New Belgium Adding NEW VooDoo Ranger IPA, 8 Hop Pale Cans & Imperial IPA

24 September 2016

Here’s your breaking beer news of the day.  This morning we get our very first look at a *new beer (or more likely new names) coming from New Belgium Brewing in Fort Collins, CO and Asheville, NC.  This is VooDoo Ranger and this version is an IPA that celebrates the New Belgium Ranger beer reps across the country.  Look for VooDoo Ranger IPA to hit 7%-AbV and the beer will be packaged in 16oz cans & 12oz cans (12oz bottles below).  We also have New Belgium VooDoo Ranger 8 Hop Pale Ale (5.5%-AbV) 12oz cans, bottles & kegs and VooDoo Ranger Imperial IPA (8.5% or 9%-AbV, 22oz, 12oz bottles & 12oz cans).

*These appear to be the new names for Ranger, Rampant and Slow Hand and perhaps a tweaked recipe….but stay tuned on that one.


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Unknown 27 September, 2016 11:25  

More like Regurgitation Ranger. What went wrong at New Belgium? First brewery to do Belgian styles. First to do a saison. 1st to do a Bretta. 1st craft pils. 1st sour. 1st wind powered. 1st employee owned. They weren't a company they were a pioneering force in beer excellence and social goodness. I miss that New Belgium

Anonymous,  18 October, 2016 22:15  

What happened the the NB style? That skeleton is looking over its shoulder at the kitchen sink the designers forgot to include.

Anonymous,  31 October, 2016 16:44  

Cool labels. I hope the beer is as good as Citradelic!

Anonymous,  22 December, 2016 18:33  

The original Ranger (my favorite beer since I first tasted it) is disappearing from local stores here in Fort Collins and being replaced by this Voodoo Ranger garbage. Yes, I did try it, and it's nowhere near as good as the original. Not too happy about this. What *on earth* could have prompted this? I know it does well at the stores...I agree with "Unknown, 27 September, 2016"...what happened to this company?!

Bil Cord 22 December, 2016 18:59  

Interesting...I haven't tried the new one, but it's been my opinion for a few years that Ranger needed an update. New IPA's seem to have eclipsed Ranger and it just seemed like a flavor that was left behind. With that said, I miss Weyerbacher Hop Infusion and it has been discontinued as well and likely never coming back.

Unknown 26 December, 2016 03:34  

I enjoy my IPAs in the mid 6% range, not much higher, as they can tend to get more syrupy, depending on the company. The new Voodoo Ranger is definitely not awful but I very much miss the old Ranger, which is the only thing I kept in the fridge. R.I.P. Original Ranger :-(

J Designs 26 December, 2016 18:33  

Why? Why New Belgium? Much like the previous poster, Ranger is my favorite beer period. Now it's being replaced on the shelves by this Voodoo crap. Now I'm paying twice as much (buying 6 packs) add I was before. I guess it's time to search for a replacement...and it won't be Voodoo.

J Designs 26 December, 2016 19:08  

Why? Why New Belgium? Much like the previous poster, Ranger is my favorite beer period. Now it's being replaced on the shelves by this Voodoo crap. Now I'm paying twice as much (buying 6 packs) add I was before. I guess it's time to search for a replacement...and it won't be Voodoo.

Indy IPA 27 December, 2016 21:48  

Trying to keep up with 3 floyds image and partnership with bands. (Clutch). Just bought a 12 of cans of the new ranger. It's not bad. It's trying to be Zombie Dust.

Brad Sherrill 31 December, 2016 23:30  

This voodoo ranger is just the rampant with a new package. Taste exactly the same. Still a fan. But shit. Get some new ideas. And why you trying to copy flying dog with the artwork.

Anonymous,  01 January, 2017 11:49  

same old same old. nothing new. this is a sign that the company is taking their consumers for granted. unfortunatley , this is happeniong more and more...basically, lets rebrand our beer via new art work/ designs.. so sad

Unknown 08 January, 2017 04:34  

Last thing I'll add about the original Ranger is that it flew off the shelves and we had to request to the managers of the various grocery stores to order more, and they did! Grocery stores can be very accommodating when they have loyal customers/consumers. And it still sold out. The new Voodoo Ranger? Not selling out, at all. As of January 8th, 2017, fully stocked, plenty of inventory. May have to quit drinking altogether if this doesn't get fixed. ;-)

Anonymous,  11 January, 2017 17:19  

Tried it, didn't like it. Luckily there are a lot of other very good IPA's out there.

Unknown 16 January, 2017 18:06  

Our goto has always been Original Ranger, and now I cant find it!! Really!?! WTF!? Vodoo is good, bright on the opening, but doesn't hold up to the OG Ranger! Bring it Back!!

ted moreillon 17 January, 2017 17:13  

Why reinvent the wheel? RANGER was already the perfect brew, why mess with a good thing? You had the best IPA around, now you don't.Return RANGER,please.

michael 21 January, 2017 13:44  

Ranger is the best widely available IPA out there ... or was. The Voodoo Ranger is enjoyable initially, but I don't want the tropical taste every day, I want that grapefruit friendly Ranger. Please bring it back!!! Otherwise I'll have to move on to get my standard IPA from somebody else.

Anonymous,  23 January, 2017 19:40  

Well, if NB doesn't bring back the real Ranger, I am afraid they have lost a customer in me.

Anonymous,  03 February, 2017 15:22  

Please, Please Please bring the old Ranger back. The Voodoo IPA are not even close to being as good as the original Ranger.
-No longer a New Belgium customer....

Dan O'Neal 03 February, 2017 16:45  

Remember how well the new Coke worked out? Seems like the same thing. "If it ain't broken, don't fix it! Ranger was my 'go to' IPA. Have not tried the new 'brand' yet, but if it costs more I'll likely start trying out others to find a new mainstay.

Anonymous,  20 February, 2017 10:00  

I bought the last 4 six packs of Ranger in chisholm,mn and then 7 singles in hibbing and thats the last of it here on the iron range.I might have to quit drinking now cause once i tried Ranger i couldn't go back to lagers or any other type of ale.I love this stuff and when its gone i might cry and then jump into a fire.

Anonymous 24 February, 2017 15:33  

After visiting the brewery in Ft. Collins a few years back, Ranger has the only beer I would drink. I haven't found anything on the market that compares to it. The new Voodoo is too floral and tastes like every other middle-of-the-road IPA on the market. Such a disappointment and if they don't decide to bring it back, they have lost another loyal customer.

dru 01 March, 2017 20:15  

Not happy. Ranger was my one and only IPA and voodoo won't replace it. I'm moving on.

Unknown 03 March, 2017 13:32  

Ranger was the best! Voodoo doesn't come close.
No interest in New Belgium after that decision.

GB 03 March, 2017 13:35  

Ranger was the best! No longer interested in New Belgium after their decision to replace with Voodoo. Doesn't come close.

Anonymous,  16 March, 2017 16:59  

No sorry, this tastes absolutely nothing like the original Ranger, if that's what your seeking look elsewhere

Unknown 01 April, 2017 00:28  

This is bullshit bring back our beloved Ranger bitches

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