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26 September 2009

I know very little about today’s Loin Brewery label.  The label is Hope Red Rooster Ale.


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leoorl44 26 September, 2009 15:21  


This the first ale that the Lion ever did, back in 1988! This is the one where we used dry ale yeast and it fermented in one day and there was foam all over the floor! From what I remember, it was a nice beer.

sam k,  26 September, 2009 15:38  

All I can tell you on this one is that Hope was an early contract-only brew. They had a lager, I believe, but I've never seen the Red Rooster before, either.

I actually have an oven mitt with the Hope logo on it that I picked up at a breweriana show years ago.

mybeerbuzz,  26 September, 2009 15:58  

Holy Krausen batman....the first ale brewed at Lion...very interesting....and fermented in one

leoorl44 26 September, 2009 18:05  

Hope was one of our first contract brews. We were doing Manhattan Gold and Hope. Hope was actually the original 1857, which was dry hopped with Saaz. We did Hope Lager, Christmas Ale, Red Rooster and Hope Light. Tim Morse was the brewmaster at the time.

That was right around the time that our contract business started picking up. We did a lot of them, Diving Horse, Black Sheep Lager, Wall St. Lager. Trupert, Erins Rock, Ottos Oat Bran, and quite a few more that I cannot remember.


mybeerbuzz,  26 September, 2009 18:10  

Thanks Leo...fascinating to know what brews were the same beer (or similar) in a different package. Must have been fun at the time to do the first ale.

sam k,  27 September, 2009 00:55  

I bought a case of the Manhattan Gold in W-B on my way to NYC in 1989 or so, and proceeded to Manhattan Brewing Co. for dinner and beers. They had none of their own on tap that day, so my buddy and I drank the Lion-brewed bottles (available at the restaurant) with a fabulous dinner. Two bottles cost nearly as much as the entire case had in W-B!

Diving Horse was produced for a concern in Atlantic City, and the only case I got was very cheap ($12) at a breweriana show from the guy you brewed it for, Leo. Highly illegal on his part, I'm sure!

Lew Bryson 27 September, 2009 13:38  

I remember most of these beers, but I only ever saw Red Rooster once, when we were living in Connecticut. A bar not far from us tried to get as many beers as they could, and they had a Hope promotional night, with the Lager and the Red Rooster. They had a Nathan Hale's Ale night, too: was that The Lion also, Leo?
Remember drinking Trupert in the parking lot one morning at 8 AM before driving up to The Lion for a morning tour, way back in 1993. Hardhats, ducking under pipes...what a tour!

mybeerbuzz,  27 September, 2009 13:45  

Interesting stuff you know the tour is still pretty amazing.

leoorl44 27 September, 2009 20:50  


Yes, we did Nathan Hale as well. We also did Brimstone around that time as well. One of these days, I will go back into the archives and see all of the contract brews that we did.

Anonymous,  29 September, 2009 16:06  

seriously guys- someone write a book!!

mybeerbuzz,  29 September, 2009 17:11  

I agree...I think it's time...just don't let Lew hear shhhhhhh...

Anonymous,  30 September, 2009 16:07  

who better to write it than Lew? there's gotta be a publisher somewhere who'd pony up for lew to interview leo and other Lion folks... who can we lobby to?

mybeerbuzz,  30 September, 2009 16:55  

Anon...I believe you missed the humor..

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