Lion Brewery - Elmer Sudds Special Beer Event

08 December 2008

Mark your calendars and save the date!

Saturday December 13th (times to follow)

Lion Brewery will be tapping a special beer @ Elmer Sudds (Wilkes-Barre, PA). I'll have more details to follow on Wednesday when the beer is ready, but suffice to say the beer sounds really interesting, very tasty and really unique for Lion Brewery. This event will also commemorate the 1-year anniversary of John owning Elmer Sudds, so it should be a great time.

Local beer lovers do NOT miss this event. This will not only be a great opportunity to try a special beer but also a chance to meet the guys from Lion. This even it open to ALL!
Stay tuned here for upcoming details!

21 comments (click to read or post):

mrs beerbuzz,  08 December, 2008 14:25  

I will be there- in my Sunday best.

mybeerbuzz,  08 December, 2008 14:27  

I'd call that "added incentive" beer lovers...

tazio 08 December, 2008 18:09  

This wouldn't be the special beer I saw a pic of somewhere aging in wooden barrels, would it?

mybeerbuzz,  08 December, 2008 18:43  

I'll have all the details on Wed...but it sounds great....

Lee Botschaner,  09 December, 2008 13:20  

Great, I will try to make it, all the way from the capital. If I do I will bring along a growler of special NY beer not available in PA for those interested to try.

mybeerbuzz,  09 December, 2008 14:33  

Glad to hear it Lee. I think this is an important event for local beer lovers to be able to show their support for not only a beer bar institution, but OUR local brewery. Pass the word...

Anonymous,  09 December, 2008 15:54  

I generally dont see much Lion product on draft at elmer sudds. It would be cool to have one of these at a place that has been a long time supporter of the brewery, like the slovak club or stans or dukeys or the like.

maybe suds will step up and start carrying more lion drafts now.

mybeerbuzz,  09 December, 2008 16:00  

Sudds has a long history with Lion, going back to Steve (the original owner) with Lion Porter on hand pump. I believe this even will be good for everyone involved...especially if we (the local beer loving community) support it.

Anonymous,  09 December, 2008 16:06  

If they want the local beer community to support them, perhaps they should have set the date for a time when a bunch of local beer lovers didn't have something else going on.

mybeerbuzz,  09 December, 2008 16:15  

To be fair anon...the date was chosen by Sudds to align with their 1-year anniversary...and yes it was unfortunate to have aligned with the NEPA split club party (also on Sat)

Please consider this the first of what I hope will be many more events to come...hopefully some of the date choices will allow you and the other local beer lovers (that can't make Sat) to come out and enjoy the beers and company.

Also keep in mind we are working on a get together with Lion and the NEPA split club in Jan at the Lion taproom and Leo & Bob were alos guests at the Lion tasting party in Nov...

Despite the date conflict for some on Sat. and the late notice by Sudds, I suspect they all deserve our support.

Anonymous,  09 December, 2008 16:17  

OH, c'mon anon #2 when do local beer lovers ever have anything else going on? Be there or be square.

Mr BB... that's reassuring. I've been to suds about a dozen times and never have seen lion on draft, even with the advent of their seasonals.

Anonymous,  09 December, 2008 16:33  

what was wrong with Friday the 12th? Seems like a perfectly good date to me.

mybeerbuzz,  09 December, 2008 17:47  

Thanks, I think you'll see more and more Lion beers locally, including Sudds. I hope this relationship between Lion and the local beer lovers will make it even more likely.

As I said, the date was chosen by Sudds to coincide with their 1-year anniversary on 12/13. I'm sure it is a date that was mutually agreeable to Sudds and Lion. Keep in mind here that Sudds has to plan and staff the event and Lion has to have the appropriate time to prep the special beer.

We hope this and other events with Lion will be the first of many to come for the local beer loving audience....I'm sure you'll have more opportunities to join in the fun.

As I also said...the NEPA Split club (which is always open to new members) is currently planning for a Jan meeting in conjunction with Lion Brewery @ the Lion taproom...another great opportunity to meet and support OUR LOCAL BREWERY....

tazio 09 December, 2008 18:00  

It's all good. I'm just happy there are places like Elmer Sudds and the Lion right here in my backyard.

mybeerbuzz,  09 December, 2008 18:58  

Ditto to that Taz

Anonymous,  09 December, 2008 21:21  

Sound slike a fun event...I'll head up and let my friend know. I think its exciting to see the brewers at Lion participating with us. Too bad about the date conflict but it sounds like Lion is becoming active with the local beer-loving groups. Thanks in advance Sudds and Lion. Lets support this even and out local brewery.

James R

Anonymous,  09 December, 2008 21:25  

Thanks for organizing this mbb and thanks to Lion for participating. This seems like a good deal for everyone and I'll be there Sat and I'll be up for any future Lion events too. Please keep us up to date.

Anonymous,  09 December, 2008 21:27  

As a member of the nepa club I think the date is unfortunate, but sometimes this is how events work out, especially during the busy holidays. I applaud Lion and Sudds and I look forward to more events with Lion. PS I had a lot of fun with the guys from Lion at the Sabatini's tasting in Nov too! Thanks everyone.

Anonymous,  10 December, 2008 08:49  

I'm also a member and I see some sour grapes here, but I think this is a great event for the beer world and we should commend everyone for making it happen. Lion has been participating with the club and I look forward to more. Maybe we can find a way to save a growler of the special beer for those of us who will be unable to attend to try?

Darel Matthews,  10 December, 2008 12:48  

We've got more than a growler set aside, there's not a lot of this beer but you'll definitely have more than one chance to try it.

mybeerbuzz,  10 December, 2008 13:48  

Thanks Darel....that's good news. It's my hope that all of the local beer lovers get a chance to try this beer some time before it's gone...

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