WILK Friday BeerBuzz–28 Oct 2011–Teach a Friend to Brew Day w/Sean Wolfe & Chuck Yarmey

28 October 2011

WILKFridayBeerbuzz4I really love having our local home brewers join us on the Friday BeerBuzz….after all, the home brew clubs are the genesis not only for some amazing beers, but also for some future professional brewers.  We’ve had the Wyoming Valley Home brewers join us before, so I was excited to welcome back Chuck Yarmey, but it was also fun to have Sean & Christina Wolfe from the Scranton Brewers Guild as well….and of course EVERYONE was in costume for Halloween!

The guys were with us to support the upcoming Teach a Friend to Brew Day, Nov 5th from 10AM-4PM.  The event will be held at the new Breaker Brewing Co (Northampton & Lehigh St—Wilkes-Barre) and it will feature home brewing demonstrations, and all sorts of great info from the Scranton Brewers Guild, Wyoming Valley Home Brewers, Waldorf Beer Club, Tunkhannock Homebrew Club & Saaz Scranton club.  Don’t forget, if you stop by you’ll also get a peek at the new Breaker Brewing facility in Wilkes-Barre Twp.

Speaking of Breaker Brewing, it was also a LOT of fun to break out the news about their new beers Coal Cracker, Susquehanna Sudds, Goldies Extra and maybe even Phoebe Snow…BUT perhaps the big breaking news of the day is that Breaker Brewing is aiming to have their Tap/Tasting room OPEN by the end of the year!  Congratulations guys….I can’t wait!

We had a great time sampling the Pumpkin Stein Beer the guys brewed as well as the other home brews.  Stein (German for Stone) beers use hot rocks to boil the wort, and how perfect is it for our Halloween show that the stones they used to brew this pumpkin beer are from head-stones.  Cheers to everyone in the clubs that joined us today and helped brew the beers we sampled.  I cannot repeat it enough that these guys brew great beers, and you should definitely come out and see for yourself on Nov 5th (10AM-4PM).


to Sean Wolfe, Chuck Yarmey (congratulations on your 3rd Friday BeerBuzz appearance!), Christina, the local home brewers, Nancy, John, Joe, and Bosco for yet another fun Friday.

The Friday BeerBuzz…bringing good beers and good people together.

As always you can check out the video on-line at the WILK Friday BeerBuzz page by clicking HERE.

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John Webster 28 October, 2011 10:02  

Can you go wrong with The Friday BeerBuzz on Halloween?!?

Thanks Sean and Christina and thanks Chuck for joining us. I bet Teach a Friend to Brew Day on 11/5 will be well-attended, both for those who are interested in trying their hand at home brewing AND for those who have been dying to see the new Breaker Brewing facility!

Great beers from Sean and Chuck and great costumes too!

Thanks Bill from MyBeerBuzz.com for once again bringing it all together!

Happy Halloween!


Anonymous,  28 October, 2011 10:20  

great show guys!

Anonymous,  28 October, 2011 10:22  

I loved the show. That had to be so much fun in the studio. You guys have a great job, and what great costumes too. Mod Suqd with a beer keg!

Anonymous,  28 October, 2011 10:32  

I've had some really fantastic homebrews and I think it's great that WILK features not just big-time professional breweries on the show, but also our local home brewers. Cheers to great beer no matter where it comes from.


Anonymous,  28 October, 2011 10:33  

This sound slike fun and I really want to see the Breaker brewery. See you next Sat.


Chuck Yarmey 28 October, 2011 10:55  

Thanks Bil, Nancy, and John for another great show. Homebrewing is gaining much momentum again and promoting it on the Friday Morning BeerBuzz helps get the word out about both the hobby and the local clubs who make some great beers. Your support is always appreciated.
Happy Halloween!!
Chuck Yarmey
Wyoming Valley Homebrewers Club

Anonymous,  28 October, 2011 11:01  

I've been a home brewer for 15 years. I also appreciate that you guys feature how good our beer is. You'd be amazed how many people turn their nose up at home brew. WILK has helped give us the exposure to change minds. Thank you Bill & WILK. Joe Kares

Anonymous,  28 October, 2011 11:03  

Wow I couldn't agree more with the previous comments. You guys are doing great things for the home brewers. I tune in every week and I know you've had the wyoming valley guys on at least twice too. Glad to see that a great beer show is paying attention to some great home brewers.

Anonymous,  28 October, 2011 12:53  

The Stine beer sounds really good. I'll definitely stop up to Breaker Brewing next weekend. TJ

Anonymous,  28 October, 2011 12:55  

You guys sounded out of control in a fun way. I loved the show. Cheers buzzers.
Ryan W

Anonymous,  28 October, 2011 13:08  

I laughed through the entire show this morning. I could just tell what was going on in the station. I think I cried I laughed so hard at the video and I'm afraid to watch beer cam!


Anonymous,  28 October, 2011 13:09  

You guys deserve an award to getting 4 beers on the show. Cheers Adam

Anonymous,  28 October, 2011 13:10  

Pumpkin beer brewed with a stone, not just any stone but an actual piece of a gravestone, and all of this on a Halloween show. Remarkable combination for the holiday. Kudos to WILK and whoever organized it. That was fun.


Anonymous,  28 October, 2011 13:11  

I've always wondered about brewing at home. You guys make it sound easy and fun. I'll have to check out Nov 5th. Cheers Larry in Hazleton

Anonymous,  28 October, 2011 13:12  

I wish I could be in the studio with you guys to sit in for the show. Maybe a giveaway for some future event! Jack K

Anonymous,  28 October, 2011 13:13  

How do I get a job like yours? What fun enjoying a beer on the radio and talking beer. I love it. Maybe I need to go back to college. Marty

Anonymous,  28 October, 2011 13:13  

Me too. I want to see the show in person sometime. Chris

Anonymous,  28 October, 2011 13:15  

I watche dthe TV show and I was hoping Fox would run into the beer buzz and it would be on TV. Maybe in the future. Jason

Anonymous,  28 October, 2011 13:17  

The video is fantastic. I can't believe you guys do all of that for the show. Excellent decorations Nancy and snoke & strobes too. Great effort and the results are fantastic. Cheers to everyone who worked all of that out. Halloween at WILK is the best. Kevin (Hanover Twp

Anonymous,  28 October, 2011 13:17  

Too much fun! I'm beer-jealous too. Brad

Anonymous,  28 October, 2011 13:18  

That show deserves another award. Cheers guys!

Anonymous,  28 October, 2011 13:19  

I heard the show live and watched the video twice. I can't wait to enjoy the video and Beer camera tonight after we have a brew. Eric J

Anonymous,  28 October, 2011 13:21  

I started homebrewing last spring when you guys had the hombrewers on for the first time. I just completed my 45th batch of beer so I'm always inspired by your show. Today was great and my next beer will be a baltic porter. Thanks to WILK. Dan S

Anonymous,  28 October, 2011 13:21  

Homebrewing isn't as hard as you may think, and it's not expensive. My first 5 or 6 beers have been pretty good and I'm learning all the time. Joe

Anonymous,  28 October, 2011 13:23  

The best part about the beer buzz is that you make it exciting. I always want to try your featured beer and now I'm excited to try brewing myself. I was 2nd in line on the Mr Beer giveaway but I'll be up to the show on Nov 5th. Sam from Dallas

Anonymous,  28 October, 2011 13:25  

I did two extract brews after your last homebrewers show, but I haven't made the jump to all grain. I am collecting the necessary equipment and I'll try to get out on Nov 5 to ask some questions I have. Tony T

Anonymous,  28 October, 2011 13:25  

Today's lsogan should have been bringing good home-brewed beers and funny people together. Nice show!

Anonymous,  28 October, 2011 13:26  

My husband has now watched the video three times and he just went back to the other homebrewers shows. I think I just found a Xmas gift idea :) (anonymous)

Anonymous,  28 October, 2011 13:27  

I'm drinking my way through the first batch of home brew I did in Aug. Inspiring show today. Thank you. J Jackson

Anonymous,  28 October, 2011 13:32  

We joke about this being a hard job, but I saw the video. You guys absolutely do work hard. I can't believe you found a pumpkin beer brewed using a gravestone for Halloween. Cheers to a great buzz. Barry (Laflin)

Anonymous,  28 October, 2011 13:32  

My favorite show! Ray

Anonymous,  28 October, 2011 13:33  

I've always wanted to try homebrewing and now you may have me convinced to try it. I think I'm in. Bulldog.

Anonymous,  28 October, 2011 13:37  

I'm finishing my garage, and I built in a dedicated brewing space. Like one of the other guys mentioned, I got into home brewing because of WILK's buzz show last year. My first brew will be a Pale Ale and I have my kettel ready to go. Jim

Anonymous,  28 October, 2011 13:38  

I'm only an extract brewer, but it's simple, cheap and the beer is great.

Anonymous,  28 October, 2011 13:40  

I brew with my brother once a month, and even if the beer doesn't come out fabulous, we have a great time doing it together. It's a nice hobby and I'm glad you've taken the time to feature it on the radio show. Cheers Rob
PS The beer ususally comes out great =)

Anonymous,  28 October, 2011 13:41  

Your costumes are killing me. Hippies and a beer keg with a monk a ghost and a victorian lady. This sounds like the beginning of a bad joke. JT

Anonymous,  28 October, 2011 13:42  

Today's show takes the cake for crazy. Fun to listen to and I can't wait to see the video. Keep up the good buzz. AA

Anonymous,  28 October, 2011 13:45  

Homebrewing is a lot of fun, and way easier than people may think. It's also great to taste your results from previous brews while you brew your next batch. Rick

Anonymous,  28 October, 2011 13:46  

Batch # 5 of all-grain for me coming up this weekend. You all should definitely try it, especially if you love great craft beer.

Chris in the Dallas brewery

Anonymous,  28 October, 2011 13:48  

I'll definitely stop up on Nov 5 and see what goes on at the teach a friend to brew day. I'm really curious to see the Breaker Brewery too. Thanks WILK. Dave T

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