July 24th, 2014 – Crazy Mountain Brewing Company announces the release of “Lawyers, Guns & Money Barleywine”, a 10% ABV barleywine available in a four-pack of 12 ounce cans. To date, there have only been 4 barleywines released in cans, each for a one-time or extremely limited run. Lawyers, Guns & Money Barleywine cans will be packaged year-round to satisfy your hoppy cravings and is the first barleywine in a can produced in Colorado.

For this special barleywine, Crazy Mountain uses an assortment of crystal malts and throws a little Belgian candi sugar into the Brew Kettle to give a hearty maltiness. Dry hopping with American hops gives this English style a refreshing American twist.


"Barleywines are commonly served in small goblets or bottles due to their high alcohol content and complex flavor profile, so we decided to keep the traditional 12 ounce can size, but reduce the number available to 4 in a package. This way, you can still put your barleywine can into a standard size coozie to keep it cold or put in in the cup holder of your innertube for a float down the river," Chief Financial Officer, Doobie Selvy had to say.

Following their release of Laywers, Guns & Money Barleywine, Crazy Mountain is also announcing the debut of Old Soul Strong Belgian Golden Ale in canned 6-packs. This light bodied Belgian beauty packs a punch at 7.6% ABV, but is very easy drinking and pleasant in warm weather. A robust amount of wheat gives this ale a very smooth mouth feel that is accompanied by a fruity yeast character. Belgian candi contributes to this brew’s light body and complex flavor. European hops team up with Juniper berries to offer a soft, subtle spiciness. Old Soul is the first canned Strong Belgian Golden Ale in the state of Colorado and the third in the country.

The increased popularity for canned craft beer has opened the door for canning unique and unusual styles. Now you can take a greater variety of your favorite Crazy Mountain styles on the go with you in cans and they won’t break or face limitations like bottles – throw a few cans in your pack for a hike or mountain bike ride, take some on the golf course or to the pool, put a 6-pack in a mesh bag to chill in the river next to your inner tube, or pack some in a picnic basket to enjoy in a field of wildflowers.

Lawyers, Guns & Money Barleywine 4-packs and Old Soul Strong Belgian Golden Ale 6-packs can be purchased throughout the state of Colorado with national distribution scheduled in the next few weeks.


Lompoc - Pamplemousse Citrus IPA

Today we get to see Lompoc Brewing Pamplemousse Citrus IPA.  This is the 1st release in the new Lompoc IPA series and it will be a traditional Northwest IPA that is packaged in 22oz bottles and it will come in at 5.8% ABV and 70 IBU.  Stay tuned fro release details.


Epic Brewing 12oz Cans Now Available In Utah

From Epic:

Salt Lake City, UT - Epic’s new line of 12 oz cans, featuring Escape to Colorado IPA and Hop Syndrome Pils-Lager, are now available for sale in Utah. Due to Utah’s regulations the cans will only be available through the State liquor stores and not cold from the brewery. Full statewide roll out will continue over the next few weeks. Customers are encouraged to talk with their local stores about arrival details. So far the following stores have the cans in stock:

  • 33RD S. & 33RD E. SLC: 3245 EAST 3300 SOUTH
  • LAYTON: 625 W 600 N LAYTON
  • 3RD WEST WINE: 280 W HARRIS AVE (1563 S)

Additionally the UDABC has released a product locator tool on their website which users can use to find the availability of products.


Woodchuck® Hard Cider Releases Hopsation and Sour Cherry Ciders as Fall Seasonal Returns

imageFrom Woodchuck:

Woodchuck Hard Cider

revived the cider industry in the U.S. 23 years ago and continues to create unique, handcrafted ciders today. In August, the award-winning brand is introducing Hopsation™, an innovative cider crafted with Cascade hops. Woodchuck will also release Cellar Series Sour Cherry, a tart cider crafted in the tradition of Belgian sour beers. The Fall Harvest Seasonal Cider, which includes quintessential fall flavors such as cinnamon, nutmeg, and a hint of American white oak, will also hit stores shelves.


The new Hopsation Cider begins with Woodchuck’s original small batch hard cider, and is infused with Cascade hops to impart their distinctive pine and citrus aromas. The smooth apple character of Woodchuck’s signature hard cider balances perfectly with the bitterness of the hops for a semi-dry, medium bodied cider. Hopsation will be available nationally in six-packs and on draft year-round. It represents the first addition to the core line of Woodchuck since 2011.

“Woodchuck fans are constantly seeking new, interesting ciders, and we 'Give a ‘Chuck' about crafting a cider that appeals widely to craft beverage lovers,” said Woodchuck cider maker John Matson. “Hopsation represents a marriage of the two hottest categories in the country, IPAs and Cider.”


Woodchuck is also introducing Cellar Series Sour Cherry Cider this August. Sour Cherry blends common eating apple varieties and bittersweet varieties with cherries sourced from Belgium. The cherries bring a natural, deep red color to the cider as well as subtle tart and sour fruit notes. Sour Cherry will be available nationally in 22-ounce bottles in limited quantities through August and September.

Also making returning this August is Woodchuck’s Fall Harvest Seasonal Cider. Crafted with the classic autumn flavors of cinnamon, nutmeg, and American white oak, the cider is just like apple pie. The new packaging features a painting by Vermont artist Kathleen Kolb of Woodchuck employees picking apples for the Vermont Foodbank last fall. This cider is sure to evoke images of Vermont’s iconic fall foliage and can be enjoyed from August through October in six packs and on draft.

For more information about Woodchuck Hard Cider, please visit


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