Shawnee Craft Brewing - Update

Thanks to Cody for the updates he posted out on Shawnee Craft Brewing (see comments). I also heard from Leo today who tells me he has a Porter in the tanks now and is working on a Bier Blanch and Bohemian Lager for next week. Sounds like things are moving forward and can't wait to try some of these...

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  1. From Cody:

    I saw this thread an IMMEDIATLY called them to find out more information on it. It took a few transfers until I finally spoke with Pete Kirkwood, who is the lead man of the project.

    I spoke with him for about 10-15 minutes about it, and was totally stoked to hear about such local buzz about his project, as he did not know how much was already released to the public information wise.

    In terms of time frame, Pete commented that they JUST began their first Porter, but it's namely their test batch. He hopes to use some of the yeast for some of the other beers they want to try, but he commented they were not quite ready to get everything up and ready for the public yet.

    He also made it a point to say that their focus is going to be solely on the beer itself; that is, he is not looking to have a full on restaurant at all. Instead he rather wants to focus on cheeses and smoked meat, almost like a English pub, but without 'the burgers and fries' as he said. I like hearing things like this, as sometimes these smaller places lose focus and end up splitting time on two thins, running a brewery and a running a restaurant...which ultimately takes away from the beer.

    Pete also pointed out that another focus of their brewing is to remain organic as possible, and to be as green as possible. He said everything he gets is a local as possible, and that this is a huge focus on their part.

    He also said that in the creating of the brewery, that they reused almost 99 pecent of the old pipework and material from the old ice skating rink building that the brewery is replacing. This alone is awesome, as it's a sign (IMO) that they are staying true to their ideals of staying green.

    All in all, it was great talking to Pete, as he is totally excited about the process and is really looking forward to making some great beer!

    Pete commented that they'll start with a Porter, and then move onto lighter ones. He metnioned a Witbeer coming soon after they open as well.

    He also said they will be making a Cream Stout, that they will be also aging in bourbon barrels....something I can't wait for!

    Pete also hinted at a Flanders Red style beer that they want to emulate, as it's one of his favorites...another one to look for!


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