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LionStegLiebotschanerSelectKegLabel Today we stray a little from our tradition bottle label posting to show a Keg Label from Liebotschaner Select Beer.  This label is courtesy of jesskidden and shows the union label, the half-barrel size and the tag “Brewed & Filled by Stegmaier Brewing Co., Wilkes-Barre, PA  Est 1857.

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  1. Note: NOT Cream Ale! Wonder which came first?

  2. And speaking of Lieb Cream Ale...what happened to its resurrection?

  3. I alwasy though Cream Ale was first but now I'm not so sure. The last I heard from Lion there was a packaging delay, but I've not heard any details since then. I'll be sure to post when I have additional details.

  4. Liebotschaner Select Beer came first, I think. I'm pretty sure that the "Cream Ale" didn't exist as a Stegmaier product, butonly once The Lion got the Steg. brand names (the latter also marketed a Lieb "Bock"- IIRC I sent a copy of that label to "mybeerbuzz", as well).

    Liebotschaner Select Beer was Stegmaier's "super-premium" as it were - in 1964 it sold for the $5.50 a case in NJ- compared to Bud at $4.99 and Steg. Gold Medal for $3.80. According to one promo piece (also sent in), it was an all-malt "Munich type" beer.

    The interesting thing is that the "Liebotschaner" name was also used by Genesee for its lager beer brand (also all-malt) right after Repeal. Don't know what, if any, connection between the two brewers using the same name was. Can supply some Genny Lieb. ads if anyone wants to see 'em.

  5. Thanks Jess....excellent info. The Lieb Bock label is coming up in a few days on mybeerbuzz. Believe it or not, thanks to the contributions of Jesss & other readers, there's actually a backlog of labels & local brewing memorabilia for a week or two. Very exciting so please keep them coming.

    For thos ethat didn't notice already, there's a WB Brewing History link at the bottom of the What's on Tap list so everything we've posted relative to local brewing history has a home so be sure ot check that out.

    I didn't realize Lieb was used by Genny also. I wonder if there was some connection or agreement? And Yes Jess we'd love to post up the Genny Lieb ads!


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