Shawnee Craft Brewing Co- New Brewpub @ Shawnee on the Delaware

31 January 2009

Because so many people have asked about a post I did earlier today...I thought why not add more info.

The new brewpub I mentioned earlier will be called Shawnee Craft. It will officially be a brewery & restaurant and located at the Shawnee Inn & Golf Resourt @ Shawnee on the Delaware. For those unfamiliar, this is in the Delaware Water Gap National recreation area and is managed by Peter Kirkwood (a avid brewing fan himself). As I mentioned already, the brewmaster will be Leo Bongiorno (formerly of Butternuts Brewery) and Leo tells me he is aiming for a late March 2009 opening. Coincidentally his first beer will be a stout, just in time for St Pat's day. Leo mentioned a Milk Stout, a a wheat, an amber and a lighter Pilsner style lager as his core beers with some special brews as time allows.

But here's the kicker. Leo plans to specialize in not only Kentucky-Bourbon-barrel-aged beers but it turns out Leo's specialty will be Belgian Flanders-style sour ales. Leo will be brewing some strong ales to "break in" the barrels followed by a re-use of the barrel for his sour ales. Should make for an interesting mix of unique beers.
By the way I've seen the photos and these barrels are BIG,a nd he has about 30 of them just to start! Stay tuned and thanks Leo...

"Fidelis in naturem, in artem fidelis." Translated, that's "True to nature; true to the craft."...the logo and branding for the Shawnee Craft beers.

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Anonymous,  31 January, 2009 22:40  

Any idea on when the brewpub will be opening?

mybeerbuzz,  01 February, 2009 00:16  

When I asked Leo his response was "it will open when it opens." I believe the target is late March and I'm hearing there may be beer in the tanks so I'd say if everything lines up as far as licensing...late March sounds likely.

---Guy,  01 February, 2009 08:45  

I have to chuckle at this. "When are you going to open?" is probably the most-hated question asked of a start-up brewer.

mybeerbuzz,  01 February, 2009 10:07  

I'm sure when you mix in government regulations at all levels with the time (and timing) necessary to produce even just one beer, estimating an opening date is a joke.

Cody Ace 03 February, 2009 18:41  

I wonder if this will be built on the old 'Carmen' wooden floor roller rink property? If so that would be's about 5 minutes from my house!

Great post!

mybeerbuzz,  03 February, 2009 21:01  

Stay tuned...Leo did promise me updates

Cody Ace 05 February, 2009 17:48  

Sounds great. I'm really stoked about this opening!

Jim,  15 May, 2009 23:26  

I met Leo today at a Weyerbacher tasting and was very impressed by what he is working on. He has previous brewing experience. His porter is on tap at Sam Sneads so I'll have to check it out.

mybeerbuzz,  15 May, 2009 23:34  

Good deal Jim...Weyerbacher's special day and getting to meet Leo. Ye sthe Porter is on at Snead's and I just posted a podcast of an interview w/Leo also....Leo's last location was Butternuts, but if you listen to the podcast (courtesy or Raising the Bar blog) you'll see he's been in the industry for quite a while. Can;t wait to try out some of Leo's beverages.

Jeff 08 September, 2009 22:13  

Met Leo tonight at a Lehigh Valley Beer Society tasting (first or second Tuesday at the Tally Ho in Bethlehem.) They're serving ShawneeCraft at one of the restaurants at Shawnee and at one other resort in the Poconos (forget which one). A more dedicated brew-pub is still in the future.

mybeerbuzz,  09 September, 2009 07:46  

Thanks Jeff...stay tuned for more details...

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