Spoetzl Brewery–Shiner Ruby Redbird

17 March 2011

imageToday we have your first look at Spoetzl brewing Shiner Ruby Redbird.  This is the 12oz packaging for this 4.01% ABV new brew, but it will be available in 1/2 and 1/4 kegs as well.  This is Spoetzl’s summer seasonal (coming in April) and it’s brewed with Texas Ruby Red grapefruit and ginger.  This beer uses Munich malt and Mt Hood, Citra and Cascade hops.  “There’s nothing finer than a summertime Shiner!”

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Anonymous,  06 April, 2011 13:15  

I'm a Shiner junky and my wife picked up a six-pack of Redbird the other day. When I got around to drinking one I was surprised how good it was. It is one of my favorite Shiner brews to ever come out. I was surprised at how easy it is to drink......and that could be dangerous if you don't have any self control. They got the "Summer Seasonal" part right because this would be great to have around in the summer.

mybeerbuzz 06 April, 2011 13:19  

Thanks Anon....can;t wait to try one.

heychelc! 11 April, 2011 06:23  

I did not like this at all! It kind of tasted like a Bud Light Lime and I thought it was a little too carbonated. I'm a huge Shiner fan and needless to say I was disappointed :(

mybeerbuzz 11 April, 2011 07:59  

Sorry to hear it. I've really been enjoying it myself.

阿牛 11 April, 2011 17:39  

I'm a gigantic fan of it. Truly tremendous. Couldn't be more perfect for the weather down here, starting around this time of year.

mybeerbuzz 11 April, 2011 18:55  

I agree...good stuff!

Anonymous,  15 April, 2011 00:08  

I love beer and have drank several hundreds of different brews. This one is awful. I dad to say it because I support Shiner every chance I get but, this I'd almost un-drinkable. It really feels like they were through to make a Michelob summer flavored beer (raspberry lime orange cactus crap). VERY disappointed with this brew.

Anonymous,  15 April, 2011 00:12  

Disappointed with this brew, it tastes like Shiner tried to make something that competes with the Michelob (line raspberry orange cactus) flavored beers. I always give Shiner the benefit if the doubt, and have never drank a beer by the m that I didn't like, but this one is just bad.

mybeerbuzz 15 April, 2011 06:59  

This one seems to be very polarizing for people. Personally I like it, but it's not for everyone and thankfully if it's not for you, there are plenty of other GREAT SHiner brews to choose from.

Anonymous,  16 April, 2011 15:35  

I'm usually a Big Beer fan (Optimator's more my speed), so I found myself pleasantly surprised at how good this one tasted on a hot day. I thought it might taste like those mass market flavored beers (and obviously some think it does), but to my taste buds, this one hit the right notes. Not overpowering, not too sweet, just good flavor. You notice the variety of flavors more on the second beer.

mybeerbuzz 16 April, 2011 15:51  

Great description Anon...exactly how I feel about it. In fact I'm planning to enjoy one tonight ;)

Eric 18 April, 2011 20:42  

I am very Texas-proud and, therefore, very supportive of Shiner. I had no intentions of purchasing beer during this afternoon's trip to the grocery store, but the packaging of the Ruby Redbird caught my eye as I passed it's isle. From a distance, I could only be excited about a new brew from Shiner, thanks to the unmistakeable font. Upon reading the print on the front of the six-pack, I knew I was in for a treat. Before leaving the store, I mentally prepared my taste buds for the tang of the grapefruit and the crispiness I knew they'd encounter on account of the ginger. The worst part of this scenario was waiting for them to chill back to a reasonable degree before consumption. This is a great brew and I hope to see it back next Summer. I wouldn't mind seeing it on the shelves for good, actually.

Anonymous,  01 May, 2011 11:02  

Picked this beer up on a whim last weekend. I like almost all their beers, but I was still surprised by this. The grapefruit and ginger balanced perfectly, good body, minimal sweetness. Overall great flavor and perfect summer beer.

mybeerbuzz 01 May, 2011 11:18  

I agree Anon...just had one myself last nigt and it was perfect for the warm weather we're finally getting.

Anonymous,  08 May, 2011 23:34  

Drinking a Shiner Light Blonde. Trying Redbird tomorrow. Letting it chill for a hot day :)

mybeerbuzz 09 May, 2011 07:37  

Perfect for a hot day....and pretty perfect for just about any day. Let us know how you like it.

Roberto CooMaBierto 27 May, 2011 00:04  

I like it a lot .. tastes like beer with a hint of grapefruit in it.. can smell a hint of ginger in the back ground ... quite a nice deviation from normal beer.

mybeerbuzz 27 May, 2011 06:48  

I agree Roberto. In fact I just finished my last one ;(

Beer Drinker Rob 02 June, 2011 08:42  

For me, this beer was pretty bland. It was easy to drink and mostly refreshing, but I prefer some flavor. I would have killed for this to be awesome and full of grapefruit, but I found the advertised grapefruit and ginger to be nonexistent at best. Not polarizing for me. People should drink what they like and tell everyone else to mind their own business, but opinions are OK.

mybeerbuzz 02 June, 2011 08:51  

Thanks Rob. It's always interesting to hear flavor opinions and it reinforces for me why I'm no fan of beer-rating websites. I find it to be loaded with grapefruit and ginger and it's not prominent at all to you. I do agree to dirnk what you love and love what you drink and always try it for yourself.

Anonymous,  11 July, 2011 00:21  

What a wonderful, easy to drink beer. Florida Panhandle loves it!

Anonymous,  09 August, 2011 22:38  

I'm right down here in the middle of Central Texas. It's 101f out today. actually a little cooler than the last few. I am a fan of some of the Shiner seasonals. l was skeptical about this one at first, but once I tried it i was immediately hooked. The ginger & grapefruit mix excellent on your palate & if it's very chilled on a very hot day, you can pour one of these down in a very short time, enjoying every chilling, taste-bud thrilling second. I Take 2 bottles outside every afternoon to play with the pooch.. 1 just ain't enough. Very Good! Recommended. Keep it up Shiner!

P.S. Bring back Shiner 98!

mybeerbuzz 10 August, 2011 10:52  

I really did like this beer and I suspect in really hot weather it's even better!

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