WILK Friday BeerBuzz–27 May 2011 (Benny Brew Co Summer Ale & Amber Lager)

27 May 2011

WILKFridayBeerbuzz4We always love having a local brewer join us to sample some of their latest creations.  There’s something special about sampling a beer with it’s brewer, and I always gain some great insight into the beer itself.

Today we welcomed Ben Schoenfeld from Benny Brew Co back to our studio.  Ben joined us last July to sample the very first two beer he released to the public, Hopenstein and Wit, so I thought it would be a great idea to have Ben back to not only share another brew or two with us, but also to talk about how his first year in the brewing business has gone.

BennyBrewLOGOIn honor of Memorial Day and the beginning of summer, we chose to sample Benny Brew Co Summer Ale.  This is a light easy drinking Kolsch-style brew and a classic example of how great a summer beer can be.  As if that wasn’t enough fun, we also sampled Ben’s Amber Lager.  This too is a great easy-drinking beer, but with a heartier body and slightly darker amber color. 

While Summer Ale is a draft & growler-only product, Amber Lager can be found at Krugel’s Georgetown Deli & Beer as well as some of our other local beer shops…and of course at Marty’s Blue Room in Nanticoke.  Two great beers to kick off summer, so be sure to sample them for yourself.


to  Ben (enjoy your cruise), Nancy, John, Joe, & Bosco for yet another fun Friday. 

The Friday BeerBuzz…bringing good beers and good people together

As always you can check out the video on-line at the WILK Friday BeerBuzz page by clicking HERE

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John Webster 27 May, 2011 09:46  

Great to have Ben back on the show since his first appearance nearly a year ago. His 'Summer Ale' is perfectly suited for the season. Sometimes you hear the phrase 'lawnmower beer' and after we had the chance to sample Benny Brew Co's 'Summer Ale', I almost WANTED to cut the grass! lol

Thanks Ben, continued success to you. And thanks Bill for putting together another great Friday BeerBuzz!

Happy Memorial Day!


Anonymous,  27 May, 2011 09:47  

Great show!

Anonymous,  27 May, 2011 09:49  

We love Bens beer.


Anonymous,  27 May, 2011 09:55  

I love the video archive! I just went back and watched Ben's first show. You guys comtinue to get beter and better and so do Benny beers. Cheers

Ryan W

mybeerbuzz 27 May, 2011 09:56  

Thanks John...Summer Ale could definitely make me want to mow the lawn...but only if I can take a dip in your pool after ;)

Happy Memorial Day!

Anonymous,  27 May, 2011 09:57  

You guys have all been wonderful for the beer scene in NEPA. I can;t wait for next week but I love Benny's brews and dare I say Nancy has put a female face on loving beer. Cheers!

Alan K

Anonymous,  27 May, 2011 09:58  

I sampled Summer Ale down at Marty's. This is a great beer.


Anonymous,  27 May, 2011 09:59  

We missed Ben's first show so we didn't know about Benny Brewing until today. We love Marty's Blue Room. I can't believe we didn't know about the beer. Thank you Beer buzz.


Anonymous,  27 May, 2011 10:24  

I had Benny Hopenstine at Krugels last week and it's pretty good. My friends all love the Amber you did today on the show but I like hoppy beers.


Anonymous,  27 May, 2011 10:25  

Ben is really doing well for a small operation. He's never getting much publicity so thanks for putting him on the air again. He deserves the exposure.

Artemis J

Anonymous,  27 May, 2011 10:26  

I'm an Antonios pizza and Benny Brewing regular. Great show and he's a really good brewer.

Anonymous,  27 May, 2011 10:27  

Rock on buzzers. Another great show. I'm hooked on the buzz and I buy just about every beer you feature.


mybeerbuzz 27 May, 2011 10:28  

Thanks everyone. It's been fun to see Benny brewing grow ove rthe last year and it was a lot of fun to Welcome Ben back on the show after his appearance last July. Be sure to check out Ben's beer @ Marty's Blue Room, Anotonios Nanticoke, Krugels Georgetown Deli & Beer Boys.

Anonymous,  27 May, 2011 10:29  

I've had the Wit from Benny and I like it. Now I'm anxious to try the Summer Ale. Don't leave on the cruise until I can get me some!

Bob R (Moosic)

Anonymous,  27 May, 2011 10:30  

Can't wait for next week!

Anonymous,  27 May, 2011 10:51  

Me too!

mybeerbuzz 27 May, 2011 10:52  

Yes just a reminder that we'll be launching Victory Summer Love 2011 in NEPA next week AND handing out samples from 5-7PM @ Krugel's with Victory! Come out and sample!

Anonymous,  27 May, 2011 10:53  

Cool! I'll be there.


WIll there be a FaceBook event?

mybeerbuzz 27 May, 2011 10:53  

Thanks Tom...and yes. I'm creating the FaceBook event now:


Anonymous,  27 May, 2011 11:04  

Excellent Buzz today. I like Ben, met him at the festival, nice guy.


Anonymous,  27 May, 2011 11:08  

I've watched back some of my favorite old shows like Nuget Nectar, St Bernardus, April Fools day, and you guys are getting better and better. I've heard every show but I forgot how many great guests and world premier beers you've had on the show. Keep up the good beer fun Nancy, John, Bosco & Bil. You deserve the award and a relaxing weekend.


Anonymous,  27 May, 2011 11:08  

Thanks for featuring another great local brewer from NEPA.


mybeerbuzz 27 May, 2011 11:10  

Thanks Jones & Caitlin...and yes we do try to always feature our local brewers...and Caitlin a special thank you...we're a year in and even I enjoyed looking back at the video archive to some of our earlier shows. We all love what we're doing so it's exciting to see others enjoying the show.

mybeerbuzz 27 May, 2011 11:11  

By the way the video archive link can be found at the top right of the mybeerbuzz.com page in the Friday BeerBuzz section or on the dedicated friday beerbuzz page.

Anonymous,  27 May, 2011 11:11  

Very cool video archive. I love the Halloween show with Terry Hawbaker and Mike Hiller and the April fools show with Spike form Terrapin.


Anonymous,  27 May, 2011 11:13  

Nice choice of beers today! Benny Summer Ale is perfect for Memorial Day and for summer in general. He's a good guest and I listened to him back in July and I was wondering until this morning when he'd be back on the radio. Cheers BennY!


Anonymous,  27 May, 2011 11:13  

I love a good Kolsch in summer.


mybeerbuzz 27 May, 2011 11:14  

Benny Brewing Summer Ale is a great Kolsch so be sure to check it out. Thanks Ben!

Anonymous,  27 May, 2011 11:14  

I tried Summer Ale a week or so ago and you;re right. It is a nice summer beer.

Tony Aga

Anonymous,  27 May, 2011 13:36  

Great selection and I can't wait to see Benny Brewing grow even more. Cheers Ben


Anonymous,  27 May, 2011 13:37  

Amber Lager is my favorite.

Nat W

Anonymous,  27 May, 2011 13:38  

I think you've done some great local beers, but I'd like to see you branch out more and do some west coast and european brews, especially some German Hefes.

Ken Harr

mybeerbuzz 27 May, 2011 13:40  

Thanks Ken. I always feature local brews and beers available in PA, but so far we have featured some great west coast and international beers as well....check back in the archive. The good news is I'll definitely do more west coast/international beers and of course German wheats are always in the game.

Anonymous,  27 May, 2011 13:41  

Have you done a sour yet?


mybeerbuzz 27 May, 2011 13:42  

We've done a beer or two that have sour characteristics, but not a true sour yet. I've been waiting for just the right one so stay tuned.

Anonymous,  27 May, 2011 13:42  

Are you guys live?


mybeerbuzz 27 May, 2011 13:43  

Yes JJ, we do the show live. It's more fun that way. We did record our holiday spectacular for Xmas Eve and New Years Eve.

Anonymous,  27 May, 2011 13:44  

Just bought a Benny Amber Lager @ Georgetown Deli. I'll try it out this weekend and raise a toast to you guys.


Anonymous,  27 May, 2011 13:45  

I wasn;t a big fan earlier, but I just trie dthe Benny Wit again last weekend and liked it a lot. Nice job Benny Brewing.


Anonymous,  27 May, 2011 13:46  

Brewing is hard work. Thanks for bringing us a gret profile of a local brewery 1-years after opening. I watche dthe video and you guys did a great BEFORE and AFTER of Benny Brewing. I think he's doing well.


mybeerbuzz 27 May, 2011 13:48  

Thanks everyone. I agree. We had Benny on back in July 2010 before he opened and again today and it was exciting to see how well Benny Brewing is doing. It's hard work for sure, but the beers have been great.

Anonymous,  27 May, 2011 13:49  

My growler is full os Benny Summer and I'm all set for the races this weekend. Thanks for your predictions but I have to say no way on Marco Andretti or Hamilton in F1.


mybeerbuzz 27 May, 2011 13:51  

Ha! Thanks Mark. I know Marco is a stretch, as is Stewart, but I think Hamilton has a good shot, especially if it rains. They are sentimental favorites....I think Scott Dixon, Vetels and one of the Rousch fords have the inside line for now.

Anonymous,  27 May, 2011 13:52  

I'm staying with Tagliani, Jimmy Johnson and Weber!


mybeerbuzz 27 May, 2011 13:53  

Not bad choices Bob...although I suspect Tag's engine will go boom, and Weber will finish mid-pack. In any case as long as we can sit back and enjoy a good beer for the races...we all win!

Anonymous,  27 May, 2011 13:53  

Cheers to that!

Anonymous,  27 May, 2011 13:54  


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