WILK Friday BeerBuzz–30 Dec 2011 Philadelphia Brewing Co PA Pale Ale with John Rehm

30 December 2011

WILKFridayBeerbuzz2XmasThe holidays are always a special time, and the craft beer industry is no different.  We toast our friends and family, we share our beverages, and in a holiday tradition, we always try to think locally, buy locally and drink locally.  We’ve supported our local breweries over the last few weeks with Penn Brewery, Breaker Brewing Co and this week I wanted to end the year on that same note.

wilkToday we chose Philadelphia Brewing Co Pennsylvania Pale Ale as our beer of the week.  Pennsylvania Pale Ale, or as many call it PA Pale Ale or even PPA is a great easy drinking LOCAL Pale Ale.  This great American Pale Ale is brewed just down the pike in the Kensington section of Philadelphia.  Philadelphia Brewing Co is in a brewery that dates back to 1885 (Weisbrod & Hess Oriental brewing) and it was re-opened in 2001 by Bill & Nancy Barton.  One of the things I really love about Philly Brewing Co is their commitment to supporting the local community.  From their support of local farming to brew Harvest from the Hood, to their support of XPN radio with their Broadcaster Brown, PBC is a local brewery, heavily involved with their local community…and I think that speaks well of any brewery.

It was very exciting to have Chief Brewer John Rehm join us to sample PA Pale Ale.  John gave us some great insight about what goes into brewing this citrusy-hopped pale ale, and also explained how it gets that wonderfully balanced flavor.  John also talked about how the brewery was designed to be environmentally friendly and even how PBC has been recognized and being one of the top 5 sustainable breweries.

Be sure to check out Philadelphia Brewing Co Pennsylvania Pale Ale (or as I like to call it Philly Brewing PPA) for yourself.  This is a great Pale Ale and one that is brewed locally.


to John Rehm from Philadelphia Brewing Co, Nancy, John & Joe for yet another fun Friday. 

The Friday BeerBuzz…bringing good beers and good people together.

As always you can check out the video on-line at the WILK Friday BeerBuzz page by clicking HERE.

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Anonymous,  30 December, 2011 10:28  

I really loved the Xmas special buzz and we went out and bought Belsnickler & Yulesmith and my husband bought be Brooklyn Chocolate Stout for Christmas. Thank you guys again we absolutely loved all three beers. We also went down to Madison's and the food is amazing. You guys never let us down. Thank you,

Anonymous,  30 December, 2011 10:29  

I've been traveling to Philly for years on business and Philly Brewing Kenzinger always comes home with me. I love the beer buzz show and I was really excited to see you guys feature PBC. They don't get enough credit down there and now I'm anxious to try the show beer today. Eric

Anonymous,  30 December, 2011 10:30  

I love that you guys feature PA breweries!

Anonymous,  30 December, 2011 10:32  

I just moved up here from Philadelphia in Aug so it was a great flashback to my previous home. I think I met John Rehm when we did a tour a few years ago and I too used to keep my basement full of Kenzinger. I also had a chance to try their Winter Wunder and loved it. PBC is a great underrated brewery and I can;t tell you how cool it was to hear my old hometoen beer on the radio. Cheers to John Rehm for making some great beer. Chris (now in Pittston, PA)

Anonymous,  30 December, 2011 10:33  

Rock solid show once again. You now hav an amazing guest EVERY week! I love PBS Newbold and PA Pale was always great on tap too. Nice! Gerry K

Anonymous,  30 December, 2011 10:34  

Just brought a case of PA Pal back from Xmas vacation. A really great drinkable classic hoppy pale! Cheers to John Rehm & PBC!

mybeerbuzz 30 December, 2011 10:36  

Thanks everyone and thank you to Philadelphia Brewing Co Brewing Brewer in Cheif John Rehm. We loved the PA Pale Ale and I too agree that it brings back very fond memories of Philadelphia.

Anonymous,  30 December, 2011 10:36  

It sounded great....Is this a beer available locally? Marty

mybeerbuzz 30 December, 2011 10:37  

Marty. PBC beers are distributed just shy of Northeastern PA. My PA Pale Ale came from the Lehigh Valley Area (Bethlehem) so they are available, you just have to travel a little more if you're not already near Philly.

Anonymous,  30 December, 2011 10:38  

Thank you. I live in Allentown and love your show so I'll go check it out. Where did you get it in Bethlehem? Marty

mybeerbuzz 30 December, 2011 10:39  

Thanks Marty....glad to see Allentown in the house! We bought this at Tanczos (hope I spelled that correctly).

Anonymous,  30 December, 2011 10:41  

Nice show today!

Anonymous,  30 December, 2011 10:57  

I love PA Pale Ale. My sister brings it up for me from Philly. Darren

John Webster 30 December, 2011 11:48  

Love that Pennsylvania Pale Ale was going to be Philadelphia Brewing's IPA. Intentionally understated, they decided to turn up their IPA burner and re-dub this fine beer PPA! Can't argue with that!

Thanks to John Rehm for being our guest today, to Bill from MyBeerBuzz.com for producing an excellent show week in and week out, to The Joe Thomas who makes the production magic happen, and to Rusty "Fellini" Fender for his astounding videography!

And as always, thanks most of all to you for listening to the WILK Friday BeerBuzz!

A Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous New Year to you!


Anonymous,  30 December, 2011 12:28  

Another great guest in the exceptional line-up you guys keep bringing us! Nice (Art)

Anonymous,  30 December, 2011 12:38  

I'm always amazed at the guests on the Friday Beer buzz. I like PBC so it was extra fun to hear John Rehm. Kenzinger is in my refridgerator now and my cousin even gets it in kegs. Great show.

Anonymous,  30 December, 2011 12:39  

So who do we petition to get PBC in Wilkes-Barre/Scranton? Marcus

mybeerbuzz 30 December, 2011 12:40  

I'd e-Mail the brewery Marcus. Tell them you heard John Rehm on the radio and you'd love to see PBC in NEPA.

Anonymous,  30 December, 2011 12:41  

Great show buzzers. I had Kenzinger over the holiday and really liked it. Mike

Anonymous,  30 December, 2011 12:42  

I've managed to catch most of your show, and since I live in King of Prussia, I get all of the PBC beers. We regularly buy PA Pale & Kenzinger as well as Walt Wit. Great to hear them on the radio. Cheers WILK

Anonymous,  30 December, 2011 12:59  

Shackimaximum is my favorite. Ron

Anonymous,  30 December, 2011 13:15  

I'm watching your videos now. You guys have too much fun for 8AM. Cheers to that. Bob K

Anonymous,  30 December, 2011 13:20  

Where do I apply!?

Anonymous,  30 December, 2011 13:28  

I was gla dyou highlighted the great names at PBC. I think their names are fantastic, but I was surprised PA Pale had such a common name. It's a great beer, but why not a crazy name? Al

Anonymous,  30 December, 2011 13:30  

Happy new year! Thanks for having John Rehm on. Now we just have to get him to send PBC beer sup our way. JT

Anonymous,  30 December, 2011 13:31  

I love the fact that you are covering the hell out of our loacl and PA breweries. I'm also amazed at how many of your beer choices subsuquently become GABF award winners too. You've chosen the right career Bill. Cheers to a wealth of beer knowledge.


Anonymous,  30 December, 2011 13:32  

True dat Jason! Penn brewing last week, philly brewing this week and breaker brewing in between. Drink local and support your local brewery. Rob

Anonymous,  30 December, 2011 13:34  

I just took a peek at the list of show video you have posted and it's incredible. You guys obviouusly know the brewing gods. Cheers to hearig from our brewing heros on WILK! Chris

mybeerbuzz 30 December, 2011 13:37  

Thanks guys. We really enjoy bringing you all the great brewing guests the craft beer world has to offer. John Rehn was an excellent guest today and I'm sure we'll invite him back in the future for another show. In the mean time...stay tuned....YES we have a guest next week and yes it will be another great brew.

Anonymous,  30 December, 2011 13:39  

The Friday beer buzz rules. I've now watched ecvery single show and listened to most of them live. I misse dthe first few weeks before I knew you were on doing this. Fantastic show today (and every day). I think you love all the beers I do since I've loved every one so far. Keep it up!
Chris T

Anonymous,  30 December, 2011 13:42  

Damn! I just found your video archive! I know what I'll be doing tonight. Nice job WILK!

mybeerbuzz 30 December, 2011 13:43  

In addition to wilknewsradio.com you can also check out our video archive at fridaybeerbuzz.com

Anonymous,  30 December, 2011 13:44  

I just checked out the archive too. I can't believe how well you guys have represented craft beer on the airwaves. In Nov & Dec alone your guests have been amazing and I'm just looking further back now. Cheers to our hometown beer show!

Anonymous,  30 December, 2011 13:46  

Cheers to John Rehm & PBC for quietly making some great locally brewed beers. I've done the tour down there and the building at PBC is amazing. Be sure to go see it for yourself. Thom

Anonymous,  30 December, 2011 13:47  

Kenzinger is my favorite and I think I like the newbold better than the PA Pale Ale but they're both pretty good. Glad to see that Yards & PBC are both doing well. Jim (Duryea)

Anonymous,  30 December, 2011 13:49  

For anyone looking, these beers are readily available in Allentown and the Lehigh Valley. PBC makes a sample case that incldudes PA Pale as well as their Porter, Wheat and one other. Check them out. We buy their sample case all the time. Kristy from Easton.

Anonymous,  30 December, 2011 13:52  

Last Beer Buzz of 2011! Congratulations to everyone on the show and everyone at WILK for creating a winning show. I'll speak for everyone in the craft beer business and for the craft beer lovers in NEPA when I say that the WILK Friday Beer Buzz and mybeerbuzz have done a wonderful thing for NEPA. You bring on great beer, you let us hear from some of the most amazing brewers and you make it all fun and exciting. Happy New Year to WILK and everyone on the beer buzz. -Len Tasser

mybeerbuzz 30 December, 2011 13:54  

Thanks to Len & everyone else. We have a great deal of fun doing the show, and I thank everyone involved with making the Friday BeerBuzz so much fun. Guests like John Rehm today that take the time out of their busy days to talk to us really make it special for me so to everyone out there behind the scenes, on the phones, tuning in and reading along I say Happy New Year...and stay tuned for more great shows in 2012!

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