Beer & Taxes...Recession-Proof Beers?

30 May 2008

As I watch my tax-stimulus check come in one door and go right out the other door to cover my new property tax assessment increase, I started thinking. Personally, with the economy in the crapper, and the cost of everything from gas to bread going through the roof, my initial thoughts are all about why Luzerne Co chose NOW to put the "ass" in assessment. Once I decided to exhale and let that go, I started thinking what I suspect most of you did when your assessment letter arrived, Boy do I NEED a beer! Well of course beer prices are up too, so what's a guy (or girl) to do? Find an economical beer. Let's put our collective beer-heads together and come up with some recession-proof beers. As far as criteria, I'll put out that we're not looking at just cheap or low-taste beers like Natural Light or Old Bohemian. Lets see what we can come up with for beers that have great taste, drinkability, and more than a little ABV to kill off the assessment-flu AND a great local price (please include location and price).

I'll throw out one, and keep in mind creativity is rewarded here. My contribution will be $29 per case 2007 Sierra Nevada Celebration @ Pikes Creek Beverage. Great price, great beer, 7.2%ABV and ages wonderfully. I'm sure the Stegmaier beers will come in sub-$30, but I haven't noted any local prices myself so I'll leave that to someone else. I'm also pretty sure some of our member distributors will have some interesting suggestions that I haven't thought of either. OK recession-beer-hunters and mubeerbuzz members....Lets hear it...please Comment in your suggestions!

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Anonymous,  30 May, 2008 14:52  

Leinenkugel's Sunset Wheat...$28 also Pike's Creek Beverage.

Anonymous,  30 May, 2008 14:58  

This maybe a little borderline on the less than $30 parameter and local parameter, but Troegs Tasting Room has Pale Ale, HopBack, Rugged Trail, Dreamweaver and Sunshine Pils for $30.49 per case.

Jim 30 May, 2008 23:59  

At Sabatinis, there is a bin full of 1 dollar beers.

stingo 01 June, 2008 12:07  

Drink local - the Stegmaier seasonals are really good and economical. I particularly liked the Brewhouse Bock.

mybeerbuzz,  01 June, 2008 12:51  

All good choices. I'm not sure of the pricing, but we should certainly include One Guy Brewing or Bavarian Barbarian Growlers!

sam k,  01 June, 2008 13:33  

Pletcher's in State College has Clipper City Red Sky at Night bottle-conditioned saison for $27.99 and Erie Brewing Maibock for less than that, but I can't remember the price.

Anything from the Lion counts in my book, and Straub is always a good deal for an excellent summer mainstream regional.

mybeerbuzz,  01 June, 2008 14:29  

Both good choices, especially the Saison....although I'll admit I haven't had Straub before.

stingo 02 June, 2008 17:54  

Erie Brewing's Railbender Ale is a very good beer also, and not all that expensive as I recall.

And yes, One Guy is definitely a stop.

sam k,  04 June, 2008 10:35  

Also the Dundee's specialties from High Falls, at just under $20 a case, currently featuring the very excellent Pale Bock, which replaced the equally excellent porter.

Growlers and sixtels from your favorite local count as bargains anytime!

Never had a Straub? Give me a call sometime and we'll go to the Eternal Tap, one of the premiere beer destinations on the planet!

mybeerbuzz,  04 June, 2008 11:14 painful as it is to admit...I've never had a Straub.

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