Troegs Nugget Nectar 2010 –12oz Cases Have Arrived

22 January 2010

TroegsNugget2010 Yes the 12oz cases of Nugget have arrived, but sadly I’m seeing very limited quantities.  I was able to get the case you see from Plaza Beverage, but Charlie tells me he received very few cases and continues to try to get more.  I’ll be sure to report in if more cases arrive.

On an unrelated note, Charlie also tells me they should be seeing cases of the new Yuengling Bock later today!

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Professor Bartels,  22 January, 2010 16:15  

Please let me know if you see or hear word of Genesee bock-- had it last year and what a great value.

mybeerbuzz 22 January, 2010 16:43  

You bet Prof....I'll keep my eye out for it.

mybeerbuzz 22 January, 2010 16:44  

I'm hearing Wyoming Valley beverage in Edwardsville may have a few cases of Nugget Nectar 12oz...

Brian 23 January, 2010 15:22  

Bella Vista in Philly has a decent amount of cases...I picked one up today for $50

Anonymous,  23 January, 2010 22:57  

Heads up for all of you in NE PA. I stopped at Tanczo's after work tonight
hoping there was a case of NN left. There wasn't just a case; there was a
PALLET. I did a quick count of over 40 cases. For whatever reason,
Tanczo's seems to be majorly hooked up with Troegs. I can remember them
having just as many cases last year. I actually felt bad when they were
still there in May and June 2009 - NN is definitely best fresh. Please get
the word out on your site. Maybe some NE PAer's in need could carpool down.
Best part - $39.99 plus tax per case. Now that's a bargain for one the
country's best brews. Enjoy!

Anonymous,  24 January, 2010 12:59  

thrifty beverage has NN and a great selection of other beers!

josh,  24 January, 2010 15:02  

pikes creek beverage had about ten cases of nugget nectar as of saturday night. 40 bucks for a case and they also have a huge selection of micros and imports and hard to find stuff.

Cody Ace 27 January, 2010 19:03  

Tanczo's stil has roughly 1/2 to 3/4 of a pallet left as of last night. I should have bought two, but just got a TON of Weyerbacher on Saturday hehe (Insanity and Heresey '10).

mybeerbuzz 27 January, 2010 19:42  

We have a little over 3 cases so far. I heard WB just released Insanity & heresy 2010. Good stuff.

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