Mob Craft Formally Apologizes for “Date Grape” User-Submitted Beer Name

06 December 2016

imageFrom Mob Craft:

Hello Everyone,

As many may know, there was an offensive name of a user submitted beer in this months vote, our monthly votes let people submit ideas for the beers, we did not have a process for screening names before the vote rounds started. I feel horrible that this oversight happened, the beer name has been changed and we now have a process where our team vets names before they ever appear publicly. We would never promote rape culture as it is a very serious issue, never to be joked about. Again my deepest apologies for this.


Update 8 Dec 2016:  There is apparently a guy on reddit claiming he submitted the beer name as a joke (m_c_zero):

So, I'm the guy who submitted the name Date Grape to Mobcraft. I figured I would speak out since this has gotten so out of hand. Everyone has gotten a chance to hear Mobcraft's side of the story so I wanted to get my side of the story out as well. I first heard about Mobcraft on Shark Tank on thought it was a pretty cool idea. I submitted the beer as a joke, I did not think it would make it past their screening process. A few days later I got a notice stating it was moving to the voting round. Needless to say I was pretty shocked and thought it was funny so I shared it on Facebook. Everyone else who saw it got a good laugh out of it as well. Probably a day later I got a notice that they developed a recipe for it. I was even more shocked at that point that it had kept moving forward. Flash forward to a day or two after that I noticed randomly that my Facebook feed was blowing up. Quickly I realized that a ton of people who I did not know where suddenly commenting on my post, blasting me and everyone else who was part of that post. Go figure, my Facebook privacy settings were set to the default so it allowed everyone and their mother to view and comment on my stuff. Anyway, flash forward to now and all I see on the internet is a few news articles on this issue getting shared across basically every news site out there. I figured after Mobcraft issued their apology that it would all blow over, I was wrong. I completely understand why Mobcraft took down the beer and issued the apology. The thing I don't understand is how they can say that the entire time (December 1st to December 6th) that they did not see the name. It was submitted, a recipe was developed for it and then it made it to the voting round but yet they never saw the name. Was it a poor choice to name the beer as I did? Yes, yes it was. But it was a joke. I never thought it would go this far. I do not condone rape or sexism whatsoever. I got the name idea from skits like The Whitest Kids U Know and MadTV. I thought it was funny and that others would find it funny as well. I never in a million years thought it would spark a firestorm like it did. I feel bad for putting Mobcraft through this but I'm also upset they just threw me under the bus the way they did. Anyhow, to those I've offended I am sorry but again it was just a joke. With all the other terrible stuff going on in the world I did not think this would be as big of a deal as it has become. Humor is controversial but if we take it away because it offends people then what do we have left? Sorry for the long-winded rant but just wanted to get that off my chest. Thanks for reading.

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