Highlights Flying Dog Tropical Bitch 2017

22 February 2017

I’ll admit that in the dead of winter, with February finally fading, anything with the word “tropical” in the name suddenly sounds appealing.  Of course we’re talking beer, and of course when it comes from Flying Dog, you know we’re in for a treat.

First launched to celebrate Flying Dog’s 25th Anniversary, Tropical Bitch now returns for 2017 by popular demand.  But that’s not all.  For 2017, Tropical Bitch has come back with new fruit flavors on board.  The previous pineapple, mango and passion fruit have been replaced with tangerine and mango, and the AbV has even been increased to go from 7% to 8%-AbV.  In any case, I can’t resist any longer…so off we go.
Tropical Bitch leads with some citrus and sweet tropical fruit aromas.  These are followed by the traditional Belgian yeast nose and a bit of spice.  The flavors kick off with mango and bitter citrus in part from the Galaxy, Warrior and Amarillo hops onimage board, but more so from the mango and tangerine fruit used in this IPA.  Tropical Bitch finishes clean & crisp with late bitter hop notes.  I was expecting some boozy notes at 8%-AbV, but the beer really balances them well, and at 55 IBU you also won’t miss the fact that this is an IPA at heart.  Overall we really liked the beer and we’d love to see it return each year with different tropical fruits featured.

Flying Dog Tropical Bitch is available now through March in 12oz bottles….so be sure to try it for yourself.  And when you do, be sure to let us know what YOU think.


Rogue Adding New Hot Tub Scholarship Lager 12oz Cans

Here’s your very first look at a new can coming from Rogue.  This is Hot Tub Scholarship Lager and it is a German-style helles lager.  This beer supports the Jack Joyce Scholarship fund to benefit Fermentation Science students at Oregon State University.  This beer pays tribute to one of Jack’s scholarship students who used his funds to buy a Hot Tub.  Look for Hot Tub Scholarship Fund to hit 5.4%-AbV & 35 IBU and you’re looking at the 12oz Crown can.


Ommegang - Bigger & Bretter Coming To Bottles

This morning we get our first look at a new beer heading to bottles from Brewery Ommegang.  This is Bigger And Bretter and it is a Biere de Garde ale refermented with brettanomyces.  This bottle-conditioned beer hits 7.6%-AbV and look for Bigger And Bretter to be packaged in 750ml bottles.


Firestone Walker Launches The Leo v. Ursus Chronology Of Beers With Fortem Imperial IPA Cans

21 February 2017

imageFrom Firestone Walker:

Venice, CA and Paso Robles, CA: After celebrating its 20th anniversary last year, Firestone Walker Brewing Company is set to chart fresh ground with the launch of Leo v. Ursus, a new chronology of beers that begins with the pre-release of Fortem at all Firestone Walker locations on Saturday, February 25.

Fortem, an unfiltered imperial IPA, will be officially released at the end of February in draft and 16-ounce can (four-pack) formats. Fortem will land in different Firestone Walker markets at variable times over the ensuing weeks (see for availability details).  It will be available for a short period before yielding to the next quarterly one-off release in the Leo. v. Ursus Chronology.

While diverse in style, each beer in the Leo v. Ursus Chronology will exhibit unifying threads—they will be bold, intense and often hoppy, but always with a native sense of balance. Many will also address “wish lists” expressed by loyal fans.

Brewing Team Unleashed

The Leo v. Ursus Chronology is born of a longing for high experimentation that was finally fulfilled by the recent launch of the Propagator, Firestone Walker’s pilot brewhouse in Venice, California.

To say that our brewing team is pumped about Leo v. Ursus would be an understatement,” said Brewmaster Matt Brynildson. “Until the Propagator came along, our ability to experiment and go crazy with tiny batches was limited. The shackles are now off.”

The Propagator is a state-of-the-art miniature brewery made by Kaspar Schulz of Germany. It is designed to brew small, nimble batches, enabling the brewing team to explore new ideas and tinker with the results—which can then be fine-tuned and scaled at the main brewery in Paso Robles.

“Leo v. Ursus opens the door to increased creativity with new and exciting raw materials—namely, a host of new hop cultivars that do not fit into our established recipes,” Brynildson said. “We will also explore dark malts, experimental hops and alternative grains in this program.”

Fortem Pre-Release

Fortem (Latin for “The Strong”) is a new-age imperial IPA that draws upon a range of influences, all while exhibiting DNA from Firestone Walker’s own forays into the IPA style—including Double Jack and Luponic Distortion.

The intent of Fortem is to achieve power through balance, delivering amped-up aromas and mouthfeel while keeping bitterness on a leash. It blends newer hop varieties from the Pacific Northwest and Hallertau, Germany along with pale malt, wheat malt and flaked oats for a full body and a rounded texture.

Fresh Fortem (to be canned and kegged on February 24) will be unveiled for pre-release sampling and purchasing starting at 10 a.m. on Saturday, February 25 at all Firestone Walker locations: the Brewery Emporium in Paso Robles, Taproom Restaurant in Buellton, and the Propagator Brewery Store in Venice.

Nomenclature & Artwork

The name Leo v. Ursus is a nod to the brewery’s distinctive culture of purposeful conflict, as embodied by founders Adam Firestone (The Bear) and David Walker (The Lion). Much in the way that Latin signifies a common root language, the Leo v. Ursus Chronology goes to the heart of Firestone Walker’s internal brewing identity—hence the use of Latin nomenclature.

To reimagine the Lion and Bear for Leo v. Ursus, Firestone Walker worked with Venice-based artist Todd Francis, whose work is legendary in the skateboard industry. Francis’s localized aesthetic reflects the neighborhood culture surrounding the Propagator pilot brewhouse, making his work a natural fit for beers largely inspired by experimental brews conceived at this location.

imageAlong the way, Francis illustrated the Lion and Bear in a more aggressive stance, signifying the union of boldness and balance that one can expect from each beer released in the Leo v. Ursus Chronology.

“This is a new chapter for us,” Brynildson said. “We will go to our graves wishing we had made the perfect beer—but we will give it our best shot with Leo v. Ursus.”


Rogue - 6 Hop IPA Coming To Canned 6-Packs

imageFrom Rogue:

INDEPENDENCE, OR . (Feb. 21, 2017) — In a dedication to Mother Nature, Rogue Ales has canned 6 Hop IPA to take this farm-grown beer back outside.

The six proprietary hop varietials chosen by Brewmaster John Maier to craft 6 Hop IPA were grown on Rogue's 52-acre hopyard in the heart of the Willamette Valley. Field-guide-style illustrations on the bright green can depict the hops inside. From ground to glass to gold, 6 Hop IPA was awarded a gold medal at the 2016 World Beer Championships.

"It's like having a piece of the farm in your hand," said Rogue President Brett Joyce. "The aroma reminds us of the farm during hop harvest and the new cans are perfect for getting outside and wandering among the bines of the hopyard."

6 Hop IPA's big, beautiful bite is now available in 12-ounce can six-packs, 22-ounce bottles and on draft worldwide. Find 6 Hop IPA near you using the Rogue Finder tool. For more information about the Revolution, visit


Terrapin Releasing T-Time Berliner Weiss Cans In March

imageWe brought you a peek back in Jan, and now this from Terrapin:

Terrapin Beer Co will be releasing its newest special release, T-Time, in March. The beer is a Tea and Lemon Berliner Weisse style ale brewed with Maya Tea from Tucson, Arizona.  

Inspired by the famous golfer (we'll let you guess which one), the limited release is perfect for a quick round of golf, or for sipping while watching a tournament on TV. Sweet, crisp taste and a tart finish make this low-alcohol beer a hole in one.

Available in 6-packs of 12 oz cans and on draft in limited quantities across Terrapin’s
distribution network starting in the first few weeks in March.
From the Label:
ABV: 4.0%
IBU: 5
SRM: 2.5

“T-Time Berliner Weisse German Style Ale” is a tart and thirst-quenching wheat beer made with fresh tea and lemon. This easy-to-drink summertime refresher will get you back into the swing of things both on and off the course.


Two Roads Adding Western NY Distribution

imageFrom Two Roads:

Two Roads Brewing Company of Stratford, CT announced today that the brand will be rolling into Western New York State, teaming up with Remarkable Liquids which also handles their distribution in Eastern New York State. 

"We are delighted to be expanding our partnership with Remarkable Liquids, who bring to the table great customer service and tremendous craft beer experience and knowledge. Having had a lot of requests from retailers and consumers for our quality portfolio we are excited to now get underway with distribution to the craft beer community in Western New York," said Two Roads Director of Sales Meghan Zachry. 

Two Roads Brewing Company was founded in 2012 by four beer-crazed partners who had dreamed for years of starting a brewery. The brewery they created fosters a “road less traveled” philosophy in the beers they make and in their overall culture. Phil Markowski, their award-winning and innovative Master Brewer with 27 years of craft brewing experience has created an extensive lineup that takes a unique twist on classic beer styles.

Matt Hartman – Partner at Remarkable Liquids commented, "We are beyond excited to be able to delight our customers with delicious beers from Two Roads with our customers and craft beer consumers in Western New York." 

The launch will begin the week of February 20 with a series of kick-off events throughout the region. 

The Two Roads website has all the details about the launch activities scheduled:


Founders Expanding Kansas Distribution

imageFrom Founders:

We are happy to announce that we will be bringing our full lineup to the northeast region of Kansas with shipments beginning in March and a retail release taking place on April 1! We first entered the state back in 2013 with our distribution to the greater-Kansas City area and, now with partners Crown Distributors, we will serve the residents from Salina to Topeka.

Be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for more information.

To see all the states where we are available and to find beer in your area, check out our beer finder. Note that new markets may take up to 60 days to show up on the beer finder.

Read more... Highlights Four Peaks Double Knot Double IPA & Hop Knot IPA

imageThere’s always some irony in sampling beer…and I can say it’s almost always very good irony too.  As I sit here mapping out an upcoming hiking (and beer) trip we’re planning to the desert southwest, I get a cool opportunity to sample a beer (or two) coming to us from that very area…Tempe, AZ.  If that’s not enough fun, the beer is also one of my favorite styles…a Double IPA….so off we go.
Coming to us from Four Peaks Brewing, today we’re cracking open their new Double Knot Double IPA.  If you’re not familiar with this beer (and I wasn’t) it’s an imperial version of their Hop Knot IPA (see below).  Double Knot  is brewed with seven hop additions, and you can’t miss when you sample it.  This beer uses double the amount of hops and according to Four Peaks Brewer Any Ingram, “Double Knot is the perfect beer for the person who loves a good IPA, but secretly wishes it was even hoppier.”   Of course if you know me, you know I think that hoppier is always better so this one seems like my kind of beer.  I’m also excited to see that Double Knot will make the leap from draft-only to 12oz bottles/six packs and it will be available in Mid-February 2017.
Double Knot pours a deep amber/orange-ish color and the aromas lead with dank and resinous pine.  After a few sniffs we also found some herbal, grassy and citrusy hops that really rounded out the aromas nicely.  We found lots of grapefruit and citrus in the flavors up front with some herbal grassy notes in the middle, followed by dank and resinous at the end.  If you like sticky dank and resinous double IPA’s with lots of citrus hop presence to balance the “dankiness” out (like I do), then Double Knot is right up your alley.  At 9%-AbV I was expecting a prominent boozy feel to the beer, but It wasn’t terribly boozy in the end.  We really liked the hoppy push this beer carried and even as it warmed, we still really liked the resinous and dank punch at the end.  All in all a very nice DIPA and one I look forward to sampling in Arizona when I visit.
As a special bonus, we also had the opportunity to sample Double Knot DIPA side-by-side with it’s little brother Hop Knot IPA.  So how do  they compare…well very favorably as it turns out.  Hop Knot IPA leans more into some of the wonderful citrus and grapefruit aromas I really like, and it’s flavors are very similar.  I found loads of grapefruit hop flavors, and while the pine is still there, it’s not nearly as resinous and sticky as Double Knot.  Hop Knot IPA is a very drinkable IPA at 6.7%-AbV but the 40 IBU will get your hoppy attention.  There are definitely some similar characteristics and family resemblance in both beers so I’d recommend you do sample both side-by side.

Four Peaks Double Knot DIPA is available (beginning in mid-Feb) in 12oz bottles and on limited draft so chase some down and try it for yourself.  Hop Knot IPA is available year-round in 12oz bottles, 6-packs and kegs…so be sure to try both.  And when you do, be sure to let us know what YOU think.


Flying Dog - St. EADman Going Year-Round

imageFrom Flying Dog:

Don’t draw, Ralph! It’s a filthy habit. – Hunter S. Thompson

It’s a filthy habit indeed, filled with scamps, tramps, and sick and twisted souls. Luckily for us, our dear Ralph didn’t listen. In 2017, St. EADman Abbey Ale joins our year-round lineup. Adorned with Ralph Steadman’s “self-poortrait,” St. EADman is our homage to Ralph, the last of the original Gonzo visionaries and a true Renaissance man.

For the uninitiated, Ralph was introduced to Flying Dog founder George Stranahan by his longtime collaborator, Hunter S. Thompson, and has been crafting original art for our labels since 1995. He coined the phrase “Good Beer, No Shit” on his first work for us (for Road Dog Porter), which landed us in our first of many First Amendment fights for free expression. Since then, Ralph has created over 50 masterpieces with us, ensuring that the liquid art in the bottle is worthy of the fine art on the label. 

Steadman has been adding to his portfolio for over sixty years, famously collaborating with Hunter S. Thompson on Scanlan’s “The Kentucky Derby is Decadent and Depraved,” as well as Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Rolling Stone’s “Rumble in the Jungle” and countless other weirrd experiences.

To know this is to merely scratch the surface. Once you go down the rabbit hole of Steadman’s work, you will come across countless works of art, not just what splatters on his canvas, but an eclectic body that ranges from politically-fueled masterpieces to children’s books. Ralph’s illustrations of literary classics (Alice Through The Looking Glass, Fahrenheit 451 and Treasure Island) and contemporary classics like Breaking Bad are all iconic representations of his style that would be at home in your library and in a museum. In addition to creating art for the likes of The Who and Frank Zappa, Steadman is a musician himself; you can hear him with his ukulele on Johnny Depp‘s anthology, Rogue’s Gallery: Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs, and Chanteys.

Ralph doesn’t limit his work to beer either, his label for Cardinal “Spiced” Zin’ was banned in Ohio, he illustrated Oddbin’s wine catalog and he released The Grapes of Ralph: Wine according to Ralph Steadman. For all the parents out there, it is never too late to get your children started on his classics including Inspector Mouse, Teddy! Where Are You? and The Little Red Computer. All staples for the healthy natural development of a child’s mind. But perhaps it’s best if you start your education with a viewing of For No Good Reason, the 2013 documentary that chronicles the life and work of the one and only.

Of course, it is best to do all of this with a St. EADman in hand. Track it down with our all-knowing Beer Finder.


Indeed Brewing Announces New Collaboration Series: Flock Together

imageFrom Indeed Brewing:

MINNEAPOLIS, MN, FEBRUARY 21, 2017: Indeed Brewing is excited to announce Flock Together, a new collaboration series. The first Flock Together release, created with Hoops Brewing of Duluth, will debut this weekend at the Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild’s Winterfest 2017.

Birds of a feather flock together, and now they make beer together too. “Collaborations help fuel the sense of community that lies at the heart of the craft brewing industry,” explains Indeed Co-Founder and Director of Operations Tom Whisenand. “When we consider a collaboration, we’re all about furthering friendships with people that have similar values, and that we believe represent the best in brewing, whether big or small, well-known or just starting out”

It’s a sentiment echoed by Indeed Head Brewer Josh Bischoff, who says the short answer to “Why collaborate?” is for the fun. “We like to work with our friends in the industry,” says Bischoff, “taking the different feel of each brewery and putting a little bit of both in the brew, to create something unique and exciting.”

Indeed will present its first release from Flock Together, a Belgian-style Dubbel made with Hoops Brewing of Duluth, at Winterfest 2017 this weekend. “The Hoops brothers have always had a strong influence in my brewing career, and with the announcement of Hoops Brewing opening this year, a collaboration seemed like a fun way to work with an early mentor,” explains Bischoff. “We decided to twist styles like they do in Belgium - we threw in oddball ingredients to make a fun, yet character-loaded, complex ale.” The Flock Together Hoops Collaboration Dubbel features fennel, star anise and agave syrup.

Indeed Brewing’s previous collaborations feature beers made with New Belgium Brewing and Station 26 Brewing of Colorado, Dangerous Man Brewing and Northbound Smokehouse & Brewpub of Minnesota and Jubeck New World Brewing of Iowa. Look for collaborations with Hoops Brewing, Dangerous Man Brewing, Gamling & McDuck Winery and Tattersall Distilling later this year.


Monday Night Brewing Introduces Black Tie Series “Tears Of My Enemies”

imageFrom Monday Night Brewing:

Tears of My Enemies is next up in our Black Tie Series, so named because it will be the most delicious thing you ever taste. We’re pretty excited about it. This beer has a milk stout base that we then aged in 18-year scotch barrels, imparting a smoky, oaky flavor. We then added raw vanilla beans and locally roasted Batdorf & Bronson Coffee. If you pay close attention, you may even be able to detect hints of Aaron Rodgers’s post-playoff loss tears, sourced locally at the Georgia Dome.

One thing that makes this beer unique is how we infused the coffee. A lot of breweries just mix cold brew into the stout, but that can weaken the beer and give it a more bitter flavor. In our process, we used the whole bean, giving our stout an amazing coffee aroma, without sacrificing any of the decadence.

Everyone’s got an enemy. Maybe it’s your neighbor who just planted that hideous topiary. Maybe it’s Scooby Doo and the Gang. Whoever it is, relish in your inevitable victory with the smooth and chocolatey flavor of our Tears of My Enemies Scotch Barrel Milk Stout.


Redd's Apple Ale Announces New Flavor Lineup for 2017

imageFrom Redd’s:

CHICAGO, IL Feb. 21, 2017  Redd's Apple Ale is adding more variety to its refreshing beer lineup by introducing new flavors and bringing back fan favorites. Redd's Blueberry Ale returns by popular demand to the Redd's family, joining the new Redd's Raspberry Ale. Each flavor will be available year-round. The Redd's "Limited Pick" series also returns with new limited-edition flavors kicking off with the new Redd's Peach Ale.

Similar  to the original Redd's Apple Ale, all new flavors are five percent alcohol by volume, and each adds a unique twist to the signature crisp apple taste Redd's is known for:

  • Redd's Blueberry Ale boasts a delicately balanced apple and blueberry aroma, while offering a taste that delights with ripe blueberry tones and a satisfying apple finish. Redd's Blueberry Ale will be available starting in February.
  • Redd's Raspberry Ale delivers juicy raspberry notes with hints of apple, providing the perfect balance of floral sweetness with Redd's crisp apple finish. Redd's Raspberry Ale is a brand new flavor that will be available in March.

The 2017 "Limited Pick" special releases will feature two new, exciting beers to be released over the course of the year. First up is Redd's Peach Ale, a beer that leads with ripe peach notes balanced with Redd's gratifying apple taste. Stay tuned for more information on the "Limited Pick" series second flavor.

"There are 2 things we know our beer drinkers love: trying new things and flavor variety. This is why we're excited to bring different ingredients together and turn them into new refreshing beers," said Lisa Rudman, Redd's Family of Brands marketing manager. "We always strive to deliver the best quality beer and this year is no different for Redd's Apple Ale, as the 2017 product line-up is filled with new flavors and surprises."

In addition to the new beer offerings, Redd's will be releasing new TV spots in March and entirely updated packaging in May. The brand might be getting a new look, but the beer will continue to be the crisp and refreshing ale fans have come to know and love.

All new flavors will be available nationwide at most grocery and convenience stores in 6-pack 12-ounce Bottles, 16-ounce cans and in the Variety Pack. Redd's Blueberry Ale and Redd's Raspberry Ale will also be available in 12-pack 12-ounce bottles. --For more information, visit, and follow @ReddsAppleAle on Twitter.


Night Shift Releasing Victory Lap, Sore Loser & Barrel'd Trophy 2/26

imageFrom Night Shift:

This Sunday, we're unleashing an embarrassment of riches, an overload of goodness, a symphony in multiple acts: two brand new releases and one keg from the cellar - all collaborations with the great folks at Trophy Brewing. Here's the rundown:

New Release: Victory Lap - porter brewed with chocolate, salt, almond, and coconut
New Release: Sore Loser - dark sour ale with honey aged in Sauvignon Blanc barrels
From the cellar (draft only): Barrel'd Trophy - Blended wild ale aged in oak barrels
on Facebook for all the info, we'll see you there!


Cape May Brewing Company Founder Speaks At USBevX in Washington DC

imageFrom Cape May Brewing:

Cape May, NJ --Cape May Brewing Company is pleased to announce that president and co-founder, Ryan Krill, has been asked to speak at this year’s USBevX conference. Held in Washington DC on February 22-24th, Krill will draw on his expertise at CMBC and his background as the president of the Garden State Craft Brewers Guild.

First held in February of 2016, the US Wine and Beverage Expo brings together professionals from the wine and craft beverage industries for an in-depth discussion on the changing business environment for alcohol beverage producers. Serving as a crossroads for people, ideas, and resources within the industries, this premier conference establishes a rich and informative dialogue among the industry.

“It’s an honor to be asked to speak at BevX,” Krill says. “I’m looking forward to seeing some colleagues in the other parts of the alcohol beverage manufacturing industry and sharing some of the knowledge I’ve gained in my six years at CMBC.”

The theme of this year’s conference is “The Quality Revolution,” examining the new quality-driven trends in the marketplace and their impact on the alcoholic beverage industry. With three days of workshops and events, industry experts will touch on innovations in production, packaging, sales, and marketing and their effects on quality and consumer impression.

Krill will be speaking at two panels this year. Moderated by Allison Levine, owner of Please the Palate, a boutique agency specializing in marketing and event planning for the wine and spirits industry, in “Social Media Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Keep Making,” Krill will be joined by wine educator and communicator Luiz Alberto and Monika Elling, CEO of Foundations Marketing Group. This panel is focused on the application of social media to the beverage industry, ensuring that attendees are prepared to make the most of their social media efforts.

In the second panel -- “The Political Horizon for Wine and Craft Beverages” -- Krill will be joined by Kevin M. Atticks, DCD, Executive Director of the Maryland Wineries Association and founder of Grow & Fortify, a new firm that supports value-added agricultural businesses; Michele McGrath, Executive Director of the US Association of Cider Makers; and Jim Trezise, President of the New York Wine and Grape Foundation and Executive Committee Member of WineAmerica. This panel will explore how the different industries have been working together and the role guilds can play.

Krill is not only looking forward to speaking at the event, he’s also looking forward to sharing some of CMBC’s product with the attendees. Krill will be bringing along CMBC’s Cape May IPA, King Porter Stomp chocolate porter, Coastal Evacuation double IPA, Demisemiseptcentennial Pale Ale, brewed for Villanova University’s 175th anniversary, and their strong Belgian, Devil’s Reach.


Celis Brewery - Austin Texas' First Craft Brewery is Set to Reopen

imageFrom Celis Brewery:

AUSTIN, Texas, Feb. 21, 2017  Austin, TX is about to witness the rebirth of its first craft brewery with the resurrection of Celis Brewery, which was originally founded by Belgian brewer Pierre Celis in 1992. Christine Celis, Pierre's daughter and partner in the original Celis Brewery, is restoring the family legacy with a new 22,000 square foot brewery in northwest Austin that is expected to start production in early Spring 2017. 

The original Celis Brewery, which was located on Highway 290, became enormously popular introducing Texans to Belgian witbier, a refreshing style for the Texas heat. The brewery and "Celis" brand was later sold to Miller Brewing Company. In 2001, the brewery closed its doors, while the brand lived on under new ownership.

Now, the brand has found its way home with Ms. Celis having reacquired the "Celis" trademark from the then-current domestic and international rights owners, Total Beverage Solution (TBS) and Craftbev International Amalgamated., Inc.

"TBS is pleased to be able to help reunite the family with the brand," says President & CEO of TBS, Dave Pardus.

Sushil Tyagi, President of Craftbev, who had originally acquired the Celis brand from Michigan Brewing Company and had retained international rights until now says, "We worked for years for this day to come when Celis is restored to its hometown and we look forward to helping further expand Celis beers around the world."

"Rebuilding the Celis Brewery has been a labor of love that has taken me many years to accomplish," says Ms. Celis. "We have a new location and new state-of-the-art brewing equipment, but will brew the same great Celis beers like the famous Celis Wit and Celis Grand Cru, to name a few. This new brewery has the capacity to brew more than 50,000 barrels per year, including Pierre Celis' recipes from both the original Celis Brewery and his earlier days in Belgium. It's an honor to carry on my family's brewing legacy with my father's original 1965 recipes using the proprietary yeast from Belgium." 

Celis Brewery will not only brew the original Belgian recipes, but it will do so with members of the brewing team from the original Celis Brewery. Led by Christine Celis, the team will include the master brewer and the Belgian brew engineer who designed the new brewery. Daytona Camps, daughter of Ms. Celis, will also join the brewing team. 

A centerpiece of the original Celis Brewery, its massive copper kettle, was sold along with the original brewery and moved out of state. It has since made the journey back to Texas to be reunited with the family, and will be used as a beautiful bar in the new brewery's taproom. 

The new Celis Brewery is rapidly taking shape with the recent installation of a 50 HL Braukon brewing system. The packaging line and fermenters are scheduled to arrive later this month, while construction of the taproom continues. To preserve brewing history, Celis Brewery has shipped the historic brewing equipment used by Mr. Celis in Belgium to make his famous witbier. The equipment arrived in Austin in December 2016 and will be on display at the Celis Brewery in 2017.

Connect with Celis Brewery


Black Raven - Spring Beak IPA Coming 2/24

imageFrom Black Raven:

Release date: Friday, February 24th

We are proud to offer Spring Beak IPA as a limited, single release beer for our friends at Bartell Drugs. Made in the IPA style, Spring Beak gets a kick from additions of vanilla, cinnamon and lime zest. Available at Bartells around the Puget Sound region in 22oz bottles and at our taproom Friday, February 24th.


Wyndridge Farm Brewing has Launched The Hunt Series

imageFrom Wyndridge Farm Brewing:

Dallastonw, PA --The hunt is over for a new line-up of seasonal, farm-crafted beers and ciders from Wyndridge Farm Brewing. The Hunt Series was

inspired by Wyndridge Farm’s natural beauty and it’s iconic mark...a scarf-wearing fox. The essence of the elegant, sly and

crafty fox captures the spirit that is Wyndridge Farm. A place to celebrate and enjoy life’s moments with friends, family,

great food and crafty beverages.

“The Hunt Series represents a signicant milestone for Wyndridge Farm Brewing in our continued effort to expand our

seasonal program. We are excited to be offering the Hunt Series as our first canned product. Cans give us the flexibility

to bring a wide variety of new products to market while also providing our customers with a package that can easily

be enjoyed in the great outdoors,” said, Steve Groff, Wyndridge Farm Owner. The Hunt Series will rollout new beverages

throughout the year starting with a Double India Pale Ale and a Dark Rye Barrel Cider. Other Hunt Series

releases this year include a Mosaic Rye Ale, Pear Cider, Unltered Pale Ale, Mojito Cider, Harvest Ale,

Snow Owl Imperial Stout and Farmhouse Grapefruit Cider.

imageAs Head Brewer, Pete Koelsch, explained, “The Hunt series really allowed us to branch out & brew

seasonal beers & ciders that were previously only available in our tasting room on a much larger scale. 

Out of literally hundreds of experimental seasonal batches that were brewed on our pilot system, we

narrowed it down to only the very best for the Hunt Series.” He continued, “the rst beer in the series,

a Double India Pale Ale, is strong enough to help get you through the end of winter, but refreshing

enough to enjoy on a warm spring day. The beer combines many of my favorite hops from around the

globe. Hops from the United States, Germany, and New Zealand are combined to make this incredibly

juicy double IPA that has notes of papaya, mango and Mandarin oranges. The malt bill for this beer

consists of oats, wheat, and 2-row barley providing a silky smooth base which allows for the layers of

juicy hops to shine through.”

Scott Topel, Wyndridge’s Cider Master is a bourbon lover and enjoys trying dierent cocktails made with

Rye Whiskey. “Bulleit Rye Old Fashions are one of my current favorites, so I thought it would be cool to

emulate that avor in a cider, said Topel.” He continued, “this cider uses late harvest apples along with

caramelized sugar giving it a full body which supports the oak tannins and rye whiskey notes. It’s a nice

introduction to some of the other cider making techniques we use here on the farm. Fermenting and

aging in oak barrels is a long standing tradition with cider, and barrels previously used for whiskey only

add to the flavors. Cider and what the apples had to offer was the focus, but a love of whiskey and

cider were bound to intersect at some point!” .

Wyndridge Farm® is a historic American farm nestled on 77 acres of rolling hills in Central Pennsylvania. 

Along with the 5,000 sq. ft. automated Brewhouse there is a rustic, but elegant restaurant featuring

French-American cuisine and an exquisitely restored barn for weddings and events. The Hunt Series and

Wyndridge Farm Brewing’s six Flagship beverages are distributed throughout AL, DC, GA, MD, NC, OH,

NJ, NY, PA, RI, VA and WV.


Pipeworks Brewing - Mango Berliner, Cranberry Berliner & Coconut Almond Abduction

imageToday we have several new bottles coming from Pipeworks Brewing in Chicago, IL: Mango Berliner-style Weisse brewed with mango puree (4%-AbV), Cranberry Berliner-style Weisse brewed with cranberry puree (4%-AbV) & Coconut Almond Abduction imperial stout brewed with cacao, vanilla, natural almond and coconut (1.5%-AbV). These are all 22oz bottles.


Insurrection Ale Works - Pink Yoga Pants Bottles

imageI couldn’t resist the name.  This is Pink Yoga Pants from Insurrection Ale Works in Heidelberg, PA.  This beer is a wheat ale brewed with coriander, Himalayan salt and Hibiscus (this the pink) and finished with brettanomyces.  This beer stretches in at 5%-AbV and you’re looking at the 16.9oz bottle.


38 Degrees Inaugural Triple IPA Festival Details Announced

imageFrom 38 Degrees:

Inaugural Triple IPA Festival at 38 Degrees Monrovia Location 2/25

What: Even though our Alhambra location will be getting Pliny The Younger Triple IPA, we won’t be getting it here in Monrovia. Instead of crying in our beer, we are going to hold a Triple IPA fest, in which you will be able to come sample a dozen or so of the best made Triple IPAs. Heck, you mind find these ones to be superior to the ‘Younger.

For those not familiar with Triple IPA, they are typically more aromatic and much stronger than a normal strength IPA, hovering around 10-12% abv. For those thinking these will be more bitter, it’s actually just the opposite. In order to accommodate the massive level of hops, a large supporting amount of malt is used to give it a nice sweet fruity finish.

The Food Situation: We will be serving our full regular food menu the whole day.  With beers this strong, we suggest ordering one of our heartier dishes.

When: 11am to 1am Saturday February 25, 2017.
Where: 38 Degrees Ale House & Grill 110 E. Colorado Blvd Monrovia, CA 91016
How Much: This event is a “Pay as You Go” format.  There are no tickets, you just order from your bartender or server.
Parking: There is plenty of free parking in Old Town Monrovia. If you plan to stay for a while, we strongly suggest finding a designated driver or using a ridesharing smartphone app such as Uber or Lyft.

Here is the tentative tap line up for this Saturday. More may be added last minute.
Beachwood Brewing: Hops of Fury 11%
Kern River Brewing Co: Hop Nookie 11%
Acoustic Ales: Hopway to the Danger Zone 10%
El Segundo Brewing: Power Plant 11.7%
Transplants Brewing: Not Getting any Younger 10.5%
Knee Deep Brewing: Simtra 11.25%
Knee Deep Brewing: No Seeds No Stems 10%
Pizza Port: Thruster 11%
Pizza Port: Party Sauce 10%
Amplified Aleworks: E11even 11.5%
Bootleggers: Mouth Menace 11.6%


New Belgium’s 2017 La Folie Debuts

20 February 2017

imageFrom New Belgium:

Ft. Collins, CO . – February 20, 2017 – This year marks New Belgium’s 20th year for making sour beers, which first launched its wood beer program in 1997 with La Folie. The award-winning sour ale’s 2017 version is now available and continues the sour ale tradition thanks to the craftsmanship of New Belgium’s blending team.

Every year, Eric Salazar, New Belgium’s Wood Cellar Manager, and Lauren Salazar, New Belgium’s Sour Beer Blender, coordinate a blending of various foeders (oak barrels) to make La Folie a winning interpretation of a Flanders-style sour brown ale.

“We’ve been blending & experimenting with sour wood beers for two decades and as the name La Folie implies it’s always with a touch of eccentric madness,” said New Belgium Spokesman, Bryan Simpson. “We combine multiple barrels based on continual tasting to create a combination that is just right. Once again, the crew nailed it this year.”

The 2017 La Folie is a sharp, tart sour ale full of green apple, deep cherry, dark chocolate, and tannin-like plum skin notes. It’s 7% ABV and available in both 22-oz. bombers and on draft. 

To geek out even more on sours, here are some links for enjoyment and learnings:

To find New Belgium beers near you, visit the libation locator at or download New Belgium’s Beer Mode app.


Weyerbacher - Pennsyltucky Common

imageIt’s only a keg label, but here we have Pennsyltucky Common from Weyerbacher Brewing in Easton, PA.  This beer is an ale brewed with Pennsylvania malt and hops.  Stay tuned for more info.


Odell Adding Exclusive Release Nail Knot Craft Lager

Today we get to see an Exclusive Release Series beer coming from Odell Brewing in Fort Collins, CO.  This is Nail Knot and this craft lager is named for a fly fishing knot.  This beer hits 5.2%-AbV and it appears to be a 12oz bottle, but stay tuned for more info.


Jolly Pumpkin & Monkish Collaborate On a 2nd Edition of Apocolocynposis Sour Ale

This is Apocolocynposis from Jolly Pumpkin and it is a sour ale brewed with blackberries and lime.  This is the 2nd edition of this collaboration with Monkish Brewing.   This beer hits 4.3%-AbV and you’re looking at the 750ml bottle.  Stay tuned for release info.


Jolly Pumpkin & Holy Mountain Collaborate On Smashed Grabbed & Hop Dusted

Here’s your first look at a new collaboration beer coming from Jolly Pumpkin and Holy Mountain.  This is Smashed Grabbed & Hop Dusted and it is a sour ale that will be packaged in 750ml bottles.  Stay tuned for AbV and release details.


Ska Adding Pink Vapor Stew Sour Ale Cans

Here;s a new can coming from Ska Brewing.  This is Pink Vapor Stew and it is a sour ale that will be Mod Project No 1.  This beer is brewed with apples, ginger, carrots and beets and the beer hits 5.1%-AbV.  This is the 12oz can and stay tuned for release info.


Lakefront My Turn # 23 - Dylan Dortmunder Lager

Here we have the 23rd release in the My Turn series from Lakefront Brewery.  This is Dylan and it is a Dortmunder lager that will hit 5.5%-AbV.  This is the 12oz bottle.


Finch Beer - Sungasm Belgian-Style Pale Ale 12oz Cans

Here we have a new can coming from Finch Beer in Chicago. IL.  This is Sungasm and it is a Belgian-style pale ale.  This beer will fly in at 4.5%-AbV and you’re looking at the 12oz can.


Dogfish Head, Stone & Victory Collaborate On Alternate Takes # 4

imageWe brought you a peek already, and now this from Dogfish Head:

The herbaceously outrageous 6.8% ABV Saison du BUFF, a pleasantly light, yet spicy ale, begins its noble quest to shelves nationwide beginning February 21, 2017. Brewed with heaps of parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme, and oodles of valor, this three-way collaboration saison is available in 4-pk bottles and draft.  “We have timed Saison du BUFF to hit the shelves just as spring is in first blush as the hops and herbs come together to taste and smell like mother nature coming out of hibernation,” says Sam Calagione, Dogfish Head founder and CEO.

The brilliant saison is the brainchild of BUFF (Brewers United for Freedom of Flavor), a brave trinity of brewers made up of Sam Calagione (Dogfish Head Craft Brewery), Bill Covaleski (Victory Brewing Co.), and Greg Koch (Stone Brewing Co.), who came together on a crusade to combat the mass-industrialization and commercialization of the beer industry and united to wave the righteous flag for thoughtfully crafted, delicious beers.  Dreamt up in 2003, the breweries aligned to jointly concoct the Saison du BUFF recipe and pledged to take turns brewing an annual batch in rotating years at each brewery, relying on serendipity and nuance to give the different versions their own flavor profile, while holding true to the passion and camaraderie of both the American craft beer movement and the delicious Saison du BUFF.

Alternate Takes #4, a funky farmhouse ale, bursting with notes of juicy apricot, earthy sourness and balanced hints of vanilla and oak, is headed to the draft-only playground on February 21, 2017.  Clocking in at 7.8% ABV, this aged, off-centered ale begins its life in French-oak wine barrels where it is fermented with brettanomyces for seven months, blended with apricots, and then re-fermented with Belgian Saison yeast, resulting in a brett funk flavor and a dry, tart finish.

In the analog age of music, artists recorded take after take, experimenting with new sounds until the perfect, ideal record emerged from an exploration of goodness.  The Alternate Takes series at Dogfish Head offers a peek into its innovative and creative research and development process, where no craft beer idea is out of bounds and each take celebrates a single, off-centered step forward.  To find and enjoy Saison du BUFF, Alternate Takes #4 and other off-centered Dogfish Head brews in your area,

A barrel-aged apricot Farmhouse Ale, Alternate Takes #4 is our latest draft-only offering! Now available at our Milton brewery and Rehoboth brewpub, this funky brew is fermented with brettanomyces for 7 months before being blended with apricots and re-fermented with a Belgian Saison yeast! Limited quantities are shipping to wholesalers this week, so keep an eye on the Fish Finder at to find some near you!


NOLA Brewing - Dryades Sour Brown Ale

imageThis is Dryades from NOLA Brewing in New Orleans, LA.  This beer is a sour brown ale with plums and cherries and it will be packaged in 750ml bottles.  Look for Dryades to hit 5.5%-AbV and this appears to be Batch # 1.


GoodLife Brewing Releasing Secret Stash #001 Experimental IPA

imageFrom GoodLife:

With the success of Descender IPA, GoodLife Brewing’s flagship IPA, we are excited to announce the launch of Secret Stash Experimental IPA Series, which is going to be a platform for our brewers to make their imaginations a reality. A new Secret Stash is going to be revealed roughly every 60 days and will be our take on different variations of IPA’s in addition to different hops in each batch. But here’s the catch, each year it will be a different style of beer, so get your IPA fix in 2017 because you’ll have to wait to see what we have in store for 2018’s Secret Stash.

Secret Stash #001: This medium bodied NW ale is a bright copper color with an off-white laced head coming in 8.8% ABV. A northwest forest of dank aroma with fresh pine, juicy citrus, with a touch of tropical fruit. Dominant layers of citrus, pine, and earth are paired with subtle flavors of roasted sweet caramel. Secret Stash #001 finishes with herbal tea and bitter citrus notes.

Although it’s still a few weeks away from being released, here is a preview of Secret Stash #002: A light to medium bodied Spring IPA to transition seasons. Using floral/fruity/herbal German and American hops, along with a touch of lemongrass, this IPA will awaken your dormant taste buds while pushing the boundaries of a traditional IPA. Pilsner base malt, a touch of dark specialty malt, and fermented with house ale yeast, Secret Stash #002 will have a pleasant backbone allowing bright spring flavors to shine through. At 50 IBU and 6.5% ABV, you will be able to enjoy a pint… or two… or three while you watch the NW bloom.

Here is the 2017 Secret Stash IPA release schedule:

  • Secret Stash IPA #001- January and February
  • Secret Stash IPA #002- April and May
  • Secret Stash IPA #003- June and July
  • Secret Stash IPA #004- August and September
  • Secret Stash IPA #005- October and November
  • Secret Stash IPA #006- December and January 2018

Secret Stash Experimental IPA Series will be available in draft (1/2 BBLS and 1/6 BBLS) only throughout Oregon, Washington, and Idaho with limited volume so make sure you try every Secret Stash!


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