E&J Gallo Winery – Delicia Whipped Malt Beverage Strawberries & Cream

18 July 2012


Several interesting things coming today for this new Delicia label.  First off this comes from the E&J Gallo Winery, second it’s actually a “beer” (aka malted beverage) and third it’s whipped including a warning to aim the bottle away from others when opening.  Two flavors were approved today, “Whipped” and “Strawberries & Cream” and both are 75oml and 5% ABV.

UPDATE 3 Feb 2013….New Flavor!  Delicia Peaches & Cream


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Anonymous,  18 October, 2012 18:12  

I just love it I went to Walmart and just purchased one when I went home to chill it OMG, OMG I had to go back and purchased three more bottles, Walmart only have the strawberries &cream would love to try the other flavor, the taste remind me of the old school malt liquor, champagne.

Anonymous,  18 October, 2012 18:14  

send me some coupons please I will purchase more bottles, I love it, rsimpson813@yahoo.com

Anonymous,  18 October, 2012 23:06  

tried the whipped and omg it was so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous,  21 October, 2012 15:47  

OMG!!! Tried all 3 flavors. But Red Velvet is the best, just like the cake

Anonymous,  13 November, 2012 23:28  

I got it at Dollar General Market. Tried them all. Nothing compares to the red velvet. I went right back to get more. Had a full bottle to myself in the bath with a good book (Fifty Shades of Grey). It's SO delicious!!!

KAREN SPEAD 18 November, 2012 10:52  

Tried the Strawberries and Cream.It is great. Got it at Walmart, went back the next day for more and it was all gone. Now I'm looking for more. Can anybody tell me any other stores that sale this? Need it by Thanksgiving. Would love to try the other flavors too.

fssh 18 November, 2012 19:22  

Bought this as an impulse buy after seeing a stand set up for this at the store. The Nicki Minaj-esque lady seemed confident in her enjoyment of the product, but I've got to tell you, this is honestly revolting. It's so sugar-sweet it left my throat humming with a sickeningly sweet tickle after my first sip. I had poured a glass of the Red Velvet for my fiancee and myself, and we couldn't stop laughing at how bizarre it was. Went back a few minutes later and nope, still godawful. I might try to bake it into a cake or make a syrup out of it so the purchase wasn't a complete loss. My glass is still entirely full and sitting across from me, as is my fiancee's. I had to rush right over and warn all of you internet denizens, beware. This is gross as hell. Probably only fit for making a syrup or a sprite cake. I might buy some really brut champagne and try to mix them, but it's kind of lame I have to purchase more alcohol just to make this palatable.

misscatfish,  14 December, 2012 20:19  

Strawberries and Cream is good. Will buy all to try as hostess gifts.

MiMi 17 December, 2012 22:23  

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Whipped flavor. It tastes like cream soda! I also, purchased the Strawberry and Cream but haven't tried it yet. I am sure before the night is over I'll have drank both bottles. I have found my new favorite drink :)

leondra 20 December, 2012 06:51  

Omg i not a malt girl but love !!!!!

Anonymous,  10 January, 2013 00:14  

I am having a wedding ceremony in April and want to serve the Strawberries and cream and Possibly the whipped if I can find it to try.. any insight on where I can buy MORE of this heaven in a bottle? I am in Nashville TN and I would love to buy about 20+ bottles.... please email me justiff2012@gmail.com

Stormily Yours 12 January, 2013 20:48  

I bought the Red Velvet for New Years but wound up sick, and since I couldn't taste anything, I waited on opening it. Tonight proved to be a good night for it, so I opened it up and poured a glass.... wow. It's gross. So weird. I guess it does taste like the cake. It also tastes like an artificial chocolate cordial with a berry finish. I'm disappointed with it. I was originally going with the Whipped flavor but since I like Red Velvet I went with that instead. Hopefully the Whipped is better. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the rest of this.

Anonymous,  13 January, 2013 10:58  

I bought a bottle of the strawberries and cream for a girls day and we all feel in love. I have bought many more bottles since but could only find it at one of the Walmart's in my town. I have looked high and low for it in the past few weeks with no luck. HELP!! Where can I purchase your wonderful product in Jefferson City, Missouri

Anonymous,  13 January, 2013 21:19  

Try your local rite aid!!

Anonymous,  11 February, 2013 15:05  

Ive been so many places and I cant find them anywhere! I tried at a wine tasting party and ive been wanting it ever since then and its no where!!!!

Chrystal,  11 February, 2013 19:13  

My husband and I tried both strawberries and cream and whipped. OMG!!!! We love them! Would love to try peaches and cream!!!

Anonymous,  26 February, 2013 10:21  

I live in Daytona Beach, FL, I got a chance to taste this and it is amazing, can you please tell me where I can purchase this around here?

mybeerbuzz 26 February, 2013 10:37  

It's considered a malt-beverage so in some states it's sold where beer can be found.

Anonymous,  10 March, 2013 23:51  

Went to a wedding shower yesterday were the served the Strawberries and Cream. Wow! it was amazing! I ran all over today to try and find it, before i finally went on line. I am heading to our local Walmart tomorrow. I am am now a loyal customer, can't wait to try the others!

Shirley Scooby 15 March, 2013 14:55  

I'm so in love with this red velvet, it was at wal-mart and I just picked one up, try it and wow!!!! I needed more, then it was gone :O!!!! really!!!I been looking for it. every time I go to wal-mart. they don't have it, how do I get more plzzz!!! help.

Anonymous,  30 April, 2013 22:17  

The strawberries and cream tastes like strawberry fanta and food dye to me. Not a huge fan. That said, this is super drinkable and really really light. It's like a Smirnoff. People who don't really care if it has complex flavors and just want something easy to drink will love this.

teresa girby 09 June, 2013 14:29  

my husband found the strawberries ncream for our wedding last December and we fell in love with it now we have it every Month on the day we got Married. we are celebrating six months today n we got lucky n found three bottles of the strawberries n cream. we love it!!!

Anonymous,  16 June, 2013 20:32  

Love the Red Velvet It is so good

Anonymous,  28 June, 2013 19:26  

I am enjoying a glass of the Strawberry and cream as I type. As one poster said its sweet, like a Smirnoff. But its very good. I found mine at Aldi for $4.99.

Anonymous,  07 August, 2013 10:59  

where in texas can I find the Delicia products

Anonymous,  29 August, 2013 13:32  

Got my first taste of the Strawberries and Cream in Gatlinburg TN. Brought 2 more bottles home on our motorcycle. Where can I buy it in PA or NJ?

Anonymous,  26 September, 2013 01:43  

Hey that's my name! How cool is that??? Too bad I am gluten free, maybe I can just get some to display :-)

Sheronda Murphy 18 January, 2014 23:11  

Love, LOVE, LOVE this beverage! Yes, the Red velvet seems slightly strange as its literally a cake in a bottle (the flavor) of it of course; however, tasted the Whipped & it was delicious so now searching for the Strawberries & Cream as I knw its DELICIAOUS!!! Besides, its a malt beverage not Dom or Cristal so how much more can u expect! Really...

Sheronda Murphy 18 January, 2014 23:13  

Love, LOVE, LOVE this beverage! Yes, the Red velvet seems slightly strange as its literally a cake in a bottle (the flavor) of it of course; however, tasted the Whipped & it was delicious so now searching for the Strawberries & Cream as I knw its DELICIAOUS!!! Besides, its a malt beverage not Dom or Cristal so how much more can u expect! Really...

Anonymous,  27 July, 2015 19:09  

I can't find this anywhere in SoCal. I tried it when I visited Utah and loved it but here I can't find the strawberries and cream and it's killing me. Anyone know anything?

Anonymous,  17 November, 2015 04:39  

How can i find this product in Nashville?

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