Highlights Angry Orchard “Orchard’s Edge” Knotty Pear & The Old Fashioned

29 February 2016

Just a few days ago I brought you the news of these ciders and this new Orchard’s Edge cider project coming from Angry Orchard….so a big thank you to Angry Orchard for giving me an early taste…and naturally I was really excited to give them a try.


Angry Orchard launched the Orchard’s Edge cider project to explore the creation of ciders inspired by “unexpected” ingredients and aging processes.  The first two ciders in the series are Knotty Pear and The Old Fashioned and both are aged on American oak.  As if that’s not enough fun, both of these ciders feature non-apple fruits and exotic spices like cardamom.





Knotty Pear pours a rich golden color with aromas that start with apple and end with spices and subtle pear.  This cider uses US apple varieties like Gala and Fuji along with pear juice for a really unique and enticing flavor.  This pear juice comes from Bartlett, Doyenne de Comice, Bosc and D’Anjoi pears and while it is only slightly more prominent than the apple flavors, it really contributes to the balance as well as the dry finish.  The oak flavors do come into play late in the tasting and the cider finishes dry, oak-y and slightly spicy.

The Old Fashioned also pours a deep golden color with aromas of apple, citrus and vanilla.  This cider uses American apple varieties as well as dried tart cherries, California navel orange peel and charred Bourbon barrel staves.  The flavors begin with apple but there’s quite a bit of complexity going on in this cider.  Apple is quickly followed by Bourbon and dark fruit flavors that finish with some citrus and an oaked-spice character.  This cider also finishes dry and clean.

These are just the first two releases in the Orchard’s Edge series and I’m already excited to see what direction the cider makers at Angry Orchard will go in next. 

Both of these ciders are not only unique, but also very well balanced.   The flavors work well together and the combination of ingredients are unique to say the least.  Both ciders hit 6.5%-AbV and they are both available in 6-packs and on draft so get out there and try them both for yourself.  And when you do, be sure to let us know what YOU think..


Troegs The Hop Cycle Returns with Cultivator

imageFrom Troegs:

Tröegs Independent Brewing announced the release of Cultivator Helles Bock, its Hop Cycle spring seasonal beer. Cultivator is now available across Tröegs’ entire distribution footprint.

Our spring seasonal, Cultivator Helles Bock, is back.

Emerging from springtime’s fertile ground, Cultivator celebrates the start of hop-growing season as sprawling fields of hop rhizomes climb and tether to hop bines. This spring bock delivers hints of toasted grains, fresh baked bread, and delicate floral hops.

“The Hop Cycle guides our seasonal brewing schedule, and Cultivator is the starting point,” said Tröegs co-founder Chris Trogner. “It represents the newness and rebirth of springtime in Pennsylvania.”

Cultivator incorporates floor-malted Bohemian pilsner malt, Hersbrucker and Magnum hops, and Tröegs house lager yeast to elicit notes of wildflowers, honey, and spring pollen. At 6.9% ABV and 25 IBU, this pale gold lager pairs well with steamed shellfish, fried chicken, and goat cheese.

Part of our Hop Cycle series, Cultivator is available from February to April in 12-ounce bottles and cans and on draught in Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Washington, D.C.


Jailhouse Brewing - Alibi Coming To Cans In April

From Jailhouse Brewing:

Coming in April!! Alibi Golden Ale...brewed with Georgia stone milled grits at 4.5% abv this is your perfect summer time go to! image


Elevation Beer Releasing Signal de Botrange and Raspberry Gulch

imageFrom Elevation Beer:

February 29, 2016 – Poncha Springs, CO.Elevation Beer Company is set to release its two highly anticipated spring seasonals, Signal de Botrange and Raspberry Gulch, in early March.

Signal de Botrange (9.8% ABV) is a Farmhouse Ale aged in Chardonnay wine barrels and is part of the brewery’s Double Black series. Named for the highest tower on the highest point in Belgium, Signal de Botrange is brewed in tribute to the traditional farmhouse beers of the Wallonia region. First released in the summer of 2012, Signal was Elevation’s first ever barrel aged beer.

“Signal de Botrange has always been a favorite at the brewery due to the simple recipe and the incredible complexity that is achieved through aging in Chardonnay barrels,” says Christian Koch, Elevation Head Brewer and Co-Founder. “This year’s batch was aged for almost a year and has incredible vinous notes and pleasing aromas of ripe stone fruit.”

Raspberry Gulch (8.25% ABV), an Imperial Saison brewed with Raspberries, is brewed to evoke the coming of spring in the high country. Raspberry Gulch’s aroma is dominated by raspberries but is mellowed by a slight white pepper note, thanks to a nice dose of spicy Saaz hops. This year, Elevation Beer Company will be releasing Raspberry Gulch in four-packs of 12oz bottles, rather than in 750ml bottles as in years past.

“We are excited about the new packaging for Raspberry Gulch. The 12oz bottle four-packs are much more accessible and consumer friendly,” says Koch. “We increased the amount of raspberries for this year’s batch, giving it a huge fruity aroma and flavor. Everyone at the brewery is really looking forward to enjoying a few of these!”

Both Signal de Botrange and Raspberry Gulch will be available for purchase at Elevation’s tasting room in Poncha Springs (115 Pahlone Pkwy) as well as at over 900 locations throughout Colorado. Limited quantities of these two beers will also be available in Texas, Arizona, and Washington.


Stone 6th Anniversary Porter Returns In Encore Series

We brought you the details on the Stone Encore Series already, but today you get to see the actual packaging as Stone 6th Anniversary Porter returns.  This beer was originally brewed in 2002 to celebrate Stone’s 6th anniversary and it is an “amped up version” of Stone Smoked Porter.  Look for this beer to hit kegs and 22oz bottles and the beer remains at 8.1%-AbV.


Troegs - Scratch # 235 Gose

Here’s another new Scratch series beer coming soon from Troegs.  This is #235 and it will be a Gose that will be package din 12oz bottles and kegs.  This beer is brewed with coriander and salt and it will hit 4.5%-AbV and 10 IBU.


Epic Brewing Introduces Tart ‘n Juicy Sour IPA

imageFrom Epic:

There’s no two ways about it, bacteria are fickle, funky little bugs and getting them to work hard is hard work

itself. The brewers at Epic spent over 18 months developing their latest offering, Tart ‘n Juicy Sour IPA, a unique

fusion of puckering tartness & an abundance of juicy, citrus-driven hops.

Tart ‘n Juicy is a 4.5%, fresh, kettle

soured, India Pale Ale with bright

notes of grapefruit, agave,

tangerine and passion fruit.

Normally “sour” and “India Pale

Ale” would be contradictory terms

because the flavor combinations

can be tough to bring together in

just the right way. Traditionally,

sours are aged for a very long

time, whereas hops should be

enjoyed as fresh as possible. Plus

there’s the fact that sour

producing bacteria, like

Lactobacillus and Pediococcus,

don’t usually thrive in hoppy

environments due to the hops’

natural antimicrobial properties.

What does all this mean? Just that

Tart n’ Juicy was a challenge to

create and the beer is probably like nothing you’ve ever tasted before.  In order to harmonize the flavors in the

beer, Epic’s team had to turn its attention to beer souring bacteria.


“We spent a lot of time working with different strains and understanding their strengths and limitations,” said

Kevin Crompton, Brewmaster at Epic Brewing, “Bacteria strains are like sheep, they need a lot of care and

looking after while brewer’s yeast is much more robust and aggressive - they’re more like a Velociraptor.”

Tart ‘n Juicy Sour IPA is the latest addition to Epic’s growing sour beer program. Their facility in Denver now

house 12 foeders and over 2000 oak barrels to produce traditionally soured beers like Sour Brainless on

Peaches, but Epic also sees the power of innovation and a role for kettle soured beers.

“Kettle souring is an emerging technique in sour beer and we see it as another tool in our arsenal,” said Kevin

Crompton. “It produces a different, cleaner, more lactic flavor profile than the bigger, more complex flavors of

barrel-aged souring.  We want to use both to create unique beers that push the boundaries of peoples’ palates.”

Whether it’s the slow and delicate art of aging and blending or cutting edge techniques of kettle souring, Epic

has a passion for style even if it means crafting its own.


Southern Tier Adds Ohio Distribution 3/1 With Superior Beverage

imageFrom Southern Tier:

Lakewood, NY - Southern Tier Brewing Co. announces today that beginning March 1, 2016 it will begin a new partnership with the Miller-Coors distribution network in Ohio.

“For the past 12 years we’ve worked with Premium Beverage Supply and we’d like to thank them for the support they showed us.  Now we are working with the Miller-Coors distributors throughout Ohio.  We are looking forward to having our full lineup of brands available to more retailers and consumers across the state.  We’d like to thank Superior Beverage and John Fleming for taking a leadership role in making this transition possible.” said Southern Tier CEO John Coleman. 

The move is being met with fervor from both sides of the table. Superior Beverage Group President, John Fleming notes, "I speak for the entire team at Superior Beverage Group when I say that we feel privileged and are very excited to service our retailers with the fantastic portfolio of beers from Southern Tier."

The Transition Will Be Effective March 1, 2016


Sole - Good Good DIPA Cans Coming 3/6

From Sole:

Can release for a limited run of Good Good DIPA!

GOOD GOOD (8.00% abv) is our wonderfully hazed out new-school Double IPA. Pale yellow, with a cloudy head that leaves a thick, creamy lacing. The mouthfeel is pillowy and resinous with a soft lingering bitterness. Big fruity punches of citrus, peach, and pineapple play with pings and pangs of spruce sap, spearmint, hemp, and heady dankness. The finish is straight up hop resin that lingers...

More info on the beer can be found here -->

Listen up! NO TICKETS this time around!
Due to the overwhelmingly successful turnout last time (despite the Jonas snow storm), and the heavy fees imposed by the ticketing services (boo!) we have decided that this event will be a FIRST COME - FIRST SERVED basis. This will make the process go a whole lot faster and more enjoyable!

One 4-Pack of Good Good pounder cans is $14.00
We are canning this within 48hours of the release and expect to yield just under 200 cases.

We are NOT imposing a maximum on 4-pack purchases! So please make enough time to get here early if you want to secure some for yourself. If there is any ultra-hoarding or aggressive douchebaggery, we will have to modify this policy for future releases.

**Remember, this beer should be consumed fresh and within a relatively short time after packaging for peak freshness. No aging.**

We will be selling pints of Good Good and Artistry & Alchemy on draft during the entire event. Pints cost $5.00
We will also be sellign 4 packs of Artistry & Alchemy, our Imperial Maple Stout (12.oz) for $11.00 per 4pk.

We will open the doors at 11:00am. If you plan to arrive early, please park in the main parking lot in front of SBC. If you feel so inclined, you may line up at the RED DOOR (directly to the left of the main entrance glass doors) to ensure that you get your fill of tha Good Good.

When the main parking lot is full you can find additional parking around the left side of the building. (When you're looking at the main entrance, the left side.)
BRAND NEW this time around!

Susquehanna Brewing Co.'s tasting room and bar is finally open, so feel free to mosy on over and have a few pints after you get your 4 packs and thank them for hosting us!


Voodoo Brewery Releasing Barrel Room Collection IV 3/26

imageFrom Voodoo:

The employee owners of Voodoo Brewery are very pleased to announce today that we have scheduled our fourth Barrel Room Collection Release for Saturday March 26, 2016 with bottle pre-sales beginning today, Monday February 29, 2016 at both of our pub locations in Meadville and Homestead. Curt has been working hard since the last release to bring you 5 brand new beers to add to our collection, all aged 14+ months in the barrel. They are as follows:

Gran Met aged in Apple Brandy Barrels (22oz x 2 for first 106, 22oz x 1 for last 241)- Our third iteration of this beer, this special batch of Belgian tripel has been tucked away in the back of the barrel room for nearly 3 years. During its 33 month repose, this beer has gained massive apple brandy and oak overtones, truly blurring the lines of beer and spirit.

Quadfather aged in Cabernet Sauvignon Barrels (22oz x 2)- Seeing barrel treatment for the first time, our Belgian quadruple was aged in French oak California Cabernet Sauvignon barrels yielding a highly quaffable beer rich in vinous character.

Chocolate Covered Cherry Big Black Voodoo Daddy aged in Bourbon Barrels (22oz x 2)- This batch of Big Black was split and aged in two carefully selected varieties of bourbon barrels hand picked for the chocolate, vanilla and coconut flavors they impart with extended aging, along with Madagascar vanilla beans and Ghanaian cocoa nibs. Once removed from the barrel, fresh Michigan tart cherries were added resulting in a well balanced stout with notes of vanilla, chocolate, cherry, oak and bourbon.

Black Magick aged in Rye Whiskey Barrels (12oz x 4)- After a 3 year hiatus, our highly coveted award winning Russian imperial stout makes its triumphant return, this time after a lengthy slumber in rye whiskey barrels

ManBearPig (12oz x 2)- Curt came up with this crazy idea over 5 years ago and now, 3 years in the making, is finally ready for your enjoyment. He first started by seeking out the finest local honey and maple syrup and aged it in freshly emptied bourbon barrels for over a year. Then he brewed the biggest beer we've ever made, a robust imperial stout with house apple wood and hickory smoked Munich malt, and aged it in the barrels that previously held bourbon, maple syrup and honey. The result is a truly complex work of liquid art designed to be savored.


We have a total of 106 full allotments available, sold as a full 12 bottle set at $206 which includes 2 bottles each of ManBearPig, Chocolate Covered Cherry Big Black Voodoo Daddy aged in Bourbon Barrels, Gran Met aged in Apple Brandy Barrels, Quadfather aged in Cabernet Sauvignon Barrles and 4 bottles Black Magick aged in Rye Whiskey Barrels. We have 241 partial allotments, which are identical to the full allotment except they include only one bottle of Gran Met aged in Apple Brandy Barrels instead of two, and are also sold as a full 11 bottle set at $186 only. The 106 full allotments will be sold to the first 106 sign ups, regardless of location. Once those have been sold, we will sell the remaining 241 partial allotments. We will only take as many sign ups as we have allotments, there will not be a waiting list of any sort. A valid drivers license or government issued identification card is required to sign up. You must physically be here in person with your valid ID to sign up- your friend can't bring IDs for 5 friends and sign you all up. No exceptions. Full payment is required to sign up, cash and credit cards are accepted. When bottles are released on 3.26.16, each person will again need to physically show up in person with your ID to claim your bottles. All bottles must be picked up by Sunday 4.10.16. The person who signed up in person must also pick up in person, no exceptions. We hope we have made how this process will work very clear. If, after reviewing this information, you still have questions, please email ONLY. As you can imagine, this is a very busy time for us, so please, do not call either of the pubs or send facebook messages. We will keep our facebook page updated in terms of where we are with sign up numbers throughout the day. To help celebrate the occasion, both locations will also be tapping a keg of Grande Negro Voodoo Papi aged in Bourbon Barrels TODAY! More details to follow about the release parties at both locations on 3.26.16! Meadville opens at 3, Homestead at 4!


Left Hand Brewing - Extrovert IPA

This is Extrovert IPA from Left Hand Brewing in Longmont, CO.  This American IPA will be package din 12oz bottles and the beer will hit 7.1%-AbV.  Stay tuned for release details.


Genesee Bock Returns With All-New Double Bock From Genesee Brewhouse

imageFrom Genesee:

Rochester, NY – Spring is right around the corner, bringing the promise of warmer weather and most importantly... Genesee Bock Beer. The always-anticipated limited edition bock has become one of the most sought after beers brewed at The Genesee Brewery. This year, however, Genesee has even more exciting news to share. Tapping into its 138-year brewing legacy, Genesee created a craft counterpart for its coveted Genesee Bock called the Genesee Brew House Double Bock.

“For the first time, we’re releasing another delectable take on the traditional German beer,” explained Genesee Brew House Brewmaster, Dean Jones. “While Bock is a lighter beer at 5.2 ABV, we embraced the idea of a bigger beer and created Double Bock to be a medium bodied, smooth brew with a 7 ABV.”

Every spring since 1951, the brewery has released its carefully crafted and lagered Genesee Bock Beer. While the exceptionally hearty, full-flavored beer has been around for nearly 70 years, an intense cult-like following developed within the last decade. In recent years, the beer has sparked a social media firestorm, with hundreds joining Facebook groups dedicated to swapping Bock stories. Consumers have even been known to cross state lines to find the iconic green packaging and purchase a year’s supply so they can enjoy it year-round.

“Genny Bock has become a legend of its own,” said Carrie Duggan, brand manager for Genesee. “Beer drinkers love the taste and appreciate the quality they’ve grown to expect from Genesee. It’s become a brand tradition to release Bock each springtime, and it’s amazing to see the lengths passionate fans will go for the beloved beer.”

The legend of Bock Beer doesn’t stop there. Last spring, Genesee Brewmasters discovered a logbook from the late 1930’s with a reference to the original 1878 Genesee Bock beer recipe, a traditional heavy German-style beer with a higher alcohol content. After Prohibition, American desire for heavier beers waned and the Genesee recipe evolved to meet the demand for lighter tasting beers. However, with the craft revolution today, Americans are once again embracing big beers with a higher ABV.

“After seeing the original recipe for Bock Beer, inspiration sparked and the idea for Genesee Brew House Double Bock was born,” said Jones. “We’ve seen such an appreciation for big beers in the past few years that I’m excited to see how the new Double Bock is received by the beer community.”

A collective “clink” of beer steins can be heard across the Northeast as Genesee Bock lovers celebrate its return as well as the introduction of the all-new Genesee Brew House Double Bock. Both beers will be available in select retailers throughout New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio for a limited time only. To locate the beer closest to you, check out the online beer finder.




Hops: Noble German Hallertau

Appearance: Deep amber color

Flavor: Raisin, Caramel, Toasted biscuit

Mouthfeel: Medium bodied, smooth


The Bruery & Bruery Terreux Sign With Andrews For North Texas Dictribution In April

imageFrom The Bruery & Andrews:

February 29, 2016, Dallas, TX – The Andrews Distributing team is excited to announce a partnership with The

Bruery® and Bruery Terreux® of Orange County, CA.

The Bruery was founded in 2008 by Patrick Rue, from whom the brewery takes its unique name. The

boutique craft brewery is located in Orange County, Calif. and specializes in barrel aged and experimental

ales. Rue first began home-brewing as a hobby, and continued to pursue his interest even while in law school.

After completing school, Rue decided to develop his business plan for the brewery instead of taking the

California Bar exam. Today, The Bruery has an expansive portfolio of unique award-winning beers that

capture the excitement Rue felt in his first years as a homebrewer. In 2015, The Bruery launched its co-brand,

Bruery Terreux, to focus on sour and wild ale production in a separate facility with dedicated staff &


Mike Machul, Andrews brand manager for The Bruery and Bruery Terreux, said The Bruery and Bruery

Terreux team is extremely dedicated to their craft and everything they produce.

“We are really excited to partner with The Bruery and Bruery Terreux team,” Machul said. “The extraordinary

attention to detail and unwavering emphasis on quality are evident in everything they do. Having been a fan

of this brewery for years, I can hardly contain my excitement about enjoying these beers on a regular basis.

We are truly fortunate to have been trusted with the final leg of The Bruery and Bruery Terreux’s journey to

retail in North Texas.”

Jonas Nemura, senior director of operations and distribution for The Bruery and Bruery Terreux, said

Andrews is the perfect partner to help bring their beer to anxious North Texas beer lovers.

“We’ve had people asking us to distribute to Texas for years,” Nemura said. “We’re happy to have found a

great partner like Andrews at an appropriate time for our brewery to enter the rapidly-growing North Texas

market. Andrews clearly demonstrates their focus on education through their extensive partnership with the

Certified Cicerone® Program, & their focus on operational excellence through innovative craft beer


Andrews plans to launch The Bruery and Bruery Terreux portfolio in DFW this April. DFW will see some every

day and special release beers from The Bruery and Bruery Terreux upon the launch. The Bruery team will also

hold release events in the area; additional details will become available as the launch date approaches.  

For additional information about The Bruery and Bruery Terreux, please visit and


Evil Twin - Brett Yeast & Helles Sour Lager

Here’s another new brew coming from Evil Twin.  This is Brett Yeast & Helles and it is a sour lager with Brett Brux Trois.  This beer hits 5.5%-AbV and it will be packaged in 22oz bottles at Westbrook Brewing.


Short’s Releasing Peachy Pom Pom

From Short’s:

We’re grinning from ear to ear and cheering for Peachy Pom Pom, an American Sour Ale that’s stolen our tastebuds! Peachy Pom Pom made her keg debut only one short month ago, and while we said it wouldn’t be making its way into bottles, the addictive flavor of this this American Sour Ale changed our minds. An instant fan and SBC crew favorite, we altered the course of this beer’s destiny and slated our next batches to hit the bottling line. In order to commemorate such a unique brew, we deemed this beer worthy of our second bomber (22oz bottle) release of the year.

Peachy Pom Pom (7% ABV – 2 IBU) is a rosy colored American Sour Ale brewed with peaches and pomegranate. Tart berry aromatics accentuate the sweet and sour fruit flavors within this beer. A huge tangy mouthfeel with some initial acidic citrus qualities shocks the palate before a clean and lightly dry finish.

If you’re a fan of sour beers or tart fruity flavors, Peachy Pom Pom is sure to delight. We promise the last sip from your pint glass or bottle will leave you smacking your lips and wishing for just one more drop. Peachy Pom Pom is now available on Michigan store shelves, pick up your bottle, today!


Captain Lawrence - 6th Borough Pilsner 12oz Cans

Today we get to see a new can coming from Captain Lawrence.  This is 6th Borough Pilsner and it will be packaged in 12oz Ball cans.  Look for 6th Borough Pilsner to hit 5%-AbV and 35 IBU.


Upland and Revolution brewing Collaboration on Revved Up Coffee Blonde Ale

We brought you the Revolution Brewing version of this beer and today you get to see the Upland Brewing version.  This collaboration is called Revved Up and it is a coffee blonde ale that will hit 5.6%-AbV and 20 IBU.  This is a 12oz bottle and stay tuned for release details.


Rogue - Honey Kolsch 12oz Bottles

Today we get to see some new packaging for Rogue Honey Kolsch.  This Kolsch-style ale is brewed with honey and it will now be packaged in 12oz bottles.  This beer remains at 5%-AbV.


Saint Archer - Nelson IPL Bottles

Here’s an interesting new bottle coming from Saint Archer.  This is Nelson IPL and it is an India-style pale lager that uses Nelson Sauvin hops.  This is a 22oz bottle and the beer hits 6/5%-AbV.image


Shmaltz Celebrates 20-Years With Funky Jewbelation Release

imageFrom Shmaltz:

lifton Park, NY -- Monday, February 29, 2016 -- Shmaltz Brewing Company celebrates 20 years in the craft beer business with the nationwide seasonal release of the 5th iteration of its annual blended, barrel-aged sour experiment and adventure, Funky Jewbelation® (9.4% ABV). While craft beer aficionados are well versed in the shtick-laden ways of He'brew -- The Chosen Beer®, many might not know the real backstory behind one of their most award-winning brews: Funky Jewbelation®. Let us now share the tale that Shmaltz lived to tell.

A Salvage Job Results in Gold Medals
Since its inception in 1996, Shmaltz has never just stuck with the status quo. When they've found an opportunity to push the needle, they don't hesitate.Funky Jewbelation® is a great example of the creative spirit Shmaltz has pioneered for the past two decades. For 17 years, Shmaltz was a proud cheerleader of contract brewing, which can present its own advantages and challenges. While they almost never ran into any quality issues, the beginning ofFunky Jewbelation® happened to be just such a time.

What was supposed to be their most beloved seasonal of 2008 (15th Anniversary Jewbelation Ale®) turned out to be a total catastrophe. Something unexpectedly happened during fermentation, and Shmaltz had almost 500 barrels worth of beer they thought they'd have to dump. The beer was expected to finish at 15% ABV and it barely made it to 11%, no matter how much yeast they threw at it. It was overly sweet, and lacked the flavor and complexity consistent with the brewery's Jewbelation® series. The production costs were through the roof, and Shmaltz had to find a way to fix the situation. Jeremy Cowan (Founder, Shmaltz Brewing Company) was struck by the idea of blending this batch with a few other Shmaltz beers.

"A few years prior to this, we were at GABF next to Firestone Walker, and they were pouring their Anniversary Series, which was a blend they'd put together," says Cowan. "Additionally, I recalled doing a collaboration project with Scott Vaccaro (Captain Lawrence) and Jeff O'Neil (Ithaca Brewing), blending two of their sour beers with two of our barrel-aged beers. We called it Geektoberfest and it was a super interesting beer. We even made a t-shirt to celebrate the collaboration that said 'beer freak, beer geek.' The classic story of what happens when you get beer people together."

Shmaltz did the only thing they could do at this point, use the off-batch of beer as a base and blend in additional beers from the rest of their portfolio that were placed into any available barrels they had at the time. After barrel-aging specific beers in various bourdon and whiskey barrels, Shmaltz churned out their first ever Funky Jewbelation®. A salvage job turned into a brilliant opportunity with the brew taking home two consecutive gold medals at the 2012 and 2013 World Beer Championships, and a silver medal at the prestigious World Beer Cup 2014. It just goes to show what can happen with the right perspective.

The Bold & Beautiful Funky Jewbelation® (9.4% ABV)
For the 2016 release of Funky Jewbelation®, Shmaltz loaded eight individual ales and lagers for six to twenty-two months into bourbon and rye whiskey barrels from Buffalo Trace, Heaven Hill, Willett, Redemption, Jack Daniels, and Sazerac. This year's Funky Jewbelation® glistens a deep ruby color with tart flavors of dark fruit and complex malts – caramel, toffee, and rye. Aromas bounce between bittersweet chocolate, farmhouse funk, and citrus and sour cherries. A mouthwatering puckering is complemented by pronounced hits of bourbon, charred wood, molasses and light notes of vanilla.

This year's hand blended recipe of Funky Jewbelation® is an expert mash-up of Jewbelation 19® (test batch brewed as the base of Funky, 11 months in advance of blending), Hanukkah, Chanukah: Pass The Beer® (aged 8 months), Messiah Nut Brown Ale® (aged 10 months), Bock Bock® (aged 8 months), Bittersweet Lenny's R.I.P.A.® (aged 6 months), Rejewvenator® 2014 (aged 22 months), Origin Pomegranate Strong Ale® (aged 10 months), and Reunion Ale '14: A Beer For Hope® (aged 16 months).

2016 is shaping up to be a superb year for Shmaltz Brewing. Lets kick off 2016 by raising a glass of Funky Jewbelation® and hailing all the incredible creativity and innovation taking shape on the craft beer scene across the country. L'Chaim!


Coronado Brewing - Berry The Hatched Heading To Bottles

Here’s your first look at a new Seasonal Selection coming to bottles from Coronado Brewing.  This is Berry The Hatchet and it is an ale brewed with red raspberries, backberries and boysenberries.  Look for Bury The Hatchet to hit 4.6%-AbV and it will be packaged in 12oz bottles, 22oz bottles and kegs.imageimage


New Belgium Joins The Conservation Alliance

NBLogoFrom New Belgium:

Bend, Ore., February 29, 2016The Conservation Alliance announces New Belgium Brewing as the newest member of the organization. With a deep-rooted commitment to environmental stewardship, Fort Collins, Colorado-based New Belgium honors nature at every turn of its business.

This new partnership will continue to help support and bolster The Conservation Alliance’s efforts to fund conservation organizations working to protect North America’s last wild spaces.

“New Belgium has a long history of philanthropy, donating over $12 million in the past 25 years,” said New Belgium CEO, Christine Perich. “We’re excited to join The Conservation Alliance because it gives us a unique opportunity to partner with leaders we respect in the outdoor industry. That partnership allows us to pool our resources and have a significant impact on conservation in North America.”

There is a natural synergy between the craft brewing marketplace and the outdoor industry; the same individuals who are hiking, skiing, and exploring in the backcountry are drinking good beer at the end of a great day. These customers identity with the real, authentic stories of companies doing good, giving back and protecting the places we play; New Belgium is leading the way in creating a meaningful partnership with The Conservation Alliance.
“New Belgium has demonstrated a strong commitment to conservation, and we are proud to welcome the company into The Conservation Alliance membership,” said John Sterling, Conservation Alliance Executive Director. “We can’t think of a better partner to help launch our new effort to work with like-minded companies from outside the outdoor industry.”

About The Conservation Alliance:
The Conservation Alliance is an organization of outdoor businesses whose collective contributions support grassroots environmental organizations and their efforts to protect wild places where outdoor enthusiasts recreate. Alliance funds have played a key role in protecting rivers, trails, wildlands and climbing areas.
Membership in the Alliance is open to companies representing all aspects of the outdoor industry, including manufacturers, retailers, publishers, mills and sales representatives. The result is a diverse group of businesses whose livelihood depends on protecting our natural environment.

Since 1989, The Conservation Alliance has contributed more than $15 million, awarded 508 grants, and
helped protect 45.5 million acres, 2,972 river miles, remove or halt 28 dams, acquire 11 climbing areas & designate five marine reserves.

For complete information on The Conservation Alliance, see:


ThirstyBear Organic Brewery Celebrates 20th Anniversary w/ Launch of New Craft Beer Program + Release of Azacca SMASH IPA

imageFrom Thirsty Bear:

San Francisco, CA -- Monday, February 29, 2016 -- 2016 marks the 20-year anniversary of San Francisco's oldest brewery-restaurantThirstyBear Organic Brewery. In 1996, when ThirstyBear was established, the craft beer landscape was quite the contrast to the booming beer scene that's now taking shape in San Francisco with nearly 30 breweries currently in business. Craft beer sales were barely approaching 1% of the overall beer market. Today, craft beer is over 11% of total beer sales with projected sales for 2020 pushing 20%. ThirstyBear proudly enters its third decade of brewing alongside its many Bay Area contemporaries, who collectively have established Northern California as one of the top beer destinations in the world.

Since 2007, ThirstyBear has been San Francisco's only certified organic brewery -- it's also a certified Green Business. ThirstyBear's annual output of 1,500 barrels of organic beer has primarily focused on seven flagship brews, as well as specialty cask conditioned ales and barrel-aged releases. With craft beer fans now more ready than ever to discover their new favorite beers, the hyper-elevated degree of consumer exploration is a dream come true for ThirstyBear's Founding Brewmaster Ron Silberstein and Head Brewmaster Brenden Dobel.

With its steadfast commitment to always pushing the brewing boundaries, Silberstein and Dobel forgo all of their flagship beers to now feature an ambitious monthly rotating craft beer menu. Along with their chalkboard of various beer styles, Dobel will work with newly cultivated organic hops and malts as well as cutting-edge brewing techniques to churn out small batch brews that are available exclusively at ThirstyBear.

"As we enter our 20th year as a SOMA neighborhood brewery, we're elated by the fact that the brewing and artisanal food worlds are really experiencing an incredible renaissance. Never before has there been such support for true experimentation with handcrafted menus. Our creative freedom is at the forefront of our brewing and our cuisine. We are in a moment when we can put everything on the table, not hold back, and brew beers that we can't wait for drinkers to taste. In the kitchen, our Executive Chef Rob McCarthy can work with the freshest seasonal produce and meats, sourced from local farmers, and conceive new menu items on a daily basis. And now, we are doing that in the brewery as well."

The debut seasonal release from ThirstyBear's latest beer program is a single malt and single hop, AZACCA SMASH IPA (7.9% ABV, 55 IBU). The American Dwarf Hop Association recently released its new varietal Azacca, which is named for the Haitian god of agriculture. Traditionally, hops grow on trellis systems that can reach more than 20 feet, making harvesting quite challenging. The new "dwarf hop" method cuts the height in half for better ergonomics and reduces water usage.

"To highlight the Azacca hop, I kept the malt bill simple, with no crystal or roasted malts," says Brenden Dobel. "I really wanted the Azacca hop to sing. For the malt, we chose organic Pale Ale Malt from Gambrinus Malting (BC, Canada) for a juicy malt character. The Organic Azacca is grown by Roy Farms (Moxee, Washington), right in the heart of America's finest hop growing region. It has excellent aromatic qualities of citrus and very ripe mango, along with hints of lemon and pine. We finished the IPA by dry-hopping it post-fermentation with more Azacca."

AZACCA SMASH IPA is on tap exclusively at ThirstyBear through mid-April 2016. Come enjoy a pint and celebrate ThirstyBear's 20-year history in the craft beer business.
ThirstyBear Organic, Small Batch Beers Are Available Fresh, Only On Draught, Only At ThirstyBear!


Starr Hill Heavy Rotation Series - Sublime Citrus Wit

Here’s a new bottle coming to the Heavy Rotation Series from Starr Hill.  This is Sublime Citrus Wit and it is a Belgian-style wit brewed with lemon & lime zest.  Look for Sublime to hit 12oz bottles and 4.7%-AbV.


RJ Rockers Canning Palmetto Trail Pale Ale

imageFrom RJ Rockers:

It's a great day to be in the beer business.  And last Wednesday was a "journal entry" day at the brewery, as we had our maiden voyage of canning Palmetto Trail Pale Ale.  As winter slowly releases it's grip on the Upstate, yard work is right around the corner, and what complements yard work better than a light, crisp, refreshing beer after a long day of working the land. 

Years ago, we used to describe Light Rock, our 2009 GABF Gold Medal winner, as "the perfect post-lawn mowing beer", and it served that purpose well.  But what seemed to be lacking was the ability to open the container with your bare hands, sans bottle opener, and commence crushing (responsibly, of course).  Well now we have something that satisfies that need, wherever and whenever you want;  on the golf course, poolside, after running a half marathon or whatever floats your boat (BRILLIANT!  YOU CAN TAKE THEM BOATING!).  And it's not only a really good beer, it's a beer with a purpose.  A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Palmetto Trail Conservation Foundation, and these proceeds will go directly toward improvements along the trail itself.  So look for it both on tap and in 12-packs at fine stores near you soon, and come "Taste the Palmetto Trail".


Deep Ellum - Barrel Aged Four Swords Quad

Here’s your first look at an interesting new bottle coming from Deep Ellum Brewing in Dallas, TX.  This is Barrel-Aged Four Swords and it is a Belgian-style quadruple ale age din Cabernet red wine barrels.  This is a 22oz bottle and the beer hits 10.5%-AbV and 44 IBU.  Stay tuned here for more details.


DuClaw - Blood Orange Neon Gypsy IPA 12oz Bottles

Here’s another new brew joining the blood orange team.  This is Blood Orange Neon Gypsy from DuClaw and yes it is a blood orange IPA.  This beer will be packaged in 12oz bottles and this gypsy hits 6.5%-AbV.


Goose Island - Giant Barrel Construction Timelapse (Video)

From Goose Island:

These giant barrels are actually called foudres. In the vessels previous life, they held wine on a vineyard in France. At their new home in our Chicago Barrel House however, they will hold sour beer.The construction of the foudres took a team of three from France and Spain to assemble all six in just under a week.


Hill Farmstead - Genealogy, George, Everett, Earl, Florence, Edith, Dorothy & Anna

We’ve seen several of these beers before, but today we have the approved packaging for lots of bottles coming fom Hill Farmstead:  Genealogy imperial stout with wheat and coffee (500ml), George American brown ale (500ml, 5.8%-AbV), Everett robust American porter (500ml, 7.2%-AbV), Earl coffee oatmeal stout (500ml, 7.2%-AbV), Florence Vermont wheat ale (750ml), Edith dark farmstead ale (750ml, 5.8%-AbV), Dorothy dry-hopped farmstead pale ale (750ml, 7%-AbV) & Anna Vermont Honey Ale (750ml, 6.5%-AbV).



Abita Updates 12oz Cans for Purple Haze, Amber & Strawberry Lager

We’ve been bringing you all of the packaging updates from Abita, and this morning we get to see several more.  These are the new 12oz Ball cans for Purple Haze (4.2%-AbV), Amber (4.5%-AbV) & Strawberry Lager (4.2%-AbV).imageimage


Brooklyn Brewery - The Discreet Charm Of The Framboisie Ale & Neziah Bliss SMaSH

It’s only a keg label so far, but here we have The Discreet Charm Of The Framboisie Ale from Brooklyn Brewery.  This beer will hit 5.2%-AbV and stay tuned for more details.  We also have Neziah Bliss SMaSH (9.7%-AbV).


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