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16 December 2008

From Damien & Maria:

Dear fellow friends and beer drinkers,

At last the day that we have been waiting for has arrived! On December 5th, we were able to clean our glasses, open our door, and pour our first beer. What a great feeling that was! The hard work and labor that went into creating Old Forge Brewing Company has definitely been worth the blood, sweat, and beers.

In the first week of being open we have met so many great local people and many from far away! In Danville, PA there have been many happy faces sitting at our bars and tables since we opened, and that is why we’re here! To our great surprise, our Mug Club sold out in two days! People are still trying to convince us to add another board and 51 more mugs. We have even had offers by a lot of people to let them “pound up two by fours and some nails” so they could join sooner than later! We are going to be talking to our local woodworker about making another board with 51 more pegs since our waiting list for the Mug Club is already growing fast.
The beers we currently have on tap are: Inaugural Ale, Endless Summer Ale, T-Rail Pale Ale, and Bellows Brown Ale. Our Ol’Smithy Spiced Winter Ale, Slack Tub Stout, and Underbite IPA are all coming soon! Damien has been busy brewing so the supply can keep up with the demand.
The food has been a great hit, thanks to our wonderful chef Martha! She has been amazingly strong and determined through the construction up to the opening of OFBC. Martha’s creative and unique flavors, incorporating local produce and fare, have been a great success.

We hope and wish everyone has a very happy and safe holiday season! Remember the OFBC Gift Card is the perfect gift for anyone, naughty or nice!

We look forward to seeing you in the brewpub sometime soon. Leave your troubles on the doorstep and let us take care of the rest.Happy Holidays!

Damien and Maria Malfara
Old Forge Brewing Company
Forging Better Beer

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sam k,  16 December, 2008 11:28  

I was there last Saturday with the Tourists, and we were warmly greeted (despite it being our fourth brewery of the day out of a final total of eight!)and enjoyed the beer and the company. Didn't eat, but the food smelled wonderful!

Danville has a vibrant downtown scene, and Old Forge will be a prominent part of it for some time to come, I'm sure

mybeerbuzz,  16 December, 2008 14:35  

Thanks for the report Sam. I look forward to visiting myself in the near future. Wow 8-stops in one day...

Darel Matthews,  16 December, 2008 19:15  

Danville?!? And here all this time I was thinking Old Forge Brewing Co. was in Old Forge...

mybeerbuzz,  16 December, 2008 20:02  

I know....that was my first reaction too when we first posted back in July.

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