Budweiser Launching America Camo Cans

10 February 2017

Here’s an interesting new package coming from Budweiser.  This is their America packaging, but this time it is packaged in camo and brewed in support of the men & women of our military.  This looks to be a 16oz can or possibly a 16oz aluminum bottle so stay tuned (5%-AbV, 145 calories per 12oz serving).  The Budweiser packaging is below.
imageThis video from Budweiser:

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Anonymous,  10 February, 2017 12:16  

What is the support ? is it a financial type support ? We all support Our Troops ! If it is just a camo can, thats weak. If it is a good portion of the sales of this can go to Our Troops and Our Vets, then I'm all in and so will the rest of the beer drinking community/country.
I support any and all beer companies who assist Our Bravest as well as our Law Enforcement and First Responders.
Thanks for the heads up Beer Buzz.

Bil Cord 10 February, 2017 12:58  

I'm out ahead of the actually releases...sometimes by months. Based on the packaging you can't tell much but I suspect we'll hear more details in the future and I suspect the support is legit...but stay tuned (I do publish their press releases).

Randy Henson 21 May, 2017 10:39  

Awesomeness, as a combat veteran of USMC I'm motivated every time I look at my bottle. Good to go Budweiser. Semper Fi.

Anonymous,  23 May, 2017 23:15  

They are donating up to $1million dollars of the bottles sold between May22-Memorial Day

Richard Fallen 27 May, 2017 10:38  

Where cañ you find these in Lynchburg VA

David Shirley 27 May, 2017 14:58  

Where are the camo cans in marietta,Georgia

Capt. Dave 27 May, 2017 19:28  

Where are the camo cans in Largo, Florida? It's Memorial Day Weekend, I've checked three stores in area. No one seems to know when or if they're coming.

Anonymous,  28 May, 2017 12:28  

Where can I get these in Massachusetts?

Unknown 28 May, 2017 15:00  

I'm in St. Petersburg FL and have also been looking to surprise my USMC veteran husband. Let me know if you find them any where and I will do the same! Thanks!

Unknown 28 May, 2017 15:00  

I'm in St. Petersburg FL and have also been looking to surprise my USMC veteran husband. Let me know if you find them any where and I will do the same! Thanks!

Unknown 29 May, 2017 13:53  

Griffin, Georgia - I've been to the only 3 actual Liquor stores that I know of and ZERO camo beer, they don't even know what I'm looking for, I have to show them a picture, please, where can I buy some...oh, and I don't even like beer but I want to support our Military

Unknown 29 May, 2017 13:55  

I'm in Griffin, Georgia, I don't like beer but I want to support our Military, I've been to 3 liquor stores and they don't have any idea what I'm looking for, fortunately I have a picture of the camo beer bottle to show them.

Unknown 08 June, 2017 12:18  

Where can I buy the camo bottles and cans in Houston TX?

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