21st Amendment Marooned On Hog Island Returns

31 August 2016

imageFrom 21st Amendment:

SAN LEANDRO, CA (1 Sept. 2016) – When the world is your oyster, life on an English galleon is no place for weary deck swabs. Legend has it that centuries ago, two such men abandoned Sir Francis Drake’s ship off the coast of Marin county and bobbed to shore clinging to a few casks of the captain’s finest ale. Washing up on a tiny island in Tomales Bay, they encountered a pair of local oyster farmers. Marooned together, these beer mutineers and oyster mercenaries shared a few pearls of wisdom and created a rare and legendary beer that they called, simply, Oyster Stout.

While the story may not be 100% true, the tale spun around 21st Amendment Brewery’s reborn oyster stout, Marooned on Hog Island, speaks volumes in regards to the innovation and quality craft created by co-founders Shaun O’Sullivan and Nico Freccia.

“More than just a fun tale of a like-minded collaboration, this oyster stout is also deep rooted as a traditional style produced in England, where oysters are plentiful and there is not shortage of stout on that island nation. Marooned on Hog Island is our new world interpretation, created with our neighbors at Hog Island Oyster Company just north of the Golden Gate Bridge in Tomales Bay, and it is nothing short of spectacular,” said Freccia.

The rich, midnight-colored dark stout has an ABV of 7.9% and is brewed with Magnum and Willamette hops and several types of malts including Crystal, Carafa, Chocolate and rolled oats. The special ingredient is the 200 pounds of Sweetwater oyster shells brewed in each batch, which comes from Hog Island Oyster Company, one of the nation’s leading producers of sustainable shellfish. The salinity in the brine and the calcium of the shells are necessary ingredients in the brewing process and deliver a silky, slightly salty enhancement that complements the sweet caramel, chocolate and roasted coffee notes.

“We’ve been making oyster stout with Hog Island oysters at our San Francisco brewery since we first opened in 2000,” said O’Sullivan. “It was really an excuse to shuck oysters and enjoy them with friends and then collect the shells and use them in the brew. When we decided to release this beer in a can and on draft we reached out to John Finger and Terry Sawyer, the founders of Hog Island Oyster Company, and they were just as excited about this project as we were. We actually named the beer after a real life event where John and his wife were literally marooned on Hog Island when their skiff became unmoored and slipped away into Tomales Bay one afternoon while they were exploring the area.”

Best enjoyed alone or alongside a plate of your favorite oysters, the beer will be shucked into 4-pack cans and available September 1 in all of 21stAmendment’s 26 distribution territories.

Available for a limited time, you can pick up a pack in CA, OR, WA, AK, ID, MN, OH, ME, NH, VT, RI, MA, NY, NJ, DC, CT, DE, MD, PA, VA, GA, FL, NV, NC, SC or IL. For up-to-date availability, events and promotions, visit www.21st-Amendment.com.

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