WILK Friday Beerbuzz – 30 July 2020 (Benny Brewing Co Hopenstein IPA and Wit)

30 July 2010

WILKFridayBerbuzz7 It’s been a lot of fun having guests on the Friday Beerbuzz, especially three weeks in a row.  I think it’s important for us to talk to our local brewers and let you hear from the men and women that brew your beers.  Stay tuned for more guests (local and not-so-local) in the future AND please feel free to contact us with suggestions for guests.

This week we welcomed Ben Schonfeld from the new Benny Brewing Co in Nanticoke.  And not only is Benny Brewing Co new, it is in fact so new that it’s not even officially open yet.  We’ve been very lucky to get to taste some pre-release beers on previous shows, and today we were lucky enough to taste two.  We sampled Ben’s Wit (a spiced Belgian-style wheat ale) and his Hopenstein IPA, and we really enjoyed both.

It was also fun to hear about the process of opening a brewery.  All too often I think people just assume you simply start brewing and selling beer, but there is a lot more to it than that.  Months, sometimes years worth of paperwork and approvals with the PLCB and TTB, not to mention the branding, marketing, packaging and sales plans.  It’s quite a process, so believe me when I say that anyone brewing and selling beer has gone through a LOT of work to do so.

Benny Brewing Co will be sold exclusively from Marty’s Blue Room in Nanticoke on tap and bottles…and stay tuned for details on further distribution.      You can find details on mybeerbuzz as well as the Benny Brewing Co website.  There will also be a Beernauguration event on Aug 17th 5-8PM @ Marty’s Blue Room to launch the new beers.

We had a lot of fun visiting and tasting with Ben today. 

I want to say t

hank you to Ben, John, Nancy, Joe & Bosco for yet another fun Friday. 

The Friday Beerbuzz…bringing good beers and good people together

As always you can check out the video on-line at the WILK Friday Beerbuzz page by clicking HERE

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John 30 July, 2010 09:36  

Bill, kudos on another great local brewer and exclusive (pre-release!) on Benny Brewing Co's Belgian-style Wit and Hopenstein! The Wit was excellent and the Hopenstein, gimme! lol

Thanks too for the Stone Brewing originated surprise which by all accounts is as rare as the proverbial hen's teeth on this side of the USA!

Another great show!


mybeerbuzz 30 July, 2010 09:44  

Thanks John....another fun show, some really great pre-release beers and a great guest in Ben....and no problemo for the Stone surprise....just be sure ot sit out by the pool on Saturday and enjoy it.

Anonymous,  30 July, 2010 09:46  

Fan f&^%ing tastic show guys. This is a great beer show ladies and gentleman! Ben was a good guest and I ha dno idea there was a brewery opening in Nanticoke almost walking distance from my house. See you soon Ben!

Anonymous,  30 July, 2010 09:47  

A+ guys you're smoking the other show.

Anonymous,  30 July, 2010 09:48  

I was one of the guys that stopped by to say hi last night (I had on the red shirt). It was a lot of fun meeting you and talking beer with you and thanks for taking the time to chat.


Anonymous,  30 July, 2010 09:50  

I saw you out at Backyard Ale House like Vinny mentioned too. The Founders CBS was great and talking to you and Mrs Beerbuzz was fun too. You know even more about beer in person than on the radio! and you managed to hook me up with the guy pouring Firestone Walker 12 too. I love you man!

Jason J

mybeerbuzz 30 July, 2010 09:52  

Thanks everyone...and thank you to everyone that was nice enough to stop by and say hi last night. I love talking beer so it's always fun to meet other beer lovers. Yes the CBS was great and thank you to Taylor for sharing the Firestone Walker (and the other surprise) with me. We had a great time and really appreciate the beer surprises.

Anonymous,  30 July, 2010 10:02  

I never know what else to say but I want you to know I love the show.

Ryan W

Anonymous,  30 July, 2010 10:09  

I'll get down and try Ben's beers on the 17th. Good show today!

Anonymous,  30 July, 2010 10:25  

Listening to both the Friday Beerbuzz and Chip I'm happy we have two radio beer shows. But you guys are much better at it and the new guy on Chip's show is awful. Keep up the fun WILK you have a great show here.


Anonymous,  30 July, 2010 10:25  

Nancy likes Hopenstein!

Anonymous,  30 July, 2010 10:29  

I think it is wonderful what you guys are doing to not only promote our local beer community, but also to promote responsible drinking. You really do a well educated show in a format that's hard not to love and I really look forward every week to starting my weekend off with WILK. Cheers everyone and if I see you out I'll buy you all a beer.


mybeerbuzz 30 July, 2010 10:30  

Thanks Joe....I'm sure we'll find you out sometime in the future and thank you for the kind words. I truly believe that if you love what you do, that loves comes out in what you do...and hopefully that's true of the show.

Anonymous,  30 July, 2010 13:07  

A+ Friday beerbuzz and where's my Stout??

Anonymous,  30 July, 2010 15:08  

The Frdiayt Beerbuzz gets better and better

Anonymous,  30 July, 2010 15:09  

You guys do great with guests and I love hoppy beers too. As you said on the show my wife is terrified of them. Thanks Nancy for helping her keep an open mind.

mybeerbuzz 30 July, 2010 15:10  

Thanks everyone. Any yes hoppy beers shouldn't be limited to men or considered too "manly" by any means. These are great beers and once you try them a few times, you'll see. Keep us up to date on your wife's progress ;)

Anonymous,  30 July, 2010 15:11  

Rock on Beerbuzz. It was nice meeting you Thu.

MrsBeer 30 July, 2010 15:15  

Huz, you are correct. I would climb a wall if someone ever insinuated that girls don't like hoppy beers. Loved the show, as usual.

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