Modern Times Releasing 7 Beers On 6/19

16 June 2017

imageFrom Modern Times:

This coming Monday will be a day of pure, liquid magic as we lift the proverbial velvet rope on 7 incredibly tasty and exceedingly rare beverages. The forthcoming lineup includes two magnificent new hazy IPAs, three of our most stunning sour beers to date, and two extremely limited, barrel-aged Devil's Teeth variants. We'll also be making party-sized 1.5L bottles of this year's absolutely stellar batch of Thermometer Island available, which we think is rad. Here's the full lineup:

We loaded this hazy IPA with Hallertau Blanc, Simcoe, Mosaic, Motueka, and Denali hops, resulting in an uncommonly delightful profile bursting with stone fruit, citrus, and tropical radness. It's an absolute pleasure from aroma to finish, and we're pretty excited to share it with you.
ABV: 7.5%
Price: $17.99 + tax & BPT fee
Total Quantity: 4,619
4-Pack Limit: 20

Underworld Dreams is back and better than ever. We've learned a ton since brewing the first batch of this IPA back in October of 2016. After fine-tuning the recipe, we've crafted a transcendently tasty juice-bomb that's loaded with Idaho 7, Simcoe, Mosaic, and Amarillo hops. The result is a mega-tropical, supremely-refreshing elixir that worships at the divine altar of haze.
ABV: 6.2%
Price: $17.99 + tax & BPT fee
Total Quantity: 2,460
4-Pack Limit: 15

You’re about to get the bejeezus refreshed out of you. We took this incredibly tasty, red wine barrel-aged saison and lavished it with fresh Meyer lemons from a local farm, resulting in a tart, funky eruption of soul-quenching citrus that lays down the complexity while retaining critical levels of crushability. It’s a miraculously tasty beer that’s about to totally make your day. We’re pretty excited for you right now.
ABV: 6.2%
Price: $21.99 + tax & BPT fee
Total Quantity: 600
Bottle Limit: 4

The newest batch of Thermometer Island arose from the glorious convergence of a tart, red wine barrel-aged saison and a bevy of delicious, seasonal citrus. After fermentation with a Brett-heavy blend of our house funky microflora, the beer was re-fermented on a bed of ripe, juicy Cara Cara and Satsuma Mandarins from a rad local orchard. Both the saison and the fruit were at seriously optimal points in their respective timelines when they came together, and the results are a ridiculously tasty celebration of perfect timing. This batch turned out so radical that we decided to make a 1.5L available for maximum partying potential.
ABV: 6.4%
750ml Price: $21.99 + tax & BPT fee
Total Quantity: 680
Bottle Limit: 6
1.5L Price: $39.99 + tax & BPT fee
Total Quantity: 85
Bottle Limit: 1

Inside this bottle are four exceptional beers, painstakingly assembled into a mind-bendingly tasty Voltron formation. We meticulously blended Batch 1500—a red wine barrel-aged dark sour—with a red wine barrel-aged sour blond, a funky saison, and a complex grisette aged in a clay amphora to create one singularly delicious beverage. Within this formidable nexus of flavor are notes of citrus, red berry, tropical fruit, and herbal funk, underscored by subtle minerality and a soft, dynamic acidity. It’s a breathtaking blend that manages to highlight the strengths of each of its four stellar components while remaining shockingly drinkable.
ABV: 6.9%
Price: $21.99 + tax & BPT fee
Total Quantity: 1,350
Bottle Limit: 6

We sent this single-barrel batch of Devil's Teeth on a one-year flavor sabbatical in oak barrels which previously housed a legendary 7-year wheated whiskey. The beer re-emerged triumphantly, its earthy, chocolaty profile beautifully complemented by the barrel character.
ABV: 13%
Price: $27.99 + tax & BPT fee
Total Quantity: 244
Bottle Limit: 1

Devil’s Teeth is a hybrid of an Old Ale and an Imperial Stout, two English beer styles designed to withstand long voyages and dark winters. It brings rich maltiness & robust roastiness in a thick, tongue-coating, aggressively flavorful package. This particular allotment was aged for over a year in barrels from one of America’s oldest and most celebrated distilleries, picking up rich notes of oak and spice that mingle fantastically with its chocolaty, earthy character.
ABV: 13%
Price: $27.99 + tax & BPT fee
Total Quantity: 280
Bottle Limit: 1

The canned IPAs will have a 3-week pick-up window, ending 7/13. All other beers will have the standard 2-month window, ending 8/17.

THERE ARE NO PROXIES ALLOWED FOR THIS SALE, so please ensure that you are able to pick up your beers during their respective pick-up windows prior to purchasing.**

We'll be having a release party here at the Fermentorium on Thursday, 6/22, the first day that beers are available for pick-up. This will totally be the best day to snag your beers, since we'll have a bunch of rad stuff on tap to celebrate the releases.

Tickets go live on Monday at 10AM

--Please note that you will not need a password. The password field on the sale page will be removed following the League pre-sale period.--

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