Grilling With Samuel Adams & Downtime Pilsner - A First Sampling

30 May 2015

I always love getting a care package from Samuel Adams, and when I opened yesterday’s box, Summer 2015 officially started at BeerBuzz headquarters.

Samuel Adams recently formed an exclusive partnership with Weber Grills.  We brought you the details of that partnerships, but now I have more.  Samuel Adams was nice enough to add in a little surprise in my box as they included a bag a special Weber Apple Wood Firespice Chips.  They also included a bottle of Samuel Adams Summer Ale to soak the wood chips in, so off we went.

Naturally we soaked the chips overnight, and this afternoon we fired up the charcoal, and added in he Samuel Adams soaked chips.  I’ll admit I was skeptical; after all I’m a vegetarian so my grill only sees veggie burgers and V-dogs.  But much to my surprise, it actually worked.  We chose the plain-est veggie burgers we had which ended up being Morningstar Farms grillers and we added the Weber/Sam chips to the hot charcoal and grilled as usual.

I’m happy to report it actually worked.  The burgers had a smokey almost sweet flavor, and perhaps it was the Samuel Adams Summer Ale I was also drinking, but I’ll admit I swear I tasted citrus in the burgers.  For fun we did veggie dogs and while the flavors were less prominent, a hand full of new chips added some unique flavors to the dogs as well.

Be sure to try this for yourself and see what I mean.  Mrs. BeerBuzz and I can’t wait to try this on some roasted vegetables and even some gouda cheese.

As a bonus Samuel Adams included some Porch Rocker to enjoy while we were grilling and their new Downtime Pilsner.  This German Pilsner has the classic flavors of noble hops and German pilsner malt and at 5%-AbV we found it really drinkable.  The lighter body, malty balance and crisp finish made it a perfect summer grilling brew.
Downtime Pilsner is available nationwide in the Samuel Adams Beers of Summer pack so try this one for yourself….and don’t forget to break out your grill!  Cheers and let Summer 2015 Begin!


Troegs Overhauls Packaging & Logo Designs: Perpetual IPA, Hop Knife...

I’m excited to be the first to bring you a look at the packaging overhaul coming from Troegs.  This redesign represents a significant change in not on the packaging of Troegs products, but also the Troegs logo itself.  Today we’re getting a look at two of their hoppy beers and the color scheme is cut back to an almost greyscale look with one shade of green across the packaging line.  I’ll be interested to see if that color use continues on their other packaging or if they use other colors in the same manner on their other beers.  Quite honestly it’s hard to imagine Nugget Nectar not using orange in this style.  The new Troegs logo carries an almost guitar-pick shape with a casual font and the “Independent Brewing” tag.  Today we have the 12oz bottle and 12oz can for Perpetual IPA as well as Hop Cycle Series fall release, Hop Knife Harvest Ale.  The beer will remain the same:  Perpetual IPA (7.5%-AbV, 85 IBU) & Hop Knife (6.2%-AbV, 87 IBU).  Stay tuned for more designs and release details and also stay tuned to see their line of cans extended into other beers (like Hop Knife).  Of special note is that it would appear that Troegs is adding "Independent Brewing" as part of their name and logo and dropped out "craft."


Sierra Nevada - Estate Homegrown IPA 2015 (Certified Organic)

Today you get a look at Sierra Nevada Estate 2015.  This “Homegrown IPA” uses Sierra Nevada’s Chico estate-grown hops (and barley) and for 2015 it is Certified Organic as well.  This wet-hopped IPA will remain in 750ml bottles and the beer will hit 6.7%-AbV.  Stay tuned for release details.



SweetWater Catch & Release - Hash Brown Coming To 12oz Cans (& Bottles)

I’m excited to be the first to show you a new canned beer coming from SweetWater Brewing Co in Atlanta, GA.  This beer is the fall release in the Catch & Release Seasonal series and it is called Hash Brown.  This hop hash-infused India-style brown ale and it uses 2-row, wheat, pale chocolate, Cara-brown and Midnight Wheat malts.  As if that’s not fun enough, this beer will also be package din 12oz Ball cans.  Look for Hash brown to come in at 6.2%-AbV and watch for fall 2015 release details.


Cigar City - Cow Boss Imperial Stout Coming To Bottles

Here’s your breaking craft beer news of the day.  You’ll find this FIRST at and since it’s Saturday, it will probably take a day or two before someone copies it and posts it on their blog.  Here we have a new bottle coming from Cigar City.  This is Cow Boss and it is an imperial milk stout that was brewed in collaboration with the Florida Cattlemen’s Foundation.  This beer is aged on Florida Cypress and it will be packaged in 22oz bottles.  Stay tuned for AbV and release details.


Stillwater Artisanal / Freigeist Bierkultur - Atlantis Gose Bottles

Here’s a new co-brewed beer coming to the U.S. from Stillwater Artisanal Ales and Freigeist Bierkultur in Germany.  This is Atlantis Gose and it is a Gose-style ale brewed with oyster shells and seaweed.  Look for this beer to be packaged in 16.9oz bottles at Freigeist and it will come in at 4.5%-AbV.


Upslope Brewing - Blood Orange Saison 12oz Cans

Here’s a new color you can’t miss.  This is the new can packaging for Upslope Brewing Blood Orange Saison.  This limited release beer is brewed with blood oranges, pink peppercorns and Mandarina Bavaria hops, it will be packaged in 12oz cans and the beer will hit 6%-AbV.


Lagunitas - Imperial Pils Coming To Bottles

Here’s a new seasonal release bottle coming from Lagunitas.  This is Imperial Pils and this beer will be packaged in 22oz bottles.  Look for Imperial Pils to come in at 8.2%-AbV and stay tuned for release details.


Flying Dog - The Gourd Standard Pumpkin IPA

This is only a keg label, but stay tuned because I suspect we’ll see more.  This is Flying Dog The Gourd Standard and it is a Pumpkin IPA…yes and IPA brewed with pumpkin puree and spices.  This beer will hit 6.7%-AbV and stay tuned for more details.


Blue Point - Oktoberfest 2015

This morning we have the packaging for Blue Point Brewing Oktoberfest 2015.  This beer will remain in 12oz bottles and at 5.7%-AbV.


Hi-Wire Brewing - Contortionist Black IPA, Lion Tamer, Uprisin’, Strongman & Peach Rye Saison

Here’s a new bottle coming from Hi-Wire brewing in Asheville, NC.  This is Contortionist and it is a Black IPA  This beer will be packaged in 12oz bottles and the beer will hit 6%-AbV and 84 IBU.  Stay tuned for more details.  We also have Lion Tamer Rye IPA (7%-AbV), Uprisin’ Hefeweizen (5%-AbV), Strongman coffee milk stout (5.3%-AbV) & Farmhouse Series Peach Rye Saison (5.8%-AbV).


Terrapin - Apple Pie Golden Ale, Blueberry Pie Golden Ale & Cranberry Pumpkinfest

One last keg label today…and it’s one I know you want to see.  This is Terrapin Apple Pie Golden Ale and it is an ale with apples, cinnamon, vanilla bean and maple syrup added.  As a bonus we’ve also brought you Blueberry Pie Golden Ale (ale with blueberries, cinnamon and cardamom added) and Cranberry Pumpkinfest (brewed with pumpkin, spices and cranberry).  Stay tuned for more details on all of these.


East Coast Beer / Beach Haus Brewery - Krampus Bottles

Today we have Krampus from East Coast Beer / Beach Haus Brewery.  This spiced ale will be packaged in 750ml bottles…and get a good look because I suspect Southern Tier will be writing a C&D letter very soon.


BOM Brewery - Triporteur Kinky Berry Bottles

Here’s a fun new brew coming to the U.S. from BOM Brewery.  This is Triporteur Kinky Berry, it will be packaged in 11.2oz bottles and the beer will hit 6.9%-AbV.


Harpoon Adds New Mix Pack - UFO Explorer Mix

From Harpoon:

We love adventure all year round, but nothing beats the explorations that summertime brings.Case in point (literally!), our brand new UFO Explorer Can Mix. Be it hiking, camping, beaching, boating, barbecuing – everything that your summer calendar brings – the UFO Explorer Can Mix is sure to become your favorite adventure sidekick.
>>>Learn more about UFO Explorer Mix!


Boulevard & Cigar City Announce Collaboration No 5 - Tropical Pale Ale

From our pal Jeremy Danner @ Boulevard Brewing & Cigar City:

Our collaboration series of beers has allowed us to work (and drink) with some of our favorite people in the beer industry who brew fantastic beers. We’ve been lucky enough to brew with Jean-Marie Rock from Orval, Larry Sidor and Deschutes Brewing Company, Dann and Martha of Pretty Things Beer & Ale Project and our sister brewery,Phil Leinhart and Brewery Ommegang. During a new market rollout in Florida, a brewery we have tremendous respect for was kind enough to open their tasting room to us to host a Boulevard tap takeover to celebrate our entrance into the state. Not only did they put our beers on tap in their brewery, but they went above and beyond by showing Game 7 of the World Series on their tasting room televisions which had never displayed anything but their beer list and a live video feed of their brewhouse and fermentation cellars. We were so taken by the hospitality and kindness displayed by the great people of Cigar City Brewing, and the amazing quality of their beers, that we just knew we wanted to brew our next collaboration beer with them. Over plates of BBQ, a few rounds of beers and a couple of conference calls, it was decided that Boulevard Brewing Company and Cigar City Brewing would team up to bring you Collaboration No. 5.

Combining CCB’s expertise with tropical fruit flavors and Boulevard’s love of pale ales, Collaboration No. 5 – Tropical Pale Ale begins with a base of soft pilsner malt layered with
Maris Otter, Munich and caramel malts. Huge late hopping with a blend of Mosaic, Citra, Lemondrop and Azacca lends bright flavors of mango, pear, blueberry and citrus to a pale ale featuring slightly toasted biscuit and caramel/toffee notes. Infused with freshly sliced grapefruit at the conclusion of the boil, our tropical pale ale is briefly aged on passion fruit and grapefruit at the end of fermentation resulting in a refreshing acidity and tropical fruit flavor and aroma. At 7.3 ABV and 55 IBUs, Collaboration No. 5 – Tropical Pale Ale finishes slightly tart with bright citrus character from dry-hopping with Lemondrop, Azacca and Pacific Jade hops.

As of this minute, we’re targeting a release date in September. Collaboration No. 5 – Tropical Pale Ale will be exclusively brewed and packaged at Boulevard Brewing Company in Kansas City, Missouri. For the first time in our collaboration series, we’ll package the beer in 4 packs of 12 ounce bottles moving away from our 750 ml bottle. As with past releases, we’ll also release 1/6 bbl kegs. Collaboration No. 5 – Tropical Pale Ale will distributed through the Boulevard distribution network and will be available throughout our footprint of 31 states and Washington DC.

Please stay tuned as we finalize more details.

Jeremy Danner,
Ambassador Brewer


Half Acre - Beer Hates Astronauts Coming 6/5

From Half Acre:

There's this ongoing story written by Ryan Browne that's full of swear words and misdeeds, terrible judgement, assholes of all kinds, space crabs and somebody's popped head. It's gory, hilarious and an absolutely faultless way to spend an afternoon or two. It's called God Hates Astronauts and you can check it out here

You could also drink it. Next Friday at noon we're selling 22oz bombers of Beer Hates Astronauts, the official beverage of madness, out of our shop on Lincoln. We'll do growlers, howlers and pints too. All Citra, all Vienna and all the King Tiger Eating a Cheeseburger you can manage.
  • release date 6/5/15 at noon
  • 7% ABV
  • 22oz bottle $8.99 (limit 4 per person)
  • 64oz growler refill $18 (limit 1 per person)
  • 32oz howler refill $10 (limit 2 per person)
  • 16oz pour $6


Stone Saison Returns 6/1

29 May 2015

From Stone:

We’re heralding the arrival of warmer, sunnier months by welcoming back Stone Saison for its second year. Starting Monday, June 1, our modern take on a Belgian classic will begin sprouting up in six-packs and on draft at retailers, bars and restaurants.

Keep in mind that this is no ordinary saison—of course not, because it's ours. And, no, that doesn’t mean our normally hop-obsessed brewers loaded it up with humulus lupulus. With this beer, we celebrate our flavor-rich sense of place. Fertile Southern California fields, including our own at Stone Farms, produced the lemon zest, grains of paradise, lemon thyme, lavender and small dose of peppers that give Stone Saison its citrus and floral character and subtle, tantalizing spice.

For the beer’s 2015 edition, we’ve changed the proportions of these ingredients, allowing each to shine through without overpowering one another. This thoughtfully gratifying liquid bounty will be available from these final weeks of spring through summer.

ESCONDIDO, CA (June 1, 2015) – Stone Brewing Co. is reintroducing its take on a traditional Belgian farmhouse ale, using Southern California ingredients grown on its 19-acre farm. Stone Saison is brewed with lemon zest, grains of paradise, lemon thyme, lavender and a small dose of habanero peppers, making it the quintessential refresher for the warm-weather months. Starting today, the beer returns in 12-ounce six-packs and on draft to retailers, restaurants and bars in markets where Stone beers are sold.

“Before we began brewing batches of this year’s release, we looked at a few ways to slightly improve on last year’s recipe for Stone Saison,” said Stone Brewmaster Mitch Steele. “The herbs and spices remain the same, but we adjusted the proportions to create a refined combination highlighting each ingredient while offering a perfectly balanced flavor profile overall.”

Grown at the craft beer company’s
Stone Farms, lemon thyme and lavender contribute floral, citrusy aromas and flavors, while lemon zest and grains of paradise add vibrant grapefruit and white pepper notes that mingle with restrained, earthy heat brought on by habanero peppers. These homegrown specialty edibles balance exceptionally well with the subtle banana and clove qualities courtesy of Stone’s house strain of Belgian yeast. The resulting beer finishes with a crisp, dry and refreshing mix of spices, red apple and a hint of heat.

Stone Saison will be available in limited quantities through the warm and sunny season. The beer’s citrusy, floral and spice qualities will shine through all summer long.  

Stone Saison Quick Facts

Name: Stone Saison
Stats: 6% ABV, 35 IBUs
Availability: Limited 12-ounce bottles in six-packs and draft, beginning June 1
Hops Bill: Perle and Aramis
National Distribution: AK, AL, AZ, CA, CO, CT, DC, DE, FL, GA, HI, IA, ID, IL, IN, KS, KY, LA, MA, MD, ME, MI, MN, MO, MT, NC, NE, NH, NJ, NM, NV, NY, OH, OR, PA, RI, SC, TN, TX, VA, VT, WA and Puerto Rico
International Distribution: Australia; Alberta and British Columbia, Canada; Japan; Singapore; and United Kingdom
Find Beer:

Tasting notes, provided by Stone Brewmaster Mitch Steele

Appearance: Pours a golden color with a creamy white head and a touch of haze.
Aroma: Great blend of floral (lavender and rose), peppery, citrus and herbal, plus nice Belgian yeast-derived spice and (mostly) banana notes, and hints of continental pilsner malt flavor.
Taste: The taste follows the same path as the aroma, with the addition of a glint of heat in the finish from habanero peppers.
Palate: Very dry and crisp, with a touch of heat on the finish.
Overall: We made some minor changes to the beer this year, using German pilsner malt to increase the malt flavors. Additionally, we adjusted the proportions of lavender, lemon thyme, grains of paradise, lemon peel and habanero peppers to provide a great blend showcasing each ingredient within the overall balance of the beer.


Green Flash Cellar 3 Flanders Drive Coming 6/7 & Citra Session 6/16

From Green Flash:

At Cellar 3 we celebrate the funky, the tart, and the barrel-aged side of Green Flash. We are thrilled to announce an extremely limited bottle release of the next Cellar 3 innovation, Flanders Drive. Join us at Cellar 3 on Sunday, June 7thfrom 12pm to 8pm for the tasting room debut of this very special sour Red Ale. Limit 2 bottles per person, while supplies last. Pick up Flanders then hang out and enjoy rare beer tasters with a perfect pairing from our own Cellar 3 Bistro food truck. 

Citra Session IPA Tasting Room Release
The sweet days of summer are here and our quintessential summer session ale, Citra Session IPA is back for another run. Join us in the tasting room on Tuesday, June 16th from 3pm – 9pm to experience the first taste of this refreshing brew. With notes of Lemongrass, Orange Peel, and Grapefruit and an ABV of 4.5%, this session beer is destined to be this summers' staple. Pick up a few bottles, and then share a pic of your ideal place to enjoy a Citra Session IPA using the hashtag #MyHopSession on social media for a chance to win summer prize packages all season!


Cigar City Tampa-Style Lager 12oz Cans

Here’s your very first look at a new can coming from Cigar City.  This is Tampa-Style Lager and it is inspired by traditional German-style Helles lagers and it is “perfect for the Florida heat.”  This beer will be packaged in 12oz cans and stay tuned for AbV and release details.


Weyerbacher - Jester's Choice I Hoppy Pilsner Ale (Former Brewer's Select Series)

Here’s your very first look at the packaging for Weyerbacher Jester’s Choice I: Hoppy Pilsner Ale.  We broke the news that Weyerbacher’s former Brewer’s Select Series and their use of constellation names would be replaced with a new series name “Jester’s Choice” and now you get to see it.  Turns out the constellation names were hard to remember and check out the full explanation on our radio show.  This is Jester’s Choice I Hoppy Pilsner and it will be packaged in 12oz bottles (kegs only).  Look for a Philly Beer Week release


3 Floyds - Wig Splitter Coffee Stout Hitting Bottles

Here’s your first look at a new bottle coming from 3 Floyds.  This is Wig Splitter and it is a coffee oatmeal stout that uses freshly ground espresso.  This beer will be package din 22oz bottles and stay tuned for AbV and release details.


Samuel Adams - Boston Ale

Here we have the latest packaging for Samuel Adams Boston Ale….yes that’s right Boston Ale not Boston Lager.  This cellar aged “stock” ale uses English hops, it is package din 12oz bottles and the beer comes in at 5.4%-AbV.


Goose Island - No Collar Helles Lager

Here’s a new beer coming from Goose Island.  Yes it’s only a keg label, but here we have No Collar.  This Helles Lager will come in at 5.3%-AbV.


Flying Dog - All Good ISA

Here we have Flying Dog All Good ISA.  This is only a keg label so stay tuned for more details on this India-style Session Ale


Narragansett - Town Beach IPA 16oz Cans

Here’s a new bog can coming from Narragansett.  This is Town Beach IPA and it will be packaged in 16oz cans.  Look for this beer to hit 5%-AbV and stay tuned for release details.  This is not the Imperial version of Town Beach IPA.


Horny Goat - Zincognito Midwestern IPA 16oz Cans

Here’s a new big can coming from Horny Goat.  This is Zincognito IPA and it will be packaged in 16oz cans.  Zincognito is a “Midwesteern IPA” that uses Citra and Amarillo hops and it  will hit 7%-AbV and 70 IBU.


Riverwalk Brewing - Gnomad, Riverwalk IPA, Uncle Bob's & Rustic Pils

Today we get to see several new brews coming from Riverwalk Brewing Co in Newburyport, MA:  Uncle Bob’s English Style Ale (4.6%-AbV), Rustic Pils, Riverwalk IPA (7.2%-AbV) and Gnomad Farmhouse Ale (7.7%-AbV).


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