Chip the Beer Guy Rock 107 - Bell's Winter Ale

Apparently while I was sleeping in last Friday, the guys actually did a show. Somehow I missed Weyerbacher Winter Ale, and since the podcast section of is still showing Stone Smoke Porter I won't get to hear the Weyerbacher to make up for that, I'll write twice as much this week.

Actually I'm kidding since I don't have a lot to say. Today's show featured an American Medical Association report by Dr. Webster, Dr. Chip, Dr. Daniels and Dr. Ruthie on the effects of mixing anti-biotics with beer. Good news is it's OK (woo hoo)! I'd love to stay and write some more, but I'm off to the doctor's office to pick up some antibiotics and then off to the sixer shop for some brewski! Woo-hoo...

Disclaimer (damn lawyers): Yes I'm kidding and no I don't think you should do anything without consulting your doctor. And no it wasn't really an AMA report and to my knowledge none of the members listed are actually medical doctors.

The beer of the day today is Bell's Winter Ale. Yes it's a winter wheat ale, and apparently yellow in color...everyone loved it and apparently it made Webster go partially blind to the point he had to have an eye operation.

Disclaimer (damn lawyers): Yes I'm kidding. Bells Winter Ale or any beer for that matter does not cause blindness...John apparently had scheduled eye surgery over the Turkey-Day break and was actually not working today but stopped in to taste some beer (with his antibiotic).

Disclaimer on the previous disclaimer (damn lawyers): Yes I'm kidding, I have no knowledge whether John was on any medication today or any day nor do I know for sure if he actually consumed any of the beer. OK so we KNOW he drank some of the beer, but we still don't know what drugs he was on.

Disclaimer (damn lawyers): OK, so that was an error...John is not on drugs and although he may perhaps be on medication due to his recent eye surgery, we have no confirmation of anything else nor does anything we've implied in any way shape or form show any intent to defame the party of the first part named above herein referred to as Webster.

Anyway...enough fun....Head to Grotto and check out the $2.50 bottle special on Bell's Winter Ale!

Great show guys....Cheers.

Disclaimer (damn lawyers): in no way condones drinking, especially not on the job. The mere mention of "Cheers" is meant purely as a greeting and salutation and not as any endorsement of immediate indulgence of alcoholic beverages.

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  1. Funniest American blog post in weeks!

  2. Thanks Sam...unless that's like being the best dancer with brown hair and a wooden leg.


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