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24 June 2009

I've heard from the guys at Lion Brewery and I'm happy to report some very good news. First, this years production of Midsummer White has been released, and the brewery is already down to their last 500 cases and a limited number of kegs remaining. Work is also underway to brew their 2009 Oktoberfest. The guys tell me that the tanks are currently full of other customer's oktoberfest beers, and the Stegmaier Oktoberfest is scheduled to hit the tanks late in the week of July 6th with a projected bottling date in mid-Aug. I'm also happy to hear that about 120 cases of Stegmaier Holiday Warmer from the Nov 2008 production run has been set aside and will be available in limited quantity. As many of you may remember, the guys also did some oak-aged Holiday Warmer that aged really nicely--so stay tuned for any details on availability of 2009 warmer.

Finally I'm very happy to report that the resurrection of the famed Liebotschaner Cream Ale has truly begun. The Lion Brewery sales team is currently working to clean up the artwork (not necessarily the original label shown above) and the packaging materials order will be placed soon. I expect that this will happen soon, so stay tuned here for details on release dates.

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sam k,  24 June, 2009 23:45  

Excellent news about Lieb, and their
Oktoberfest is always a winner, but why is there leftover Warmer from the 2008 holidays in June? Keep it fresh, boys!

mybeerbuzz,  25 June, 2009 07:41  

Thanks Sam...I agree....but I can answer about the Warmer...the Steg Winter Warmer ages really well and the flavor and complexity change sin a good way as it matures. I for one am looking forward to trying the aged warmer. We had the opportunity to sample several batches of aged Warmer, and it gets better with age.

Lee Botschaner,  25 June, 2009 14:07  

Great news! Been waiting and waiting on that lieb. Cant wait for the roll out. Mr. mybeerbuzz, please try to coordinate some sixtels for us fans like you did for the steg porter. I'd like 3 at least...

mybeerbuzz,  25 June, 2009 19:20  

I'll see what I can do Lee....

Darel Matthews,  02 July, 2009 20:15  

Sam K -
To double up on what MBB said about the Holiday Warmer, at over 8.5% ABV this beer is meant for aging. I'm sure you'll agree if you try some of the Reserve that the beer mellows beautifully and only improves with age. If you liked it before, you'll love it a year or two down the road.
And we do still have a couple of sixtels of the Pinot Noir-barrel aged Holiday Warmer...and the barrels...

mybeerbuzz,  02 July, 2009 20:27  

Mmmm yes I remember the yummy aged Warmer...and that was in Feb...I can't wait to try some in another 8 months. Count me in Darel.

sam k,  03 July, 2009 16:22  

Darel, et al,

Where will those sixtels be available, and when? Will they wait for the coming holiday season or be released sooner? It will take a road trip on my part, but I'm always willing to sacrifice for the cause!!

Darel Matthews,  03 July, 2009 20:04  

I honestly haven't decided yet. I have a few bars that heard about the barrel beer and want some, but I'm thinking I'll wait for the "season" to come around.
I have toyed with the idea of calling it a Biere de Garde so people don't wonder why we're releasing holiday beers in the summer. Rest assured MBB devotees will be the first to know when the next sixtel is released, and hopefully when the vacation season passes us by I'll have the time to rack some of last year's Reserve Warmer into the barrels and be able to release it at an appropriate time. Actually, I'm kind of liking that name right there...Reserve Warmer...hmmm...

mybeerbuzz,  04 July, 2009 10:02  

Reserve Warmer...does have a nice ring to it.....can't wait to try it again and of course we'll pass on all of the details when they're ready. Happy 4th of July & thanks fo rthe info

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