Local Brewing History – Seitz Beer

31 May 2010

LocalBrewingSeitz_Label Today’s label comes to us courtesy of Sam K and features

Seitz Beer from Seitz Brewing Co, Easton, PA.


WILK Friday Beerbuzz – 28 May 2010 (Ommegang Three Philosophers)

28 May 2010

WILKFridayBerbuzz7 Hello and welcome to week 4 of the Friday Beerbuzz on WILK.  Before I get too far in this post I wanted to quickly thank our readers and listeners.  We received a lot of great comments and suggestions after the show and we are reading them all…so keep it up.  We want to know what beers you liked and what you think of the show…and of course what beers we should be tasting in the future.


This week we’re kicking off the Memorial Day weekend, and since it’s a big weekend, I chose a big beer.  The beers of Brewery Ommegang have always been some of my favorites, and I’ll admit that this one is perhaps my favorite Ommegang beer.  Three Philosophers is a wonderful bottle-conditioned beer blend that I love drinking.  How can you not love a fine belgian-style Quadruple blended with an authentic Lindemans Kreik lambic?  This beer has flavors of chocolate, vanilla, dark fruits and a very tasty and malty backbone that I think really works well. 
Ommegang3PhilSo what about the name?  Well I’ve heard all sorts of details, but I’ll go with what Phil Leinhart (brewmaster at Ommegang) and Larry Bennet (Ministry of Propaganda at Ommegang) tell me.  The beer was created as a result of a ratebeer dream beer competition and Ommegang was selected to brew the beer.  As Larry tells me, “The beer is named after a William Blake play titled Island in the Moon where three philosophers, a Cynic, and Epicurian and a Pythagorean debate the meaning of life. 

The cynic questions why we must do anything, the epicurean delights in the beauty and loveliness of all things, and the Pythagorean is the rational philosopher working how to make things actually happen. I think you can easily fill in the connections between their points-of-view and the beer.”

After some “thoughtful debate and pontification” by the brewing team, Three Philosophers was born.  And for those wondering, the three silhouettes on the bottle are Randy Theil (creator of 3P), Michael Moortgat (CEO of Duvel) and Phil Leinhart (brewmaster @ Ommegang).


Today’s show was a ton of fun and since you always ask, I can tell you everyone really enjoyed Three Philosophers.  This is not a beer to drink quickly, but a beer to savor and enjoy as you toast your friends, family and the beginning of summer.  This is also a beer that cellars well, and it’s readily available in Northeastern, PA so be sure to check it out.

So what beer should we taste next Friday…only time and your input will tell, so please do make suggestions.  Once again another fun Friday morning on the WILK Friday Beerbuzz.  Thanks to John, Nancy, Joe & Bosco for yet another fun Friday.  Bringing good beers and good people together.


As always you can check out the video on-line at the WILK Friday Beerbuzz page by clicking HERE.


Chip the Beer Guy – Summer Beers

27 May 2010

Today on the show the guys talked favorite summer beers and sampled some Sam Adams.  The first beer of the show was a repeat beer from a previous show, Sam Adams Blackberry Wit.  A light easy drinking summer wheat, that the guys seemed to like.  I have a long standing tradition of voting against the Sam Adams beer that ultimately wins their brewers competition and this is no exception.  I of course voted for the stout in 2008 and the Blackberry Wit won, and I voted for the IPA in 2009 and the Noble Pils won.  Perhaps Sam and I aren’t on the same page when it comes to beers.  After the break the guys also sampled another Sam Adams beer, Latitude 48 IPA…part of their seasonal variety pack.  All in all an interesting selection of Sam Adams beers and a good show.

By the way guys, I like the cow sound effect.


Friday Beerbuzz – The Friday Teaser 5/28

26 May 2010

WILKFridayBeerbuzz4 We’re heading into our 4th week of the Friday Beerbuzz and I’m happy to say it’s not only been fun, but based on the comments I’m hearing, people may actually be listening.  We’ve had a lot of chatter this week after we premiered the yet-to-be-released Stegmaier Summer Stock Pilsner last week and followed that up with a meet-the-brewer event at Madisons where listeners and readers were able to taste the new pilsner (and some of Lion

s other new beers).  I think we’re on the right track and I thank Darel Matthews and everyone at Lion for making Friday’s beer possible.

I’ve answered a lot of questions and this week the most popular one seems to be, “what beer is next?”  We’ve hit a few hoppy ales, a pilsner-style lager and now in week four I’d say anything is possible. 

My goals in beer selection are three-fold.  1) I want to choose beers that would appeal to someone new to craft-beer and would make that person want to try more craft beers….or a beer that will appeal to existing craft-beer drinkers and is maybe a beer they simply haven’t tried yet.  2) I want to choose beers that craft-beer lovers will recognize as exceptional beers, but are beers that are still readily available in our area.  3) And finally, I plan to choose some beers that even the expert and long-time craft beer fans will say wow….or perhaps better yet, “wow, how did he get that beer?”  Obviously not every beer can meet all three criteria, but hopefully each beer we try will be interesting and exciting in some way.

So stay tuned…I plan to mix in some seasonal beers in the upcoming summer months, mix in a few surprises when I can, and make the beers and beer-chatter fun for everyone.  With that in mind, I have a great beer in mind for this week that you’ll want to try for yourself…and your hint of the week….I won’t need a bottle opener ;)

Bringing Good Beers and Good People Together…


Purvs Beer & More – Update

PurvsRemodelBackBar I just spoke with Bryan and he gave me some updates on the expansion going on at Purv’s. As many of you know from my previous photos, Bryan has been expanding the building and parking at Purvs. Bryan tells me he has 18 drafts on now (with three being nitro) and when the bar is complete, he’ll have 30 different beers on tap.

Purvs will be running a half price happy hour special from 5-7PM with Half-Priced Craft beers so be sure to stop in and check it out for yourself. Here's the tap list!

1)Pabst Blue Ribbon
2)Leinenkugel Sunset Wheat
3)Stella Artois
4)Troegs Dreamweaver Wheat
5)Troegs Sunshine Pils
6)Franziskaner HefeWeisse
7)Berwick Brewing Wheat
8)Berwick Brewing Arden Amber
9)Unibroue Ephemere
10)Bullfrog Double Coffee Stout
11)Arrogant Bastard
12)DFH 90 Min. IPA
13)Brewworks Insidious Stout
14)Brewworks Hop'solutely
15)Lindemans Framboise
16)ST.Druon French Abbey
17)Kasteel Rouge
18)Allagash White
19)Wyder's Pear Cider
20)Maredsous 10
21)Sam Adams Cherry Wheat (Comming Fri.)
22)Had to do it Miller Lite


Local Brewing History – Old Dutch Bock

25 May 2010

LocalbrewingOld_Dutch_BockToday’s label comes to us courtesy of Sam K and features Old Dutch Bock Beer from Eagle  Brewing Co, Catasaqua, PA.


Krugel’s Georgetown Deli & Beer – The Expansion Continues

KrugelsLogo Since so many people have asked, I stopped in to Krugel’s to get a peek at their expansion project.  I spoke with Joe and I’m happy to report it is moving along well.  Electrical and pluming are done as well as the drywall, paint and windows.  Joe tells me there were some delays with pluming and that the flooring will be going in very soon.  They’ve removed the wall and the old and new space are now connected with a LOT more room for beer.  Joe tells me he’ll be starting with about 8 tap handles with a rotating selection of beers.  I should also note that Joe has an incredible selection of new beers so I just had to take a few home to drink.  I’ll post pictures and updates when they are available and I can’t wait to see how it all works out.  In the mean time, stop in and check it out for yourself….and for those that will ask I bought the 2010 Sierra Nevada Southern-Hemisphere Harvest Ale (among others) ;)…and don’t forget that Joe does Friday night tastings too!


Stockertown Beverage

24 May 2010

Stockertown I stopped down to visit Stockertown Beverage on Sunday to check out their beer selection, and boy was I pleasantly surprised.  Stockertown Beverage, (as many of you already know already) has a great selection of craft beer and an especially huge selection of great beers like Founders, Bear Republic, Hoppin Frog and many others  Chuck and John were also nice enough to give us the tour of their beverage coolers and beer storage, and it was an amazing.  Don’t be fooled by the size of the building, Stockertown Beverage has a huge selection of bottled and kegged craft beer and yes we of course brought some home.  When you do stop by, be sure to check out the smaller room just beyond the counter for their extensive Belgian beer selection.


Local Brewing History – Old Bacchus Munchner Style Beer

LocalBrewingfNorthampton_Old_BacchusHere’s another great label courtesy of Sam K.  This one comes to us from Northampton Brewery Corp of Northampton, PA and features Old Bacchus Munchner Style Beer…the famous old brew of the Pennsylvania Dutch.


Local Brewing History – Pennsylvania Royal Porter

23 May 2010

LocalBrewingNorthampton_PA_Royal_Porter Here’s another great label courtesy of Sam K.  This one comes to us from Northampton Brewery Corp of Northampton, PA and features Old Bacchus Munchner Style Beer…the famous old brew of the Pennsylvania Dutch.their Pennsylvania Royal Porter.


WILK Friday Beerbuzz - 21 May 2010 (Stegmaier Summer Stock Pilsner)

21 May 2010

WILKFridayBerbuzz7 Week three of the Friday Beerbuzz and I’m starting to get the hang of things.  Nancy and John make it all look so easy, but trust me…they are very good at what they do (thank god).  I’ll admit it’s taken me three weeks to notice the “On Air” light in the studio, and with my back to board operator Bosco, I suspect I’m still missing quite a bit of what goes on behind the scene.

Last week the Friday Beerbuzz followed a live interview with Joe Biden, which was a lot of fun for me.  Now granted I got to sit quietly in the studio while Joe was on, but it was still a really fun experience….thanks to Nancy for landing that interview.

I know as you read this you're already saying, “two paragraphs and no mention of the word beer?”  Well here we go.  Today we were lucky enough to have a real treat.  Our beer of the week offered us all a sneak peek (or should I say sneak-taste) of a yet-to-be-released beer.  Today we tasted the re-released Stegmaier Summer Stock Pilsner.  This is a beer that was put out in 2006 as a summer seasonal following the spring addition of Stegmaier Bock.
Summer Stock Pilsner is the first lager-style beer we’ve tasted on the show, and I think a really solid choice in that it is not only a traditional northern-German lager but also a Pilsner style.  Since most Pilsners have a little more hop-backbone to them, this fit nicely with our first two weeks of tasting hoppy-ale-style beers.  This beer is a crisp, clean VERY slightly-lemony and VERY sessionable and drinkable Pils.

I’m not sure why so many people ask, but I think it is usually evident what everyone on the show thinks of the beers.  I encourage people to taste them several times, but to also be honest about their preferences.  Also many times after the show, we get a chance to talk and taste more and opinions many times do change in a positive way after a few more tastes.  Needless to say this was a beer everyone enjoyed.  Look for Stegmaier Summer Stock Pils to available very soon and look for it to be priced similarly to the other Stegmaier seasonals.

If you’d like to taste it NOW….there will be a special Meet The Brewer Night tonight (5/21) 5:30PM at Madisons in Nanticoke.  Darel Matthews from the Lion brewery will be on hand with Summer Stock Pils and some of the other new Stegmaier brews like their Pale Ale and IPA.  Stop in to Madison’s tonight and try today’s beer for yourself.

Thank you to Leo Orlandini, Bob Klinetob, Darel Matthews and everyone at the Lion Brewery for brewing some new and exciting beers, for seeking the input of our local beer community, for listening to our input AND for sharing their new beers with everyone on the show.  A second thank you goes out to John, Nancy, Joe, Sue and Bosco for making this yet another fun Friday Beerbuzz……

Bringing good beers and good people together.

As always to check out the show video on WILK you can click HERE.  We encourage your beer suggestions, input and opinions so please be sure to comment on WILK, or here on mybeerbuzz.com OR feel free to e-Mail Nancy, John or myself.


WILK Friday Beerbuzz – A Special Surprise !

20 May 2010

WILKFridayBeerbuzz4 I’m still working out the details but…I’ve already announced we have a special beer on the show tomorrow, AND now we may have an even BIGGER surprise for our listeners.  Tune in tomorrow to WILK 103.1FM and wilknewsradio.com at 8:30AM to find out for yourself.  So here’s your clue….keep your Friday evening plans open for tomorrow…. ;)


Chip the Beer Guy – Guy Hagner

BerwickBrewingArden I really have a good time listening to Guy Hagner on the radio, especially when we go right to drinking the beer.  Today Guy and Chip tasted the new Arden Amber Ale that Berwick Brewing Co released last week.  Arden is named after a popular customer “Arden” (see photo) and uses a strong presence of Cascade and Mt Hood aroma hopping with a Lager yeast brewed at a warmer Ale temperatures.  As Guy said this 5% ABV beer sounds like the perfect beer to enjoy in the Berwick brewing Co’s new biergarten (grand opening this Saturday May 22).  Congrats to Berwick Brewing Co and everyone on the show.


Local Brewing History – Mount Carmel Beer

19 May 2010

LocalBrewingMt._Carmel_Beer Who knew there were so many other local beers.  This one comes to us courtesy of Sam K and features Mount Carmel Beer from Anthracite Brewing Co, Mt. Carmel, PA….and again no worries…..Purity and Quality Guaranteed.


Benny Brew Co – A New Brewery Joins Us

BennyBrewLOGO I’ve been following along with this story for months now and I’m happy to report we’ll have another local nano-brewery coming soon in NEPA.  Please join me in welcoming Benny Brew Co.  Benny Brew Co beers will be brewed by Ben Schonfeld and served exclusively at Marty’s Blue Room in Nanticoke.  Ben will be brewing on a 1bbl Sabco system and expects the label approvals to be complete by mid Aug.  Ben will also be selling 22oz bottles for some of his beers.

Initially Benny Brew will be releasing:
Hopenstein (India Pale Ale)
Belgian Wit (Belgian-style wheat beer brewed with spices) and
Amber Lager (American Amber Lager)

Congratulations and welcome Ben.  Can’t wait to try the brews.


Stegmaier Variety Packs (with the NEW IPA & Pale Ale) have arrived in NEPA

StegIPAPale Plaza Beverage in Pittston tells me the new Stegmaier Variety packs have arrived.  We have really enjoyed both of these new beers so be sure to stop up and check it out.


Friday Beerbuzz – This Week’s Show (5/21/2010)

WILKFridayBeerbuzz4 Now I’ll admit last week’s show was a touch frantic.  I think with Vice President Joe Biden being on the Webster and Nancy show live right before the Friday Beerbuzz and the excitement revolving around that, it was a little hectic.  I’m also realizing that even though I have a show or two under my belt, that sometimes I’m a little nervous.  Thankfully the video doesn't show how much my hands are shaking when I’m pouring the beers, but live radio is not something I’m quite used to yet.

It was fun to try two beers on last week’s show, but perhaps a little too crowded for time.  I have a fair idea of what John like’s in a beer, but I’m still figuring out Nancy & Joe.  My 2nd beer of the day was an attempt on my part to learn, and I think it helped.  As we move forward on the show I will find a soulmate beer for everyone in the studio, and hopefully all of you.

This Friday we have a great local beer to sample.  This beer is a great example of what a local beer community can do to influence a brewery and how well that can work for everyone involved.  Tune in and see what I’m talking about on the Friday Beerbuzz this week on WILK (103.1 FM or wilknewsradio.com)  I promise you won’t be disappointed.

The Friday Beerbuzz….bringing good beers and good people together..


Troegs Scratch # 30 NOW Available

18 May 2010

TroegsScratch Troegs Scratch # 30, a Maibock beer is now available in the Troegs tasting room.

From Troegs Blog: 

Devotees of the Scratch series know it's been awhile since we've turned out a lager... See More—perhaps too long. Fortunately, Tröegs brewer Jeff Jerman has remedied that with a smooth-drinking Maibock-style brew. Featuring a variety of bready malts, including heaping amounts of Vienna and Biscuit, the Jerman Bock brings to mind the "liquid bread" description usually reserved for the old German monks of lore.
Hopheads need not worry, as we added plenty of Northern Brewer and Tettnang hops in the kettle to give the Jerman Bock a more-than-fair 35 IBUs. Our hopback also got its workout with a big pile of Tettnang hops, lending the brew a leafy edge that nicely balances the brew's malty core. Lovingly lagered for six weeks and coming in at 7% ABV, this brew is smooth but doesn’t go down as easy as a first-round knockout.A Maibock in May? Sounds about right to us. Prost!


Local Brewing History – Mirtz Premium Beer

LocalbrewingMirtz_Beer_Label,_Fell_Brg._Simpson_PA Who knew there were so many other local beers.  This one comes to us courtesy of Sam K and features Mertz premium Beer from Fell brewing Co in Simpson, PA.


Local Brewing History – Kaier’s Special Bock

LocalBrewingKaier's_Bock Today’s label comes to us courtesy of Sam K and features Kaier’s Special Bock Beer from Chas D. Kaier Co, Mahanoy City, PA.


Bullfrog Brewery – American Craft Beer Week May 17th-May 23rd

16 May 2010

BullfrogLogo What a great week to visit Bullfrog Brewery in Williamsport, PA!
From the frog:


Next week, Monday May 17th through Sunday May 23, is American Craft Beer Week.

We've got a lot of beery tappings and happenings the whole week for you all - come out and show your support of your local craft brewer and brewery!!


pecial tappings:

Monday May 17th
Busted Lawn Mower Saison 2009 - refermented in the keg with Brettanomyces yeast and wet hopped with locally grown Cascade hops.

Tuesday May 18th
Liquid Sunshine - a tank-aged sour blonde served on the handpump

Wednesday May 19th
Old World Porter - a special blend of our Roughneck ale and barrel-aged sour stout served on the handpump.

Thursday May 20th
Sucker Punch - a cask conditioned blend of Edgar IPA and Old Toad Barlywine aged for 1 year and served straight from the cask.

Friday May 21st
Lights Out Stout - an Imperial Stout aged 3 years in oak barrels with coffee, chocolate and an assortment of wild yeast, served on the handpump.

Saturday May 22nd
Barrel-aged Old Toad Barlywine - aged for 2 years.

Sunday May 23rd
Hibiscus Sunshine - a cask conditioned version of the Liquid Sunshine aged with Hibiscus flowers, served straight from the cask.


Local Brewing History – Joyce’s Perfection

15 May 2010

LocalBrewingJoyce's_Perfection Today’s label comes to us courtesy of Sam K and features Joyce’s Perfection Beer.  Now who knew there was more than one “perfection” beer?  This one from Howell & King Company in Pittston, PA.


WILK Friday Beerbuzz – 14 May 2010 (Bells Two-Hearted Ale)

14 May 2010

WILKFridayBerbuzz7 Late last night the Friday Beerbuzz changed a little.  Somehow when the Vice-President of the United States is schedule to appear, and scheduled right before the Friday Beerbuzz….things change.  In the end it was a really exciting and fun change, and congratulations to Nancy, John and WILK for landing the interview.
There was a noticeable difference in our second ever live beer radio show today.  Most noticeable for me was the fact that I was actually able to breath during the show, (including exhaling).  In week one there were a lot of shaky hands (mine) and I’m not sure if I even remembered to breath.  Fortunately for me I now actually seem to enjoy the fine-line between excitement and terror.

It’s a ton of fun chatting about beer with beer lovers and future beer lovers, and so easy to get lost in great conversations over a great beer…and today was no exception.  In the run up to our first show, Joe Snedeker worried out loud that Nancy may “girl up” our “manly beer show.”  After speaking to Mrs Beerbuzz about this, she encouraged me to get John, Joe Thomas and even Joe Snedeker to embrace their feminine side…so we did.  I brought a special “Nancy beer” and the very “doily” that Snedeker was concerned about….but don’t get too lost in the fun.  The Peche Lambic Nancy tasted today is a really good beer that I’ve never seen anyone dislike….so be sure to try it out.  Most exciting for me is perhaps that Nancy actually liked the Bell’s Two-Hearted IPA even better. 


After tasting the Peche Lambic we moved on to the Bell’s Two-Hearted Ale.  Coming to us from the manly state of Michigan, Bell’s Two-Hearted Ale has not only been a favorite beverage of mine, but also a gateway IPA for many hop lovers.  Two-Hearted Ale is a really nice way to introduce people to a hoppier beer style like an IPA without knocking their socks off.  Try it for yourself, especially if you don’t traditionally like a hoppy beer and let me know what you think.  IPA’s aren't for everyone, but this is an IPA that may surprise you.

As always a big thank you to John, Nancy, Joe, Sue, Bosco, Joe Biden and everyone at WILK for making this another fun experience….and as always we encourage YOU to join in.  Please feel free to comment here or on WILK’s Friday Beerbuzz page (listed in their left hand menu bar).  We’d also love to hear what you thought about the show and any suggestions you have for future shows and beers.  All of our e-Mail and show links are on the mybeerbuzz Friday Beerbuzz page (linked from the top right of my main page).

So drink up and join in so we can all bring good beers and good people together and be sure to check out WILK’s Friday Beerbuzz page for our beer details and video’s of the show.

As always you can click HERE to check out a video of the show on WILK.


Stegmaier Summer Stock Pilsner is IN the Bottles!

StegSummerStock More details to follow…but Stegmaier Summer Stock Pilsner was bottled yesterday!

Summer Stock is the Lion's take on a traditional Northern German pilsner.  It uses 100% Cargill German Pils malt and Perle hops, with Ahtanum added for a subtle, refreshing lemongrass finish.  The beer finished out at about 5% ABV and 25 IBUs.  For this initial re-release it'll be available in its' own cases and six-packs as well as on draft.


WILK Friday Beerbuzz – Joe Biden

13 May 2010

I’m just finding out that Vice-President Joe Biden is schedule to appear on WILK at 8:20AM tomorrow either right before or perhaps even instead of the Friday Beerbuzz….so stay tuned!  Will Joe bump the buzz?! ;)


Friday Beerbuzz – Coming Up Friday

WILKFridayBeerbuzz4 We’re marching toward our sophomore episode of

the Friday Beerbuzz on WILK’s Webster and Nancy show and it’s been a really fun week. Last Friday we featured Troegs Hopback Amber Ale and ironically enough we found it on draft at Dugan’s Friday night. It won’t last long so be sure to stop by and try our first week’s “show” beer for yourself and let me know what you think.

After last week’s show, I ran into a lot of friends, readers and even family members who tuned in last week. Most common question I’ve been asked is “What beer will be on next week AND can I come on the show and drink it with you guys?” Funniest question I’ve been asked is, “What day of the week are you guys on?”…and mostly funny because people somehow were asking what day of the week the “FRIDAY Beerbuzz” would be on….hmmm….let’s see…..

Of course I’m kidding but it’s been exciting to hear all of the chatter and questions…things like “Was that really YOU?” or “Is that really LIVE?"”…or even “Who writes the script?” Well to answer them all at once, Yes it’s me, Yes it’s live and No there is no script….that’s what makes it fun and hopefully that’s what makes it fun to listen to.

We also encourage you to interact with us. Tell us what you think of last week’s beer, tells us what beers we should bring on the show and lets us know what you like (and don’t like) too. We want this to be a show that beer lovers and future beer lovers can all enjoy, so speak up.

We’ll be live in the WILK studio this Friday (5/14) on 103.1 FM 98 AM and on-line at wilknewsradio.com in the 8:30AM half hour. I’ve chosen this week’s beer already and lets just say this is another beer I know you’ll want to go out and try for yourself. It’s also a beer that has made more than one of my friends a beer-believer…so don’t miss the show.


Chip the Beer Guy – Breaker Brewing Co

breakerbrewingquietcanaryIt’s always fun to hear Chris & Mark from Breaker Brewing Co on the radio.  Today the guys talked a lot about their brewery expansion and some of the new brews heading our way.  They also sampled the Goldies Blonde Ale (wait can you say whore-house on the radio).  We had a chance to try their new Quiet Canary Saison-Style Ale a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it.  I think along with Goldies it will make a great summer beer, and I really like the label design.

Who can believe that Breaker Brewing Co is a year old already and already increasing brewing capacity by almost 3 times.  I’ve been following along with the build and the new system looks amazing (look down a few posts for photos)….and yes it definitely looks like the “hobby out of control” the guys mentioned on the show today.

Cheers to Goldies and thanks guys….fun show to listen to.

oops…apparently the show continued on after the three song break and they sampled Black Mariah….cheers again…another great beer.


Allsopp’s Arctic Ale - Alchemy

12 May 2010

Artic Alchemy Mike Fegley from Brew Works was nice enough to send me more info on a story I’ve been following.  Back in 1852 a British expedition lead by Sir Edward Belcher set out through the northwest passage to explore the arctic sea.  On board that ship were several hundred bottles of Allsopp’s Arctic Ale…a high hop 12% special ale.  Years later in 2007, an original bottle was sold for over a half-million dollars…which lead to an idea.

Beginning in July 2010,  Chris Bowen, Dick Gethin, and John Chay will set out from Bethlehel, PA on a 2000-mile motorcycle journey to the Canadian Arctic (Hudson/James Bay) where they will recreate and re-brew the original Arctic Ale using Allsopp’s original recipe, local resources and a portable brewery.  Along the way they will film the adventure, and they are even inviting others to join the ride as they visit breweries and historical locations along the way. 

Alchemy is in the tanks now at Brew Works…brewed by Beau Baden & Chris Bowen using the same recipe to we should actually be able to try this beer soon.  Stay tuned as we add more details and hopefully even follow along as they ride.  Cheers to an amazing idea.


Breaker Brewing Co – Version 2.0

BreakerBrewingCoVersion2 As many of you know, the guys at Breaker Brewing Co have been busy building a new brewing system.  Their original 1.5bbl system was sold and they’ve been building out a new 4bbl system.  I saw many of the parts that they were using and I suspect it will come out great.  Here’s a first preliminary photo of what the new system looks like.  Cheers guys…..more beer for us!


Weyerbacher to Release Wild Sour Ale

From the Weyerbacher Blog:

If you have been to the brewery in recent weeks, you may have noticed a grey tarp covering something tucked along the back wall near our brewhouse.  What lies beneath?  It’s twelve oak barrels that we acquired from Chaddsford Winery, which is not surprisingly out of Chaddsford, PA.  I was told by the barrel manager that they were used for whites first followed by reds after the oak flavor had subsided.  Once that oak flavor had diminished a bit further, the barrels were retired.  That means they are available for sale to us.  Yeah!  I should note that even when a winery deems that a barrel has insufficient oak flavor, it can still give off a tremendous amount of oak flavor to a beer particularly over a few years of aging.  We received three different types of oak including 4 American Oak, 4 Hungarian Oak (pictured), and 4 French Oak.

Hungarian Oak

Hungarian Oak

Now we have some nice barrels. 

What to do?  What to do?  Could we make an American Wild Ale?  We have already done Riserva and we have ideas for more of these.  We looked at another few options and in the end decided to come with something without paying much attention to what others were doing.  This is not to say we came up with a completely new style, only that we would use some non-traditional malts to form a non-traditional sour ale.  We know that we are always building on the shoulders of giants.  So in addition to the pale base, we chose raw wheat, Melanoidin, and Sauer malts topped off with a kiss of CaraAroma.  The last three are fantastic malts from Weyermann.  We also decided we would do 100% barrel fermentation.

Barrels waiting to be filled

Barrels waiting to be filled

On August 27th we started our ambitious brew.  We decided that we would really like to accentuate the sour character, so we decided a sour mash would be in order.  We mashed-in that afternoon and allowed the mash to rest overnight where it would gain some acidity.  The next morning we heated up the mash and finished the brew.  The aroma of this brew was just incredible and unlike any one I have ever smelled.

Now it was time to fill the barrels.  We pitched a small amount of Wyeast 3278 Lambic Blend into each barrel.  This yeast blend contains a wide variety of fermenting organisms including traditional brewer’s yeast, sherry yeast, Brettanomyces yeast and some lactic-acid producing bugs.  We then filled the barrels with our beautiful wort and prepared ourselves for the long wait.  It should be ready on 18 months to 2 years.


Local Brewing History – Kaier’s Old Diamond Porter

11 May 2010

LocalBrewingKaier's_Old_Diamond_Porter Today’s label comes to us courtesy of Sam K and features Kaier’s Old Diamond Porter from Chas D. Kaier Co, Mahanoy City, PA.


Local Brewing History – Christian Feigenspan Pride of Newark Brewery

First let me apologize for how my home scanner attempted to handle this wonderful 10” x 13” 36 page brochure from Christian Feigenspan PON (Pride of Newark) Brewery.  This brochure is courtesy of Tom Clark at Berwick Brewing Co.  PON features a Dark Beer, Brown Stout, Porter Imperial Pale Ale, Amber Ale (all in various bottles and cans) as well as a secondary line called Dobler Brewing.  Feigenspan advertized “Oceans of Ambers” to highlight their 30 2-story fermenters with a capacity of 9,800 barrels and their cloistered Monks Cellar with multiple 100-barrel oak casks just for their IPA.  This was clearly a huge and amazing brewery, that even more amazingly, just disappeared as many regional breweries merged.  Rather than try to scan every page, I’ve included some of the more amazing pages and photos…enjoy and thanks again to Tom Clark for sharing another piece of local brewing history.

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scan0005 scan0008
 scan0013  scan0012
scan0010 scan0015
scan0016 scan0017
scan0018  scan0021
 scan0020 scan0019
scan0022 scan0023
scan0024 scan0025
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