WILK Friday BeerBuzz 17 Feb 2012 Boaks Beer w/Brian Boak

17 February 2012

WILKFridayBerbuzz9A little over a year ago we welcomed Brian Boak into the Friday BeerBuzz studio to sample one of my favorite Boak’s Beers…Monster Mash.  We had a great time and actually sampled several of Brian’s beers including Double BW, Two Blind Monks and even a NEW & special version of Abbey Brown aged in Jack Daniels barrels called Wooden Beanie.

Jump forward a year and Brian was back in the studio to celebrate his 4th Anniversary and to sample some more great Boak’s beer with us.  Brian began his home brewing career with a store-bought Mr. Beer kit in 1999 and gradually grew his brewing skills and equipment size until he opened Boaks Beer in Jan 2008.  He brews the beer styles he himself likes, so he has an interesting array of great styles.

imageA lot has changed in 4-Years for Brian and Boak’s Beer, but one thing that hasn’t changed is how tasty his beers are.  We sampled an updated version of Wooden beanie and it tastes even better a year later.  This beer starts with Abbey Brown Ale and ages it with Madagascar vanilla beans in Jack Daniels barrels, and the flavor is great. 

It was also exciting to sample Brian’s other new creations and a lot of fun seeing how much the business has grown.  Stay tuned as we watch Boak’s Beer grown and watch for new Boak’s beers coming soon.

As an added bonus, Brian Boak will be holding a Meet-The-Brewer night tonight (Feb 17th) from 5-7PM @ Krugel’s Georgetown Deli & Beer on Rt 309 in Wilkes-Barre Twp. by the big cow. I’ll be on hand to help Brian hand out samples so be sure to stop by and say hi and sample some of Brian’s beers.  Brian will also be appearing at Backyard Ale House tonight beginning at 8PM so be sure to stop out and say hi.

I’m just adding in this post-show bonus….Stay tuned for some EXCITING NEWS coming out of Boaks…it will be announced at the 2nd session of the Atlantic City Beer Fest…so stay tuned for details!


to Brian Boak from Boak’s Beer, John, Nancy, & Joe for yet another fun Friday.

The Friday Beerbuzz…bringing good beers and good people together.

As always you can check out the video on-line at the WILK Friday Beerbuzz page by clicking HERE


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John Webster 17 February, 2012 10:14  

Our thanks to Brian Boak for his return visit to the WILK Friday Beer Buzz. We didn't get through all of the 'Wooden Beanie' on the show but we did our level best in my office afterward!

See you at Krugel's at 5, stop by and meet Brian and try some Boak's Wooden Beanie and more!

And as always, thank you for listening!


Anonymous,  17 February, 2012 10:39  

I love the show. great one today guys.


Anonymous,  17 February, 2012 10:41  

I met Brian last year at Krugels so I can;t wait to stop up and try the beanie beer. Cheers Brian.


mybeerbuzz 17 February, 2012 10:41  

I'm a huge fan of Monster Mash. Thanks for having Brian back.


mybeerbuzz 17 February, 2012 10:42  

how do I get your job!?>

Mark L

Anonymous,  17 February, 2012 10:44  

Monster Mash was one of the first dark beers I even liked. Cheers Brian!


Anonymous,  17 February, 2012 10:45  

If Rusty liked it I have to try Wooden beanie. See you @ Krugels.


Anonymous,  17 February, 2012 10:46  

Monster Mash is by far the best RIS out there. Can't wait to have some tonight. Marcus.

Anonymous,  17 February, 2012 10:48  

I have to thank WILK for bringing great beer guests to NEPA. Cheers to that!

Andy T

Anonymous,  17 February, 2012 10:51  

Another kick-ass show from the buzzers! I love Boaks Monster Mash and the Beanie sounded great.

Brad L

Anonymous,  17 February, 2012 10:52  

And Brian will be at Krugels tonight?

mybeerbuzz 17 February, 2012 10:53  

Thanks everyone...and a big thank you to Brian for getting up early to join us on the radio this morning. Wooden Beanie is fantastic! Don't forget to join us TONIGHT from 5-7PM @ Krugel's Georgetown Deli & Beer to Meet Brian AND sample some great boaks beer.

Anonymous,  17 February, 2012 10:58  

Please send more Monster Mash to PA. We have been out for a few weeks now! Thank you. Chris T

Anonymous,  17 February, 2012 11:02  

I still drive down to Stockertown all the time to get Monster Mash. A GREAT beer. Cheers to Brian Boaks. Eddie

Anonymous,  17 February, 2012 11:05  

See you all tonight!@

Anonymous,  17 February, 2012 11:08  

I'll be there too. This Wooden beanie has me intrigued. Eric.

Anonymous,  17 February, 2012 11:09  

Monster Mash started me off on craft beer. This is an amazing beer so YES I'll be at Georgetown tonight! Paul

Anonymous,  17 February, 2012 11:15  

I want to try this beer!


Anonymous,  17 February, 2012 11:21  

My wife & I buy Double BW all summer long. Love that beer.

Cheers Brian!


Anonymous,  17 February, 2012 11:24  

Nice show guys. I really enjoyed meeting Brian last year so I'll definitely stop up tonight. Walter J

Anonymous,  17 February, 2012 11:26  

I love Monster Mash. It's still one of my all-time favorite beers. Nice show guys.


Anonymous,  17 February, 2012 13:13  

I'm a big Monster mash drinker and I love the label too. Will Brian sign autographs?

mybeerbuzz 17 February, 2012 13:14  

Thanks everyone. yes I'm sure Brian will sign your Monster Mash bottle.

Anonymous,  17 February, 2012 13:15  

I think its wonderful that you guys bring in these great brewers and give us all a chance ot meet them/ Cheers to WILK.


Anonymous,  17 February, 2012 13:16  

I agree. The beer buzz does more to promote craft beer in NEPA than anything else (except maybe mybeerbuzz.com :) Ray

Anonymous,  17 February, 2012 13:17  

I tried Monster Mash last year at your first event and I love it. It is one of my favorite brews of all time. Mike 2

Anonymous,  17 February, 2012 13:17  

Great show!

Anonymous,  17 February, 2012 13:18  

I haven't see you guys out in a while so I'll stop and say hi @ Georgetown tonight. Cheers Tim

Anonymous,  17 February, 2012 13:19  

Boaks makes at least three beers I really like a lot. Will we be pouring any tonight? Sam J

mybeerbuzz 17 February, 2012 13:20  

Yes Krugels will be pouring several Boaks beers....I saw the keg of Monster Mash and I believe Wooden Beanie & 2 Blind Monks will be on tap as well.

Anonymous,  17 February, 2012 13:20  

I can't wait! Do I have to?


mybeerbuzz 17 February, 2012 13:21  

No Jim...you don't have to wait. GO to Krugel's now!

Anonymous,  17 February, 2012 13:21  

OK I'm on my way!

Anonymous,  17 February, 2012 13:23  

We all love the show and I myself think you guys probably don't ven know how good the beer buzz is for beer in NEPA. You would be amazed how many people I mention your show and website to from out of town and they not only know about it, they listen to you guys every week. Cheers to a good beer show. Make that a rgeat beer show. Ryan W

Anonymous,  17 February, 2012 13:24  

So when can I come on the show?

mybeerbuzz 17 February, 2012 13:24  

You never know Jim....

Anonymous,  17 February, 2012 13:25  

I haven't tried a Boaks beer so I can't wait to try the Beanie. Kim

Anonymous,  17 February, 2012 13:26  

Your guests get better and better. Cheers to Boaks brewery too! Ben

mybeerbuzz 17 February, 2012 13:27  

Thanks everyone AND be sure to join Webster & I as we help Brian Boak pour some of his great brews TONIGHT form 5-7PM @ Krugel's Georgetown Deli & Beer....Rt 309 in WIlkes-Barre Twp by the Big Cow! See you there!

Anonymous,  17 February, 2012 15:36  

Wow! I didn;t realize there was coreography until I watche dthe end of the video. Nice job guys!


mybeerbuzz 17 February, 2012 15:37  

Thanks Barry...and yes be SURE to watch the ending credits of the video. I'm still laughing!

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