Does Drinking Craft Beer Really Lead to a Beer Belly??

imageThere exists a stereotype that all beer drinkers either have a beer belly or WILL have a beer-belly soon!  Some also say that those beer-drinkers without the big belly, must not be “true” beer drinkers, or “frequent” beer drinkers.  Well I’m here to break the stereotype and put Homer Simpson’s belly out of business.

As a craft beer blogger and craft beer radio show producer & co-host, you can imagine I see my fair share of beer in my belly.  While I don’t have a beer belly myself, I do workout regularly to avoid it…however this isn’t simply about me.  I have a number of craft-beer loving friends that range from couch-potatoes to triathletes and while there are a few bellies in the bunch, most do not have the Homer Simpson.  Now I’ll admit we’re not a group of six-pack ab monsters, but neither are non-beer drinkers….and no worries… bellies or egos were harmed in my research. Winking smile

As a dedicated drinker and runner, I’ve actually come to resent the implication that beer leads to a belly.  Diet and beer; or diet and beer and exercise routine may lead to a belly, but beer on it’s own…I say NO!  What do you say?  Do your beer-loving friends have beer bellies?

So what to do if you’re already in the beer-belly-fraternity (or sorority)?  While I’m not expert I did stumble on a few ideas:

image Beer Belly Be Gone - Lose the Beer Belly Not The Beer
image The Beer Lover’s Guide To Rapid Fat Loss - Lose Your Beer Belly!

I’m no expert on weight loss, and your mileage may vary, but do check these out and please DO check with your Doctor first.


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  1. I agree that you don't have to have a beer belly just because you drink beer. I don't have one either! In fact, earlier this year, I actually lost 35 lbs while increasing my craft beer consumption. Of course, that came with regular exercise and eating healthier. At any rate, I'm here to say it can be done!


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