WILK Friday Beerbuzz – 16 July 2010 (Bavarian Barbarian 2x4 IPA)

16 July 2010

WILKFridayBerbuzz7 Today’s show was a “first” for the Friday Beerbuzz and a first for me.  We’re 11 shows in, and today we featured our first live guest in the studio.  Mike Hiller, Brewmaster for Bavarian Barbarian Brewing, joined us in the studio to sample his new 2x4 IPA.  Bavarian Barbarian comes to us from Williamsport, PA and Mike was kind enough to not only make the early morning drive up, but to also being us some beer to sample.BavarianBarbarian2x4ipa

This is the first time I’ve had the opportunity to try Mike’s 2x4 IPA and I really enjoyed it.  This is Mike’s 2nd IPA recipe out of Bavarian Barbarian and this one is definitely my favorite of the two.

It was a lot of fun having a guest on the show and it brings a whole new dynamic to live radio that I really enjoyed.  It’s also a lot of fun to talk beer and sample a beer with the person who brewed it…and Mike is no exception.

Our big news of the day was Mike’s announcement of the “mystery” beer he and Terry Hawbaker from Bullfrog Brewery are brewing together.  Here’s a little snapshot of the beer as it is “slumbering” in oak.  BavarianBarbarianMysteryThese are Buffalo Trace Bourbon Barrels and the beer will be slumbering for quite some time (October-ish).  Mike tells me the final gravity pre-barrel is 6.66 degrees Plato so it will be an interesting un-holy collaboration.  Mike also tells me the beer will be a Dark Lager and named Gothika.  We also plan to ask Mike to come back up when this beer comes out of the oak and hopefully sample some with us on the air so stay tuned.

All in all a very fun show and
once again I want to say t
hank you to Mike, John, Nancy, Joe & Bosco for yet another fun Friday. 

The Friday Beerbuzz…bringing good beers and good people together

As always you can check out the video on-line at the WILK Friday Beerbuzz page by clicking HERE.

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John 16 July, 2010 09:35  

We need Bavarian Barbarian in NEPA! I'm an IPA fan and the 2x4 IPA is a good one!

Thanks to brewmaster Mike Hiller for being on the show.

If you want to try Bavarian Barbarian right now you need to take a ride to, like, Danville, the closest available...SO...go to your favorite distributor and tell 'em you want Bavarian Barbarian!

Bars, beer stores, contact Mike at www.bavarianbarbarian.com.

And as always, thanks Bill from MyBeerBuzz.com for hooking us up with Mike and for another great show!


mybeerbuzz 16 July, 2010 09:41  

Thanks John....it was a LOT of fun having Mike on with us and tasting a great IPA with the guys that brewed it. Thanks Mike.....and we're looking forward to your next visit already!

Anonymous,  16 July, 2010 09:44  

Excellent first guest on the show. Mike was interesting to listen to and you all seemed to have a lot of fun on the show with him. Double kudos to Bill for getting him on the radio and I'll be asking for Bavarian Barbarian beers on my next Purvs visit.


Anonymous,  16 July, 2010 09:49  

I think this is by far the best beer show on the radio. You're getting great guests, great beers (I love GUBNA) and great beer info. I listened to your competition with their new guy and I was honestly insulted at what the new host did and embarrased for what he said to his guests. Friday Beerbuzz wins!

Ryan W

mybeerbuzz 16 July, 2010 10:07  

Thanks guys....be SURE to ask your local bottle shops and distributors for Bavarian Barbarian beers!

Anonymous,  16 July, 2010 10:08  

You all sounded like it was a really fun show. Can't wait for next week!

Anonymous,  16 July, 2010 10:08  

Where's the VIDEO??

Anonymous,  16 July, 2010 10:21  

A+ Love IT! More guests would be a great idea.

mybeerbuzz 16 July, 2010 10:22  

Thank you...we'll have more guests in the future for sure and Mike will be back as well. The video is coming soon on wilknewsradio.com

Anonymous,  16 July, 2010 11:01  

I think featuring our local beers like you have been doing and now featuring our local brewers is a very good thing. Local businesses support our economy and we need to support them. Thank you Mike.


Anonymous,  16 July, 2010 11:03  

I've had Mike's preious IPA and was never a big fan. It was always too much malt for me. I had a chance to try the 2x4 and it's a big improvement and a beer I now buy every chance I get.

Martin from Billtown

Anonymous,  16 July, 2010 11:13  

The barbarians need to conquor northeastern PA!

Anonymous,  16 July, 2010 11:14  

You guys better get the new mystery beer on the air! I love collaboration brews and I love Mike & Terry's beers too. Great show by the way!

mybeerbuzz 16 July, 2010 11:15  

Thank you....and yes we plan to get MIke to bring up the new beverage in Oct....and NEPA is ready for BB beers too.

Anonymous,  16 July, 2010 14:31  

Excellent show today and the previous ones also. Now when will I get a Stout?>?

Anonymous,  16 July, 2010 14:47  

Good show and I'll definitely stop in and visit Mike in WIlliamsport.


Anonymous,  16 July, 2010 14:49  

I just watched the video and wonder what the guy in the window was trying to say with his hand motions?

mybeerbuzz 16 July, 2010 14:49  

I just noticed that Anon....that's Bosco and I think he was trying to say hurry up and get me a beer!

Anonymous,  16 July, 2010 15:09  

Can't wait for next weeks show beer crusaders!


PS I'm excited to have Nancy liking hops too. See it's not only Guys that like hops Nancy!

Anonymous,  16 July, 2010 15:29  

You've now made Friday my favorite day of the week. I only wish I was able to sit in with you guys and taste these great beers. Cheers to a great radio show!


mybeerbuzz 16 July, 2010 15:30  

Thank you every....yes I SWEAR we'll do many many Stouts! And stay tuned...we are trying to work out a Friday afternoon Beerbuzz appearance in the future where you CAN sample with us after the show at Happy Hour.

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