Breaker Brewing Co–Reaching to NEW Heights!

24 February 2011

BreakerBrewingLogoNewWe’ve all followed along as our local hometown brewery Breaker Brewing Co has grown over the last few years…and I’m excited to report that Mark & Chris are reaching for new heights.    On March 8th, the guys will have a zoning hearing to approve their purchase of the former St Joseph’s Monastery on Northampton St in Georgetown.  Personally I’ve been really excited to watch a locally-owned and family-oriented small brewery take the next step to expand beyond their garage-brewery in Plains PA.  I’ve been even more excited to see two local guys, with a great sense for their locally community make the move to expand their business and reach for new heights.  Check out what Berwick Brewing Co has done for their local community in Berwick, and I think you’ll see a small portion of what the guys have in mind.

For those asking the questions, Breaker Brewing Co is a small family-owned local business looking for more space to expand.  Their plans do include moving their garage-based brewery into a small portion of the St Josephs property, in fact the classroom space currently available will be much larger than their current brewery.  I’m also excited to not only report that their plans include a small tasting room and growler fill area, but that their plans may eventually include a tap room.  It’s also important to note that Mark & Chris are members of our local community, and sensitive to the concerns of their local neighbors.  Breaker Brewing Co is a small community-oriented, family-owned local business.  This is not a late-night bar with flashy signs, in fact the guys are talking about very conservative hours and very respectful local craft-beer patrons.  This is not a business serving anything but locally brewed craft beer, and also a business interested in using some of the space initially as an art gallery for local artists and artisans.

I’m VERY happy to report that even with the pending zoning approvals, Breaker Brewing Company intends to remain small and join in with the local community.  I can personally attest to the fact that even with the expansion of brewing, fermenting, bottling and cooling spaces that are planned, when the doors are closed, brewing is actually a quiet and unrecognizable venture.

As a craft beer lover and member of our local community myself, I’m tremendously hopefully for this potential expansion of Breaker Brewing Co.  Not only do I enjoy the beers Mark & Chris brew, but more importantly, I love to see two local guys, with a tremendous sense of local community, expand a small family-oriented business into our local real estate.

I know I’ll be tuning on on March 8th, and of course you’ll hear the news here first.  Congratulations to Mark, Chris and their families on taking the next step toward moving Breaker Brewing Co. to new heights

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Rob Stitzer 24 February, 2011 21:14  

Exciting news. Best dudes. Congrats.

-Rob Stitzer

mybeerbuzz 24 February, 2011 21:15  

Thanks Rob. I couldn't agree more.

Anonymous,  24 February, 2011 21:51  

great news! if we can help in any way, we're always in support of local businesses.


Anonymous,  24 February, 2011 21:52  

We've had the pleasure to meet the brewers and I culd not be happier for BBC and for our area. Local businessmen, expanding into our local community = win win!


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