Oskar Blues Now Offering a Resealable Crowler

30 March 2017

imageFrom Oskar Blues:

Longmont, CO - Since Oskar Blues introduced the CROWLER®  in 2012 discerning breweries, taprooms and to-go beer venues have been canning draft beer on-the-go in recyclable CROWLER cans. Now, beer drinkers in all 50 states can enjoy the benefits of the CROWLER®  with the introduction of the resealable CROWLER® can lid.

CROWLER®  (CAN + growler) is a 32-ounce or 25-ounce CAN filled with fresh craft beer from the draft source. Available at breweries and beer venues across the country, CROWLER®  cans allow beer fans to take draft beer to go. Until recently, CROWLER®  (like their smaller counterpart) cans had to be enjoyed fully when they were opened.  The Resealable CROWLER®  Can is simple to open and reclose with just a quarter turn; it also has an easy-to-pour opening.  Thanks to a development from Dayton Systems Group (DSG), breweries in all 50 states can now serve CROWLER® cans using resealable technology.

“We get off on pushing the limits, doing things differently & the resealable CROWLER® is another step of innovation to take advantage of what the can package has to offer from behind the bar,”  said Jeremy Rudolf, the man behind the CROWLER® integration at Oskar Blues Brewery.

Doug Dozark of Cycle Brewing in St. Petersberg, Florida gets it: “Cans are a better package than glass, but we haven’t been able to offer our regular beers in traditional cans because of the cost and availability of a quality canning machine. Filling CROWLER®  cans at the bar has filled a void for us and given us a niche in this area.”

The All-American CROWLER® seamer and CROWLER®  cans were introduced to the market as a collaboration between Oskar Blues and Ball Corporation when they noted how beer drinkers were refilling standard glass growlers in taprooms, which typically aren’t cleaned correctly. This, along with the fact that typical growlers let light in, has a negative effect on the taste of the beer. The CROWLER®  is more portable, more recyclable (it’s infinitely recyclable) and pours fresher beer.

“We’re excited to be collaborating with Oskar Blues on the next generation of innovative packaging.  The resealable CROWLER® brings a valuable new option that offers a container that’s easy to open and reseal without compromising freshness,”  Brad Bachmann, President of Dayton Systems Group said.

“The DSG cap contains an oxygen scavenger to help maintain beer’s freshness, something we know is of premium importance to craft brewers and beer drinkers,” said Dick Glennon, DSG’s Managing Director.

“The CROWLER® allows us to always fill a clean, fresh container so we have more confidence in the beer quality.  Customers are psyched about the cans! It means they don’t have to remember their empty growlers, the package is compact, less fragile and infinitely recyclable,” added Cycle Brewing’s Dozark.

The All-American CROWLER® machine, pre-set up for re-sealable canning, is sold for $4,150 while retrofit kits are available for original machines. To purchase a machine and inquire about quantities of cans/lids contact crowler@oskarblues.com.

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