In a Perfect Beer World – What Do You Want?

28 January 2010

Smiley As I sat enjoying a beer at one of our recent happy hours, I couldn’t help overhearing our bar-neighbors saying over and over again how much they wished the bar had better lights in the beer cooler. Of course that got me thinking, and you know what happens when you mix beer and thinking?...Great ideas of course (wait what did you think I was going to say?) Our mission statement at is bringing good beers and good people together. I’d also like to think we as a beer loving audience have a unique and powerful connection to our local beer establishments. As such, I’d like to collect our opinions in a project I’m calling, “In a Perfect Beer World.”

As beer lovers we are keen observers of everything “beer”, and I’d love for us to pass those observations on to our local beer bars, craft beer distributors, bottle shops and local breweries. In a perfect beer world, what do we want? I’ll provide some general categories below, but I plan to keep things open. Please try to be realistic and please don’t slam anyone or any place specifically. For example I think it’s a great suggestion to say you think the lights in the beer cooler need to be brighter so you can read the bottles, but not very realistic to say everyone should have 100-tap handles and 500 bottles in stock. Let’s try to be creative and thoughtful here and I truly believe we can help improve our local beer scene.

I’ll throw out a few categories and an actual suggestion for each category, but please don’t limit yourself to my categories. Also feel free to agree (or disagree) with other suggestions made. The more people that suggest the same thing, the more likely it may happen.

Beer Bars: I think all beer bars need an up-to-date and easily available tap list on the bar or posted where it’s easy to see.

Craft Beer Distributors: I think posting prices on each case makes me more likely to buy more.

Bottle Shops: Organization is real important. Being able to find the brewery I’m looking for in some meaningful order makes me more likely to buy more.

Local Breweries: I love to know what you’re brewing and when it may be available.

Granted these are simple suggestions, but many times simple things make a big difference. I will accept suggestions via comments on, via e-Mail to and via comments on Facebook (and of course in person over a beer). I’ll correlate all of our insight, observations and suggestions and post them out over the course of several weeks AND pass that info on to our mybeerbuzz member bars, craft beer distributors, bottle shops and local breweries.

So readers…..In a Perfect Beer World, What Do We Want?

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Anonymous,  28 January, 2010 15:45  

Is it so much to ask for prices on bottles and cases?

Sue,  28 January, 2010 16:34  

In beer bars I would like to see prices on the draft list and also be able to taste a draft beer before purchasing it.

mybeerbuzz 28 January, 2010 17:29  

Thanks Sue. Some do post prices and ounces but many do not. Same with tasting, the places we good seem to be ok with it but I hear there are places that refuse a sampling. All good ideas Sue...Keep them coming.

Anonymous,  29 January, 2010 10:23  

Keep the beer in distributors fresh and new or discount it and move it out the door.

Professor Bartels,  29 January, 2010 12:43  

SMALL POURS! Why are we served only 16 or 20 oz drafts at some beer bars when they have 40 on tap?

Also my local beer bar has NO draft lists. It's almost impossible to read the tap handles even if it is not crowded. I suggested they print out a list every day. Even if it's 25% outdated, I can still get more choice than with no list at all!

mybeerbuzz 29 January, 2010 13:19  

Good call Professor. I think a tap list is a must, esecially in a dimply lit bar with tap handles far away. I'd go even further and recommend a tap list with larger type so it's easier to read in the dark room. At some of our good beer bars we see 8 & 12oz pours based on style but it would be nice to see a choice. I'd probably rather have 4 or 5 8oz glasses to try everything than 16oz glasses of one or two on some nights. I suspect that might be a pricing nightmare, but I do see micro-breweries price based on glass size.

Professor Bartels,  29 January, 2010 13:59  

Exactly! 4 or 5 8oz glasses is preferable, when there is a great selection. Plus, in your example, you are drinking more and therefore making more money for the bar. I'm the same way, want to try another one but dont want that 3rd pint so I leave. Even if the cost of an 8oz was 60% of a pint, it would be better for customer and bar!

mybeerbuzz 29 January, 2010 14:02  

Berwick Brewing Co does offer different sized/priced glasses and Trudy from BF Jeat's used to do that also (before they closed). I think most of the places we go would accomodate you if you asked, but it would be nice to see more of. Good call Professor.

Johnny,  15 February, 2010 21:58  

Russian River products in our area, but thats a whole different subject.. ill get back to you with my ideas later, they seem to escape my mind at the moment...

Anonymous,  15 February, 2010 22:35  

To craft brewers: please don't make me have to guess what style beer is in your elaborate, ornate bottles. Clearly identify what STYLE of beer is contained somewhere near the interesting title and graphics.

Anonymous,  16 February, 2010 08:53  

Please get some Stegmaier down in SEPA. I imagine it's readily available upstate, but about all I see regularly is Lionshead. I have contacted Wegmans (I'm near Downingtown) and Lion, but nothing so far. Thanks.

mybeerbuzz 16 February, 2010 08:58  

Thanks Anon...I'll pass that on.

Anonymous,  16 February, 2010 09:00  

"Thanks Anon...I'll pass that on."

Much thanks. And when should I start hunting for Brewhouse Bock? I think it came out about this time last year. Again, thank you.

mybeerbuzz 16 February, 2010 09:03  

I'd expect the bock in a few weeks, but that's not official by any means.

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