Keystone Light - Can Hunt Limited Edition 2013

04 May 2013

Here’s a peek at the new CAN HUNT 2013 limited edition can from Keystone Light.  This is a 12oz can and it will come in at 104 calories & 5 g carb per 12oz serving.

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Anonymous,  09 October, 2013 14:00  

Oh my...Got one and Orange I glad I drank it...Mighty tasty...Hmmm, Orange Keystone beer or orange juice, hmmm easy choice ay.

Anonymous,  13 October, 2013 18:03  

Soo we were playing cards and the orange can appeared .. drank it .. just a good as the regular!

We were thinking maybe if we turned in the can unopened we would win 5,0000... too late .. drank it

Anonymous,  16 October, 2013 23:22  

So one of these orange cans was in our 30 pack today. Is it worth anything????

Anonymous,  19 October, 2013 20:45  

Got one. Is it worth anything???

Anonymous,  28 October, 2013 15:45  

Have 2 orange is drank and the other is full does this mean anything?

Anonymous,  04 November, 2013 19:20  

Found one in my thirty pack but after research it is only a collectable can not worth anything unless someone can tell me different.

Anonymous,  06 November, 2013 19:02  

My buddy drinks stones, found a orange can hunt.
Nice can!

Anonymous,  07 November, 2013 23:00  

Got one in a 30 pack. Not going to open it, I am going to will it to my grandchildren. Might be worth something one day :-)

Anonymous,  09 November, 2013 06:41  

Got one last night! Was loading some out of a case (24 pack) into the freezer in the garage to get cold, and found one! I started screaming and my wife thought... well, she probably just thought I was drunk.

Brought it in to show her and her first words: "Is it worth anything?"

My words: "No, but it's rare! It's a collectable. They do this every year, and with all of this stuff that I drink, I've never found one!"

Her words: "Well, don't drink it!"

My words: "How am I supposed to not drink it?"

Update: It's sitting unopened on the kitchen counter, mocking me, lol.

Kernersville, NC

Anonymous,  11 November, 2013 16:03  

My daughter has found 3 orange cans. Won't tell you how many 30 packs she had to open to find them, but you can figure the odds. Wondering like everyone else, "Are they worth anything?" Well, I can tell you they're worth the cost of 3 30 packs. from Brownsboro, Tx

Anonymous,  21 November, 2013 20:43  

it's worth about as much as a billy beer....

5 cents....

beer can collecting died in the 80s.... I got 1000s in my attic.

Anonymous,  25 November, 2013 07:33  

They must be rare. I buy 6/30 pks. month. I found one! I felt lucky! I drank it and enjoyed it because not to allow a good beer to go its "full circle of life" and be enjoyed is just alcohol abuse. lol

Anonymous,  26 November, 2013 21:35  

I've been searching all year with no luck. Bought a 30 the other day and low and behold, got 3 in that pack. Happy musician

Anonymous,  30 November, 2013 09:32  

Update from Kernersville (Nov. 9 above):

Similar to the last time, i found another one! The wife wasn't home this time, so i just left it on the counter for her to see, he he.

I was especially surprised, because the case wasn't marked as a "Can Hunt" case. Oh, and the first one is sitting on the very top of the baker's rack in the kitchen, still mocking me, lol.

As for the folks that found 3 in one case: i congratulate you; but... how lazy are the folks that work at your local brewery, to just put them all out at once like that?

Lois,  30 November, 2013 13:44  

please, I have found several cans plan on mounting them. However I've lost the story behind the cans.. can anyone help me. Send to

lady fort worth,  04 December, 2013 14:46  

have two orange cans now, now what bro, he thought he had it made with his one can he found..... now i got the last laugh.... i guess, unless he finds sumore eventually

Anonymous,  06 December, 2013 18:51  

husband bought a 30 pack of Coors light, found 3 cans of Keystone in it, one was a orange can!

Anonymous,  15 December, 2013 14:05  

3 years I've drank Kestone light and never found one. The other day bought a 30pk and to a pleasant surprise have finally found one!!!!! I was so excited I had to call my wife lol. I'm proud to say my wife has mounted it and placed for all my friends to see. Happy hunting

Anonymous,  15 December, 2013 16:18  

I ate the can, just tasted like metal to me.

Anonymous,  07 July, 2014 18:16  

i got a unopened orange keystone light can hunt limited edition 2013 & was wondering if there was a prize or not casey

Michael Egmon 16 November, 2014 06:25  

Well I got five now and I did not win nothing. Ill probably just drink them.

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