Mybeerbuzz .com Highlights Flying Dog Sunflower Pilsner & Single Hop Lemondrop

27 July 2017

imageI really enjoy getting an early opportunity to taste some of the unique beers coming out of the Flying Dog Brewhouse Rarities Series…and I especially enjoy it when that beer arrives with a new beer in their Single-Hop Series as well…so off we go.
Flying Dog Brewhouse Rarities Sunflower Pilsner was designed by Zach & Carl from the Flying Dog sales team on their annual Brewhouse Rarities retreat.  Their pitch was a classic and clean pilsner; but with the addition of sunflower petals….yes “petals.”  Now I'll admit I was thinking sunflower seeds, not petals so I was anxious to give it a try.  The beer looks like a classic pilsner and has all of the classic biscuit aromas and delicate Noble hop aromas you’d expect.  The first tastes are classic pilsner as well, with just a touch more Saaz hop presence at the end.  The finish is crisp and clean as you would expect with what I perceived as a slight floral hop presence.  I’m not sure if my mind was expecting “floral” based on the flower petals, but the addition from the sunflower petals was subtle.  As the beer warned there was an interesting late flavor, however the beer is so crisp and clean at the end, I really couldn’t pin it down other than to say it was pleasant.  All-in-all Sunflower Pilsner is a really drinkable and clean pilsner with some really unique ingredients (5.2%-AbV, 35 IBU, Pilsner & Carapils malts, Saaz hops).
Up next we poured the latest release from what has to be my favorite series of beers from Flying Dog; their Single-Hop Imperial IPA.  This version uses Lemondrop hops and I knew when I brought you a peek back in March, that I’d like this one.  Single Hop Lemondrop not only rolls off your tongue when you say it, but tasting it is even better (for your tongue).  The color remains the tradition deep orange from previous releases, but the aromas begin and end with lemon.  We found some additional citrus in the nose and just a touch of grassy hops at the end as well.  The flavors also lead with lemon and lime and follow with a bit of resinous pine and a subtle tea-like flavor late in the taste.  The lemon and sticky pine remain on your tongue and the finish is hoppy and pleasant.  I was expecting a real lemon dominance with the Lemondrop hops, but the balance and finish on this beer are really nice. (8%-AbV, 75 IBU, Rye & Biscuit malts, Lemondrop hops).
Both of these beers are available now on draft and in 12oz bottles.  One is a unique interpretation on a classic pilsner lager, and one is an exciting way to highlight a unique and flavorful hop variety.  Be sure to try Flying Dog Brewhouse Rarities Sunflower Pilsner and Single Hop Lemondrop for yourself.  And when you do, be sure to let us know what YOU think.

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