WILK Friday Beerbuzz – 6 Aug 2010 (Terrapin Big Hoppy Monster)

WILKFridayBerbuzz7 I mentioned in the teaser this week we had another first on the show.  Well it may not have been completely obvious, but this was the first time we welcomed a guest on the phone.  Spike was calling in from Athens GA, which is of course easy to handle on a talk radio station, but what you didn’t notice (HOPEFULLY) is that our in-studio camera isn’t wired into the audio setup.  In the studio itself it’s actually very quiet except for the people in the room talking.  All other audio such as music, commercials AND phone callers, are in our headphones only.  This made getting the phone calls onto the video a little tricky.  Hopefully no one noticed.

TerrapinBig_Hoppy_Monster Well enough technical-stuff….on to the beer.  Today we welcomed Brian “Spike” Buckowski founder and brewmaster for Terrapin Beer Co on to the show.  As you heard for yourself, Spike is a funny and interesting guy, so it’s no surprise he brews fun & interesting beers.  Today we sampled Spike’s Big Hoppy Monster.  If you haven’t tried his one get out there and try it.  This Imperial Red Ale packs a punch at 8.75% ABV and a hoppy punch at 73 IBU…and if you held on later into the show break after the Friday Beerbuzz show, I think it was obvious that everyone loved the Big Hoppy Monster.

It was a ton of fun having our long distance guest on the show with us from Athen’s GA today. 
I want to say t
hank you to Spike, John, Nancy, Joe & Bosco for yet another fun Friday. 

The Friday Beerbuzz…bringing good beers and good people together

As always you can check out the video on-line at the WILK Friday Beerbuzz page by clicking HERE

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  1. Bill, thanks for hooking us up with Spike from Terrapin Beer this morning.

    Big Hoppy Monster? That. Is. Good. Beer! Get some before it disappears!

    Spike was a good guest, only wish we had more time with him but there'll be more shows and there'll be more beers! lol


  2. Thanks John...I think SPike was a lot of fun and I look forward to having him on again in the future and talking about another great Terrapin beer. Big Hoppy Monster was a wonderful BIG beer and I'd encourage everyone to get out there and chase down some Terrapin beers.

  3. Better and Better! You guys keep getting!

  4. Love your beers Spike. We love Hopescutioner and congratulations to WILK for getting you on the radio in our local market. Send more beer!

  5. Big beer and an exciting guest. A+ Beerbuzzers!

    Ryan W

  6. A+ Thanks Spike

  7. I love the show and I love the break after the show. Was Sue really mad at you guys?


  8. I like that you guys do a fun show. I like that Nancy shows women that it's OK for a woman to like a good beer, I like all of your guests and I've loved all of your beer choices. Now make my life complete and let me have a beer with you guys.


  9. Nice. FInally you guys relax a little.


  10. Where is my stout buzzy guy? I like the show but I can't believe no stout yet!

    Loved todays beer!


  11. Thanks for a fun show. I look forward to Friday morning almost as much as Friday night!


  12. Thanks everyone and I swear we'll do a stout Jason.

    JJ Plenty of women like craft beer and I think Nancy is a great example of that...and yes we'll have a Friday Beerbuzz happy hour at some point in the future too.

  13. Wake n Bake rules!
    Thanks Terrapin

  14. ...and NO Suue wasn't mad....

    I dare anyone to try to get Godzilla out of their head ;)

  15. great song perfect fror that beer and it's stuck in my head too.

  16. I can tell the beer was good and I can tell you're all having fun. Keep it up.



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