Mybeerbuzz .com Highlights PAMU Scroll Bluetooth Earbuds

Mybeerbuzz .com Highlights PAMU Scroll Bluetooth EarbudsIn addition to enjoying (and writing about) good beer, I am also an avid runner, and whether I’m on the trails, the sidewalks or the treadmill, my most important piece of gear is my earbuds.  Some people may love running and some people may love the runners high, but for me, I simply enjoy getting out of the office and listening to music while I run.

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Mybeerbuzz .com Highlights PAMU Scroll Bluetooth Earbuds

I use an iPod Nano, and when it comes to headphones / earbuds, I believe I’ve tried them all.  For years I used plain old wired headphone simply because I couldn’t find a wireless set of earbuds that would stay in my ears.  Back in Feb of 2018, I tried out my first set of Padmate PAMU X13 earbuds and I’ve never gone back to wired.  My review of the X13 earbuds is here, and today I’m excited to bring you the latest generation from Padmate, the PaMu Scroll .Mybeerbuzz .com Highlights PAMU Scroll Bluetooth Earbuds

The PaMu Scroll is the newest set of headphones coming from Padmate, so new in fact that I’m testing out a pre-release sample.  You can get some of the details here or HERE, but let me tell you a bit.
Mybeerbuzz .com Highlights PAMU Scroll Bluetooth Earbuds
The PaMu Scroll earbuds use Bluetooth 5.0, they use wireless charging, they have a snug and secure fit and the guys at Padmate tell me the Scroll are 23% lighter than the original PaMu 1.0.  The earbuds will auto-pair with your device, they are waterproof and they can even charge on the go.Mybeerbuzz .com Highlights PAMU Scroll Bluetooth Earbuds

As always, I fully charged my PaMu Scroll earbuds before starting out…so off we go.  Right out of the gate, I should mention that the PaMu Scroll earbuds look great.  Mine were Black & what they call Graphene, and Padmate tells me they will also be available in three other colors.  I should also note that the PaMu Scroll earbuds fit my ears really well and actually stayed in my ears when I was running.  This has been a big issue for me with earbuds that either pop out of my ears or they feature a dongle that pulls them out when I run.  The PaMu Scroll earbuds stayed in my ears comfortably for the full run.  This may not sound like a big deal, but it is really important to most runners.  They do also come with different sized pads/buds to fit different sized ears opening, but the standard size fit me well.Mybeerbuzz .com Highlights PAMU Scroll Bluetooth Earbuds

With my iPod Nano on, the PaMu Scroll earbuds did auto-pair and connect easily to both ears.  The sound is significantly better than the previous generation with booming base and just the right amount of top end volume.  Whether you’re playing an older analog song or a new digital song, the sound was solid with little outside noise getting in.

Next up, much to my surprise, I decided to answer an incoming cell phone call.  I don’t typically work out with my phone, but it happened to be close enough to have a phone call come in while I was testing the earbuds.  The phone call audio was in both ears and my voice sounded full and normal.  It was also really easy to answer the call and hang up (one click on the earbuds to answer, two clicks to decline).

I was really happy to see that the PaMu Scroll earbuds are waterproof.  Many times I get caught running in the rain and just about every time I run, my earbuds get hit with sweat.  While I decided not to dunk my PaMu Scroll  earbuds, I can tell you they easily survived a 90F-degree 4-mile run with loads of sweat.

I ran for several days with my PaMu Scroll earbuds on for the full run before they needed to be charged, and the charging process was about as seamless as charging can be.  The earbuds charge by simply placing them in their storage container and in a very short time, you’re ready to go again.  The storage container does recharge via USB and there is also a wireless charger add-on.  Overall the earbuds lasted a little over 3-hours before needing a charge.  I also really liked the cool leather storage container and the magnetic snap lid.

Overall I really liked my PaMu Scroll earbuds and they have become my favorite workout earbuds.  The fit is lightweight and comfortable, the earbuds stay in my ears even over longer runs on rough terrain, the sound and bass are really impressive, the earbuds are durable and waterproof, and the easy charging is the icing on the cake.  I’ll report back here as I continue to give them a longer term test, but so far I have a new favorite in the earbud category….the PaMu Scroll!

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