Avery Barrel-Aged Series - Black Eye Coming 7/13

30 June 2014

From Avery:

Sunday, July 13th

No. 21 in our Barrel-Aged Series


"If at first you don't succeed,

try, try again, matey!!" 

Bottle sales begin at 1pm.

$12 per 12oz. bottle, limit 12 bottles per person.

Rare beers on draft starting at 11am.

[more info]


Ballantine IPA - America's Original IPA Returns

Here's your first peek at the packaging for the classic Ballantine IPA as it returns.  This is the 750ml packaging and it looks like the beer will come in at 7.2% ABV and 70 IBU.  I've been lucky enough to try some pre-samples and test batches of this beer and not only are you in for a treat, it's looking more like the IBU will actually reach 79 in the final version.  Look for a late July release.


Smuttynose Expands Into Tennessee

From Smuttynose:

 Thank you, Tennessee!  We're happy to be within your friendly confines!

Beginning tomorrow, July 1, beer drinkers in a nine county area radiating from Chattanooga will be able enjoy Smuttynose beers wherever craft beer is sold.  We've signed on with Carter Distributing, who will now distribute Smuttynose beer throughout Bradley, Hamilton, McMinn, Marion, Meigs, Monroe, Polk, Rhea and Sequatchie counties.  

Tony Giannasi, Carter's Craft Brands Manager has set-up a great string of roll-out events that will feature some combination of Smuttynose's year round beers; Finestkind IPA, Old Brown Dog, Shoals Pale Ale, Bouncy House IPA, Vunderbar Pilsner and Robust Porter, as well as current seasonal release, Summer Weizen.  Big Beer Series releases will be coming to Carter in the near future. 

In the meantime, please come out and join us for a Smuttynose; you'll be glad you did!

7/1 Heaven and Ale “Beer of the Month” kickoff with six beers on tap, plus glassware
      and prize giveaways; for the rest of the month, there will be three Smuttynose beers on tap.
7/2 Tremont Tavern tasting with glassware giveaways
7/8 Meet The Founder at Heaven and Ale with prize giveaways
7/10 Brewhaus tasting and glassware giveaway
7/18 Riverside Beverage growler fill specials
7/25 Sigler’s Craft Beer and Cigars Tap Takeover 
8/1 Sturmhaus Pint Night 
8/8 Universal Joint Tap Takeover

Untappd users, don't forget that you can earn an exclusive Bouncy House IPA badge when you check in our new session IPA during the month of July!


No-Li’s Brewhouse Beers Now on Tap at Seattle Stadiums

From NoLi Brewhouse:
 Seattle’s Safeco and Century Link Fields are now representing the Eastern half of the state with Empire No. 8 Session IPA from Spokane’s No-Li Brewhouse.
Empire No. 8 gets its name from the Empire Builder train that travels from Chicago to Spokane to Seattle and Portland. The train was used frequently for people traveling from the Midwest to the Pacific Northwest during the World’s Fair Expo’s in 1962 in Seattle, and in 1974 in Spokane.
Today, the Empire Builder goes directly by both Safeco and Century Link Field stadiums; many Mariners fans hear the train’s whistle in the middle of home games. Now the Empire has landed at the fields in the form of No-Li’s Empire No. 8 Session IPA, bringing a piece of Pacific Northwest history into the stadiums.
Empire No. 8 Session IPA can also be found around the Pacific Northwest in 22 oz bottles


Destihl Expands Into PA With Bella Vista

imageFrom Destihl:

“After being in talks with Bella Vista for several months, we are excited to team up and get started with a Pennsylvania distributor that is so perfectly suited for our diverse and unique portfolio of beers. We will be a great fit with Bella Vista’s current lineup of great breweries and brands,” says DESTIHL founder, Brewmaster and CEO, Matt Potts.

In the near term, DESTIHL will launch a diverse selection of its beer brands, including draft kegs and 12-ounce cans of its award-winning Strawberry Blonde Ale (in 4-packs), Hoperation OverloadTM Double IPA (in 4-packs) and Abbey’s SingleTM (a Belgian-style Abbey Single Ale) (in 6-packs), as well as draft kegs of ClariceTM Belgian Dark Strong Ale, TenebrousTM Black RyePA, Black AngelTM Stout, Vertex IPATM, AltercationTM, Ambassador Belgian Double Pale AleTM and DownstateTM Pale Ale. Pennsylvania will also immediately get its hands on beers from DESTIHL’s Wild Sour Series, including its award-winning Counter ClockWeisseTM (a Berliner-style Weisse) and Black Berliner Weisse.

Jordan Fetfatzes, Vice President of Bella Vista, said “Everyone at Bella Vista is honored to be appointed by Matt and his crew to represent DESTIHL brands and beers in the Philadelphia region. We love the beers DESTIHL brews and cannot wait to get them into the hands of the good people of the commonwealth of PA. Personally and professionally, we are huge fans of Midwestern beers, and DESTIHL is the proof that we are right!”


Beachwood / Heretic / Stone Unapologetic IPA (Video)

From Stone:

We can see the headlines now: Stone makes another IPA! The world is shocked at such a divergence from a company that hardly ever explores hoppy beer styles. Yes, that’s sarcasm! Obviously, no one will be shocked to discover we’re making yet another aggressive IPA. We’ve never tried to hide our lust for hops. Heck, we freely fly our hophead flag. But we’re sure the question will arise. Stone has already made a bunch of IPAs, so why make another. Isn’t the already lupulin-obsessed market saturated with hoppy beers? And who says the world needs another IPA, anyway? We do!
While unified by botanic-borne bitterness, every India pale ale is different, especially nowadays! With so many breweries opening and such an increased demand for more and more hops, the farmers who supply the craft beer market are working overtime. Not only are they jamming to grow as much of the most popular varietals—Cascade, Centennial, Amarillo and the like—but, since there’s only so much of those big-name hops to go around, they are also breeding new types of hops with flavors both similar and worlds away from those IBU fiends have come to crave. Staying ahead of the curve on those new additions to the hop family bine is both challenging and fun. Some of the biggest trends in hops, like Citra and Mosaic, were identified by experimental batch numbers not too long ago. Experimenting with hops holds a great deal of appeal for craft brewers—especially us. New varietals provide the opportunity to creative something completely different, and that is immensely exciting!
That sense of adventure is shared right along with a thirst for incredibly hoppy beer by two collaborators hand-picked by Stone Brewmaster Mitch Steele to bring our latest collaboration brew to life—Heretic Brewing Company Brewmaster Jamil Zainasheff and Brewmaster Julian Shrago of Beachwood Brewing. Mitch worked with Jamil on a collaborative triple IPA brewed at Heretic’s Fairfield brewery, and liked the viewpoint he’d bring to the process. There were some preliminary talks about what type of beer they should create, but nothing was exciting enough that it stuck until Julian came on board. At that point, with three lupulin-infatuated brewers known for their expertise with hoppy ales, it was clear that the only way to go was a double IPA. As interesting as these guys are, what made this brew especially remarkable was the quartet of brand new, experimental hops they utilized for Beachwood/Heretic/Stone Unapologetic IPA.
All four of the hops used in the dry hopping hail from Washington. Neither Mitch, Jamil or Julian had scarcely used and, in some cases, never even tasted some of them. Belma and Azacca weren’t completely foreign, but yet-to-be-named HBC 342 and Hopsteiner 06300 sounded more fitting to a sci-fi novel than a beer. What they all have in common are citrusy, fruity, tropical notes. The biggest question in all of this was how the experimental hops would turn out during the whirlpool and dry-hopping processes. Thankfully, some of the initial savory notes fell off to reveal more of the hops’ citrus and subtle earthiness. Jamil suggested using biscuit malt as a specialty malt on top of the base bill, to give the beer a stronger backbone for the hops to contrast with. It ended up lending breadier flavors to support the coconut nuances brought on by the Hopsteiner 06300. The result is a bitter yet fruity DIPA with strong notes of melon and tropical fruits.
The casual beer drinker may not notice all of the subtle differences in these hops, but craft beer geeks who are often heard waxing poetic about the melon, pine tree, onion or garlic notes in their beer, are sure to fall for the unique complexity of this brew. That’s who our brewing trio were catering to with this beer—curious hopheads just like themselves.Beachwood/Heretic/Stone Unapologetic IPA was tailor-made for people who want to be on the cutting edge of craft beer. Yes, it’s another IPA, but it’s anything but just another IPA; innovative without being confused or convoluted. We know how many IPAs are out there—we’re responsible for a great many of them after all—but there’s always room for another one, so long as it’s good…or great…or mind-blowingly spectacular.Beachwood/Heretic/Stone Unapologetic IPA is most certainly the latter.
14-0305 Stone Unapologetic
Photo by StudioSchulz.com
Stats & Tasting Notes by Brewmaster Mitch Steele
  • ABV: 8.8%
  • IBUs: 85 IBUs
  • Availability: Limited22-ounce bottles and draft, beginning June 30
  • Hop Bill: Azacca, Belma and experimental hops HBC 342 and Hopsteiner 06300
  • Distribution: AK, AL, AZ, CA, CO, CT, DC, DE, FL, GA, IA, ID, IL, IN, KS, KY, LA, MA, MD, ME, MI, MN, MO, MT, NC, NE, NH, NJ, NM, NV, NY, OH, OR, PA, RI, SC, TN, TX, VA, VT, WA and Puerto Rico
  • Appearance: Pours golden with a creamy white head.
  • Aroma: Intensely aromatic with stone fruit, white wine and berries driving most of the hop character. Lots of yeast esters, a touch of alcohol, and a nice malt backbone follow after the hop aromatics.
  • Taste: Fruity, strong melon, tropical, and hints of citrus with a balanced malt character.
  • Palate: Dry and very bitter. Just the way we like it!
  • Overall: When Jamil, Julian and I first started discussing this beer, I don’t think we even considered brewing anything other than a double IPA. So the question became: “How do we make this beer unique and something that reflects all of our approaches to brewing this wonderful beer style?” Julian suggested first wort hopping with Chinook and using a four-way blend of hops in the whirlpool and dry hop. Jamil suggested the malt bill, which includes the use of biscuit malt, something I’ve never used before in an IPA. As a result, the beer has a great blend of fruit flavors and an intense bitterness coming from the hops, which the three of us love. The hops we used are new and experimental varieties. For several years now, we’ve been researching the flavor profiles of newer varieties here at Stone Brewing Co., and the flavor descriptors we came up with for each of the hops used for dry-hopping this beer are as follows: Belma – Strawberry or grape jam, black currants and berries, with some citrus; HBC 342 – Citrus and melon; Hopsteiner 06300 – Coconut, tropical fruit and orange, with hints of cocoa and earthiness; Azacca – Tropical fruit, citrus and stone fruit. Together, it’s a fun combination of hops that we think works exceptionally well for this beer.


Fort Collins - Malt Monsters Bernard Belgian Dubbel Coming 7/18

From Fort Collins:



Oskar Blues Dale’s Pale Ale Gains Product Placement In The Movie “Tammy” w/Melissa McCarthy

Here’s a peek at some great product placement.  Yes that’s Susan Sarandon and Melissa McCarthy drinking an Oskar Blues Dale’s Pale Ale. The movie comes out July 2nd so I’m sure we’ll see more screen caps soon.


BarrelHouse Teams Up With Chuck Silva of Green Flash For Triple DOuble Session IPA

From BarrelHouse & Green Flash:

It started nearly two years ago when Chuck Silva (head brewer of Green Flash) stepped into BarrelHouse Brewing Co. during their build out. From that point on, from San Diego to Colorado, their path’s kept crossing. At some point they started chatting about this new hot beer trend called “Session IPA.” Though, in the beer world the name in itself is almost a contradiction. But, people are loving the style and the beers are fantastic, so the challenge was to create something unique. Recipes bounced back and forth and then a few weeks ago the brew day finally happened. It was a great time to be had by all. The brew went smoothly and a few short weeks later the beer was complete.
Which takes us to the name, they wanted something that made people tilt their head and say, huh? So, they chose Triple Double Session IPA which takes the contradiction to an entirely new level. They wanted to poke fun at how crazy the craft beer world has gone over them and have fun while doing it. Plus, Bandwagon IPA was already used.
ABW 3.2% | IBU: 45 | S.G. 1.041
This beer is part of BarrelHouse Brewing Co.’s “Small Batch Barley and Hop Project” so it’s incredibly limited and only available on draft at the Taproom and select accounts throughout California.
Joint release events with Green Flash and BarrelHouse Brewing Co. will be held at well known beer establishments from San Diego to Sacramento. Event details released soon.


Good Nature Brewing & Ithaca Beer Team Up on Wort is Bond Saison Ale

From Ithaca and Good Nature:

Named for the familiar phrase, “word is bond,” the idea for Wort is Bond began with a promise to brew together one day.  This past April, brewers from Ithaca Beer and Good Nature Brewing made good on their word.  They came together to create a tart yet earthy saison-style ale from pilsner, spelt, and rye malts grown in New York as well as cascade hops also grown in New York, and Polish Lublin hops. Fermented with a farm-house ale yeast and wildbrettanomyces B and L yeast strains for a crisp clean finish, Wort weighs in at a hearty 6.3% alcohol by volume.
Last night, Ithaca Beer hosted Good Nature Brewing in their Taproom to premier Wort and also offer three Good Nature beers on draft: Annie – Imperial IPA, American Nut Brown, and Bavarian Dream – a German-style summer wheat beer.  Tonight, Good Nature will celebrate the release in their Tap Room in Hamilton, NY.
Wort will go on draft in the coming weeks at select bars and restaurants around Ithaca, Hamilton, Syracuse, and Rochester areas where both breweries distribute.


Lebanon Valley College To Hold "Chemistry Of Beer Course"

The college will host a one-day enrichment course titled "The Chemistry of Beer" in August.
The course will examine the chemical transformations that take place during the beer-brewing process and how different compounds produced during the process give beers their flavor profiles, said Megan Potteiger, the course's facilitator.
Potteiger, who is director of LVC's Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning/Educational Technology, has a master's degree in organic chemistry from the University of Pennsylvania and teaches general chemistry course at LVC. She is also a fan of craft beer, and she and her husband, Dustin, have been homebrewers for about three years.


Dogfish Head - BEER Thousand Celebrates 
20th Anniversary of Seminal Guided by Voices Album

From Dogfish Head:

In early fall, Dogfish Head Craft Brewery will celebrate the spirit of indie rock greats Guided by Voices with the imperial lager BEER Thousand.
Just as Dogfish Head has always brewed the beers we want to drink instead of bending toward trends and tradition, Guided by Voices has always made the music they want to listen to.
“We're only making records for ourselves,” GBV frontman Robert Pollard says, “I’m going to put exactly what I want on them.”
To celebrate that independent spirit and the 20th anniversary of the band’s classic album Bee Thousand, Dogfish Head has brewed BEER Thousand. This imperial lager, chosen to echo the copious amounts of lager that fueled GBV’s garage recordings, is brewed with 10 grains and 10 hop varieties, and clocks in at 10% ABV.
10x10x10 = BEER Thousand.
"I can't believe it's been 20 years," says Pollard. "But I'll drink to that."
BEER Thousand will make a special sneak preview at tonight’s Guided by Voices show at Barrymore Theatre in Madison, Wis. (tickets available here). A small batch also will be available at Dogfish Head Brewings & Eats in Rehoboth Beach, Del., while supplies last.
In early fall, BEER Thousand will be packaged and released throughout Dogfish Head's 30-state distribution network, pending local approval. Accompanying the beer release will be a 10-inch record with 10 songs recorded live June 25, 1994, during the "Insects of Rock" tour, the band's first tour.
Guided by Voices also will be playing a Dogfish-sponsored show Aug. 21 at the recently refurbished Milton Theater, just blocks from Dogfish Head’s production brewery in Milton, Del. Stay tuned for ticket information.
Bee Thousand, released in 1994, was the band's breakthrough album and has been hugely influential and revered. Bee Thousand made numerous 'Best of the '90s' lists, including No. 4 on Pitchfork's, ahead of Nirvana's Nevermind. Spin Magazine put Bee Thousand at No. 26 in The Best Albums of the Past 25 Years and named Pollard one of the Top 50 Frontmen of All Time. In 2006, Amazon ranked Bee Thousand No. 1 on its list of the 100 Greatest Indie Rock Albums Of All Time.
- See more at: http://www.dogfish.com/community/blogfish/members/justin-williams/beer-thousand-celebrates-%E2%80%A820th-anniversary-of-seminal-guided-by-voices-album.htm#sthash.wU1LYuDn.dpuf


Saint Arnold Icon Series Texas Common Available Now

From Saint Arnold:

The inspiration for our latest Icon beer comes from San Francisco steam beers. Since the name "Steam" has been trademarked by Anchor Brewing, these beers are referred to as California Common Beers. We took a hoppier twist on this and thus named the style Texas Common. We fermented with the "San Francisco Lager" yeast at ale-like temperatures as is characteristic of the California Common style.

Our Texas Common is a red amber beer that holds a nice creamy head with an aroma full of tropical fruit. The flavor starts with a pleasant combination of fruit and malt and then goes to a long, dry bitter with just a hint of malt hanging on all the way.

We used only one hop variety in this beer: Mosaic. This is a fairly new hop varietal, released in 2012, and is known for its distinct but complex tropical and citrus aroma and flavor. The tropical aspects come through well in our Texas Common.

As always, you can find Icon in four packs at the grocery store and on tap at bars and restaurants around town. Learn more about Icon Green here.


Sisyphus Brewing Opens 7/11

From Sisyphus:

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – June  30, 2014 –Sisyphus Brewing is proud to announce that its taproom at 712 Ontario West, Minneapolis, MN 55403 will open on Friday, July 11, 2014 at 12 noon. The grand opening celebration will offer the general public the first opportunity to sample the first four beers from the brewery.

Specifically designed to operate with a small two-barrel system, Sisyphus Brewing will feature a constantly rotating selection or beers of various styles.  With no plans to wholesale or offer growler sales, the Sisyphus Brewing taproom will be the only place to sample its beers.

Each week the taproom will feature new beers in a variety of styles as part of the brewery’s goal to educate beer drinkers about the wide variety of styles, ingredients and techniques involved in craft beer. In addition to the 100 seat taproom, the next phase of Sisyphus Brewing’s evolution will include a 100 seat theater that will host comedy and live music.

“We are so excited that our opening date is nearly upon us,” said Sisyphus Brewing founder Samuel Harriman. “We are so inspired by the great variety of beers out there, and we can’t wait to share the best of what is out there with our customers. Our goal at Sisyphus Brewing is to take the experience we had touring the best taprooms in the country and replicate it under our roof. We think beer is a community experience, and we’re thrilled to be a part of the Minnesota beer community.”

The presence of the Sisyphus Brewing taproom will be advertised by a mural on the exterior wall collaboratively created by two of the biggest names in Minnesota beer art, Adam Turman and Josh “Jawsh” Lemke. The mural will face the I-94/I-394 interchange, making it visible to literally thousands of commuters every day.

The Sisyphus Brewing Taproom will initially be open every Friday and Saturday from noon to 1 am, with additional days to follow.


Cigar City / Tampa Bay Brew Bus Brewing - You're My Boy Blue & Last Stop IPA

Today we get to see two new beers coming from Cigar City Brewing for the Tampa Bay Brew Bus Bring Co.  Up first is You're My Boy Blue Blueberry Wheat Ale and this one will use Pacific Gem hops and be packaged in 12oz cans.  As a bonus, we have the keg packaging for Last Stop IPA.


Firestone Walker - Parabajava

This is only a keg label, but today we have Firestone Walker Brewing Parabajava.  This Imperial Stout is brewed with coffee and it will come in at 12.5% ABV.


Dogfish Head - Pennsylvania Tuxedo

We brought you news of this beer, and now we get to see the approved label for Dogfish Head Pennsylvania Tuxedo.  This Woolrich collaboration will come in at 4.5% ABV.


Weeping Radish - Ruddy Radish Bottles

Today we get a peek at a new beer coming to bottles from one of my favorites, Weeping Radish Brewery.  This is Ruddy Radish, it will be packaged in 22oz bottles and come in at 6.4% ABV.


Pizza Boy Signs With Westy's In PA

From Pizza Boy & Westy's:

Pizza Boy Brewing and Westy’s Beer Distributor, Inc. announced a distribution agreement that will allow the Camp Hill based distributor to offer all Pizza Boy beers to all licensed establishments throughout its ten county network. Westy’s becomes Pennsylvania’s first Importing Distributor for Pizza Boy Brewing brands.
“It’s very easy to recognize that Pizza Boy is among the top 1% of makers in the country in terms of quality, innovation, and creativity.” commented Westy’s GM George Bradley. “If you asked me if I could bring any brewery to the market right now, Pizza Boy is the one.”
Draft and packaged offerings of Pizza Boy products will be available in the coming weeks to all licensees through Westy’s Distribution network of the following Pennsylvania counties: Adams, Cumberland, Dauphin, Franklin, Fulton, Juniata, Lancaster, Lebanon, Mifflin, Perry, and York.
Pizza Boy Brewing Co. will be hosting an industry and media night on Monday July 14, 2014 from 6-10 PM. Owners, managers, key personnel and media are all invited and encouraged to attend as a number of products will be available for sampling. Pizza Boy Brewing Co. at Al’s of Hampden is located at: 2240 Millennium Way Enola, PA 17025.
Central PA retail partners and beer enthusiasts are encouraged to contact George Bradley at Westy’s Beer Distributor, at (717) 737-2621 or by e-mail at westysbeer@gmail.com for further information. Additional details will be forthcoming.


Wasatch will be bringing it's Polygamy Porter to new Nitro bottles with Polygamy Nitro Porter.  These are 12oz bottles and the beer will come in at 5.5% ABV.


Goose Island 312 Urban Wheat Coming To United Airlines Flights 7/1

From Goose Island & United Airlines:
United Airlines and Goose Island announced they are teaming up to offer Goose Island’s 312 Urban Wheat Ale craft beer on the airline’s flights worldwide and at United Clubs in the continental United States, beginning July 1.
Goose Island’s 312 Urban Wheat Ale is a Chicago-inspired beer. Densely populated with flavor and named after one of Chicago’s primary area codes, the beer has a spicy aroma of cascade hops, followed by a crisp, fruity ale flavor delivered in a smooth, creamy body that is immensely refreshing.
To commemorate the new partnership, United will host a special happy hour July 1 on United Flight 312 from Chicago to Houston and serve a complimentary 312 Urban Wheat Ale to customers throughout the aircraft.
In addition, members of the carrier’s MileagePlus loyalty program may use their miles to purchase tickets to watch the Aug. 19 Chicago Cubs-San Francisco Giants game at Chicago’s Skybox on Sheffield, which offers an extensive Goose Island selection. United will offer 40 pairs of tickets from July 17 to Aug. 6 through its MileagePlus Headliners program.
“We are thrilled to join with another strong Chicago brand as we further enhance our beverage service,” said Lynda Coffman, United’s vice president of food services. “Our customers have told us they want craft beer on board, and with the addition of 312 Urban Wheat Ale, we are able to satisfy their tastes with an excellent product.”
“We are proud to have United Airlines choose Goose Island as a craft beer partner,” said Andy Goeler, CEO of Goose Island Beer Company. “Both companies are not only from Chicago but are also established icons in the Windy City, just two of the many reasons this relationship is sure to be a success.”
The beer will be complimentary for premium-cabin customers and will cost $7.99 in United Economy. In United Clubs, a serving will cost $3.


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