3 Floyd's Expansion Plan Details Revealed

3 Floyd's Expansion Plan Details

Some of the drawings and details for the 3 Floyds expansion plans have hit the web courtesy of the city of Munster, IN.  Can’t wait to see the “green roof” and this from the document:

To: Members of the Plan Commission From: Tom Vander Woude, Planning Director Date: February 8, 2018 Re: PRELIMINARY HEARING PC Docket No. 18-003 Floyds Concern LLC requesting approval to create the Three Floyds Brewing subdivision by consolidating four lots into a two lot subdivision at 9750 Indiana Parkway PC Docket No. 18-004 Floyds Concern LLC requesting the rezoning of property at 9750 Indiana Parkway to Planned Unit Development Applicant: Floyds Concern, LLC Property Address: 9750 Indiana Parkway Current Zoning: Planned Unit Development, M Manufacturing Adjacent Zoning: North: M South: M East: M West: M Action Requested: Schedule Special Plan Commission meeting for 7:00 PM on February 27, 2018 to hold a Public Hearing for PC Docket No. 18-003 and 18- 004 Additional Actions Required: Public Hearing – Preliminary Plat Approval Public Hearing – PUD Development Plan Approval and Recommendation to Town Council Final Plat Approval Approval of Findings of Fact Attachments: Final Plat of Subdivision of Three Floyds Brewing prepared by V3 Companies dated 02.06.2018 PUD & Site Plan approval plan set prepared by HKS dated 02.06.2018 Final Engineering Plans for Three Floyds Brewery prepared by V3 Companies dated 02.06.2018 Landscaping plan set prepared by Ted Wolff dated02.06.2018 Photometric site plan prepared by RTM Engineering Consultants dated 01.29.2018 Helios Construction Services Logistics Plans 1005 Ridge Road ● Munster, IN 46321 ● (219) 836-8810 ● Police/Fire Emergencies 911 Police Non-Emergency (219) 836-6600 ● Fire Non-Emergency (219) 836-6960 www.munster.org Background Floyds Concern, LLC, the owner and operator of the Three Floyds brewery complex located at 9750 Indiana Parkway has presented plans for a major expansion of their brewery and brew pub as well as significant improvements to their site. In summary, the plans consist of the following:  Demolition of the existing Architectural Accents building  Expansion of the building footprint in all directions from approximately 57,000 square feet to include: o 114,423 square feet of manufacturing and warehouse area o 7,442 square feet of retail area o 7,356 square feet of brewpub and restaurant space o 7,668 square feet of office space  Construction of a 16,706 square foot terraced garden for outdoor dining at the southeast corner of the development, which will be fenced  Construction of a private, one way service road west of their facility from Superior Avenue to Progress Avenue to remove truck traffic from Indiana Parkway and allow access to loading docks on the south side of the property  Construction of an 84 space parking lot on the gravel lot on the southwest corner of Indiana Parkway and Superior Ave.  Expansion of the parking lot on the east side of Indiana Pkwy. to 140 spaces  Construction of angled parking along the west side of Indiana Pkwy.  Installation of sidewalks along the public right-of-way  Installation of extensive streetscaping 1005 Ridge Road ● Munster, IN 46321 ● (219) 836-8810 ● Police/Fire Emergencies 911 Police Non-Emergency (219) 836-6600 ● Fire Non-Emergency (219) 836-6960 www.munster.org Project History In 2014, Floyds Concern LLC consolidated multiple lots and rezoned them from Manufacturing to PUD in order to expand their brewery, construct a distillery and develop a parking lot on the east side of Indiana Pkwy. This plan was implemented. In order to expand again, Floyds Concern is now seeking to create a new subdivision that includes the footprint of the previous PUD and incorporates the undeveloped gravel lot north of their distillery and the lot south of their existing facility (formerly Architectural Accents). The petitioner first presented conceptual plans to the Town in September of 2017. Since that time, the design team for the project has met with staff multiple times to ensure the plans are consistent with Town standards and regulations. Along with the resubdivision, the petitioner is preparing a PUD ordinance that will replace the existing PUD and incorporate the plans for redevelopment that they are presenting here. After holding a public hearing, two actions are required of the Plan Commission: 1. Approve or deny the subdivision 2. Forward a favorable, unfavorable, or neutral recommendation to the Town Council with respect to PUD approval There is no separate site plan approval for this project because the site plan itself will be incorporated into the PUD ordinance. Analysis With a PUD, the Plan Commission is given flexibility in the application of specific zoning provisions in order to permit a cohesive development. Munster zoning ordinance Sec. 26-751 states that the purpose of a PUD is to “permit establishment of areas in which diverse uses may be brought together as a compatible and unified plan of development which shall be in the interest of the general welfare of the public.” Parking The petitioner has provided a site plan that includes 283 parking spaces on off-street surface lots and angled street spaces. 8 ADA parking spaces are provided with 6 located nearest to the main entry. The parking space minimum has been calculated using different ratios that correspond to the different types of uses on the site. In this case, on street parking is being included in the calculation. Pedestrian Access The petitioner is providing sidewalks throughout the development. A pedestrian access plan is included as an attachment. The existing crosswalk between the east parking lot will be retained, along with crosswalks at all parking entrances and exits. Wayfinding signage is proposed to direct pedestrians to the public areas of the complex. Stormwater The site drains to a Town-owned retention pond directly west of the facility. The Town Engineer has verified that the pond has sufficient capacity to accept the Three Floyds runoff, while still allowing the continued buildout of the Midwest Central Industrial Park. Lighting A photometric plan and details of light fixtures have been provided. Minimum light levels in parking and pedestrian areas are met. Staff notes that the petitioner has minimized lighting on the west side of the building to prevent any light bleed to the West Lakes neighborhood. 1005 Ridge Road ● Munster, IN 46321 ● (219) 836-8810 ● Police/Fire Emergencies 911 Police Non-Emergency (219) 836-6600 ● Fire Non-Emergency (219) 836-6960 www.munster.org Landscaping A series of landscaping plans have been provided. The proposed plans exceed the minimum standards for parkway and parking lot landscaping, the calculations for which are included on the landscaping plans. In addition the outdoor beer garden area is heavily landscaped. Signs The petitioner is requesting 878 square feet of signage, including a building sign, signs at the top of the entryway tower, and pedestrian wayfinding signage. The sign plan presented as an attachment here includes a future signage allowance that will permit the flexibility to add wayfinding signage if that is determined to be necessary at a later date. Security The outdoor beer garden/dining area is completely fenced off from the public right-of-way with a 6’ high security fence, the detail for which is included as an attachment. It will also be screened with trees, shrubs, and grasses to prevent access anywhere but the gate. Traffic The petitioner has provided an analysis of the number of vehicle trips expected to be generated by the expanded facility. The highest anticipated volumes will occur during the Saturday peak hour, during which an estimated 131 additional entering and 86 additional exiting trips will be generated. It should be noted that this will coincide with a reduced volume of traffic for the other businesses in the industrial park, which are typically closed on Saturday evenings. Since Superior Avenue is already a fully signalized intersection with dedicated left turn lanes, staff is not recommending any additional intersection improvements. Recommendation Vote to schedule a Public Hearing for PC Docket No. 18-003 and 18-004 for 7:00 PM on February 3 Floyd's Expansion Plan Details Revealed3 Floyd's Expansion Plan Details3 Floyd's Expansion Plan Details3 Floyd's Expansion Plan Details

3 Floyd's Expansion Plan Details3 Floyd's Expansion Plan Details

3 Floyd's Expansion Plan Details

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