WILK Friday BeerBuzz–23 Sept 2011 (Stone 15th Anniversary w/Mitch Steele)

23 September 2011

I’m a huge fan of Stone Brewing.  The beers are wonderfully creative,  the packaging is gorgeous and the brewery is amazing…so it’s no surprise that we love featuring their beers.  Last year we were joined by head brewer Mitch Steele to premier Stone 14, so it was an honor to have Mitch join us again for Stone 15th Anniversary Escondidian Imperial Black Ale.

wilkStone 15 is a BIG beer in every way.  With the layers and layers of  specialty malts and the abundance of some big and unusual hop varieties, it’s no surprise that this is a beer with big flavor.  Add in the big 10.8% ABV and the coffee, cocoa & bitter flavors and it’s no surprise why Mitch said it is perhaps the “darkest, hoppiest and most colossal beer Stone has ever brewed.”

As a bonus today we sampled the Stone / Troegs / Kevin Shepard / Jason Fields co-brewed Cherry Chocolate Stout.  This is a rare co-brewed beer so it was fun to sample it with Mitch, especially after we just had John Trogner on the show with us 3 weeks ago.

Finally it was a ton of fun to hear about all of the upcoming expansion plans that Stone has underway.  Their World Bistro & Gardens is already an amazing place to visit, but it sounds like Escondido will become even more of a craft beer destination (if that’s possible).

Don’t forget to come out tonight from 5-7PM to Krugel’s Georgetown Deli & Beer for our very special Stone Tasting (Facebook Event Details).  Come out tonight and Sample Stone 15th Anniversary Escondidian Imperial Black Ale with the WILK Friday BeerBuzz Team!  Lee Marren will be on hand from Stone and we’ll have some great glassware and giveaways too.  See you tonight!

Thank you
to Mitch Steele from Stone Brewery, Nancy, John, Joe, and Bosco for yet another fun Friday. 
The Friday BeerBuzz…bringing good beers and good people together
As always you can check out the video on-line at the WILK Friday BeerBuzz page by clicking HERE.

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Anonymous,  23 September, 2011 09:40  

Amazing guest WILK! Mitch Steele is a brewing god. Thank you buzzers and Mitch.

Ryan W

Anonymous,  23 September, 2011 09:43  

How do you do it? John Troegner, Steve Mash, Leo Orlandini and now Mitch Steele. Craft Beer lovers love the WILK Beer Buzz!
Ed Armand

Anonymous,  23 September, 2011 09:48  

15 is a great beer. Mitch and the Stone team should be proud. I'll be there tonight. I can't wait to sample it with you guys.


Anonymous,  23 September, 2011 09:50  

You guys rule the beer world. Mitch Steele is my hero and I've never heard him before. Thank you. I love Stone Beer.

Chris (Dallas)

Anonymous,  23 September, 2011 09:54  

I love this beer. Well truth be told I haven;t tried it yet but I know I'll love it. 10% ABV and 100 ibu. What's not to love. Nie to hear from the west coast. You guys are doing great when you get a brewmaster like Mitch to get up at 5AM to talk to us. Congratulations! Amy

Anonymous,  23 September, 2011 09:58  

Stone was my first craft beer. What an honor to hear Mitch on the radio this morning. I think it is amazing what WILK is doing for our local beer lovers. Thank you WILK and Bill.

Erin A (Sweet Valley)

John Webster 23 September, 2011 10:41  

Our thanks to Mitch Steele for being on the FBB this morning. Stone Escondidian 15th Anniversary Black IPA is...I'm stuck for a superlative sufficient to describe it...maybe 'remarkable' comes close?

Join us at Krugel's at 5pm and try it yourself!

Thanks again Mitch, thanks Bill from MyBeerBuzz.com for making each week's FBB outstanding.

And thanks to all who listen to The Friday BeerBuzz on WILK!

See you at Krugel's!


Anonymous,  23 September, 2011 10:48  

Me too Erin. Arrogant Bastard changed my world. I'm so excited to hear Mitch Steele on WILK. Thank You.


Anonymous,  23 September, 2011 10:51  

Rock on buzzers!

Anonymous,  23 September, 2011 10:52  

I heard Mitch last year with Stone 14. Congratulations to WILK for getting him again, especially at 5AM. Cheers and good morening Mitch!


Anonymous,  23 September, 2011 11:20  

I haven't visited Stone yet but you guys make it douns amazing. Is it?

mybeerbuzz 23 September, 2011 11:21  

In a word Anon....YES! Stone world bistro in Escondido Ca is an amazing place to visit. The building, the beers the food and the outdoor gardens make it a great beer destination for any craft beer lover. Get yer butt out there now!

Anonymous,  23 September, 2011 11:22  

See you guys tonight. Great show.

Anonymous,  23 September, 2011 11:22  

Was that 5 for fighting music?

mybeerbuzz 23 September, 2011 11:33  

Thanks everyone and thank to Mitch Steele from Stone Brewery froi joining us today. I'm moderating comments as fast as I can...more coming after lunch!

Anonymous,  23 September, 2011 13:03  

Great beer to choose and I can't wait to sample it tonight. Mitch was loaded with great info and you guys did a great job too. I know how hard it can be to work with a cell phone problem, but you guys made it funny. Thank you buzzers.

Jaime R

mybeerbuzz 23 September, 2011 13:07  

Thanks Jaime. It's always a challenge with a phone guest, but a huge thank you to Mitch for waking up so early to join us. We had a great time despite the phone glitch.

Anonymous,  23 September, 2011 13:11  

I never liked dark IPAs, but I did like Stone Sublimely Self Righteous ale so I might like this one. JJ

mybeerbuzz 23 September, 2011 13:13  

JJ...You should Try Stone 15. Stone Sublimely Self Righteous was Stone 11 and Stone 15 is based on Stone 11 s you may like it. I'm a big fan of Sublimely Self Righteous and I really like 15.

Did you all follow that math?

Anonymous,  23 September, 2011 13:16  

Funny math. I lov the naming of this beer. I think the Escondidian thing was funny. Cheers to Mitch

Anonymous,  23 September, 2011 13:17  

I love Stone. Was this a 12oz bottle?
Adam (Moosic)

mybeerbuzz 23 September, 2011 13:20  

Nope Adam...it is sold the their traditional 22oz bottles. Tonight at Krugel's howver they will be pouring samples ON TAP!

Anonymous,  23 September, 2011 13:23  

Sweet. I'll bet that's great on tap too. See you there. Adam

Anonymous,  23 September, 2011 13:24  

I'l be there tonight. I really liked todays show and guest and I can't wait to try this on tap. Will they have bottles of 15 for sale? Martin

mybeerbuzz 23 September, 2011 13:25  

You bet Martin....there will be bottles of Stone 15 for sale as well @ Krugel's.

Anonymous,  23 September, 2011 13:27  

I like Sublimely Ale too so this one may br right up my alley. I learned to love craft beer one Stone beer at a time so it was amazing to hear their brewmaster on the phone to NEPA on your show today. Cheers to Stone, Mitch and the WILK team. Jerry Landin

Anonymous,  23 September, 2011 13:30  

Your show and beer choices improve every week. And somehow you WILKers have quietly been getting some amazing guests too. A First class show in my opinion and one of my favorites on WILK. What a fun way to end the working week with Webster and the gang. Jim from Scranton

Anonymous,  23 September, 2011 13:32  

I just watched the video and you guys deserve a round of applause for the show today. Quite a challenge but quite fun to watch too. TJ

mybeerbuzz 23 September, 2011 13:33  

Thanks guys. Two great beers always helps ;)

Anonymous,  23 September, 2011 13:34  

I've met Lee Marren before and he's a great spokesperson for Stone. Amazing that you guys can snag Mitch Steele for the show and Lee for the tasting event. Nice job buzzers.


mybeerbuzz 23 September, 2011 13:35  

Thanks Jay...and a big thank you to Lee & Mitch for sharing the beer and beer chat with us all.

Anonymous,  23 September, 2011 13:37  

I've listened to every show but this is my first comment. I didn't really know the comments wee going on here. Congratulations to WILK for creating a great weekly program. I'm new to beer but I try just about every one you feature that I can find, and I've found three or four new favorites like Yards Pale Ale and Bells Two Hearted Ale. Thank you Bill, John, Nancy Joe and Bosco (I love the music) for a great Friday show. Mark Gerson

Anonymous,  23 September, 2011 13:45  

I agree with Mark. The show has been better and better. Cheers guy. See u @ Georgetown. AAndy

Anonymous,  23 September, 2011 13:57  

I love Arrogant Bastard so I'll bet I like this one. I'll sample with you guys later. Eric

Anonymous,  23 September, 2011 14:10  

Thanks for mixing it up guys. Pumpkin, Black IPA and a Troegs IPA before that. Awsome! Cheers. Tom

Anonymous,  23 September, 2011 14:13  

I know how much work you guys do for the beer crowd so cheers and I'll buy you a beer tonight. I think our local craft beer lovers should realize that if Mitch Steele himself is willing to get up at 5AM to talk to us, the Friday BeerBuzzers are doing something right. I'm not sure most people realize how big a guest Mitch is so a big thank you to WILK, Bil and everyone on the show. Henry J

mybeerbuzz 23 September, 2011 14:16  

Thanks Henry. It's a labor of love and a lot of effort put in by everyone on the BeerBuzz team. And yes we're proud that Mitch and the other west coast brewers are willing to make the early call-in with us and with all of you. Cheers to great craft beers from the west coast (and east) joining the Friday BeerBuzz show.

Anonymous,  23 September, 2011 14:19  

I'll second the cheers from Henry. I know you had Shaun on from 21st Amendment, and this is Mitch's second time, and even Larry Bell was on the show! The NEPA craft beer community thanks you. Cheers Friday Beer Buzzers. Tony T

mybeerbuzz 23 September, 2011 14:28  

Thanks Tony. We've definitely had some great guests. Check out the video archive on mybeerbuzz.com for the full list with links to the show video.

Anonymous,  23 September, 2011 14:29  

See you all at the big cow! Mark

Anonymous,  23 September, 2011 14:33  

I did the last Weyerbacher tasting you guys did and that was amazing. Great beers and these guys are fun. See you there. Jay

mybeerbuzz 23 September, 2011 14:35  

Thanks guys.....Krugel's is always a lot of fun. We'll be there Jay!

Anonymous,  23 September, 2011 14:37  

Cheers guys. Nice show! JJ

Anonymous,  23 September, 2011 14:38  

Stone Brewery is one of my all time favorites. Thanks for bringing us Mitch. I'll see you all tonight. Chuck KT

Anonymous,  23 September, 2011 14:40  

Thanks to Mitch. Cheers to WILK.

Anonymous,  23 September, 2011 14:42  

Stone 15 is BIG! I love this beer. Had it at a Philly tasting last night. Cheers for bringing it home to us. Jim

mybeerbuzz 23 September, 2011 14:43  

As Mitch says, "darkest, hoppiest and most colossal beer Stone has ever brewed."

so yes it's BIG in many ways.

Anonymous,  23 September, 2011 14:45  

This is a great beer. I knew you'd feature it!

Anonymous,  23 September, 2011 14:46  

If this is close to Sublimely self-righteous I will love it.

Anonymous,  23 September, 2011 14:47  

15 Years of great Stone beers. Cheers to Mitch Greg Steve and everyone at Stone.


mybeerbuzz 23 September, 2011 14:55  

Thanks to Mitch Steele for joining us on te show today to feature Stone 15th Anniversary Escondidian Imperial Dark IPA and to Lee Marren for joining us tonight from 5-7PM @ Krugel's Georgetown Deli to help us sample Stone 15. Be sure to come out to night and sample Stone 15 with us! See you there!

Anonymous,  23 September, 2011 16:02  

Will you be bringing back a Krugel's inventory update? Specifically, Breakfast Stout, Blushing Monk or any sours they might have in?

Anonymous,  23 September, 2011 23:27  

You bet...Krugels will be updating soon. If you let meknow more specifically what you're looking for I can update you sooner....so feel free to ask..

23 September, 2011 23:15

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