Happy New Year 2009 from mybeerbuzz.com

31 December 2008

No magical wishes or prophetic statements about what to do with the next year of your life. Just a very simple wish that you all have a wonderful new year, and a sincere thank you for reading and participating with me in this mybeerbuzz adventure.

As always....Cheers!

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Chris 02 January, 2009 08:57  

On Monday, 12/29, I took a beer road trip into the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton area based on info gleaned from your website (I'm from the Williamsport area). First stop was Sabatini's for some spaghetti and Steg porter on tap. Nice place, good food and beer (8 on tap and a gallon to go for about $8) and had good conversation with the owner. Then onto Plaza Beverage which had a good selection but, alas, not what I was looking for - certain Founders' beers and Buffalo Bill's Blueberry Oatmeal Stout. Next I went up Rt. 81 to Jessup Beverage. What a hole in the wall but what a gem! He had what I was looking for in single bottles and more (especially St. Bernardus Christmas Ale). And as a side benefit, the owner turned me on to a place to get kielbasi made by a Polish lady for my New Year's Day dinner - awesome. Then a quick stop at Purvs - again a great selection of singles and sixes - where I got my Founders dry-hopped pale ale. Biggest disappointment was Ace Beverage but then they're not even on your list so I can't complain. It's just a big warehouse I guess set up for wholesale and not retail but they did let me in to snoop around. BTW, on the way home, I stopped in at Pike's Creek Beverage at the intersection of Rt. 118 and Rt. 29. This is my "go to" place for good beer (about 40 minutes from my house) and would make a fine addition to your list. Picked up cases of Kasteel Rouge, Weyerbacher Quad, and a River Horse variety. Thanks, mybeerbuzz.com for a fun day.

mybeerbuzz,  02 January, 2009 09:25  

Glad to hear it Chris and wlecome to the NEPA market. I'd say you chose some great places to stop in for a visit. Sabatini's selection continues to grow and Lindo makes some great choices and finds some rare beers. Plaza Beverage has a great selection and even if he doesnt't have it in stock, Charlie has been very good at finding just about anything you're looking for. Jessup and Purvs have a great seleciton of beers and a good rotation of their bottles with new stuff rolling in all the time. Ace is setup as a wholesaler so like many large distributors, they need to function more for their business-customers and less for the buying public. I've heard from Ace and I hope we can find a way to include them. We've been out to Pike's Creek many times, and I've requested and suggested they join mybeerbuzz many times but they either aren't interested or don't understand what we do. In any case they haven't joined and I don't have anyone that visits regularly enough to report their beers...so for now there's not much I can do. PLEASE do suggest to them that they join on your next visit. Perhaps with enough support they'll join us.

Thanks for reporting in and please do stop back and visit the site and our area again.

stingo 02 January, 2009 10:43  

I'd just like to second the vote for Charlie @ Plaza Beverage. I've been ordering from him for most of 2008 and I've rarely been disappointed.

And since I don't want to take another post to say it: Happy New Year to mybeerbuzz and mrsbeerbuzz - here's to continued success in 2009.

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