Dos Equis - Azul Coming To 12oz Cans

03 November 2013

This is Dos Equis Azul…a new beer brewed with spice and blue agave nectar.  Azul is a lager that uses golden wheat, it will be packaged in 12oz bottles and cans (below) and come in at 5.7% ABV.

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Monica Reyes 01 March, 2014 01:38  

Where can we try or purchase near zipcode 77545?

Monica Reyes 01 March, 2014 01:40  

Where could I try or buy it ? Zipcode 77545 :)

Anonymous,  14 March, 2014 02:30  

Costco has it

Victor M 28 April, 2014 01:40  

Invitame cuando las encuentre

Anonymous,  03 May, 2014 01:27  

Costco has it in the dos xx multipack,just found out today.

jose anaya 06 May, 2014 02:50  

its so smooth and delicious

Darci Gutierrez 09 May, 2014 14:28  

can the Azul be purchased in OTHER THAN the multi- pack of "Mexican Beers" such as is sold at Costco? Cant find it stand alone.

Anonymous,  05 June, 2014 15:29  

where can i find it by itself in either a 6 or 12 pack?

Anonymous,  15 June, 2014 21:20  

Please please please make this available in its own 6 or 12 pack because than I would be drinking like 18 of these bad boys on Friday night's !!! Lol

Anonymous,  01 July, 2014 14:30  

We've bought the multi pack at HyVee and Costco, but want just the Azul....

Anonymous,  17 July, 2014 20:02  

When will this beer be available on its own

Anonymous,  12 September, 2014 13:22  

Have yet to see an answer on when/where Azul will be available for purchase on its own. Please respond, thank you.

Bil Cord 12 September, 2014 13:30  

So far I haven't heard anything about availability of Azul on it's own. Sorry.

Anonymous,  21 March, 2015 22:17  

it is sooooo good! I want a keg!!!!

Anonymous,  03 April, 2015 16:13  

I just want the Azul too. HELP!

Anonymous,  22 May, 2015 08:17  

Me too. Give me just the Azul in a 12 pack!!! Cans or bottles, doesn't matter. This is a keeper.

J Double U 14 July, 2015 21:18  

They need to get them in liquor STORES ASAP!

J Double U 14 July, 2015 21:18  

They need to get them in liquor STORES ASAP!

Unknown 11 September, 2015 21:19  

Azul is amazing . I'm not a daily drinker but this could make me one.

Nate Colgrove 11 September, 2015 21:20  

Azul is amazing . I'm not a daily drinker but this could make me one.

Anonymous,  29 October, 2015 03:46  

Are there any plans to package Azul as a stand alone?

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