Surly Announces 2017 Release Calendar

03 March 2017

imageFrom Surly:

Yes, it’s March. We were fucking busy, alright? You want to know what changes are afoot in our 2017 release schedule or not?

Thought so. Read on.


We’ve added two beers to our regularly scheduled programming of Furious, Hell, Cynic, Overrated, Bender and Coffee Bender. One is Todd the Axe Man. When the people who would know say there’s no better beer being brewed in Minnesota, it’s a good idea to keep making it. So we are.

The other is Xtra-Citra, our sessionable, Citra hop-driven pale ale from summer 2016. Turns out if you make a delicious, low-ABV beer, people don’t care what season it is, they want to drink it. Look for it on shelves for good by late March/early April.


Here at Surly, we like to innovate. Where other breweries play it safe, we push the envelope. It is in that spirit of fearless experimentation that we’d like to announce our intent to put some of our flagship beers in 12-ounce cans (!) in a cardboard box (!!) and sell them in what we’re calling a “12-pack” of beer. HOLY. FUCKING. SHIT.

You’ll soon notice that our traditional 4-packs of 16-ounce cans will also be sheathed in attractive, eminently recyclable boxes. (You’re welcome, adorable baby dolphins.) Beer in a box. Only at Surly*.


Starting in May, you’ll be able to get your patriot on, as #MERICA returns to the shelves for all your pre-Prohibition lager needs. A hot summer day, a grill, a kiddie pool, some illegal Wisconsin fireworks, and #MERICA. Perfect.

You’ll also see SurlyFest in time for Oktoberfest season, and Abrasive when winter comes back around. And that’s it for seaso–wait, what’s that noise? OH MY GOD THAT’S SURLY WET‘S MUSIC.

Yep. Surly’s fresh-hopped IPA will be back this fall. We now turn to Vince McMahon for reaction.


We have a few new beers coming your way, too, one of which will be available on (looks at calendar), oh, let’s say Monday.

  • Unbridled. We took a traditional IPA and fermented it with Brettanomyces. This funked-up, unexpected pairing resulted in a bright-orange brew that will be in 750 ml bottles and on draft starting next week.
  • Furious Black. It’s Furious, but it’s black. The name of the beer should have told you that much, guys. First brewed for Darkness Day 2015, this adds subtle, roasted notes to our flagship IPA and makes it totally black (again, it’s right there in the name). In 750 ml bottles later this year.
  • Eleven. Our anniversary beer. Still shrouded in secrecy. If you ask Ben or Jerrod about it they will look over your shoulder, yell “Look, a baby tiger!” then run away when you turn around. To be clear, there is no baby tiger.  In 750 ml bottles and on draft in June.
  • Inherent Weiss. A hoppy, imperial hefeweizen. This rabbit has a mean streak a mile wide, but it tastes good. August-ish release in 750 ml bottles and draft.

Above is a handy calendar for you to print, save, and share with your neighbors/pastor.

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