Friday Beerbuzz – The Friday Teaser 5/28

26 May 2010

WILKFridayBeerbuzz4 We’re heading into our 4th week of the Friday Beerbuzz and I’m happy to say it’s not only been fun, but based on the comments I’m hearing, people may actually be listening.  We’ve had a lot of chatter this week after we premiered the yet-to-be-released Stegmaier Summer Stock Pilsner last week and followed that up with a meet-the-brewer event at Madisons where listeners and readers were able to taste the new pilsner (and some of Lion

s other new beers).  I think we’re on the right track and I thank Darel Matthews and everyone at Lion for making Friday’s beer possible.

I’ve answered a lot of questions and this week the most popular one seems to be, “what beer is next?”  We’ve hit a few hoppy ales, a pilsner-style lager and now in week four I’d say anything is possible. 

My goals in beer selection are three-fold.  1) I want to choose beers that would appeal to someone new to craft-beer and would make that person want to try more craft beers….or a beer that will appeal to existing craft-beer drinkers and is maybe a beer they simply haven’t tried yet.  2) I want to choose beers that craft-beer lovers will recognize as exceptional beers, but are beers that are still readily available in our area.  3) And finally, I plan to choose some beers that even the expert and long-time craft beer fans will say wow….or perhaps better yet, “wow, how did he get that beer?”  Obviously not every beer can meet all three criteria, but hopefully each beer we try will be interesting and exciting in some way.

So stay tuned…I plan to mix in some seasonal beers in the upcoming summer months, mix in a few surprises when I can, and make the beers and beer-chatter fun for everyone.  With that in mind, I have a great beer in mind for this week that you’ll want to try for yourself…and your hint of the week….I won’t need a bottle opener ;)

Bringing Good Beers and Good People Together…

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Jay Zeis 26 May, 2010 15:00  

Oscar Blues/21st Amendment beers?

mybeerbuzz 26 May, 2010 15:04  

Thanks Jay...I just enjoyed a 21st Amendment Brew Free or Die IPA on tap last weekend and really liked it. Not a bad idea...I'll have to see who sells it locally. I'm a big Oskar Blue fan and really like this year's GUBNA so that's a distinct possibility too...unless I'm swayed to Ten-Fidy first ;)

Jay Zeis 27 May, 2010 13:08  

I love OB's entire line. GUBNA is a great addition to that lineup. (I even put up with Mama's little Yella Pils every once in a while)

mybeerbuzz 27 May, 2010 13:14  

We really enjoyed Ten-Fidy all winter and Dale's Pale has always been a very drinkable beer but I'd have to say GUBNA is probably my new Oskar Blues favorite. I have't tried the Pils so I'll have to give that a run.

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